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Switchfoot - The Blues (Official Music Video) As seen on "The Best Yet" Deluxe Edition

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an official photo-montage video by Andy Barron, cameraman extraordinaire for Switchfoot. featured on the DVD Switchfootage 2 and the Deluxe Edition of the brand new "The Best Yet" album on Columbia/Legacy/SonyBMG. For more about Switchfoot, check out: http://wereawakening.blogspot.com
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Fuz Capp (9 months ago)
Are there any left who haven't kissed the enemy? Let me just check ....... errr ... Nup.
Victoria Muccioli (6 years ago)
I put this song on repeat,and just listen to it. Sometimes I just turn it on and cry. I love this song so much.
Brett Sherrod (6 years ago)
I loved this album.
jorge deleon (6 years ago)
i like *.* God !!!
David Smith (6 years ago)
You're an idiot. He was responding to somebody.
Cindy Hope (7 years ago)
No disrespect intended but DUh! Blues is usually about the angst in life,better 2 B blue than Black. If UR black and blue than UR really in trouble.Blues just softens the blows we have in life emotionally. Check out 80S icon Morrisey sometime,he screams Blues in a very polite English way.its sweet!
Sammy Stuart (7 years ago)
I don't know why, but songs like this make me even more excited about Heaven! :D
Rizky Yanuar (7 years ago)
is there any honest song to sing besides this blues?
Glitter Jaws (7 years ago)
i love *_*
Chris deery (7 years ago)
79 people who know good music when they hear it. 0 people who dont.
Chris deery (7 years ago)
#Is there nothing left now? Nothing left to sing? Are there any left who havent kissed the enemy? Is this a new year or just another desperation? Does justice ever find you? Do the wicked never lose? Is there any other song to sing besides these blues?#
Chris deery (7 years ago)
@900198619 lol
Sergio Contreras (7 years ago)
Ok guys! 1st of all I love this band! 2nd of all great tune but 3rd of all this is NOT BLUES! this is now the 2nd tune that has Switchfoot and Blues in the title and it doesn't have even a hint of blues. Now that I've finished my pouting I'll restate that this is a REALLY nice tune!
Tyler Mansmith (8 years ago)
I feel like they werent told told make a music video for this song, they just did it because theyre Switchfoot. Its such a cool vid. The photos by Andy are great and i think they make a better feel for this song than a video would of done. Switchfoot makes great vids. I love them.
SwitchmyFeet24 (8 years ago)
Wow! Thats amazing!! :)
jean elaine (8 years ago)
**It'll be a day like this one When the world caves in** --luv luv luv it__
Natalie Valencia (8 years ago)
Is this a New Year or just another night?
Zack Ellis (8 years ago)
thought provoking....
SarahToga (8 years ago)
this is coolio

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