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How to write like an architect

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Take the 'How to Write Like an Architect Course,' Plus get Doug's hand written architecture font. https://thearchitectsacademy.usefedora.com/p/how-to-write-like-an-architect Hi Im Doug Patt and this is how to architect. Today well learn How to write like an architect. The basic drafting tool for an architect when working by hand is a parallel rule. You can also use a t-square. Ill be using an ames lettering guide to create the lines for the lettering. First were going to create our horizontal lines using the lettering guide. The guide has a variety of spacing options to create just about any combination your looking for. I will also be using a small triangle. Ive added tape to this one for ink lettering to avoid smearing. Ill also be using a .5mm pentel drafting pencil and a paper mate, flair pen for the letters. Ive created a small grid here to give me some guidance when I lay out the letters. Id say the most important thing to remember about hand lettering is that your letters need to seem animated while still appearing orderly and neat. I think this is achieved by using a few conventions. For example, youll notice the letters have some amount of incompleteness. The second diagonal on the A does not follow all the way to the guide line, the bottom of the B or D isnt complete, The bottom line on the E starts in front of the vertical. The second thing is that all the horizontals in the letters are drawn by hand, not using the parallel rule. They all sit at a slight angle making them dynamic and yet uniform. Youll also notice that I use the ruler for all vertical lines. Lastly, when making your Os, Qs, Cs, Gs, even 8s and 9s, the letters and numbers are simply combinations of semi circles. Even the letter S is made the same way. These are two images from my portfolio. They are good examples of how your strings of words will come together to form orderly yet animated paragraphs. This is a quote I found from Tyron Edwards Dictionary of thoughts I enjoy referring to from time to time. It seemed appropriate for a youtube video because giving people the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time is really what drives the information age. So, remember hand lettering is about style and legibility. Mine is definitely stylized and probably a little tough to read sometimes. So thanks for checking out how to write like an architect. Im Doug
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Text Comments (988)
Lucen (7 hours ago)
That last line says "How to Architect"
Erum Batool (9 days ago)
extra solar (24 days ago)
Ash Peeler (28 days ago)
The point is
finkafi la (1 month ago)
First of all, what is that, I'm going in highschool for architect... If my teachers saw something like that they would set paper on fire alongside with me, that's so unreadable, point in architecture is readable stuff, everything needs to be nice and clean, video and explanation is great but for me that's not nice, clean and readable handwriting
Jackson Potter (1 month ago)
This is the old version
토끼슈가 (2 months ago)
Celine Tan (2 months ago)
hi, how to architect, nice video... i need your help :) may i know what is the tip of architectural writing bcoz my lecturer commented that my writing doesn't look like an architectural writing. hope to hear from you soon, thanks
Pappu plays Pubg (1 month ago)
You're beautiful can u give me your Instagram
Pappu plays Pubg (1 month ago)
Baba Sahil (3 months ago)
D is rong
Akio Daisuke (3 months ago)
I wrote letters this way when i was just 12 years old till i went to college to found out im going to take architecture and yeah same way all of us taught to write this way . But now i can write without the t-square triangle.
Lugmaan Haneef (3 months ago)
Why do architects need to write in a different way? How is it related to the field of drawing and planning when it comes to houses etc etc.
Victor Partridge (2 months ago)
I am only taking an educated guess. Formulaic nature of the materials in an architecture's blueprint draft are on the same plane and uniform with the way we print letters in the alphabet. So important instructions tend to recede into the draft and it is important to make those letters pop out and not on the same flat plane as the design itself.
Sania Mohamed (3 months ago)
Alonso Martii (1 month ago)
In the H.
ava lauck (2 months ago)
Every thing is in capital letters the d is a D with a small line on top
Lugmaan Haneef (2 months ago)
Israel Rincon (3 months ago)
Back In 2008-
Purple Knight (3 months ago)
How did you measure the distance of the letters? You kind of just drew lines and never mentioned the vertical ones
Mari Muthu (4 months ago)
What is the name of the font... You used in the video...?
mallu muttu (4 months ago)
Random Video Chaos (4 months ago)
The D looks like a b though.
josh quevedo (5 months ago)
you write it in Word ... and you give it the impression!!!
josh quevedo (5 months ago)
James Ritchie obsolet
James Ritchie (5 months ago)
Danii F (6 months ago)
Why is this in my recommended ?
Lugmaan Haneef (2 months ago)
Exactly bro haha
Fred CA (6 months ago)
So if I write like this my name changes to Freb???
Aimless Wanderer (6 months ago)
It's not to ISO Metric Std
Joseph Poniatowski (6 months ago)
So in other words only people writing this drible can decifer it
Greg Adams (4 months ago)
Don't let the fact that drible and decifer aren't words stop you from critiquing someone else's communication.
Mike B (6 months ago)
Woah, before you can write like an architecct you must first apply for planning permission ! :)
BBgub (6 months ago)
HOW TO WRITE LIKE AN ARCHITECT Step 1: become an architect Step 2: write stuff
Madison Nish (6 months ago)
A B C b
ahdapt (6 months ago)
Why is this in my recomendations? This was posted 10 years ago and I've never seen anything related to this.
