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Round Trip | Short Film | By Rohon Nag & Pushkaraj Shirke

1237 ratings | 672393 views
What is your reality? Are you going to make your own destiny? A girl's simple story of self-realization. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=humaramovie LIKE US ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/humaramovie FOLLOW US ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/humaramovie
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Text Comments (268)
Rahul Mishra (1 month ago)
Chutiya story
YouTube k funny mizaz (2 months ago)
Vijay Kumar (2 months ago)
Yah kya hai full bakbas.🌝🌝🌝🌝
Tabrej Khan (5 months ago)
Ye sala chutiya hein
Turha Suraj (5 months ago)
Such an asshole work...no logic
Tiger Singh (6 months ago)
rajat kumar giri (7 months ago)
Sar ke upar se gaya
Bhaskar Sharma (7 months ago)
what a nonsense movie
Narendra Parui (7 months ago)
perhaps ur concept is good...but not clear...
EKTA JAIN (7 months ago)
Bakwas time waste
anjali K (7 months ago)
Sameer Dhawale (7 months ago)
Top10 (7 months ago)
So you just copied this from a Hollywood movie great... typical Indian cinema :D
Pratham Jain (8 months ago)
Why the fuck did I see this?
Mehaboob Basha (8 months ago)
Is auto driver an Angel and riding some divine auto? Jokes apart but nice movie
Tanjina Sharmin (8 months ago)
Bad story
Vishal Chaturvedi (11 months ago)
What an Fuckall short movie.
Vivek Kumar (1 year ago)
Diptanu Chaudhuri (1 year ago)
Horrible script
Indian Vines House (1 year ago)
Ye Ky bakchodi hai be.
pragna bhanushali (1 year ago)
Debaprasad Patri (1 year ago)
wow great story
Karan Singh (1 year ago)
What was that. 😒😒
Jess Shah (1 year ago)
Is story ka mtlb Hai... Ki agr hum time traveling kar paste to vo log Jo hme cheat krk gye h or hum upset k iski jgh hm unhe thpd Mar kar age bad jate Hai... I like this one... Life me koi regration nhi hota... At least.... We could save our past...
Shrirang Umrikar (1 year ago)
WTf this film doesn't have any concept or logic!
Rajat Kr Singh (1 year ago)
Kamino hum Hindustan ma rehata hai na ki britain ma
shezan khan (1 year ago)
Rajib Mridha (1 year ago)
What kind of concept is that? Waste of time.
Kaustuv Mohapatra (1 year ago)
Well conceptualiazed....but went full on sluggish in interpretation and execution..... PS I say this as a humble audience
Akanksha Sharma (1 year ago)
John Rahul (1 year ago)
I just happen to waste 5 minutes and 52 seconds of my life for this crap !
shadds v (1 year ago)
wat was dis....i have been watching short films from a while niw....have never seen such a pathetic one
empoloy sonbol (1 year ago)
sports HD (1 year ago)
one of the worst film I have ever seen... direction is Gud but the concept is shit
Ajay Joshi (1 year ago)
u seriously needed so many people to copy a concept and shoot that shitty? Pushkaraj Shirke what a shit acting have u done. Audio is so fucked up, and he is a director? 😂 what a shame. And you guys describe yourselves as best in your fields? worst crappy attitude.
Pramod Pimpale (1 year ago)
regardless of all the comments. I truely like the concept and idea. very well done.
Shadma Afreen (2 years ago)
what was the concept? I didn't understand..
mandar Gokhale (2 years ago)
बरचसं " ground hog day "शी साम्य आहे. पण शेवटी थोडा वेगळेपणा जाणावतो. कदाचित लेखकाला जे नेमकं सांगायचय ते समजायला आपल्या कडचे प्रेक्षक अजुन तयार नाहियेत. प्रयत्न अप्रतिम आहे.
