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Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal

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Half as Interesting (1 year ago)
To clarify, just because you can find an image on Google doesn't mean it's legal. This law is very loosly enforced but still is a law.
Joep Emons (3 days ago)
Popa Radu (4 days ago)
Well...fuck the low!
Thanos Chatzi (1 month ago)
Ρε αντε γ@..σου καραγκιόζη
Tv Shows Best Scenes (1 month ago)
D (1 month ago)
Photos are allowed, just not for commercial purposes, and even this is contradictory to several laws on the books about the visibility of an object from public areas and the right to photograph them. Millions of photos are taken every year and it is absolutely not against the law.
Nazeeh Yauqoob (10 hours ago)
What about the movie Rush Hour series? There was a scene that was shot inside the Eiffel Tower and outside the tower
Feryal Alkaka (19 hours ago)
So are flag images copyrighted? Are emojis copyrighted if people who didn’t crest them use them?
Jitten Blaze (23 hours ago)
I google and there lots of picture of eiffel tower in night so is thia video is fake or its legal in my country
compjelly (1 day ago)
If it's never been enforced then why is it hard to find photos?
bad quality mush (1 day ago)
Does that mean people who make the Eiffel Tower in minecraft and put set the time of day to night is illegal?
Lucy Klaine V (3 days ago)
So how many movies are illegal?
poke emppu (3 days ago)
I have watched to 3 minutes now, and i think i know why. The copyright on the tower is gone, but the nightlights were designed later by someone else and they are still copyrighted
Damian (3 days ago)
Lmao stupid Islam France
Unhumanized (3 days ago)
I have a few illegal photos 👀👀
Vero Del Mar (4 days ago)
It’s almost 3 am how the heck did I get here 😂
Salad Ass (4 days ago)
So copyright is a crime only if creators sue you? I always get confused about that. So who inforces copyright law when creators are dead but certain amount of time needed is not up yet?
24- mago (4 days ago)
If we can't see something we won't even know it exists so that's why I didn't know 70% of the things in this video.....
Morbid Mirror (4 days ago)
Such stupidity...maaan.
Snake Plissken (4 days ago)
This is just globalist tyranny
Lord Reeve Johnson (4 days ago)
The EU needs to break up
Ginkoman2 (5 days ago)
Build a wall to stop the mexican wind
Noé (5 days ago)
I live in France and taking poctures of the Eiffel tower at night isn't illegal....
Aqim Julayhi (5 days ago)
0:23 wait that was the Eiffel Tower? I can't unfap
my life's a lie (6 days ago)
why dont u buy the lights copyright
Pactura (6 days ago)
Hey Squidward, I'm taking a photo of the Eiffel Tower... _...at night!_
roblox gamer (6 days ago)
FAKE fake fake
exeterra (6 days ago)
Inmates talking in their cell Inmate1: So why are you guys locked up Inmate2: I murdered 5 people Inmate3: I robbed the bank Inmate4: I'm a rapist Inmate5: *whispers* I took the picture of Eiffel Tower.... at night _All other inmates start sweating_
M.aster (6 days ago)
You see that spotlight ? Is copyrighted
HudsonGTV (7 days ago)
Basically french authorities: Judge: I hereby sentence you to 30 years for possession and distribution of Eiffel Related Material. Take him away, boys! Cop 1: People like you make me sick.
Dont use square space use wix
Zack Isimpson (7 days ago)
I have a image of the Eiffel tower at night but I don't care I'm not gonna delete it
Sophia Toribio (8 days ago)
Im going to take a picture of that when im older and ill have a passport!hehehe....i'll take a picture..don't forget!it will take years....hehehe!get ready eiffel tower for night picturing!😉😉😉😉
Mira ARMY (8 days ago)
Oh fck BTS you're in trouble
rockstar for life (9 days ago)
Well I have done this illegal thing a lot of times
Momin Saad Khan (9 days ago)
Jared B (9 days ago)
nice plug haha
Proiecte Diversediy (9 days ago)
Get the fuck aout of here? What low is that?You are an american idiot with all your idiotic low like copy right.
