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2016 World GDP Ranking TOP11

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2016 World GDP Ranking TOP11 1 United States 18,558.130 2 China 11,383.030 3 Japan 4,412.600 4 Germany 3,467.780 5 United Kingdom 2,760.960 6 France 2,464.790 7 India 2,288.720 8 Italy 1,848.690 9 Brazil 1,534.780 10 Canada 1,462.330 11 Korea 1,321.200
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Text Comments (119)
No. You are wrong at top 11. Not Korea is 1,534,780 B dollers. Only South Korea is 1,534,780 B dollers
鸠兹宝宝 (10 months ago)
india will be no.1
brain199999 (1 year ago)
top 11?whynot top ten?the video must be created with korea
kk k (1 year ago)
ZENG GHOST (1 year ago)
2050 CHINA NO 1 !!
mm mm (1 year ago)
just have large land and many people in their country. like a brazil, india, indonesia... specially China and india, brazil is so~ fuknin huge population. i love high quality life country more. some country in this video got very low ranking in gdp by one person(ppp) ranking. that's mean they just had huge population and by total people have large economy but very low quality life and money, one by one
India No.1手动滑稽
Howie Xu (1 year ago)
SmithN' Wesson (1 year ago)
Were you at Russia?? Lol!!!
Russia will be come baack in top 10 one day....
SmithN' Wesson (1 year ago)
Viechivier Volksgeist California alone has a higher. GDP than all of ruzsia
Crush Communism (1 year ago)
However thinks, as of today India and China are equal, is fool It will take time, but not too much . Greetings from Dubai
Md Latif Ansar (1 year ago)
this is totally wrong
Ma Jack (1 year ago)
stupid, india is the No1 in the world
Go to hell...it's a wrong information
Twitch GOD (1 year ago)
fake af idia is currently number 2
Alipt Shrivastava (1 year ago)
india has gdp of 2.4 trillion at a growth of 9% which according to calculation is increasing so india can reach 6-7 trillion in 2025 at current rate. but on ground report india's growth is increasing drastically and due to some innovation in governance and policies which is true . (the above scenario will hold true if india will not go on war with china or pakistan in future).
Alipt Shrivastava (1 year ago)
Jii Kii that's because of current demonetization but indian economy will recover it's growth rate . and please mate don't use abusive language it's not for what our parents spent money on us
Jii Kii (1 year ago)
Alipt Shrivastava sorry brother indias government can not hit a goal to 7.5% in 2017 no need to more bark politically . in fact indian gdp growth is 5.7%
Shuang Shuang (1 year ago)
india is no.1 ,love india from moon
LittlePandaTravel (1 year ago)
india is no 1 in the universe
Chengjia Jiang (1 year ago)
oh we Chinese can not compare to INDIA. we are still a developing country, but u India is super power
Alien (7 months ago)
Chinese are dog eaters 🤣
Avijit Dey (1 year ago)
This guy came from future.
Super Human (1 year ago)
Chengjia Jiang r u ok
阿爆g (1 year ago)
Chengjia Jiang 哈哈
秦嘉赓 (1 year ago)
America is waaaay ahead....let me take a shock pill
Manoj Tripathi (1 year ago)
Update information 2017!!! India is now the 5th largest economy in the world and is set to surpass Germany before 2022
Jon Hsu (1 year ago)
india no1
williamcbo (1 year ago)
Actually, the US economy is 40% larger than China's on a nominal basis and in terms of market exchange rate - the number that really matters. The PPP GDP ranking shows China at $21 trillion. The PPP is a theoretical measure that levels the currencies. It basically means that a big Mac in China costs half as much as a big mac in new york. Big deal! The Chinese can't purchase anything outside of China without converting their currency. Conclusion: Given China's problem, bogus economic strategy of manufacturing things to store in warehouses and their enoormous debt to GDP number, China will never catch the US.. I'd keep my eye on India.
Bijay Sitaula (1 year ago)
India has high GDP but still it is not developed. There are lots of people living in Poverty.
