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http://islamtruebestreligion.wordpress.com/ ------ ASSALATU WASSALAMU ALAIKA YA SAYYIDINA MUHAMMAD RASOOL ALLAH SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM ------ ALLAHUMMA SALLI WA SALLIM WA BARIK ALA SAYYIDINA WA MAULANA MUHAMMADENIN NABY IL UMME YE SALLALLAHU ALAYHI WA SALLAM ------ JAZALLAHU ANNA SAYYIDINA MUHAMMADAN SHALLALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM BE MA HUWA AHLUHU ------ HOLY AL QURAN INSTRUCTS MUSLIMS TO RECITE DUROOD SHARIF SALAWAT TO HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLALLAHU ALAYHI WA SALLAM) Almighty Allah says: "Surely Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim). O you who believe! Send Blessings (Durood) and Salutations (Salaams) on the Prophet with worthy Salutation".(Surah al-Ahzab: 56) --- Durood or Darood Shareef (from Persian: dorood) is an invocation which Muslims make by saying specific phrases to compliment the Islamic prophet Muhammad. (p.b.u.h.) Durood has various other names like Durood Sahreef, Salawat, Salat ala Nabi, Salat-un-Nabi. Qur'an --- Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect. --- Qur'an, Sura 33 (al-Ahzab, ayah 56) In this verse of the Qur'an, God, the Mala'ikah and the Muslims have been mentioned as sending Durood upon Muhammad. (p.b.u.h.) So, Durood Shareef is actually a Dua in praise of Muhammad. (p.b.u.h.) When God sends Durood and Salaams upon Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) --- Hazrat Anas (radi Allahu anhu) narrates that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said: "He who reads a single Durood upon me, Almighty Allah blesses him ten times, ten of his sins are forgiven, and he is increased ten times in stages (internally). (Mishkaat) --- Hazrat Abdullah ibn Ma'sud (radi Allahu anhu) also narrates that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said: "On the Day of Qiyamah, the closest to me from among the people will be those who have read the most amount of Durood Shareef". (Tirmidhi) HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLALLAHU ALAYHI WA SALLAM) HADITH ABOUT DUROOD SHARIF 1." On the day of Qiyamah the person closest to me will be the one who has sent the most Durood unto me. " (TIRMIZI) 2." On Fridays, send Durood abundantly on me, as it is presented before me. " (ABU DAWUD) 3. " If any person, who writing my name, sends darood Sharif to me,then for as long as my name remains in that book, Angels will make Du'a of mercy for him. " 4. "Whoever recites Durood at my grave, I hear it myself. And whoesoever recites it from a distance, Angels present them to me." (BAIHAQI) 5. "On the day of Qiyamah, that person will be protected from the frightfulness of Qiyamah who recited durood abundantly to me." (SA'AYA) 6. "For the reciter of durood, Allah sends 70 blessings on him and the angels make dua for him 70 times."(TIBRANI) 7. " On the Day of Qiyamah, besides the Shadow of the Throne, there would be no other shadow.On that Day, Allah Almighty will especially Grant three kinds of people a place under his trone: 1. Whosoever removed some difficulty of my Ummah and solved his hardship 2. Whoever revived my Sunnah 3. And Whoever recited Doorud Sharif on me abundantly 8."Allah Almighty has appointed a group of angels who travel the world, and in my Ummah, whoever sends salutatations to me, those salutations are presented to me by these angels." (IBNE HABBAN) 9." Recite durood sharief abundantly on me, it will be a means of cleanliness and purity for you." (ABU YA"LA) 10."Before whomsoever my mention is made, he should recite durood sharief upon me." (Nasa"I) 11. " Whosoever recites Durood Sharief on me 10 times in the morning and evening, I will intercede for him on the day of Qiyamah." (TIBRANI) 12. " Whosoever recites Durood Shareef a 1000 times on me daily, then before death he will see his abode in Jannah." ( SA'AYA) 13. " Whosoever recites Durood Sharief upon me once, the Allah Almighty orders the Kiraman-Katibeen not to record any (minor) sins of the reciter for 3 days." 14. " Send Durood Sharief on me, Allah will also send Durood on you." DUROOD SHARIF SALAWAT IN THE LIGHT OF HOLY HADITH "On the Day of Qiyamah, the closest to me from among the people will be those that have read the most amount of Durood ". (Tirmidhi: Kanzul Amaal) "On the Day of Qiyamah, at all places the closest to me will be those that have read the most number of Durood ." (Sa-daatud Daarain) "He who sends a single Durood upon me, Almighty Allah rewards him ten times and ten good deeds are recorded in his book of good deeds". (Tirmidhi) "He who reads a single Durood upon me, Almighty Allah blesses him ten times, ten of his sins are forgiven and he is increased ten times in stages (spiritually)". (Mishkaat) Angels of Allah shower 70 blessings on a man who recites Durood once. If a person recites 1,000 Durood Shareef daily, he will never die unless he himself sees his place in Heaven with his own eyes.