Vijay Sharma (2 years ago)
It was good concept. Rikshaw is just a medium. I feel maker wants to express inner voice of independent girl.. Nicely brought out
Rohon Nag (1 year ago)
exactly !
Anamitra Chakraborty (2 years ago)
worst short film evah . lol
Rohon Nag (1 year ago)
glad you spent some of your valuable time seeing it... thank you sir!
coming soon (2 years ago)
it was well kinda i don't know different strange can't say if i liked it or hated it
Sudhanshu tiwari (2 years ago)
I like the way u present it...may be smthng deeper than our logic...
Nikhila Bhasme (2 years ago)
Great concept,lovely!
devraj singh (2 years ago)
kis chutiye be yah s film banai ..kya kuch v constant nhi...fuck
Rohon Nag (1 year ago)
that would be me! thanks for cursing! good day!
sonal Bakane (2 years ago)
what was that ?? ye toh baar baar dekho movie se inspired lag rahe 😆
sonal Bakane (1 year ago)
Rohon Nag wow great achievement !!
Rohon Nag (1 year ago)
we made this in 2012 so baar baar dekho copied from us :)
Anirban Dey (2 years ago)
I am just shocked that this short film got half a million views... This concept is old and gold but u couldn't execute it properly!!!
Rohon Nag (1 year ago)
possible... thanks for the feedback!
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
As one of the writer director, there are many many films on similar concept. From Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban to groundhog day to source code to run Lola run to edge of tomorrow to the time machine. The concept is age old, its like saying any romantic story is a copy of romeo and Juliet. Point being, no we didn't copy or sit and try to rip off any movie, we are aware many such films exist through the comments below, and same as them, our short film too exists. Thank you all for commenting, hating or liking it.
Saibaba Shakti (2 years ago)
worst short movie of my life
Anurag Singh (1 year ago)
Your life is still going on and there are more worst movie like this you'll counter....don't worry.
PRAKASH Singh (2 years ago)
bhai kuch v
Rupkumar Bera (2 years ago)
kya chutiyapa hai...
manas ranjan Mahanta (2 years ago)
Kya bakwas short film h ....
Mohit Vishwakarma (2 years ago)
behad ghatiya 😂😒😒
Noor Shaiks (2 years ago)
tumari ma ki chod ma Lund
Pooja Gandhi (2 years ago)
no clarity in the concept
Bollywood Tak (2 years ago)
chutiya concept without logic
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
thank you sir for your valuable feedback.
shashank (2 years ago)
Pathetic acting.
Moinul Sakib (2 years ago)
Sala chutiya.run Lola run se copy Kita.
Garvita Singh (2 years ago)
Yeah I got the spirit..... how I wish this was true.. like we can rewind life ,we can actually go back and change the turn of events , we could go back and act strongly and stand for self respect rather than begging to reciprocate our feelings. go back and break the illusion that one day he will love me back bcz i love him with all my strength. Face the reality that who loves you doesnt want to see you crumbling down. he doesnt leave you for regretting for lifetime for loving the person. i should have valued myself enough nt to let him abandon me and walk over me . I wish I could rewind and correct this bcz i never knew that loving somebody with all my heart and soul would scar me for life.. how i wish this was true....
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
exactly our thoughts while making this short film. you got it right. people will say we copied concept etc etc, but the underlying thought in our heads was, what if we could fix or re-do relationship mess ups ! then came the girl and the autorickshaw etc (which HAD to be included in the screenplay)
Dilip Bhatia (2 years ago)
bakwas se jyda kuch nahi ☝ only bakwas
ajay gaikwad (2 years ago)
Kya chutiyapa tha ye bc kya concept tha waste of time
Amit Batra (2 years ago)
The actors did a fair job but the story-stealer, the screenplay writer and the director should be ashamed of plagiarism
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
thank you sir, we are indeed ashamed that we thought of a concept and someone, somewhere else had also thought something similar. not all things are copy. sometimes similarities occur randomly.