Joseph Poniatowski (6 months ago)
ahdapt ya me too this is garbage it should be how to write like a pre schooler
cymbalsjefen (6 months ago)
Karlo Pohajda (6 months ago)
It's hard to read, you can mistake one letter for another, or think one letter is two letter... Maybe it looks pretty, but it's unpractical.
hannathredramaaddict (6 months ago)
do you have to use ruler (or triangle thing, idk) while writing?
The Foreign Citizen (6 months ago)
I need this as a font! :o
DitIs Niet Mijn Account (6 months ago)
I finally watched it, Youtube, can you stop recommend this video to me please? great video btw keep it up!
Nemesi (6 months ago)
same haha
dysfunctional (6 months ago)
Tasnim Ezzddin (6 months ago)
I’m doing an internship in an architecture office and the architect had me write the alphabet for four days straight to get my letters straight... I still can’t do it and it’s damn awful
Pier Plays (6 months ago)
your dislikes were at 666 so I disliked but I actually really loved this video so ty
Chrice Chiu (6 months ago)
666 is a great number. It is associated with fortune in Chinese culture. Also, devils are cute.
How to Architect (6 months ago)
Now THAT'S thoughtful!
TheFormActually (6 months ago)
that is some ugly type :S
mario tannous (6 months ago)
ABCb wtf
Danielle Franklin (6 months ago)
Omg my boss is an architect and has the nicest handwriting I've ever seen and I always just thought she had nice handwriting...I never realized that it was an architect thing!!
Justaburgscuzzin (7 months ago)
The D looked like a lowercase b WOULD NOT RECOMMEND
Jow bow (7 months ago)
Wait what this was made in 2008
Solocite (6 months ago)
No lol check description, 2008
Federico NOse (7 months ago)
what is the name of the straightedge that you use???
Drunkman (7 months ago)
Your A is a P. J and U are the same thing. H and N are almost the same thing. "How to write like a pre-grade 2 student"
PoBs 1 (7 months ago)
Nice style👍
Haapavuo (7 months ago)
How to autism
Robert Ruiz (7 months ago)
What pen is he using?
Chris Hokanson (6 months ago)
PaperMate Flair
Nicholas Sway (7 months ago)
Architect = Engineers who can't do math!
A O (7 months ago)
or not
Izak J (7 months ago)
Give this a like, whoever is watching in 2008
D-DUB (7 months ago)
See you in 10 years, DWEEB.
Jennifer Parker (7 months ago)
When you're stuck with handwriting and never been a true architect 😭
Cassandra Andrea Nicole (7 months ago)
10 years happy bday
Stone Welle (7 months ago)
Rukia DeMar (7 months ago)
When you can't read the damn quote because suggested videos pop up that you can't close, and his hand was in the way the rest of the time
Maggie Rose (7 months ago)
All of those letters and numbers trigger me really badly
tom thompson (7 months ago)
the d is a b ,,, if the architect had studied harder , he could have become an engineer.
Kahuna (7 months ago)
F*&kn architects... Greetings from an engineer :)
CHILLI DUDS (7 months ago)
The "d" triggers me
LegendaryGaming139 [AMV] (7 months ago)
2008 huh......
xRebecckahx (8 months ago)
Is this real? I can't tell if he's joking or not Why do they write like this?
Yassin Elamin (7 months ago)
Sofia Smith cool
Sofia Smith (7 months ago)
xRebecckahx its a pretty old technique from when architects used hand drawn blueprints rather than digital renderings, and multiple architects would be working on the same paper. So to make it look uniform, architects had their own handwriting style that was clear and easy to read for everyone on the project. It is rather obsolete now with most drafting being done in computers, but it still looks nice! :)
irareriroru (8 months ago)
My dad writes like this lol, he was an architect
Youtube User (7 months ago)
oh hai mark (8 months ago)
my dad (architect) writes like this lmfao what
Matt Campbell (7 months ago)
oh hai mark same it's actually kinda funny
Jesus Quezada (8 months ago)
NAOMI VDB (8 months ago)
Michael Scofield exposed
Excellence (8 months ago)
MaggieOnline (8 months ago)
ABCbE wtf dude
xRebecckahx (8 months ago)
MaggieOnline it was supposed to be a D but he wrote it weiirrd
Jghnu (8 months ago)
soooooooo i need a ruler to write sorry i'm out see ya later this is too hard
shiyasai (8 months ago)
w h y
Beatriz Giffoni (8 months ago)
nope im good thank you very much
Michael Lowry (8 months ago)
no thanks
Lunoj (8 months ago)
Book of tHotS
Texas Rebel (8 months ago)
Texas Rebel (8 months ago)
Didn't even watch Why would someone WANT to do that
Adûnâi (8 months ago)
Look up "technical lettering" on Wikipedia. It looks much better than this. I'm from Ukraine, and we learned a similar font (Cyrillic though) in middle school. Used it to sign our technical drawing works^^
Shoncay (8 months ago)
I'm not understanding the importance of writing the alphabet a certain way just over an architecture course...what is the need to write differently?
