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Hemel's Best Watch Yet! - HD Diver Review - The Ultimate $600 BlancPain Fifty Fathoms Alternative

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Today we return to a brand we reviewed in the early days of the channel. Hemel has now completed its trifecta of military land, sea and air watches with a very skillfully designed automatic diver scheduled for general release in November 2018. Once again we see clean, classic, and tastefully executed balance of form and function at an affordable price that packs in one hell of a punch. Inspired by some of the greatest dive watches of all time like the BlancPain Fifty Fathoms, Omega PloProf, and various watches from Panerai, how does this watch measure in a market oversaturated with vintage styled releases? Join me as I take an in-depth look at the latest offering from one of the best microbrands out there in recent years. To discover more about Hemel and their range of watches, click here: https://www.hemelwatches.com To buy and NDC Marine National Strap, click here: https://www.instagram.com/ndcstraps/?hl=en To check out the official Urban Gentry Amazon shop, click here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/theurbangentry Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. To get your watch or Gentry related questions answered and engage with some of the community beyond YouTube, join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1503241666636531/?fref=mentions To follow the official Urban Gentry Instagram click here: https://www.instagram.com/theurbangentrychannel/ To check out my Tumblr, click here: TGV's Tumblr: http://tgv83.tumblr.com For the official Urban Gentry website, blog and online boutique, or to contact the Urban Gentry team, click here: https://www.theurbangentry.com
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Text Comments (416)
ElementsMMA (3 months ago)
Annoying click over of the date at midnight? Can anyone expand upon this? Is the date clicking over annoying to some people? Or have I missed something else? Thanks! GREAT CHANNEL
Road Trip Movies (7 months ago)
Mine arrived today and its totally awesome. In dark blue, and i managed to put it on a black nato strap straight away, tho it was a bit of a squeeze. Its looks to be a modern update to the 50 fathoms, just like the Glycine combat sub looks to be a modern update to the Rolex sub. I think the updates look better and are totally appropriate for the 21c.
Berislav Pavišić (10 months ago)
TGV, here's a question for you: this Hemel or the Spinnaker Fleuss? Taking in account price difference, of course. Looking forward for your opinion. Thank you.
colectionarul de suflete (10 months ago)
A better choice is the Seiko Fifty Five Fathoms is just 150$ on joma, alfter all, the Hemel has a Myota movement and it costs 600$
Patrick McCaul (11 months ago)
Are you a Travelling Man?
Simon Dunn (11 months ago)
Nice watch, but thats because its an out and out copy of the Blancpain 50 fathoms.
riseuplight (11 months ago)
Look at the movement wow
Chili Prepper (11 months ago)
Just pre ordered mine in that dark blue. Plenty of 22mm NATO strap to be found. Or even a NDC. ❤⌚👍😀🍺
Chili Prepper (11 months ago)
I didn't have any trouble finding 22 mm NATO strap. 😀
Milford Cubicle (11 months ago)
Nice piece. Has its own character and design. I admire that.
John Robie (11 months ago)
Love the dial, hands, and bezel insert. Don't love the case, and especially don't like the inability to use a NATO. I'll wait for v2 :)
sfomann (11 months ago)
Looks much better on strap. Still undecided between black and blue. The black appears very jet black and blue looks almost black in online pictures!
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
I have to agree. I would recommend going for the very dark blue. It is so unique and will look black in most light, but if you are still unsure, black is the safer way to go. Thank you, good luck, I am sure you will love it. Best regards, TGV
Ian James (11 months ago)
Under a thousand dollars . Wow. Pity plus 30 couldn't be plus ten though.
Mark Playford (11 months ago)
Really nice, and not as expensive as I was expecting either.
Barry Egan (11 months ago)
Love that watch....well done Hemel...absolute classic style....Pure Class.
Hemel Watches (10 months ago)
Thank you sir, for your kind remarks!
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Thank you Barry, Best regards, TGV
Henk Van de Goor (11 months ago)
I really love my Dan Henry 1970 but this really nice too. I might put it on my list...
Jollopukki2 (11 months ago)
600 usd watch with Miyota?? ETA is needed.
Luca Portelli (11 months ago)
You nailed the intro song! The hemel is very nice indeed.
coehorn (11 months ago)
What is the name of your screen savers? And where can you you get them? Thank you.