21 Gun Salute (2 years ago)
lol, the US economy is almost 7x greater than that of the UK. no wonder the brits hate the americans. hell california alone almost matches the entire UK.
supereworld (2 years ago)
supereworld (2 years ago)
Your data is way off check US CIA website 2016 China 21trillion US 18trillion from 2010 China already world number 1
SmithN' Wesson (1 year ago)
Yea your wrong. There GDP is not larger.
Z Ma (1 year ago)
That's PPP not nominal
震李 (2 years ago)
China will be No.1
Alien (7 months ago)
Fuck china ugly looking animal's
ZENG GHOST (1 year ago)
김민준 fky korea
Lenny (1 year ago)
So many fake 中國人 中華民國是真正的中國! Taiwan No.1!!! China is fake 中國
Howie Xu (1 year ago)
SmithN' Wesson (1 year ago)
No. Maybe in 89 years. China overestimated their growth which is why it slowed down this year.
Biswaranjan nayak (2 years ago)
Wrong ranking
Sathyameva Jayathe (2 years ago)
Totally wrong !
Neeraj Goswamy (2 years ago)
these numbers are not updated either
Neeraj Goswamy (2 years ago)
you have it all wrong these number are npt in billions they are in trillions
Prem Raj (2 years ago)
wrong rankings. India is now fifth largest gdp
花房白香 (1 year ago)
Look at GDP per capita. India is rank 141th at 1,700$ (meanwhile Japan's GDP per capita is 38,000$ also South Korea is 29,000$) GDP without per capita means nothing! you realize that India has more population than the entire continent of Africa but half the GDP.
Prem Raj (2 years ago)
Oh sorry guys it's actually 6th thank for correction
Milind Begoor (2 years ago)
Indias gdp is much more than 2.3 US $trillion . its a grossly underreported figure real nominal GDP could be anything above 4 US $ Trillion . India has the potential to cross 10 US $ Trillion much before 2025 .
Super Human (1 year ago)
花房白香 that dosn' t make any make any sense if india have low GDP per capita it mean the earing of a person so we give less money and have more labor then others ..
Debashish Roy (1 year ago)
China per capita gdp ranking is 70 and is below mexico, maldives, costa rica,venezuela, most caribbean nations etc. and everyone knows about china's 260 percent debt to gdp ....the vast amount of loans taken from state owned banks to build ghost towns just to boost the total gdp . China's property bubble is about to burst ...so better find cover.
Li Rui (1 year ago)
If we say India really has $4 trillion gdp right now and aiming for $10 trillion gdp at 2025, the gdp growth rate should above 12%, is this even possible?
Milind Begoor india is still poor than iraq
mohammed arif (2 years ago)
at 2050 india on top
pak tak (2 years ago)
dont ranking,all of word belong to india
B.Phar. Serv. (2 years ago)
If it remains on world map.
Aakash Barapatre (2 years ago)
mohammed arif no bhai China will be on top as per today's conditions and India will be second....we are way behind China. ....China is 3 times more bigger economy than India now...
Devender Burania (2 years ago)
Wrong rankings
Jahar Rolling Stone (2 years ago)
China number is questionable at best, out right lies at worst.
Roma Sky (11 months ago)
Jahar Rolling Stone Uh why is the indian dog always barking?
陈杰 (1 year ago)
Z Ma 你们跟他争论不是太拉低自己档次了?
Z Ma (1 year ago)
What Jahar Rolling Stone said is true. I lived in China, it's poor as hell. People don't even have food to eat, I had to eat grass for months, and now all the grass are gone too I'm reduced to eating mud. Shanghai's all fake, made in China such bad quality, all the skyscrapers have collapsed, the Shanghainese in their desperation are munching on concrete. I'm making my way to India on foot, as it's our only hope of survival, from what I hear India is a land of abundance and plenty, where the roads are literally paved with gold, please send me money so I can survive my journey to India :(
익명¿ (2 years ago)
bgm좀 알수 있나요?

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