Aldy Bluez (8 months ago)
Someone would do that if your taking a course in architecture and engineering. You don't even understand the concept of it. This is the problem with people nowadays, they tend to judge first before thinking deeply. So just think before you click .
Lil Sad (8 months ago)
wait, what. am. I. doing. here at 3 am ?
Lucifer DNA (7 months ago)
Lucifer DNA (7 months ago)
Anita K. (8 months ago)
Lil Sad omg same😂😂😂
IceCreamSofi (8 months ago)
This just randomly appeared in my recommendations...
Adûnâi (8 months ago)
I was listening to Crayon Pop... I guess, bless the almighty YouTube algorithm!
2babe (8 months ago)
Jᴜsᴛ Aɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀ Kᴘᴏᴘ Fᴀɴ Same
randomaccount (8 months ago)
WHAT? My dad is an architect and his handwriting is similar to this. I mean, I thought it was just his unique handwriting. Turns out there is a writing guideline for architects??? What the fuckkk lolll
Shawn Gardner (8 months ago)
Listen, I'm sorry, but I don't really like this. I find it to be a little too difficult to read, and by no means is this style of handwriting necessary to writing on drafts.
devin khoury (8 months ago)
welp u wont be an architect i guess sorry buddy
Jon Simpson (8 months ago)
pfft you need some fucking glasses then, because this writing is extremely simple. Trust me there are people out there with different styles of writing and this is way simpler.
jockim (8 months ago)
easy just be an architect
Mag 7 (8 months ago)
Is this designed to hurt your eyes when reading it?
Enrique M (8 months ago)
i can´t imagine today trying to write with rulers like the video examples when an architect first rule is "LEARN TO DRAW AND WRITE WITHOUT RULERS, ONLY FREEHAND"
stealthassulter (8 months ago)
I used to think this architect writing would be a cool think to know and people would actually be impressed. .. then I realized this is garbage no one in the real world gives a duck about architect lettering.. like seriously..
Silly Slimes (8 months ago)
PF Changs logo font xD
213213yoyo (8 months ago)
Learning a new skill would be cool.
Zillionaire TC (8 months ago)
Good job Doug Really enjoyed this video. 👍
Ryan Burton (8 months ago)
Why is this in everyone’s recommendation list?
Gab Formoso (8 months ago)
My dad writes like that and he is an architect.
Boe Man (8 months ago)
Maddies Audio My dad is an architect and writes likes that, but we arent rich
maddies audio (8 months ago)
Gab and two ducks im assuming your rich
Alex Shi (8 months ago)
I still don't get it, whats the point?
Angelol (8 months ago)
Jennifer Parker (8 months ago)
Whuttttt i didn't know those. Just kept on writing :-)
INKA WTF (8 months ago)
My mom doesn't write like that
IceCreamSofi (8 months ago)
Janusz Reguła (8 months ago)
Why is this in my recommended feed? I mean... It's a cool video but it had nothing to do with what I usually watch and it's from 2008...
day man (8 months ago)
Janusz Reguła cool bro
coffeekupp (8 months ago)
We all know Architects are caligraphers (if you get this, I love you)
Hinterhof96 (8 months ago)
doesn't look good though
LessThanAvg Player (8 months ago)
Why don't they write normally?
Aldy Bluez (8 months ago)
everybody has a unique way of writing.. so why don't you write normally?
itcHy_istrash (9 months ago)
why dont you punctuate normally?
tɪѳ ҡαямα (9 months ago)
2008 video, most of comments are from 2 days ago
LOVEISFAKE (8 months ago)
Just like this one.
ÐłЄĞǾ820 (9 months ago)
The song is terrifying
kenisya salsabila l. (9 months ago)
Ohmygod, 100% accurate because my dad's handwriting (an architect) actually looks like this
Sunless (9 months ago)
Why is this reccomended, why does this have 1.6 mil views, and what is love?
Mikael Uhl (9 months ago)
Sunless "why would this not be reccomended?" Is the question you're looking for 😊
Selina (9 months ago)
Sunless. What is love? Baby don‘t hurt me.
ChrisGG (9 months ago)
why is this in my recommended feed
YAZ GEB (9 months ago)
Chrismasterski , you haven't used your pen & pencil for a while
Jeroim3142 (9 months ago)
Im here again. I dont know why
Aleksandar Katic (9 months ago)
I just don't get it when something old like this gets recommened to me.Then i look up the comments and i see that they're all from 3-5 days ago and i'm always confused.
Mico Berta (9 months ago)
How am I here after Annunaki videos ?
{m a c c h i a t o} (9 months ago)
**carries a ruler with me everyday to school just to perfect this**
I'M DED (9 months ago)
Sware (9 months ago)
How useless is this
vladyslav moskal (9 months ago)
Video published in 2008. 99,999% of comments were published this week because youtube recommended it. ...youtube in 2028... "How to write like an architect" #1 on trending

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