Chitra Adkar (2 years ago)
The chootiya director saw Lola Rennt and this happened😂
Manikanda Rajan (1 year ago)
Chitra Adkar hiiiiiii
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
thank you madam for your valuable feedback.
Soumona Pan (2 years ago)
grrrrr 😤😤😤
harjit Singh (2 years ago)
shoot who has made this bakwaas go to hell
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
we will kind sir!
Rajvi Dedhia (2 years ago)
this was awesome. there is an English movie on a similar concept. I don't remember the name right now but this story was nice.
Abhijeet Dayal (1 year ago)
Source Code
Manikanda Rajan (1 year ago)
Rajvi Dedhia hiiii
harjit Singh (2 years ago)
bhaag Johnny
Android Squad (2 years ago)
kya tha BC Kuch bhii
Ranit Biswas (2 years ago)
This is shit yaar. People don't breakup on mere suspicion or perseptions
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
I have, personally, so it did happen to me!
prasanth hd (2 years ago)
this is too much
Amit Shali (2 years ago)
What was it?? Waste of time. Where r u, I want to kill u
I didn't understand what was going on!!!
urvashi (1 year ago)
Awesome !! loved it Rohon... keep it up :)
Shubham Modi (1 year ago)
Rohon Nag i like your attitude man
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
right here sir!
nimmi Yadav (2 years ago)
KYa tha ye cn any 1 explain???
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
hello, A girl wants to meet her boyfriend and then finds out he is cheating on her, she does a bad job at breaking up. but the magical auto allows her to rewind time and then she gets it right in the third attempt. leading her being strong inside and having no regrets!
bAD iDEAS' REVIEWS (2 years ago)
Nope it just shows that time travel is cool..😎
nimmi Yadav (2 years ago)
+Sanchari Das thank u
Sanchari Das (2 years ago)
It tries to depict how people become tough to tougher with the breakups and heartbreaks . The girl in the first case is completely different and strong from inside later.
Mammascare (3 years ago)
whatttt.....was that
Abhishek Nayak (3 years ago)
Usko ye samajhne me bhi 2 chance lage
Rejwana Choudhury (3 years ago)
Wat was it
Manikanda Rajan (1 year ago)
Rejwana Choudhury hiiiii
Ash Agrawal (3 years ago)
abe kya chutiyapa dete ho be..
Libi Furtado (3 years ago)
why show such dreams....if only time could be rewinded....dunno abt the butterfly effects....but yeah.... surely something cud be changed for better
Mehrab Irani (3 years ago)
man I hope I had got some power like this
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
we too !
Sadia Aslam (3 years ago)
good 1
Amit Shali (2 years ago)
+Sadia Aslam Same happnd 2u ehhh
Abhi Jeet (3 years ago)
kya bakwaas hai?
MADHUR RAI (3 years ago)
बेहतरीन कॉंसेप्ट..लेकिन उतना अच्छा क्रियांवन नही हो पाया। मेनका लालवानी.....आप गज़ब की अभिनेत्री हैं। An upturn concept...... but couldnt execute well. miss Lalwani..u r a recherche actress.
Sushant Kanchan (3 years ago)
No meaning to the film.
Ishu Bansal (3 years ago)
So basically you are explaining girl's mood swings with the time travel they do.... lol. So it means every time they come up with an imaginary story in their mind, they had actually time traveled... well, actually this makes sense now... anyway good work
Nia Yadav (3 years ago)
Nice hope u like my channel too n sub back 💕💕
Ambuj Rout (3 years ago)
The theme is copied from a hollywood movie.. !! I don't remember the name but something related to a Alien attack movie casting Brad Pitt i guess
Rohon Nag (2 years ago)
As one of the writers, we are very sorry that someone in some place wrote a novel, short story or anything about time travel. why not say we copied interstellar ? or h.g wells classic time machine ?
