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The Greatest STORM in the WORLD 2017, big Waves 20 m

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The Greatest STORM in the WORLD 2017, big waves 20 m This video was created for Educational Purposes, for people who want to know how a Beaufort scale 12-point storm looks like and what will happen when the 12 point Beaufort scale storm with 20 meters waves hits different objects in the sea, such as ships, oil platforms, lighthouses Copy Right Claim : Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. The link on this video https://youtu.be/Le-tHm3OLMo 📌For More Top 10 Videos visit📌 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6t9VvQ4CDQKUO1xlTztOPA/videos The Greatest Tsunami in the World HD footage https://youtu.be/Ca-b2jD9uzU top 10 ship in hurricane storm with great wave https://youtu.be/jDbD9KouViM to see the collection of clothes and accessories with the symbols of The Top 10 channel follow this link https://teespring.com/for-my-dear-fans-with-love
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William Rance (11 months ago)
No amount of film footage can describe what its like when your ship is caught up in a raging storm. I spent a big chunk of the 1960's sailing the North Atlantic on the iron ore run between the UK and Sept Illes in Quebec province. The ships I sailed on were only small ships 8000 or 10,000 tons at most. With small engines giving a speed of about 10kts in calm weather. More often than not, in the winter months, we never saw the sun from one side of the ocean to the other. In many ways, perhaps, not seeing the sun, or even as far as the ship''s bow, spared us the horrendous view of what the ship was being pitted against! Being constantly engulfed in a fog of spume and spray, and hundreds of tons of sea water crashing over the superstructure from constant wave battering. The physical evidence of what we were up against lay all around us in the accommodation. On one occasion I remember the ship going almost vertical as it was overcome by a monster wave, well above 20 metres - it was a moment in my life when I was truly frightened. When, with good seamanship, and a sturdy ship beneath us, the captain nursed the old girl over the top and down the other side. Later, when I visited the ship's galley, I was sobered by the scene. Among the debris was a sight I never thought I would see. The Chief Cook and his staff were all set too with mops wiping the crew's lunch off the galley deck-head (ceiling). I remember asking the stupid question, 'Hey, Chief! How the fuck did all that get stuck up there?' He just gave me a grin and clung on to a rail as we hit another big one. Unlike the tight spiralling hurricanes, a North Atlantic storm can span the ocean from Florida to Greenland, to Iceland, to Norway, the UK and southward to Spain and the Azores. It can produce wave heights of terrifying proportions over thousands of miles - it's awesome, and this ex-mariner has no desire to go back into it.
dboatrig (2 days ago)
You paint a vivid picture with words, thanks.
Caleb Andresen (8 days ago)
I'm in piney point MD, paul hall center in phase one of training to become a mariner. Thanks for the insight. Cant wait to get on my first ship.
lambiepie (9 days ago)
To William Rance: What a fabulous, unhyberbolic description of the terrifying North Atlantic. No matter how strong a ship is, no matter how enormous, the sea always looks like it's going to have its way when a humongous wave approaches the bow. What' s even more terrifying is the trip down after the wave with another wave looming ahead - just as enormous. The majesty of the sea is personified at 5:51 with that innocent looking acqua colored wave. I can't understand how anyone (including you) could have endured such a frightening experience without crying like a baby.
Marie CA (1 day ago)
The first oil factory is Norway
Blaithín Lavin (1 day ago)
it is GACK
Blaithín Lavin (1 day ago)
it is FACK
Ramil Gasque (1 day ago)
this is scary me out
Mark G. (1 day ago)
I grew up in Michigan, and have seen all the Great Lakes. The one that scared me the most was Huron. It was a beautiful sunny day, but the wind was fierce, and the waves were dark and angry. Much respect for those who ply the waters!
massey3129 (2 days ago)
ruined by the ridiculous piano.
smacurface (2 days ago)
Best watch the video with the sound off. Looped horrid crap
W A M (2 days ago)
The Interislander in New Zealand across the Cook Straight epic
sharon lint (2 days ago)
The sea can be very cruel when she wants to be
sharon lint (2 days ago)
The sea well what can I say about it there is more water then land it is going to take us over in the end
Wrenchcool (3 days ago)
stopp that fucking musik, let us hear the "natural sound " of this natural specktakle
Neutralized RB (4 days ago)
is that in hawai if its not then ok its not
Кто жалуеься на скучнюге работу. Хочешь туда!!! РАССЛАБИТСЯ.💪
megadeth718 (7 days ago)
Although this video is powerful to watch it would be 100 times better if there was no music.
ming he (7 days ago)
looks so scary
Jean Naimar (8 days ago)
Bravo au pilote de l'hélico ! Ça a du être super intense pour lui. Concentration, adrénaline.
