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How To Put Candle Lights On A Christmas Tree - Vintage Style Tree Decorating

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Candle string lights add an old-fashioned charm to Christmas trees and are much safer than the truly old-fashioned tradition of using real candles. In this video I will show you how to put candle lights on a tree, and give you a look at the final results. Though this 7.5 ft tall (5.5 ft wide) tree usually gets anywhere from 700 - 1,250 light count - the subtle beauty of only 100 candle lights is just enough to warmly illuminate the branches and give it an old world glow. 2 sets of 50 count Warm White LED candle string lights (in ivory coloring) where used to achieve this look - you can find them on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2q85pIV
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JeevesReturns (4 months ago)
The final effect is amazing, but, man that looks like a pain.
Diega Escamilla (4 months ago)
Diega Escamilla (4 months ago)
Elizabeth Bullaboy (4 months ago)
Do you wind the strands around the tree in a circular fashion as you go up the branches? Or is it better to divide the tree into segments and place them on a diagonal slope rather than a lateral one? Thanks!
Elizabeth Bullaboy (4 months ago)
Thank you for replying! After trying for nearly two hours to place four strands of retro-fashioned white bubble lights on my tree (NEVER AGAIN, repacked and returned them), I went ahead and got LED remote controlled individual candles. Of course, each one needs a AAA battery, so I am off to BJ's to buy a magnum pack. I've never worked so hard to get a tree decorated before, but your video inspires me to keep on until it's finished. Best!
Christopher Hiedeman (4 months ago)
Hi Elizabeth, I went around and up the tree, "zig -zagging" slightly just so the candles don't look too all in a row :) -Christopher
nkotb 82 (4 months ago)
Are the clips metal? I was very excited to find some vintage candle lights, but the clips we're very flimsy plastic and I had a hell of a time getting them to stand straight! Yours came out lovely btw!
Christopher Hiedeman (4 months ago)
Thanks! The clips are plastic, but they worked well and have kept the candles sturdy on the tree so far :) -Christopher
Dom's inflatable Channel (5 months ago)
This tree is giving me Harry Potter vibes all theway
Mari Ann Hartzog (5 months ago)
I have those lights on my tree in my bedroom, I love them!!!
Joel Kirk Johnson (5 months ago)
Hiiii Christopher. I went looking for these lights, found them on Amazon. Looked at the reviews ... WHYYYY is it 99% of the people can't make the candles stand vertically on the branches??? And they posted pics too! ... could not avert my eyes (lol). Other than bending the tree-tips and angling the candles, is there some trick you're doing? Do you find that after a period of time the candles slump over and need regular adjusting, or do they stay put the whole season?
Christopher Hiedeman (5 months ago)
I noticed the same thing lol. I assume it is just because they don't take the extra time to adjust them - just like when you see artificial trees in stores that aren't fluffed to their full potential. The candles are really light weight, and just like placing vintage glass birds with clips on branches, you just choose the straightest branches and clip it on - adjusting it as necessary (though with artificial trees you can just bend the branches). I found it easiest to put the candles on the branches so they are close to what I want, and then adjust them after a few candles are on the tree because the movement of the wire can sometimes make the previous clipped candle crooked again. With fresh trees, most likely you will have to adjust them a little as the season goes on because their branches usually continue to slowly settle over time. I haven't had this problem on my artificial tree at all :) Thanks for your questions! :) - Christopher
Suse V8 (5 months ago)
Just PERFECT ! Thank you for sharing this "Comfort and Joy" ~ Many Christmas Blessings to you and yours ~ ALL the year through ~ Suse & Crew Vancouver Island BC CANADA ~*~
Grant Czernik (5 months ago)
These look amazing! Do you think they would look nice if I added them after my fairy lights?
Christopher Hiedeman (5 months ago)
Hi Grant, I think ivory is the only color they come in (if you followed the link to these exact candle lights) :) -Christopher
Grant Czernik (5 months ago)
+Christopher Hiedeman thanks for the reply! I noticed you said you bought them in ivory but I can't see a colour option?
Christopher Hiedeman (5 months ago)
Hi Grant, Thanks! Yes, I think they would look nice together. Just make sure the fairy lights are the same light color (These candle lights are warm white). Thanks for your question! :) -Christopher
T Can (5 months ago)
Thank you. That helps a lot. I love those types of candle lights. Can’t wait to see all you have in store
TGA TGA (5 months ago)
Thank You for sharing and giving us ideas on how to add this types of lights!💞👍🏼 I saw the tree 🌲 decoration first, then I saw this link, the 🌲 was awesome, loved the colors. 💞😊
Great candle lights ... Were did You buy them??
Christopher Hiedeman (5 months ago)
Thanks! I put a link in the video description that will bring you directly to the candle lights on Amazon. I used two sets on this tree - each set has 50 candles lights, so there is a total of 100 candle lights on this tree. Thanks for your question! :) -Christopher
T Can (5 months ago)
How many packs did you need for that size tree
Christopher Hiedeman (5 months ago)
Hi T Can, I used two strands (each strand has 50 candle lights) - so a total of 100 candles for this tree :) -Christopher
Steven Haskett (5 months ago)
The tree is Beautiful. . . I do hope you will do a tutorial on completing your decorating? I have a heart feeling It WILL BE MAGNIFICENT! Iam impressed with your patience, consistency, and your perfection to show your followers. Thank You Christopher. Look forward to more videos. Just Carolyn
Jorge Sarduy (5 months ago)
S. U. P. E. R. Bello
Decorating with Barbara (5 months ago)
Interior Design Info (5 months ago)
Those lights are amazing!
Judith Ambrose (5 months ago)
Awesome Job I am in love 🕯🎄🕯
Cathie Y (5 months ago)
I cannot thank you enough for this tutorial. I have shared it with my Facebook Christmas groups as well as my family and friends. Thank for addressing this issue. Awesome work. I look forward to seeing your lead up to Christmas.
purpleladysugar (5 months ago)
OMG 🙀, beautiful, thanks!!
Blah Blah Blah (5 months ago)
Your patience is a treasure....and did it ever pay off... absolutely BEAUTIFUL 😍 😍😍 😍
southernlight6 (5 months ago)
Beautiful job
Ana Burgos (5 months ago)
My Timeless Home (5 months ago)

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