Mark Woods (11 months ago)
I just love the micro brands , this watch in particular looks brilliant , can you get them delivered to England ?
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
We use DHL for all overseas deliveries. Safe, fast and insured ;-)
Cam Hansen (11 months ago)
Idk if you'll see this or not but I am about to buy my first nice swiss watch and I'm pretty set on the Tudor North Flag with the bracelet. Do you have any thoughts on this particular piece? Or could possibly do a video on it. Thanks for your time!
Victor Martinez (11 months ago)
Fitting intro for a dive watch review.
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
The man sure knows what he's doing!
tripler (11 months ago)
Does nothing for me. Why the orange hour hand? When diving you care about minutes.
tripler (11 months ago)
Yeah grumpy ol' me stopped in. HA!
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Tripler!!!! A long time no hear. Wonderful to hear from you, I hope this finds you well. Thank you for stopping by, Best regards, TGV
S G (11 months ago)
It's a beautiful watch, looks fantastic on the straps. FYI if you want one... The MSRP is $599 How ever if you order before Labour day, you can get 30% Off as a pre order.
S G (10 months ago)
@bill walsh enjoy! It's an incredibly handsome watch! Definitely on my list since a 50 fathoms isn't exactly in my budget. Haha
bill walsh (10 months ago)
Ordered mine last night! For the record, I would have paid the full price. Definitely worth it for all this watch offers.
S G (11 months ago)
Hemel Watches no problem! The people need to know. The watch is drop dead gorgeous. I can't wait to get my hands on one!
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
Thank you for chiming in with that pertinent information :-)
Frank Dulon Barre (11 months ago)
Hemel means heaven in dutch is that coincidence? Nice review, for me the negative of this watch is the crown, coming out of the watch too much, will cause marks on the hand
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
Historically, we looked up to the heavens to note the passage of time. Not a coincidence one single bit ;-) Thanks for noticing!
sdamico555 (11 months ago)
Question, I have nothing against microbrands as I am a fan of many of them (Farer, Monta, etc) but when companies claim 300m water resistance, do they do extensive testing to prove it? I mean, it takes quite a bit of engineering to design a case to take that for a reliable amount of time. Companies like Seiko and Sinn spend man dollarbucks to ensure the designs are robust...How do we know microbrands ensure watches are as robust as advertised?
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
We use some of the best factories and specialists on the industry. We offer a 2 year warranty on our products and stand by them. Thanks for asking!
Adrian eMeVe (11 months ago)
Hello, thanks for your videos are very interesting, I learn a lot. But I have a doubt, maybe it's very simple, but I really do not know, could you tell me please, what is a windable and hackable watch? . Thank you very much.
Adrian eMeVe (11 months ago)
Hemel Watches Thank you very much
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
"Windable" means you can hand wind the watch using the crown and "hackable" means that the second hand stops when you pull the crown out which allows you to make more precise adjustments.
Renaud Hacquin (11 months ago)
Hello tgv first of all a big thank you for your videos they are always a delight to watch.now to my question.I am a collector of diving watches,mainly steinharts, christopher ward and longines and now I am thinking about my next watch...I would very much like to get a midrange blue diving watch and I am between two minds now...on one side there is the squale 1545 blue ray and on the other an nth barracuda.What would you advise?
tom magnum (11 months ago)
I see the chinese are getting much better at being able to copy.
Z3NTR0 (11 months ago)
I used to watch your videos sooooo much a while back. So glad to see you're videos are just as great :D
Lloyd Garth (11 months ago)
Chris Loew (11 months ago)
I thumbed up video, just not my thing with the curved bezel, looks like the watch is wearing a life preserver ring. I do like the coin bezel edge
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
I like the idea of a life preserver ring.....
Robin C (11 months ago)
It's very very similar to the spinnaker fleuss...the spinnaker is only about 285....with open case back
Karan Sumbaly (11 months ago)
How do you compare this to the other Lourie (sp) dive watch at $400 you previously reviewed
Biff Bifford (11 months ago)
Quick question: a while back you posted a download of your art screensavers. Is there any chance you can make that available again?
David Arce (11 months ago)
Love the content, and my Seikos. Was wondering if you could do a video on how to aquire a date specific time piece. I would love to be pointed in the right direction for a 1979 men's watch. Thanks for your time, David
Stuart Sharratt (11 months ago)
Good honest review
Edgar Vidal (11 months ago)
i know there’s online stores for getting watches but is there irl stores that i could find various good watches to see what i like?