M.J. Leger (8 days ago)
It is NOT easy to land in heaving seas! Finally he sticks it -- Bravo! Great pilots that can and will do that! Fly safe, and happy landings, pilots! (I'm quite sure if they did go in the drink, they have experienced men on deck who can retrieve them, no matter what!) But it's chancy, I'm sure. No one wants to get wet on a day like that!
Ildar Moskau (9 days ago)
Music is fucking terrible
gtizzle101 (9 days ago)
How are the cars not anchored down?
Ronimo (9 days ago)
Why the crap music?
Marley Butler (9 days ago)
Music is superfluous
mamicci2 (9 days ago)
This version of the music is amazing but that helicopter had me shitting bricks. Them pilots definitely have nerves of steel. Wow!
Mahz Texas (9 days ago)
Retired U.S. Navy (21+ years), then 24 years at sea as master (captain) of commercial vessels. I've seen ships sink on calm days, due to bad cargo loading, miscalculations of ballast, etc. I've also seen seas like these too many times. Back in the day weather reports were hit and miss, and you learned to trust your skills in observing the sea and sky. Unfortunately, some storms do not give notice, and a poorly built/maintained vessel is going down, even if it is properly loaded and ballasted. I have survived a sinking vessel, with no hands lost. We all agreed it was only by God's grace that we made it through the long night, and the passing ship that saw the wreckage, and rescued us. The pay is never sufficient to equal what officers and crew endure in good times, much less in seas seen here. We return to the sea for a myriad of reasons, but the main impetus is the love of the sea. That cannot be explained. A famous quote that has an unknown author said "The sea is not for everyone, and not everyone is meant for the sea". The seas (nature) pick who will endure, and who cannot. A quick note on the skill of the helo pilot. He's obviously well experienced. I've seen this many times. The two most important aspects of his skill are patience and timing. After a landing such as this, the captain and the pilot will shake hands, compliment each other for their daring and skill and teamwork; then have drink together at the appropriate time.
Fahir Blast (10 days ago)
Music background is very cringe
georg giouzeroglou (10 days ago)
Micihael... sandstoorm....... peakn an as.... were aere we . me unknoxn
Victor (10 days ago)
song? please!
Games Zone (11 days ago)
Behind the sreen i fear 😂😂😂
Moose (11 days ago)
Yeah I'm good
Max West (12 days ago)
Great footage. Too bad about the bargain bin cover of Lux Aeterna.
Виктор Манн (12 days ago)
На последних кадрах,у пароходов отказали тормоза!
Ed Evans (12 days ago)
Matched by the greatest Piano bashing of all time.
Carlos Casamayor (12 days ago)
What disgusting music!!!!
Bonnie Audette (12 days ago)
Nice video. I like the music u chose.
Mervin Rejano (13 days ago)
Why is it called greatest? Is it really great at all? 😂
AL Pugliese (13 days ago)
what lighthouse is that getting buried in water?
Fun Kai (15 days ago)
Where is that first clip from it looks like Sunderland
Vito Rosetti (17 days ago)
I remember being in a storm like this once, really brings back minorities.
Dekuran (18 days ago)
where is this storm exactly? it seems the footage is from different places around the world..
Claus Wolfgang Meyer (18 days ago)
Water is the greatest Soul in our wonderful World!
Kerry Harrington (18 days ago)
Really awesome to watch but how bloody scarie for those out in it, hats off to them !
Ilufex! (18 days ago)
Can I have subs for no reason?.....no!? Aahhh fuck!
