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How to Draw a Corgi Easy | Cartoon Dog

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Follow along to learn how to draw this cute Corgi step by step, easy. This cartoon dog drawing is perfect for beginners. Art for kids, drawing tutorial lesson. Thanks for watching!! Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE. =) Thank You!!! ★Learn How to Draw the EASY, Step by Step Way while having fun and building skills and confidence. Learning videos for children of all ages. ★Drawing Tutorials on everything from Celebrities (Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Demi Lovato, etc), Cartoon Food and Drinks (Hot Dog, Starbucks, etc), Desserts (Ice Cream, Cupcake, Marshmallow, etc), Fruit, Cartoon Animals (Penguin, Fox, Panda, etc), Characters from 3D movies (Minions, Frozen, Finding Dory, Zootopia, etc) , Games (Minecraft, Angry Bird, etc), TV shows (Descendants, Disney, Cartoon Network characters, etc.) , Toys (Shopkins, NumNoms, etc) and Everyday Objects (school supplies, etc) can all be found here at Draw So Cute! ★You can learn how to color with markers, color pencils and much more. Coloring pages. ★FUN ART CHALLENGES, DIY's and Coloring Pages and Activities can also be found here! ★Easy, simple follow along drawing lessons for kids or beginners. Fun, Cute art for kids! ★Celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentines, New Years, Birthdays, etc. with Cute drawings just for the occasion! Enjoy Art and have fun being creative and becoming an artist! ❤ ❤SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3dEvA1is6-0_yuei9iCdEw?sub_confirmation=1 -Website: Download FREE coloring pages and crafts: http://www.drawsocute.com -Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drawsoocute -Instagram: https://instagram.com/drawsocutebywennie/ Have a GREAT day and see YOU later! :)
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Text Comments (465)
Addison Ritzer (1 day ago)
Chris Lola Izabella (6 days ago)
Can you please draw a Cavapoo next
Shayla Logan (9 days ago)
can you please!!!!! draw a German Shepherd for my sister in law
Just Munkee (12 days ago)
hi. you're an amazing artist and I wanted to ask-please could you draw a Labrador?Thanks.
JDOOM 1010 (15 days ago)
Nick Chang (18 days ago)
Can you draw a beagle next?
xdibaby (21 days ago)
How do you make them soooo animated that’s super cute and cool
Luca Jerry (26 days ago)
border collie
Katherine Ramirez (1 month ago)
Can you please do a cavapoo
Ana Pavanelli (1 month ago)
Can you pls draw a seal
James Kelley (1 month ago)
What about a tail
nobbystylz (1 month ago)
Can you please draw a German Shephard dog?
Julian Chang (1 month ago)
can you draw a muiltpoo please
Wei Zhu (1 month ago)
please draw a labrador !!!
Alice Bui (1 month ago)
Draw a Boston terrier for the respect of my cousin’s dog
Sabrina Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Can you please draw a Labrador face and a weimaraner
Puppy Cute99 (1 month ago)
Pls could you do a westie they are my faves
*Blue Bear* (1 month ago)
Can you draw a labrador
Rebecca Postma (1 month ago)
Addy G (2 months ago)
I have 2 corgi
Danny Yu (2 months ago)
Could you draw a fairy princess 🧚‍♀️
The Avocado (2 months ago)
Please, can you make, how to draw pomeranian easy ? 😜
LegendDog GAMING (2 months ago)
I just joined your channel so I would like to see a yorkie, Wolf, and a cheetah! Love these vids!
Maria Attard (2 months ago)
Can you please draw a cattle dog ☺️ I have 2
Odie’s DIYs (2 months ago)
Beagle draw a beagle !!!
Tracy Matros (2 months ago)
A shorkiepu
Cleo Valley (2 months ago)
Can you draw shit Sue
Ann Gabbert (2 months ago)
Plz draw a beagle their my favorite 🐶
Kk Kookie (2 months ago)
Next can you draw a Bichon Frise?
bella the puppy (3 months ago)
Hi can u plz show me how to draw a border collie or a chiweenie
Drianna Smith (3 months ago)
so cute but hard.
BeyondBarriersConsul (3 months ago)
shaw tso (3 months ago)
Draw a platypus
Kenadie Kamm (3 months ago)
basset hound please for my dog sprinkles and she has really weak legs
Oscar Buendia (3 months ago)
i love how you draw i copiet and my dad and mom said it is so cute i think so too
Gacha Cat Master (3 months ago)
This isn't helpful at all!
tina (4 months ago)
please draw a walkerhound, thanks
Brianna Hernandez (4 months ago)
Can you please draw a Australian Shepherd?????????