T83D1 (11 months ago)
I wouldn't even want to put this on a nato because of that glorious caseback! I'm not so much into microbrands but I do like Hemel a lot. If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much! ;) Best regards, Thomas
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
I like your style ;-)
Shehreyar Chaudhry (11 months ago)
Can you do a list for top 10 best lumes on watches
Smuckers T (11 months ago)
Does anyone know if going through airport security is bad for a mechanical watch? Will it magnetize my watch if its not shielded?
TEB561 (11 months ago)
You just got a shout out from another youtube outstanding gentleman Cody @ Wangerstar. Another great video.
Isaiah Zoe (11 months ago)
Hi Urban Gentry,I love your videos.Kindly talk about SKOnE Chronograph please.
Nort (11 months ago)
Butterfly clasp for a diver?
Visiblo (11 months ago)
I messaged you a twitter for a question unrelated to this video. I would appreciate it if you could take a look. Thank you
Sean Wall (11 months ago)
The sandwich markers on the dial look to be a crisp white. But the bezel markings seem to be off white or might even have a green hue. That in itself is enough to keep me away. If Hemel adjusted that they may have a home run. It just seems to be an obvious production issue that needs some work. Hopefully at full production they get that remedied, and if they do I may pick one up.
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
You are correct, the paint is slightly different. It has already been addressed in production to match the dial's white.
Sean Wall (11 months ago)
TGV, I would defiantly ask him if they are looking into that color issue. I just think a lot of buyers would be put off by it.
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
That is only in this prototype. Sorry, I should of mentioned that. Thank you, Best regards, TGV
Valentin S (11 months ago)
You need to review one of those gigantic Diesel watches
Shannon Threlkeld (11 months ago)
Wranglestar sent me 😉
360FlipSidePH (11 months ago)
pleasure meeting you at the meet up
Choosty The OP Pig (11 months ago)
Great video
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Thank you! Best regards, TGV
Ambiance (11 months ago)
"Hemel" means "heaven" in dutch
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
Nero Kasso: That makes sense. Afrikaans evolved from the language early Dutch settlers spoke when they went to South Africa.
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
No, not rude at all. I am living in New York now for many, many years now. Unfortunately, we do not have a European distributor at this time but you should know that we use DHL for all overseas deliveries which is fast, secure and insured. If there are any other concerns you have, please reach out at any time!
Nero Kasso (11 months ago)
Hemel Watches in Afrikaans it also is 'heaven'.
Ambiance (11 months ago)
do you still live in the Netherlands or not anymore? maybe a bit of a rude question but is it possible to buy from you instead of the american webshop? i have some bad experiences with overseas shipping with some cheaper stuff and now i am kind of hesitant to buy something expensive outside of Europe.
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
Right! The languages are indeed related. Thanks for chiming in :-)
Mark Woods (11 months ago)
Just joking about the Philipe DuFour watch it’d be near impossible and way too expensive to get one of those watches in fact you’d need to be in the top 10% of earners I imagine , Goodnight My Friend
John Partridge (11 months ago)
Looks really nice. It reminds me of the Spinnaker Fleuss a bit, not quite the same, but a similar bezel. I agree I don’t like the bracelet. Nice review, I had not heard of Hemel so an interesting introduction. Thank you.
Pete Romano (11 months ago)
I've been strongly considering the Oris Diver 65, but this watch is beautiful, and I love the watch on the mesh strap.
Mark Woods (11 months ago)
How about a review of a Philipe DuFour ?
John Helwig (11 months ago)
Great watch and great review. TGV please review Damasko watches; they are German and their construction will blow you away. Mark Frankel at Island Watch now supplies them!
Matt McLoughlin (11 months ago)
Congrats on the huge shoutout from Wranglerstar!
dustinr16 (11 months ago)
Looks great but the dial is a copy of the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Auto.
Anarchy Seeds (11 months ago)
-15/+30???? trash
stephen taylor (11 months ago)
A very nice watch with a lot of bang per buck,not a bracelet man so its not for me,but classy all the same.
Radim (11 months ago)
that orange ARC is marvelous!
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
Thanks for your input, Radim! The orange ARC is something we've been wanting to do for a while. We are so pleased that it has been so well received!
134735 (11 months ago)
Great review! I'm not into blue dials, but that deep blue is so rich with that orange AR, it's amazing!