Tec (19 days ago)
8:51 me coming to hand my loot in on sea of thieves
Dachdog (19 days ago)
Helicopter pilot, my new hero!!! :-O What the heck is the ferry boat doing out in water like that with cars on deck? You know the weather. It's not like they went out to the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific. That's just stupid
Michaela Perata (19 days ago)
Coming back from Japan to San Diego in late 1966, the USS Constellation (CVA-64) skirted a typhoon. There was a catwalk under the angle deck. I couldn't sleep one early morning so I went out to the weather deck, climbed out on the catwalk and belted myself in for what was the most unbelievable ride of my life. I watched as the bow would come out of the water for at least 10' and then plunge the bow into a wave. I can only give an estimate of the wave height, but one wave ripped off 125' of catwalk along both sides of the forward flight deck and one wave (maybe the same one) damage windows on the bridge.
syam mielah (19 days ago)
nice music.. what was the name of this instrumental?
Allison Wilson (20 days ago)
Beaufort Scale.........The correct terminology is Beaufort Scale, Force 12....not 12 points,never has been 12 points. Read up on what the Beaufort Scale IS!
Edwin Velazquez (20 days ago)
Anyone know the name of the music playing in the back ground???
Mythxcal Wolf (20 days ago)
Now this explains why I hate the ocean and why I'm scared of it..
Clark Gable (20 days ago)
a ship that gets swamped & sent to Davy Jones Locker with men alive in darkened water tight compartments is a terrifying & unenviable fate for a seaman. buried alive
Debdulal Maity (20 days ago)
I Can not believed this
Intrader (20 days ago)
Las tormentas y los faros son una cosa y las varadas en una playa de Bangladesh son otra muy distinta. En éstas hordas de obreros en condiciones infrahumanas desguazan barcos de acero contaminándose con asbestos, gases de petróleo y demás sin ninguna asistencia y con salarios de unos 50 Dólares al mes. El tarado que publicó este video debería saber qué imágenes mete, y a quienes oculta y qué intereses preserva.
Kosie Nel (21 days ago)
I admit I am scared of the sea if i get in such storms I would die of a heart attack
It gets worst (21 days ago)
The Helicopter Pilot is the hero here wow what a an ACE
JanitorIsBack (21 days ago)
why do idiots put worthless music over this stuff.
Noel Brown (21 days ago)
Tell me? The landing of the helicopter on the ship, Is that a well designed and engineer helicopter? Or is the pilot an ace?
THE TOP 10 (21 days ago)
The pilot skill
Dustin Callison (22 days ago)
Requiem for a dream
oneyaker (22 days ago)
The car macerating machine was amazing. What was the occasion for the cars to be transported without being secured in weather like this? Boston to Martha's Vineyard ferry??
K It (22 days ago)
Boats should have the ability to enclose & move under water like a submarine when the waves are rough.
K It (22 days ago)
Love the music ❤️
BERTIL SCALI (23 days ago)
No music, please
Pup314 (23 days ago)
10 M = 33 feet, 20 m = 66 feet. These waves look to be over 120 feet tall. about 35 meters.
Julie Newman (23 days ago)
6.40 someone trying to do a 3 point turn. 😂😂😂
taniac300 (23 days ago)
amazing footage - ghastly music ruins it
Fatma Azzahra (23 days ago)
What is song name?
Gabriël G Smit (21 days ago)
Matthew 8:26 "And he [Jesus Christ] said to them, “Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?” Then he rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. ", remember God is in full control! just imagine being in a storm like that and God says 'still' - immediate calm, no waves, no wind - THAT IS THE GOD WHOM I SERVE, He calms the storms in my life with His word, just like that; consider Him! 🙌
Finis Ab Origine (14 days ago)
If one was to believe in the supernatural the only force that could control the Ocean and not just trivial currents would be Poseidon, Leviathan, Jörmungandr, Nagae and other major Godheads of the Left or Right. If you take in account that Jesus is the Avatar of such major Godheads, but not being the God of Adam but His Son as clearly stated, He could have the power. But God not, most certainly.
Random Guy (22 days ago)
Nah kind of looks like just a bunch of cars getting smashed up at 8:26... I don't know what all those car owners did, but I kind of feel like God maybe the dick in that situation. God or the normal winter storms of that area along with poor planing and securing of the load on the behalf of the shipping company, either or.
