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Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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Text Comments (19793)
X Treamer (13 hours ago)
Is it only the oem versions??
He said, they tried it before and it works, (deactivated windows), and doesn’t work during actual demo, may be because the hardware ID used for demo is already registered on your licence key activation history. So it retains activation?
He said, they tried it before and it works, (deactivated windows), and doesn’t work during actual demo, may be because the hardware ID used for demo is already registered on your licence key activation history. So it retains activation?
Brandon H (1 day ago)
The way you transition to the sponsor plug is elegant.
Roland Cole (1 day ago)
7:38 Linus why didn't you just hit Windows Key + D?
Dexter Estacion (1 day ago)
You can just use KMSPico For unlimited Activation
Achmad Arsyil Wiradinata (11 hours ago)
+ḤEMÃ are u sure? it can update....
ḤEMÃ (11 hours ago)
And still not able to update smh
Carl Lindberg (1 day ago)
the motherboard holds all the PC components together replace that and its technically a New computer
Nikhil Playyz (7 hours ago)
But the windows is stored on a hard drive and the same hard drive on a different motherboard can cause that issue which linus stated
Dysastus 21 (1 day ago)
Linus... i got one word for ya... KMSpico... that is all
Tetra Enforcers (1 day ago)
Click bait
Evergreen (2 days ago)
7:23 FBI open up
SkullMinePro (2 days ago)
Once I pulled out my memory to see what it was, then put it straight back in to test and when I restarted my computer it said: "aCtIvAtE wInDoWs"
Shpoink (2 days ago)
The key is in the bios, Microsoft account, cloud, and linked to your IP to lower the chances of a false positive with deactivation
YOSHI43 Official (2 days ago)
I remember that I lost my Windows 8 license a day before activation...
fofal (3 days ago)
How do I know its legit if I didn't see the license key???
Magnus Nilsson (1 day ago)
Tony Sutherlin (3 days ago)
You seriously had to explain this to your subs, Linus? I thought we were all geeks here... but, I'm glad you made the vid as I sent it over to my son to explain what happened with his new gaming hardware. (He's a 15 yo fledgling geek otherwise known as padawan) Always enjoy the show, thank you!
add the activate windows watermark to all your videos
Upload-No-Evil (2 days ago)
no you potato sheep fan #AntiPGN
Ýôû Çéf (3 days ago)
Bill Gates says : pay the bill or you will enter the hell gates
Upload-No-Evil (2 days ago)
No, I paid the hell to avoid entering the bill gates
Witgang Younotube (4 days ago)
i really hate Microsoft for the way they turned to be and also Google for killing android.
Tyco072 (4 days ago)
But are you using a OEM or RETAIL license? As far I know, with the retail version you have not limits in changing hardware or migrating to another PC (license transfer, in this case)
SiViX (4 days ago)
Windows licenses are restricted by the motherboard. You get a new mobo, you need a new license, you will never need a new license for changing anything else on your PC besides the MOBO. I can't believe you don't know this, Linus. What kind of "tech pro" channel are you running, here...?
Viktor Afaunov (4 days ago)
If you borrow a book from a friend, that isn't "theft". Without "Microsoft" the world was much better.
Aidan Forrester (4 days ago)
I have been using an unactivated windows 10 copy for literally years. The watermark sometimes does not even show up when I boot. I don't think that windows actually is meant to run without a product key for that long... I have been using it for over 2 years... I'm going to build my new rig, and hopefully use the same boot drive soon sooo fun.
Aidan Forrester (2 hours ago)
+Quidnatawd Bidness on the other hand I would pay 100 USD for a legal copy of osx that had driver support for and CPUs and Nvidia cards. OSX > Win 10 but Win is neccicary for gaming and a lot of productivity apps to.
Quidnatawd Bidness (5 hours ago)
Same lol, not bout to drop any money on something I can have for free with the slightest little watermark. Can't imagine why Microsoft thinks the full version is worth almost $200 CAD...
alextwist8 (1 day ago)
Same here. I don't even notice it anymore.
Mr. Smity (4 days ago)
Ali Abdallah (5 days ago)
Just kmspico it
D Neiroukh (5 days ago)
Digital licence = your Microsoft account Linus...
Ajila Waya (5 days ago)
What about scdkey? Does the buying in bulk and selling cheap violate terms and conditions?
Dystar 924 (6 days ago)
I can only suggest not to buy used PCBS, even the newer have bugs, at least, check the CMOS or another hardware firmware application... 🗨😘💻🔌➿🔋〽️
Zewwy (6 days ago)
Why is the tag sticking out the back of your shirt!
Microsoft: "Windows 10 offers more safety" User: "Nice! I'll install this in my ineffective spray that kills pests to be more safe!"
should've put "Activate Windows" at the bottom right of the screen, for the whole video.
MrFaceeatingcancer (6 days ago)
Are we Turtley enough to be in your turtle club
DBNROP (6 days ago)
Recently sold my whole build for another one and all I kept was the hard drive, Put that hard drive in the new computer and boom.... Windows is not activated.. Even though I linked it to a Microsoft account.
