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VICHY Dercos Aminexil

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SB (6 years ago)
I stopped hair loss AND regrew lost hair. This is how I did it: 1.I used this red box for 10 days and stopped using it. 2.Cut my hair 3mm short 3.Started to use the purple box for 30 days and then stopped. 4.Get back to the red box and use it for one week. All that time consumed vitamin B, drink multivitamin juice, and every 2nd day washed my hair using the red box Vichy schampoo (the one that says anti-hairloss on it). Granted, my hair loss was in the early stages, luckily I've reacted in time.
SB (6 years ago)
I tried this... it actually does work, it stopped hair from falling out, however if you want to grow back lost hair, the purple box should do it.

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