Tyler Young (23 days ago)
The song in the background is from a old playstaion game i forget which one? Maybe pac man
V-Forest Foods (23 days ago)
Big waves are scary
Phil Driver (23 days ago)
i spoke a couple in my taxi night who said they worked on the pacific princess (the love boat ) in the antarctic ocean . they recon they regularly had force 18 storms . that must have been terrifying .
Manuela Gil (24 days ago)
Le vent Le cri ............💙
American Nobody (24 days ago)
It's tough to land on something that's moving, and people think their world is a ball spinning around at a 1000 mph!? Rrrrright!
Random Guy (22 days ago)
Or maybe the difficulty is landing on something with a different relative and constantly changing velocity than the air craft, unlike the Earth, which don't quote me if I'm wrong, last time I checked had a pretty constant velocity and rotation in which aircraft are relative to. P.s. liking your own comment, it's pretty lame.
American Nobody (24 days ago)
It's amazing what the sound of a piano can do for a video!
a mix of everything. Where is the greatest? Nobody knows...
BLACK EDITION (24 days ago)
allah its one!!!!!!!
thestalicho (24 days ago)
I imp.gallon of water weighs 10lbs. there are thousands, even millions of gallons in these waves.
Aviation Culture (24 days ago)
what song is the beginning please tell me
Ryan (14 days ago)
Requiem for a Dream - Jennifer Thomas
Rory Cunningham (24 days ago)
5:32 - Terrifying. I've been there. In the Gulf of AK, literally surfing a 58' boat down the rollers. Never want to do it again.
Mr. Wednesday (24 days ago)
Scray thinking about the physics of large ships and waves. Hitting a large wall of water slows down the bow, the rest of the vessel is still moving at the original speed. Amazing they don't crumple like a beer can!
Howdy Justice (26 days ago)
This is why I live in the Midwest.
mark David (17 days ago)
Vote for Don Too?
Ryan Anderson (26 days ago)
The guys beaching those ships at the end, I am pretty sure that is a scrapyard somewhere in Turkey, I think they beach larges ships in high tide and then scrap them by hand while the water is away.
Roberto Loja (6 days ago)
There's no tide in the Med... Probably Alang, in Bangladesh
OMG this is so Dangerous!!!!!
Jishan Mansuri (27 days ago)
Alessandro Dondi (27 days ago)
Old footages...
Chuck Pinter (27 days ago)
That was pretty crazy how them cars were sliding back and forth on that ship. I was waiting for a few to fall in the water
Kathleen Biederstadt (27 days ago)
Anyone else find themselves holding their breath while that helicopter landed on the ship?
Jairo Fernandez (27 days ago)
Erkin Zhumabekov (28 days ago)
Video 👍. Power
kartini miss ngapak (28 days ago)
I'm so scary to see this ...😣
AL Pugliese (28 days ago)
dump the music!
Cyrus Manuel Gonzalez (28 days ago)
Hey thanks for overlaying the native audio with your favourite dramatic tunes. Idiot.
Floridaboi 904 (28 days ago)
That pilot is a beast💪
Dale Kliner (28 days ago)
She can be a real terror when she is angry but she is a real jewel at other times. It was hard work following times of boredom at sea. She is beautiful, she is tempestuous at the worst of times. And like the previous person said going at best ten knots and even backwards going through a typhoon. I love her still, she will always be my true love.
Frank Tseng (28 days ago)
can anyone tell me what is the back ground music? Love it!
DuckyTex (28 days ago)
The music is annoying.
LoL ReplayBaby (29 days ago)
There is something beautiful of the power of nature. Gives me chills everytime
alanjrkaminski (29 days ago)
Where is the location of that stone lighthouse
Michael Warwick (29 days ago)
Don't know what ship breaking yards had to do with a storm... And why the music?? Spoilt it for me.
Michael McMullen (29 days ago)
The sea was angry that day my friend. Like an old man sending back soup in a deli- *George Costanza*
TheJurba (1 month ago)
Как же зaeбала эта композиция
Axrat (1 month ago)
I think that chopper has Ford park assist.
noworries (1 month ago)
god.... the deck with the snow and the cars...everytime the cam swings to the right I have the feeling I fall off deck into the raging sea

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