Space Monk (3 years ago)
+Pushkaraj S Shirke Your shitty movie was made 8 years after Hiroshi's 'All you need is kill'.
Pushkraj Shirke (3 years ago)
+Ambuj Rout edge of tomorrow released 4 years after this film was made. get your facts right. i wrote this script
NITIN BHALERAO (3 years ago)
Superrrrb. Nice Film. Gr8 acting and Gr8 Direction. Keep it up.
soneelita (3 years ago)
What a fucked up story !
Brownbeautysimor (3 years ago)
HEY Dear!! loved your video,   SIMOR
Abhishek Thakur (1 year ago)
Hey dear what u seen in this video so u love that
Dipanjan Sanyal (4 years ago)
so dumb
Jaspal Khaneja (4 years ago)
ooooh, so this is where they got the concept for EDGE OF TOMORROW.. LOL great job:)
Sorabh Awaray (4 years ago)
Good concept for the auto rickshaw meter. I wish i can have one. I'll back in time and i'll bust my school's English teacher. she was really a BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Irfan M.Mattoo (4 years ago)
Reminds me of that story where a guy gets a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, a short walk away from a farmhouse. He doesn't have a jack in the car and so heads out to the farmhouse hoping to borrow one from the farmer. All along the way, he keeps getting these "thoughts" about how the farmer would possibly be a mean person and would refuse him the jack and keeps getting angry at the injustice of it. So finally, when he rings the door bell and the farmer opens the door, he punches the poor guy in the face and says - "keep your fucking jack." Point being, we sometimes (or most of the time) create our reality by projecting the state of our mind into our present and thereby, the future, This is how I saw it. A nice short film, btw. :)
vinit rajan (4 years ago)
B.c views dekh ke kabhi video mat dekho, chutzpa ho gaya!!!
Rohon Nag (4 years ago)
+vinit rajan  Glad you hated it...
George BH (4 years ago)
Nice work..........."Edge of Tomorrow"
steffi dias (4 years ago)
Replace the actress
Rohon Nag (4 years ago)
This video Published in 24 Mar 2012. use your head...  Edge of tomorrow came out in 2014...
Sumit Kumar (4 years ago)
salo ab short film bhi copy kar k banao.
Rohon Nag (4 years ago)
Copied from what ? edge of tommorow ? which came out in 2014 and our movie came in 2012. we must be time travelers!
G BRONCO (4 years ago)
She looked okay from far. May be she would look hot in a crane shot. I would have dumped her as well if I get to look at her up close. Lol
dudeson (4 years ago)
source code 
Rohon Nag (4 years ago)
Ground hog day (google it)
Ayesha Khansa (4 years ago)
I think this is not merely about time travel. I t includes many things like, her wishful thinking on what she should have done. And aalso her acdeptance of the fact that she has a greater dignity than to be with him. Its really nice.
Rohon Nag (4 years ago)
Thanks ayesha!
Vivek Sachdev (4 years ago)
kprasad (4 years ago)
So .... the rickshaw was a time travel machine? Cause she should've gone back further and bought Apple stocks.
Shankar Chaudhary (5 years ago)
aree kehnaaa kya chahte hoo ?
Neha Mahajan (7 months ago)
Shankar Chaudhary What is the concept?
Sahil Pathan (9 months ago)
@Rohon Nag... Tujhe kya sirf comments pe reply karne rakha hai... sabke comments mai ghusega..... Bhaggg
Rohon Nag (4 years ago)
+Shankar Chaudhary Hello, thanks for commenting, the story is that a boy wants to leave his girlfiriend and he does it rather badly in an atuorickshaw. unfortunately for him, the rickshaw is different from others, it has an old style meter which when the girl touches it, rewinds time and gives her one more chance to deal properly with the boy.  I hope that makes it clear.The magical autorickshaw driver drives around the city solving peoples problems by rewinding time and letting them do things better the next time.

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