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Syed Ibrahim (12 hours ago)
Nazrin Nazrin (1 day ago)
this surah is usefully to me 😌i love allah ☺alhamdulillah 😘😍😌 thanks for Allah👌👌👍👍
سمية بن (1 day ago)
Al Muzahid (1 day ago)
Alhamdulillah.. Listening from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩
yara dieng (2 days ago)
Ik ben moslima en als ik ga slapen luister ik deze baqara altijd het is echt super fijn mashalla dat is fijn sallamaaleekoe dank je wel doei
Ubaid Ahmad (2 days ago)
Please pray for people of Kashmir. We are oppressed by kufar Indian forces
Harun Nur (3 days ago)
Maasha Allah this is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️SubhanAllah
waqas sayal (3 days ago)
This Chapter of the Quran is very powerful against shayatin and sahir. I urge every brother and sister who love listening to it to read it yourself. Its more powerful when you recite it yourself. In Sha ALLAH!
Jamil Ahmed (3 days ago)
What a peaceful ah I can't stop listening May allah bless u all bro & sis ❤👈
Ali Yusuf (4 days ago)
This surah good for health I listen every night Inshallah all my problems in this dunya.goes away Allah always guides me he is all I have alhamdulliah.allah is the greatest he is only 1 he has no companion ship may Allah forgive My sins may Allah help all muslims around the world
poco star brawler (4 days ago)
Muhamed MS (6 days ago)
You are crazy haters
Khadra Ahmed Ali (6 days ago)
Every thing (6 days ago)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NAvcl-xHR3U subcribe this channel
achrafTV (7 days ago)
The 6k people that disliked this video are going to hell!
sahra mohamed (5 days ago)
achrafTV we can’t say that because only allah knows who is going hell. They might took shahada one day and become good Muslims.
md ctg (7 days ago)
Moinul islam
Farin Jini (8 days ago)
Very nice
I love u Allah❤
Paula Austin (9 days ago)
Very very beautiful my heart feels peace salaam to all
Mar Cont (10 days ago)
Aamir KKR (11 days ago)
I love Surah mashallah
حسن انور (12 days ago)
ماشاء الله
Chucky (12 days ago)
This is beautiful!! I am crying.
Akbar Ansari (12 days ago)
Yah aallah madad karna hmare mohabbat khatre me he
Akbar Ansari (12 days ago)
Mujhe sikhnaa he
Ripped NtrippsMoe1997 (13 days ago)
If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”
Md Hussain (13 days ago)
Mashallah Bhut below legese
Md Hussain (13 days ago)
The Quran is the best book
so good alhamdulillah
Fadithal Ali (15 days ago)
umi hanik (16 days ago)
subhanallah......allahu akbar
SaL (16 days ago)
Beautiful subhanalla ♥️♥️♥️♥️I hear this every night
Zara Butt (16 days ago)
May Allah guide us and help us to truly understand this beautiful religion
Afsar Ali (16 days ago)
🕋 i love Quran 🕌
Ayaan Qayum (16 days ago)
MD.RUBEL SARKER (16 days ago)
Sadia bilal (17 days ago)
Fatema Yeasmin (18 days ago)
You gave so much info in the discription ! Insha allah he will bless you for sharing that ! Give a like if you agrre ! 😎😅
Cerise Sawyer (18 days ago)
Most buituful reciitation i ask the almighty to Gould us all and protect us ,from the devil and the bad in the world ,and are enemies may the almighty keep giving you abundance and good health and give you food and shelter and provide what you need for your family and children ,the almighty Allha is the only one we can strive towards and ask for through the holy spirit ,may we be patioance and bear all test and troubles through life ,help strengthen are faith and give us all blessins that are hearts contents .we love you the almighty and need you always Ahmen.xxxxxxxx
izo ibanez metal zone (19 days ago)
Got a dislike..why????
Zakariye Xasan (20 days ago)
Allahu Akbar❤️❤️❤️❤️
Snow Ice (20 days ago)
Anjumfiza Shaikh (21 days ago)
Shefali Akter (21 days ago)
আল্লাহ সবাইকে ইমান দিইন।
Allah is cool
Badran Adan (22 days ago)
I love Allah the most
The Message (22 days ago)
Alvrium Eleris (16 days ago)
Go fuck yourself
imani Hussain (24 days ago)
His voice is beautiful mashallah
Lucia diesdas (24 days ago)
Alif-laaam-meeem thaa-li-kal-ki-ta-bu la-ray-ba-fi hu-dal lil-mut-ta-qeen Al-la-thee-na ýu-mi-nuu-na bil-ghay-bi Wa yu-qee-moo-nas sa-la-ta Wa mim-ma ra-zaqa-na-hum yun-fi-qoon Wal-thee-na yu-qee-moo-na bi-maaa oon-zi-la i-lay-ka Wa maaa ooon-zi-la min qaba-li-ka wa bil-aa-khi-ra-ti hum yu-qi-noon U-laa-i-ka ala hu-dam mir-rab-bi-him Wa u-laa-i-ka hu-mul-muf-li-hoon
Ayomide Aminat (24 days ago)
May Allah forgive us all
RamRam Gaming (25 days ago)
The people who disliked, cya in hell
Mizanur rohoman Mizan (26 days ago)
হৃদয় জুড়ানো কোরআন তেলওয়াত
Md Gulzafar Rahi (26 days ago)
masha Allah
Mohamed Ouchen (26 days ago)
Zijad Sadovic (27 days ago)
Allahu Akbar! Allah is the only truth! ❤
AMB KHA (27 days ago)
How can 5.9k people dislike the words of ALLAH? May ALLAH give us all FORGIVENESS... AMEEN
Suleman Slovek (27 days ago)
Masha Allah 💗💝💝💟💞❣️💙💚
Jama isaga (27 days ago)
i Live allah😍😍😍😍😍🕋🕌🕋🕌
bilal ahmad (27 days ago)
Amazing recitation loved it May Allah grant us Janna inshallah
Alhumdulillah, Ameen, awesome Bro Sheikh
true stepper (28 days ago)
Amazing!!! how this great gentleman recited this wonderful prayer (piece from holy Quaran) in such a beautiful tone ,it was  like for a while I kind of drifted away in a magical world ,where peace and serenity surrounded me and welcomed me with open arms.Thank you so much.
