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SF Gay Men's Chorus - "The Ground" (Denver, CO)

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The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus travels to Denver, Colorado on its "Love Can Build A Bridge" Tour benefiting the Matthew Shepard Foundation, here singing "The Ground" at The Cathedral of St. John in the Wilderness in Denver. San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Dr. Timothy Seelig, Artistic Director "The Ground" Written by Ola Gjeilo Male choral version commissioned by Paul Saccone for Dr. Timothy Seelig and the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Video produced by Sean Chapin and Bud Dillon
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yesjim (1 year ago)
I just left a comment but it disappeared.  It was about losing my partner of 37 years just last week.  He died of stomach cancer.  We lived alternate three-month periods in Tokyo and just south of San Francisco.  Oh! How I miss him.
Beverly Button (1 year ago)
A Heavenly choir, composed of my kind of angels.
QueerAndUnplugged (1 year ago)
IsometricGaming. I'm not sure if "you're" not fond of "tenner 2s" OR if you're claiming Dr. Seelig is not fond of Tenor 2s. I'm a Tenor 2 singing with SFGMC and he loves us just fine. Also, Joe Nadeau, Artistic Director of GMCLA refers to Tenor 2s as "God's Chosen Voices", so there's that. And please learn to spell. /|\
IsometricGaming (5 years ago)
Dr. Timothy Seelig just directed my MVAS, excelent guy. Not fond of tenner 2s.
WayneD34 (6 years ago)
Glorious! You filled the cathedral with glory!
cubbie036 (6 years ago)
Such an amazing piece of music to perform. I feel truly blessed to be a part of it.
QueerAndUnplugged (6 years ago)
I am absolutely floored by this video. Beautiful setting, great camera work and an amazing performance by SFGMC. WOW!! What a treasure! Thank you.

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