Diego HvH King (7 days ago)
Just crack it lol.
Stygian Abyss (7 days ago)
Action Pack works well too for test benches.
DovahKiinL (7 days ago)
Man that sponsor was smoother than a baby's asscheek
TheSweeTiger Chun (7 days ago)
and what about the windows server with the activation liscence inside of your installation
håvard windingstad (8 days ago)
why would anyone use windows 10?
håvard windingstad (7 days ago)
+nicky pass exactly
nicky pass (7 days ago)
Abu Umar (8 days ago)
I love the way you introduce your sponsors!!
Patrick Givens (8 days ago)
So my windows 8 was force updated to windows 10 last year, oh well. Fast forward to a week ago when the hard drive died and I realized I had never made a restore point with the windows 10. Now I'm learning windows 8 again(currently unsupported) and microsoft says they can only help me if I resubscribe to their tech support mafia. This video gave me inspiration for other ways to try and transfer my old windows 10 to the new rig. It's a fools hope sure, but I appreciate the random tidbits that just happened to spark an idea. Happy St. Patty's day!
None (8 days ago)
That's exactly why MS have the skip button for license, or don't ask your linked e-mail right in the begging of setup. They wouldn't state that Windows can be used for tests and stuff without a license, because ppl can find ways to use it in environments that are not actually for that, you know... This is a LOT better approach instead of the old TechNet program, you can use it freely for this purposes, MS won't care, everyone is happy. Any MS restriction in this matter wouldn't prevent ppl that already use cr4cked software to cr4ck Windows too. So... why to bother when someone doesn't activate Win for tests when MS gave you this option from the beginning?
Little Temmie (8 days ago)
I think the reason why the Windows 10 pro didn't reset the license because the pro has different because the hardware was burned in
Brian (8 days ago)
Linus is really God at segues...
John McKeon (8 days ago)
That sponsorship transitions
Lurius Sky (8 days ago)
Hello linus. have to correct you ... we did the skip, later internet connection is block, some features are block. if you dont activate not true you can update.
who reads eula/tos??? lol
Twisted Wheelerz (9 days ago)
Interesting thanks for the brain food!
Tuvshintugs Erdenebat (9 days ago)
he don't know what he talking about
Who doesn't pirate Windows?
666rogdog (10 days ago)
If you can talk French!! Fuck English!!
Matthew McLearnon (10 days ago)
My Chemistry teacher has a pirated version of windows!
Bruce Wayne (7 days ago)
Matthew McLearnon cool
Jim Garbe (10 days ago)
It's very interesting! I'm a Linux user and ran across this video. Windows may be appealing again- after seeing this video.
Dindu Nuffins (10 days ago)
Your full of shit nigga, you pirating dat shit.
Mike Mitchell (10 days ago)
I have never watched your channel before, but this was interesting. Thanks for the info. I learned stuff. And stuff is good.
tedwutang (11 days ago)
Real problem with big company like ms they should make the license stick no matter hardware change. The very reason Linus should pirate and pirating ideal is on. Not to steal copyright as much as it is to make statements company need to be more open and properly set how they detect genuine products
Kitsune's Den (11 days ago)
5k white knights defending Gates
mahlon paku (11 days ago)
Lol still remember when devilsown came out it took me a week to download on a dial up connection.
Rufus Was Cool (11 days ago)
Ok, this was actually pretty great, haha.
the40rk (11 days ago)
Nah, this is pretty legit. Ran into the same issue on my PC. Annoying to say the least.
Klepto (11 days ago)
didnt see that sponsor plug coming to be honest
Verum Semita (11 days ago)
the idea of buying license every year is outrageous,,every software should be free at first, if you want an update that is when they should charge it, i think that is fair considering they make money on other ways
The lesson is - Don't use Windows
Vladimir Marin (11 days ago)
Windows sucks.
PurPlex Geometry Dash (12 days ago)
I always thought it was so you could say you built the PC for 500 and not 600 because you had to buy Windows 10 Home.
clavin cicilia (12 days ago)
This dude and his sponsoring skills
Keith Rodgers (12 days ago)
users are swapping out pieces of hardware all the time , its ridiculous . There has to be a way to move your license without deactivating your account.just ditched windows for that very reason, 3 laptops switched over to SSDs and they shutdown the licenses, thats it done with Microsoft !
0:13 aaactivate winnnnndowwws
gris186 (12 days ago)
Yarrr me hearties, have ye swapped out ye hardwarrrrre lately?
Zenree G (12 days ago)
Windows attached to MB..
TheHornet79 (12 days ago)
Just install it and buy a activation key on eBay. I spent 4 dollars and no problem at all.
elmSTREETnasty (12 days ago)
Did you comprehend ANYTHING he said?
Robert Conde (13 days ago)
Anyone that actually does IT for a living knows this...