KieronKN TV (10 days ago)
The whole France will be copyrighted
YoItzVitaliy (10 days ago)
So LOGAN paul can go to jail cause he took a video of the Eiffel Tower at night when he was at Paris
Bille994 (10 days ago)
At this point, half of me just watches these videos to see how he's gonna link to Squarespace
WonderingAboutThat (10 days ago)
Many thanks. I was going to call Orbs around it.
Miciah Nafziger (10 days ago)
Every time they adverstise wix or a similar site in context of the videos subject, im like "you sneak dissing dry snitching name dropping mfs!" 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 aint no shame in their game tho lmfao
Yayayay Yayaya (11 days ago)
what if you took a picture of it in the day then just photoshopped it to look like it was night time is that illegal?
James (9 days ago)
i believe it depends on how similar the lights on the building look to the real thing
Escapes And Removes (11 days ago)
I don't understand how a landmark at nighttime is illegal.
Skella (11 days ago)
What about that scene in rush hour
Namjoon Fe (11 days ago)
Didn’t bts (Hoseok) make a video of him with the Eiffel Tower in the back?
Glenny Mom (11 days ago)
Bullshit search that in google
kkinu juice (12 days ago)
Well all of them are on the google
Harjot Saini (12 days ago)
Such a lier
James (9 days ago)
how is he lying?
Enzo Ramones (12 days ago)
If we can’t picture it then, can we video it?
Duane Bridges (12 days ago)
Quick question: does the EU have anything at all like the USA's Fair Use doctrine? This video for example is a transformative use (ie. this video is for comment, criticism, and scholarship) of the building facades and likely has little impact on the value of those building facades. That being said, does France in particular and the EU in general have anything similar?
Tyler Russin (12 days ago)
Fucking Article 13. Coming to the US soon.
TripleTeddy Gaming (12 days ago)
idk that it's illegal
Lineta-Rose Misa (13 days ago)
I have actually seen the Eiffel tower at night on google
you have 777,222 subs right now, perfect To bad I just subbed and now it’s uneven 😕 never mind
DiamondYT (13 days ago)
Lol!!!😂😂 *goodevening gentlemen, welcome to court. Let’s start off, why ya here bud?* I took a picture of the Eiffel Tower,,, *well? So what?* At nigh—.... -hesitates- a...at night sir.... *JAIL FOR 23 YEARS*
Dominique Thomas (13 days ago)
Well... I have photos of the tower I took in 1998 at night, it has the count of days for 2000 and almost everyone took photos... many of those are now in internet... What it is ilegal is use the image for commercial use... but you can show in facebook photos of the tower at night if you don't use them commercially... Also France has a lot of laws that they don't enforce... I'm not sure if it still exist, but I remember when I was in France I hear about a law that indicate that all music on the radio must be in French... I think that is the reason that there are several latinos and english songs that have their version in french XD Also you cannot call your pig Napoleon!!!
deleted (14 days ago)
What a stupid thing
Hectic Gaming (14 days ago)
My cousin went to the Paris and took vids of the Eiffel Tower at night
Daniel Case (14 days ago)
To clarify, images or video of the night cityscape of Paris including the Eiffel Tower, along with other copyrighted architectural works, are not copyright infringement because they're "de minimis" ... i.e. no single one is the subject of the reproduction. But yes, if it's focused on the Eiffel Tower alone, it's a derivative work (which is to say, legal with permission, even retroactive. If you look at the credits of any movie set in Paris that includes a scene with the lit Eiffel Tower in the background, you'll see the company that designed the lights getting credited. That may be all they're satisfied with, but I suppose they could demand money).