Friends Forever (4 months ago)
Draw BAMBI please
The Mig P (4 months ago)
Draw a Chihuahua
Nick Nuke (4 months ago)
I'm drawing this for my crush who loves corgis
Desiree Sebree (4 months ago)
EvangelineYeo Zi Xuan (4 months ago)
Did u do Golden Retriver?? (Sorry if I spelled that wrongly)
EvangelineYeo Zi Xuan (4 months ago)
I love Corgis!! Their my favourite dog and my mom had one but it died 😭😭😭🤧🤧😭😭😣☹️☹️😩😫 and it has no tail now singapore 🇸🇬 dont allow dogs to have no tail if they have no tail it’s against the law
Cecelia Fankhauser (5 months ago)
I hate dogos
Artur Gorzkowski (5 months ago)
Poodle plz💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Artur Gorzkowski (5 months ago)
A poodle🐶
glitter girls stuff (5 months ago)
Can you plsss draw a German shepherd
Nikki's Squad (5 months ago)
hi could you please draw a poodle for me I LOVE POODLES I HAVE A PET POODLE
Punx Skinz (5 months ago)
Is what I saying
Punx Skinz (5 months ago)
No I heat mine
Punx Skinz (5 months ago)
Oh no I heat it
Oh Yeah Yeah (5 months ago)
Shelbi B (5 months ago)
I want you to draw a Great Dane
Mel Gehlhoff (5 months ago)
Pit bull
Mel Gehlhoff (5 months ago)
#my dog is a corgi
Onion Corgi (5 months ago)
Liza Myshkina (5 months ago)
pls do a cavashon
Elsa Cortés (5 months ago)
Can you draw a pomaranian
Justin Stiles (6 months ago)
I have a question even though it’s not a dog but can you draw a calico cat please mine died and my family is so sad my heart is broken
revroyjm (6 months ago)
so cute i love your art
Mithuna Vairavy (6 months ago)
no way this is real
Cassie Lunato (6 months ago)
Please draw a Bichon
klaudia prozew (6 months ago)
Can u please draw a shih tzu because I really want a shih tzu so I wanna draw one please❣❤❣
Candy Donya (6 months ago)
Alana Chernecki (6 months ago)
Ty Chapman (6 months ago)
bull dog
Fiona Blackman (6 months ago)
Can you do a cavalier king Charles spaniel?? It would mean a lot to me. I have one
can you draw golden retriever
Neera Sukhwani (7 months ago)
Can u plz draw a poodle??!!!
Jay (7 months ago)
His name should be marshmallow
J H (7 months ago)
plz draw huntaway because i have a huntaway called gracie
Jeff Reiter (7 months ago)
Next you should draw a snoodle From Jeff's daughter KYA
Casey Jensen (7 months ago)
yeah, DRAW A HUSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oof Animations (7 months ago)
My drawing looks like a possessed corgi
Rocy Alvarez (7 months ago)
Corgis are cute 🐶❤
Ellie Mack (8 months ago)
Could u do a shiba inu or poodle 🐩
So cool! : D I love your drawings!
Angie MontoyaCuri (8 months ago)
iiCosmiicCorgiis (8 months ago)
Don’t lie, they already are the cutest things ever
Lihua Yang (8 months ago)
A Pomeranian puppy
BIG FAN (8 months ago)
Hello draw so cute please draw a Siberian husky
TURRI THE WOLF (8 months ago)
samantha george (8 months ago)
I thought I was the only one obbesesd with corgis
Bryanna T (8 months ago)
I love corgis but i also have a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. They are adorable, but not very popular. It would be awesome if you could draw one of them!
sharon troup (8 months ago)
can you draw hastag sisters please othwise ill stop drawing what your drawing its like can you not talk while drawing it dastracts me because im very good at drawing but every time you talk i get distracked by you lol this is not racist coment and im just telling you and i love your vids but can you draw a bunny cake or a dogie cake like a golden retver like im getting a dog soon can you please do that plus my laptop is not working so im on my mums xoxoxo so can you draw a youtuber called tessabrooks or the twins that left team ten like that will be cool bruh like my hands get tired every time i draw 100 pages o my drawings :3 so im a artist but i want to play roblox oh yea can you draw roblox as well like yammyxox that will be cool so basicly what i wanted to tell you i love your yammy poster it's ok i guess but can you draw a medal with not a sharpie and i found a story in my head but its called iridon and people are rainbow courlors and can you do a footballer drawing great work but if this coments and im only 7 and im nearly 8 so basicly what im gonna do on holday is so to a nice play like lewie the lion and lola the lion i love them and im very shy to talking to people i dont talk alot my mum does lol she loves her phone and facebook. :3 :3
Tia Hays (8 months ago)
I love the videos when you do animals .Could you please do a malti-poo
Cat Demon (9 months ago)
Patriot HVAC (9 months ago)
Draw doge plz
Alondra Boucher (9 months ago)
Draw a shiz tzu
It is so cute thanks.
aswdfzxcvbhgtyyn (9 months ago)
Elena Tiemeyer (9 months ago)
Golden retriever
Sara Medina (10 months ago)
Can you draw a pomeranian
grace balcar (10 months ago)
Can you draw a cute Labrador PLZ. I <3 your drawings BTW :)
Jorja Kelly 20 (STUDENT) (10 months ago)
please draw a husky!
Addibug Gacha (10 months ago)
Do a collie!!!!
rogelio crespo (10 months ago)
so cute
Nhật Bảo School (10 months ago)
Draw a Corgi Easy nice 💪💪😍👍

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