Afrin Sultana (28 days ago)
masa allah
Kemal Ali (29 days ago)
Mashalla wie schön 😭👍🏿
Kaltuma Hassan (30 days ago)
Masha Allah your voice is amazing
Kaltuma Hassan (30 days ago)
I love qurhan
INSPIRINGG Tv (30 days ago)
Found a affordable price of Tajweed Qur'an Whole Qurâan: https://amzn.to/2SX16wR
Aamir Baloch (30 days ago)
Great Voice 💞
sheikh germany (30 days ago)
Ilhana Bej (1 month ago)
Allahu hvala na svemu.. Allah ovi smo robovi i njemu se vracamo.....
M M (1 month ago)
Alla huma rabba hadihi da3wqti attama wa salatu lqaima ati muhammad salla lah wa alayhi wa Salam lWASSILAta wa lfadila wa b3athu lmaqam almahmud aladhi wa3adtah innaka la tukhlifu lmi3ad
MsFajoo (1 month ago)
All praise goes to Allah the One and Only.
Martin S (1 month ago)
Mohamed did not perform a single miracle in front of a witness.
khalid kuwait (1 month ago)
All In One (1 month ago)
Quran Ka Bina Zindagi Ka Maza Nhi
sweet assy (1 month ago)
Coran it's a medicine for everything i feel so good in my heart alhamdulilah
Zain Khan (1 month ago)
Beautiful voice 😘🤩
Dakhel Ahmed (1 month ago)
Amina Hamed (1 month ago)
very good
Sara Fatima (1 month ago)
I love my Allah SWT ❤
Sara Fatima (1 month ago)
I love Quran
Kenan Boss (1 month ago)
Hamedstafa Bakar (1 month ago)
Try to understand this I'm a Muslim but I try to read Quran everyday
Hamedstafa Bakar (1 month ago)
Any Mohamed I go to the Masjid all most every day I have to krun on so my family listens to this my sister brother my twin brother and my dad mom my whole family
Hamedstafa Bakar (1 month ago)
I am a Hamid thank you Allah and Arsenal you made this tape you and thank you for the person that made this video and how's my family and me
medina La (1 month ago)
When I hear this surah my tinnitus go away subhanallah just when u hear Quran it goes away. Allahu akbar ❤
Aysi ye Yusuf (1 month ago)
ALLAHA is one
amir Bachir (1 month ago)
Jumma Miah (1 month ago)
I commit a lot of haram subahanalah I can’t lie pls make dua for me to have more I’man inshallah wallahi this broke my heart and just made me think about all the harms I have done subahanalah I just pray this dunyah gets what they want and in the hear after
sahra mohamed (5 days ago)
May Allah forgive you brother and guide you to the right path.
Ak Mehdi (5 days ago)
A-A Rahman (16 days ago)
Same bro*:
Kemal Sari (30 days ago)
Allah is rahmani raheem
juaria naseer (1 month ago)
I play this surah every night it helps me go to sleep
Rose Mwelu (1 month ago)
😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍 i love this surah with all my heart Allahu akbar ❤❤❤
J.o.e Official (1 month ago)
Brothers and sisters please make dua for my young brother. He is in bad Company and i saw him high on weed today. Please make dua that all Evil things Dont come to him. May allah give u kher inshalla. Love u all. 🙌❤❤
Javanni (6 days ago)
May Allah help your brother to keep away from all the bad in his life
A-A Rahman (16 days ago)
May Allah guide him
Sarah Benhamou (16 days ago)
Insha Allah he will stop following the bad and Allah (subhanu) will guide him to the right path. I will make dua Insha Allah.
nedzad gusinac (1 month ago)
Allah je naj veći
nedzad gusinac (1 month ago)
alchemist (1 month ago)
alchemist (1 month ago)
remely alhamidi (1 month ago)
Mas shalla Allah
Raja Shahid (1 month ago)
I love Quran
Nazeer Uddin (1 month ago)
Masha Allha

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