Sameer Pagare (14 days ago)
I didn't know this. But many of the movies have shown Eiffel Tower clearly
Its Ya Boi, Metal (14 days ago)
Eu is wack
Just some famous dude (14 days ago)
“Search’s Eiffel Tower at night”. Dad “why the FBI at the front door?”
In Florida, it’s illegal for a not married woman to go skydiving on a Sunday
lucy (15 days ago)
did anyone else see the comment 'boring video'
cosmicnights (15 days ago)
I found this out years ago when I photographed it.
Sin Clair (15 days ago)
Thats sooo stupid
Lunai (15 days ago)
If this is true my mum must be a wanted criminal.
mtr0B00m1n (16 days ago)
Exeret (16 days ago)
My teacher went to England and took photos and videos of it at night...
Charm B. (16 days ago)
Remember VS fashion show in France? The Eiffel Tower is beautiful at night
Gewglesux (17 days ago)
Oops.. guess I’m in violation then
Giuliano 408 Menjivar (17 days ago)
Opps i posted a video off the eiffel tower in night
Clara W (17 days ago)
Watch me go to the eiffel tower on January 1st 2055
Amran,x (18 days ago)
YT GYAN (18 days ago)
Thats why in sherlock the blur some buildings
Firman N (18 days ago)
Someone actually read the animator massage? Well i think i am the only one
Rajat Sharma (20 days ago)
Coach Renaldo (20 days ago)
Did anyone spot everything the animator wrote at 0:40?
_SeAn_ (20 days ago)
I’m going to jail
Daniella Torres (21 days ago)
Please pray for J-Hope and V 😂💓
Adam (21 days ago)
jd24000 (21 days ago)
fuck france
Norah Manion (21 days ago)
When it is finally 2055 you can post it though right?
impossibro tv (22 days ago)
The purge: one night a year where all crime is legal Me: *Takes photo of the eiffel tower at night*
Lloyd Styles channel (22 days ago)
I from France and plan to move their to be a pilot with Air France but I will try to not take one while in the plane. JKL I will
ItsMe4350 ! (23 days ago)
Mike Scarborough (23 days ago)
No, you do not go to jail for copyright infringement. That's a civil infraction that can involve fines or judgments, not incarceration.
NoahBones 12 (23 days ago)
France: Where lights are illegal.
NoahBones 12 (23 days ago)
NoahBones 12 (23 days ago)
Your not in french, so i think you can show it....
Aiden4Jesus2018 (23 days ago)
Who else just wants to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night now?
Soo Ji-min (24 days ago)
dammit tae and hoseok .
Servial (24 days ago)
*QuiCkly GoOglEs EifFeL ToWeEr AT NigHt* *5 MiN lAtEr* FBI : *Open up*
Crazy Ant 934 (24 days ago)
Tu t'es Trumpé
Crazy Ant 934 (24 days ago)
N'importe quoi!!! Mais qu'est ce que tu racontes???
Still Jessie (24 days ago)
J-hope is shaking
Daniella Torres (21 days ago)
taehyung and jhope actually 😂
Daniella Torres (21 days ago)
why sorry i dont get it
John Ver (24 days ago)
Laws like that are retarded beyond measure...
alex Aragorn (25 days ago)
Ok, I'm french, since Napoleon a good amount of law was always living, like pants forbiden for women or other bullshit like that, is french police send all women wearing pants in jail???! Hell no!!! And you know it!!! The new batch of law our government made in 2016 was write to protect intellectual property in the larger way. Now La Tour Eiffel have a special statu, since it's the french national monument its image is not the property of the Eiffel familly but is the French People property!!! So as a french citizen I allowed the entire world to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night!!
Restock PW (25 days ago)
Just be black people And no one is Notice You Toom images.
VeoBroLIVE (25 days ago)
My wallpaper is illegal?
NeptuneDaBubbly (25 days ago)
In my French class, we were looking in a book about Frace, and I flipped onto a page with a picture of the Eiffel Tower.... *at night*
•Queen• K• (25 days ago)
Ooh google needs to go to jail

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