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
Thanks for your amazing support! I would think twice about blue dials. Blue dial divers look amazing in their natural habitat, the water!
Stefanie Hope Newman (11 months ago)
I'd would love it if you could do a video of the strangest diver watch you have come across. With the proliferation of microbrand divers, all fairly similar sporting similar Miyota movements, I wonder where things will go . This juggling of diver watch vocabulary within an orthodoxy brings to mind the stagnation of art movements (post-expressionist Color Field abstracts for instance)when the syntax becomes everything . I was interested in the caseback of this Hemel and thought "aha...that's where they put their risk-taking where nobody can see it." Just as the dentist's office abstraction of color field gave way to an explosion of neo-expressionism, I am expecting the dive watch vernacular to explode into something strange and interesting.
roscopeco2000 (11 months ago)
wow what was that piece of music...
A Frog (11 months ago)
Very cool intro :)
Rob C. (11 months ago)
Beautiful piece, thanks for the review:)
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
When you place your order, remind me of this conversation and I'll throw in some extra swag for you ;-)
Rob C. (11 months ago)
Hemel Watches, great job on the sapphire bezel! Really nice touch👍🏼 I’ve got my eye on that Orange one;)
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
And thank YOU for your support :-)
Mark Giacoletto (11 months ago)
Nice watch, but would great on a NATO.
daze3o5 (11 months ago)
the stencil style "12" looks out of place, since it doesn't match the bezel font. it makes it look like the dial and the bezel are from two different eras.
None None (11 months ago)
I was ready to pre-order, but not accommodating a NATO is a non-starter for me. Good review though!
Palowaski (11 months ago)
Outstanding for their first diver and creative nod to some classic divers / should have maybe not used the BP bezel insert simply because it’s so very iconic, just imho, but it does have some appeal. I like the look of the other watches they’ve made and hope they keep pitching forward - great vid as always 🍻
DJ forGuv'nor (11 months ago)
That coat of arms: GORGEOUS! And the way the orange shappire catches the light, it could almost reflect the sun like it's gold! The 9039 movement is quiet and smooth. BUT! Being a diver myself...I would be looking at that orange hand thinking it is the minute hand! Most dive watches with the single orange hand is the minute hand... That would turn my OCD up to 11! It's a very lovely watch. Kudos to the creator!
Unkle Terry (11 months ago)
Oh and if it's a Blancpain homage you're after then the Seiko SNZH range will do it for $140.
Unkle Terry (11 months ago)
I really do not like this cobbled together rubbish..if it was $250 I could forgive it's flaws,but good grief who would own this over a Helson Shark Diver or Armida A1 ? Plus with a bit more $$$ savvy there are a ton of superb dive watches that are within reach..Stowa Seatime anyone ?
Paul Durham (8 months ago)
Wow, 3 ugly watches, all more expensive than this one...
The Emperor (11 months ago)
I love the knurling and that case back,Everything about this watch is handsome and that's not bad for someone who dislikes dive watches !
Phillipp Demirov (11 months ago)
TGV should be asked to make the famous intro for the upcoming 007 movies!
Kjeld Pedersen (11 months ago)
Hi TGV A very original model indeed. I like the sapphire bezel and especially the sandwich dail. Funnily enough, when you reviewed the other Hemel about a year ago you had a Visitor Vale Park Officer in the same video, also with a sandwich dail. Still in love with that one,but - money, money, money... Keep up the good work👍
sangram patil (11 months ago)
Hi, You videos are simply pitch perfect! Btw my grandfather gifted me his HMT Pilot 1950's model. It's a dress watch unlike its name.But it is a old school shock resistant watch with a casing like Orient Bambino.Can you please review the watch in next video?
Hemel Watches (11 months ago)
I love those old HMT watches, especially the pilot ones.
Robert Marshall (11 months ago)
Looks, fantastic, a classic 👍
yuval starovolsky (11 months ago)
Wow! an amazing intro as always... you're getting better by the day best regards, A loyal fan
Slew514 (11 months ago)
Digging your videos. Bought an SKX013 based on your reviews. I fear I've fallen down the rabbit hole. My wallet is not going to be happy. Cheers!