Cameron Something (13 days ago)
8:51 so you're saying windows updates are a good thing?
MadScientist1001 (13 days ago)
so this means im gonna run out of reactivations every time i upgrade my pc?
Goofball Gaming (13 days ago)
Love this, so many snipers try to accuse others of nefarious deeds
Scott Rodger (13 days ago)
its actually caused by switching hardware on windows copies that are proprietery for that system. such as i put my hp hard drive in a dell pc. and then my computer un activated. after much research this only happens with windows thats locked to specific hardware....
Levi (13 days ago)
KMSpico saves the day
AJ Spitzfaden (13 days ago)
You want steal a car downloading is stealing
Zodiac011 (13 days ago)
Never had the prompt on this PC in 18 months, I never had it on my old Motherboard either which I had for 18 months, but my Dad has the prompt yet he used same pirate version on the same USB
TECH 360 (13 days ago)
Fog (13 days ago)
I sleep just fine at night even pirating Windows... Used to have a legit key but had to format PC without backup and... RIP legit key
Dem Diamond (12 days ago)
you could have the license kept in your motherboard in some thing called SLIC or if you didn't format the recovery partition you could reset the entire pc from there licensed
Humans R Ants (13 days ago)
I had to buy Windows 10 again when I built my i9 PC Microsoft support wouldn't have it that I wasn't going to use the old computer anymore.
David Ruedeman (14 days ago)
So why don’t they use USB dongles?
jay lowkey (13 days ago)
"Sentinel HASP Key" and "Sentinel USB Key" are supposed to be strong protections )
jay lowkey (13 days ago)
because will get hacked too in matter of minutes. Check Mastercam crack..."MultiKey_20.0_x64_test_mode" it creates virtual dongle and tricks Flex....there is no limit to knowledge.
Fahad MK (14 days ago)
What how he's changing the motherboard or processor and still getting windows installed? I mean if I change something that I need to install windows again, can somebody explain me plz??
Heightist (13 days ago)
Usually you can swap one or two parts without having to activate again, unless it's the motherboard. Windows has a weird identifier that no one fully understands. If you swap too many parts it will deactivate.
Heightist (13 days ago)
Shawn Hopscotch (14 days ago)
Here is a radical idea: Go back to strictly using the older (no activation required) Windows OSes. You would probably be more than a little surprised at the growing sub-culture of PC users who are actively breathing new life back into Windows 95, 98 and 2000. I kid you not! Some people are actually beginning to write new (unofficial) drivers and patches for new hardware for the Legacy Windows OSes to run on. And... There is your next video! *The Challenge:* Getting a Legacy Windows OS to run on your test bench with modern hardware with the objective of a final official install on a modern PC.
Dowell Boys (14 days ago)
Linus is a pirate? Let's talk about that.
Malcolm Cleere (14 days ago)
Just use removewatt problem solved 🕵️
dodo killeurs (14 days ago)
windows is atache to your ssd or hhd you change your storage you lost
John McMahon (14 days ago)
Business customers shouldn't be dealing with retail licensing. You should go talk to an MS account rep about enterprise licensing and if you need remote desktop or VDA licensing for your use case. I can't remember the last time I've dealt with physical license keys for windows. These days you could purchase a few user enterprise licenses through O365 / azure and it would solve your activation issues since they are per user (5 activated devices by default). If you exceed the number of installed devices you just have your o365 /azure admin remove the devices and carry on. Microsoft licensing for business customers is much friendlier.
theedrstrangelove (14 days ago)
theedrstrangelove (14 days ago)
It's pronounced Lee nus not Ly nus.
manuel mane (14 days ago)
1 eur on ebay the license LOL
Ronnie Roo (14 days ago)
I move whole hard drives from system to system and no deactivateionsmy school has none activated windows
David Karowski (14 days ago)
not activating windows, YOU PIRATED IT! lolwut no you just didnt activated it
C u (14 days ago)
Now have 7 ultimate key 2019 free upgrading to 10 pro license is saved to my Microsoft account Haha
TotPYsera (14 days ago)
First thing I checked was if the date was April 1st.
Dixie Juche (14 days ago)
I'm a bit of a tech novice but to me the best way to solve this problem for Microsoft is to find a way to put a key or some kind of signature in the CMOS chip. Sure, that means you will still need to reactivate when you change the motherboard. But you seem to suggest it is rare that you have to swap out motherboards, so you should have enough activations on your license to cover until the software is obsolete. As for the off-site problem, Microsoft should stop making EULAs convoluted and make it simple: one license/key per user/machine. The same way software is licensed for workstations, or at least used to be.
Prasanta Sasmal (14 days ago)
3:23 The point is Things don't happen in life as you want it to be!
Christian QC (14 days ago)
Kms for the win (Jajaja and the win)
Rishi Pandey (15 days ago)
You need the network NIC card for every license, if you change that then windows automatically detects a change in MAC address and would discontinue license on your PC
Wrecksheeps (15 days ago)
cWolfs (15 days ago)

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