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Breath of Fire IV - Finding Sea Dragon

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Finding Sea Dragon 神 Knx - Ryuukai http://dragon-tear.net/forum
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Text Comments (30)
Riki Hadiansya (8 months ago)
Thanks brother :)
daniel spell (1 year ago)
Some rocks and a elongated Z Shaped land under water
Irwan Nur Rizqi (1 year ago)
fricking finally!
Hepodix (1 year ago)
Found it, thanks to you pal! :)
TheFxyO (2 years ago)
lmfao how the fuck did they expect people to find this
Danicolasol GamingTV (3 years ago)
CidGuerreiro1234 (3 years ago)
After nearly 15 years I've finally found this fucker. Thank you for the video.
This dragon! it is such a pain to find it, a huge thank you! 
Jason Yew (4 years ago)
General Grey (4 years ago)
thank you
estebxx2 (5 years ago)
thanks men, im playing this right now and im enjoying it a lot.
Arif Bimantara (5 years ago)
hey!! thanks a million!! :D
Febryade Panggau (6 years ago)
you're my savior.. thx a lot bro
floorfilla_rayel (6 years ago)
thanks man to spend your time post this guide....wow, amazing...
Azureneedle (6 years ago)
MekanDelude (7 years ago)
Thank god for youtube and people posting things like this to help others out!
Jeannina Carranza (7 years ago)
@FightClubRAWKS LoL, well we all had a hard time finding him xD
Bedwyr (7 years ago)
Thank you!
Jeannina Carranza (7 years ago)
Thanks!!! My life has meaning again
muhammad zakirullah (7 years ago)
thanx dude. i wasted hours to find thatr f##kin dragon.well,i know its a sea-kinda thing but why couldn't it just take things easy and hang out at the bar or something? =P
iiL meeL (8 years ago)
why dont i remember this? =/
Dennis Quilang (8 years ago)
THAAANNNKKK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! been looking for this dragon for hours
Nate Jones (8 years ago)
wicked! thank u
Suryo Herdian (9 years ago)
found it, thanks dude...
Dita (10 years ago)
thanks for uploding it :)
Zack Alves (10 years ago)
wow... ur really good at this?
rupert ronnie (11 years ago)
dude tnx XD I manage to get all the dragons help but can find the sea dragon and then I found this vid XD Tnx very much man now I can control Kaiser :P
Tot Nguyen (12 years ago)
ahh good times.. i found it before and it took me a lot of times.. :)
weirdnamelah (12 years ago)
Well, the castle's quite big in itself... It'll be quite a tedious task for anyone to show how to explore the castle especially with the enemies around (unless that person uses gameshark which is a possible idea)... Anyway, why not trying to use a game-guide? (if you never tried, go to Gamefaqs.com) Unless you can specifically tell where you are now... Then maybe we can help... Like, have you had access to B1 or B2? Have you fought dragonne? Which charms have u acquired? etc
weirdnamelah (12 years ago)
Haha... Ingenious! Should've had youtube long time before... Man miss BOF4. :D

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