Vortic Watch Company (11 months ago)
Even though blue is my favourite color, I agree that, I have never seen a blue quite like that! Although, being colourblind I never trust myself... Best, IC
Space is next.
earlbee31 (11 months ago)
Awesome review all round ⌚️⏱👍🏻🥊=====knockout
Ahmed Attar (11 months ago)
Save your life and buy the master of all dive watches..!!
John Smith (11 months ago)
Amazing visuals as always!
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Thank you John, very kind of you to say. Best regards, TGV
Daniel Martineau (11 months ago)
TGV, the intro music was terrific on this video! WELL DONE
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Thank you Daniel, deeply appreciated :D Best regards, TGV
82SRTUK (11 months ago)
Their other offerings are interesting, but I’m afraid this is a total dog’s dinner. Sorry Marvin.
Róbert János Schroff (11 months ago)
Hi TGV! Always nice to connect with you here. I'm really glad to see that how much you do love your Fortis. One of them was my first grail. :) Enjoyable, great review, as always, love that! Regards, Robert
Garry Perkins (11 months ago)
Seiko's cheapest column wheel chronograph is USD $1550 (I think it is the 8R48 movement). I have only seen 7750's for less (many for far less). Even the 2894's cost more (and as an owner I really like the movement). This Seiko NE88 movement looks shady to me. Does any actual Seiko have it in any of their own chronosgraphs, save for that one auto flightmaster? I do not know how I feel about that chronograph movement.
Paul Bugoni (11 months ago)
Awesome watch and review.
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Grazie Paolo! Looking forward to catching up with you tonight. I hope this finds you well. Thank you, Best regards, TGV
Imran Chowdhury (11 months ago)
The finishing of the inner bezel ring is not even and is quite rough unlike other watches at this price point.
Imran Chowdhury (11 months ago)
The Urban Gentry Noted and understood. However enjoyed the video as usual always.
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
This is the prototype and not the finish model. Thank you Imran, I hope you enjoyed the video. Best regards, TGV
netik (11 months ago)
Thanks for those videos that are getting better and better . It would be interesting to know how many beats per seconds have the watches presented in your channel . Keep on the good work, I never miss a rendez-vous !
netik (11 months ago)
Thank you very much for this information . Best regards .
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Thank you so much. I make a paint of always including the VPH on each review. So this one for example is 28,800, so this watch ticks 8 times per second. Best regards, TGV
D. Wolf (11 months ago)
This watch looks so underwhelming.
KlausM54 (11 months ago)
Overall an interesting variation of the genre, but I´m not so sure about the saphire bezel insert. Maybe I´m just ignorant of the historical reference, but personally I find that the super shiny finish looks cheaper than the silk-glossy appeal of a metal or ceramic insert. It´s a pity you missed the chronograph release. Please try to include more comtemporary chronographs, it´s a really compelling complication, that adds a level of technical sophistication and feel of special purpose to a watch design.
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Did you see the recent oneI did about about that Zenith? You might enjoy it ;-)
KlausM54 (11 months ago)
Maybe it´s just my impression, because affordable chronographs are almost always quartz and mechanical ones are mostly over $1000. In that regard divers and fliegers are more accessible for beginners...
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Thank you Klaus, have a look at my recent chronograph reviews, I do include them. However, I simple can not cover everything, I have to balance out the content, but duly noted. It is a complication I adore as you know too. Best regards, TGV
Allan Kleidon (11 months ago)
Lost me at Miyota, Generic Swiss would have made it a Winner.
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
I agree Allan, it would of been killer even if it would of doubled the price tag. But one has to remember this is a micro brand. not a big established brand. To be fair, it's difficult for those without the access, bigger budgets and manufacturing capabilities Thank you, Best regards, TGV
Florian Stuhlfauth (11 months ago)
Best intro so far !
Tim McDonald (11 months ago)
Agree with David. The orange should be on the minute hand and not on the hour hand. The other flaws are minor but this is not a divers diver.
Tony Hill (11 months ago)
it didn't overhang but I still think it looked far too big for a small wrist when you wore it. It's a nice looker though with good specs. It would have looked better at 40mm I think
Michael Lenzi (11 months ago)
Hi TGV: Did you mention that it had a sandwich dial? I think I missed that. Thanks, Michael
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Yes I did, Thank you Michael, Best regards, TGV
Eddy Woon (11 months ago)
Excellent intro and content!
The Urban Gentry (11 months ago)
Thank you Eddy :D Bes tregards, TGV

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