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war of the arrows korea action movie

5426 ratings | 1774382 views
war of the arrows hollywood action movie :) Share,Support,Subscube Subscibe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-vFxYPZxGZBvM1cz-SMzg?view_as=subscriber Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dastgeer.khan.52 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mohammadastgeerkhan/ war of the arrows hindi movie download: https://katmoviehd.co/war-of-the-arrows-2011-dual-audio-hindi-eng-720p-bluray-1gb-direct-download/ All about about Bilal Khan hindi and Youtube channel, where you will find All in One videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)
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Text Comments (150)
Hossea Kikokwe (3 days ago)
I'm like it
Shyam Singh (3 days ago)
Asfandiyar Khan (3 days ago)
She must shoot the enemy instead of horse
Samsung J320 (3 days ago)
Teo Teo (4 days ago)
Korean movies are crap
Dr. Mobile KH (4 days ago)
This is good movie I like
mike wright (4 days ago)
Martial arts is not for everybody$$ Lol
Mehmood Usmani (4 days ago)
Intresting movie dubed in urdu
YANZI pradefa (4 days ago)
Any others korean action movie?
Shahrukh Khankhan (5 days ago)
Good Nishana
llct phạm (5 days ago)
Dao dien phai di hoc bo tuc them,cam on
Анегдот про гравитацию.
Soleh Mahpud (5 days ago)
She's "mood of that day" as bae sojung Right...?
Kali Turaga (5 days ago)
Hindustani madarchod lok
Wong Wai-Kit (5 days ago)
What language is this?
Dify Purba (5 days ago)
tur me jancuk
Maaroth Othala (5 days ago)
mike wright (5 days ago)
That's a martial law not to kill$ trust me I understand I used to be very angry that's why I was able to train so Long!! The power goes to your head but that's why it changes people's lives and turns into a way of life foremost who train hard enough
WADE WELCH (5 days ago)
I love this movie! Excellent film, in my top 5 favorites well done Korea.
개늑개인간 (5 days ago)
바람은 계산하는것이아니라 극복하는것이다
kailash kumar gupta (6 days ago)
Best movie ever..lots of love
Perz Mendez (6 days ago)
Chintu Rana (6 days ago)
Mast rasing
Sushi Muncher (6 days ago)
This movie and Admiral are my favorites. Korea should really do more historical-inspired periods.
Love from India. 😍😍😍 Nice scene Respect for art
a•muse (6 days ago)
This is why i like the supreme leader kim jong un. His country made such great movies with exceptional warriors. Unlike those movies from Hollywood, all fake shit!
April Varien (4 days ago)
심재원 (5 days ago)
Fuck... this movoe is South Korean not North
Gyeong Seo Kim (6 days ago)
Thats not even Korean language. its dubbed
mohammad Sy (6 days ago)
اشتركو بقناتي فضلآ وليس امرآ Mohammad Sy
Jesse Monico (6 days ago)
Foi o melhor filme que já vi 3
Jesse Monico (6 days ago)
Foi o melhor filme que já vi 30vezes ou mais
Qual nome do filme
your tube (6 days ago)
Mujeh tum logo par pura bharosa Hai ki ek na Ek din tum sab milkar santi ka jhanda jarur failaoge.
your tube (6 days ago)
Film achi lekin jab se tum sab ayeho santi aya Hai. Bidhi havan ki koi jarurat hi nahi.
Hissy Fox (6 days ago)
So stupid to kill the horse...
article john (6 days ago)
Wow....this is a really cool Bollywood movie...i didnt know we indians are now making forwign movies....india superpower
Md Sumon (6 days ago)
ভাই মুভিটার নাম কেউ বলতে পারবেন
Kamel Kamell (6 days ago)
قط سبع ارواح😨😨😨😨
Chandon Sonowal (7 days ago)
Võ Hoàng Qui (7 days ago)
Ai Việt Nam điểm danh.
VĂN VŨ (7 days ago)
Phim j vậy ad?
Duy Ph4n (5 days ago)
war of the arrows
HeartlessXx (7 days ago)
Night Raven (7 days ago)
for me it's still drama, but still good.
Tinh Hua (7 days ago)
Phim j đây m. N
Kim Jong Un (7 days ago)
Ye madherchod dubbing kon kerta hai....
Evoex GC (7 days ago)
Wtf is this indi dub
Evoex GC (5 days ago)
How the hell is this movie made by Indians...You know it's a Korean movie with Korean actors, producers, and directors right? Not even that, I watched the original version and it didn't have no Indian dub.
Marcelo Mars (6 days ago)
+article john No bruh.. How the indians actors got white skin like korean ppl.. You should do more studies
Marcelo Mars (6 days ago)
Yeap.. Atleast put english sub so all the people who watch this clip know what are they talking about
article john (6 days ago)
bcos this movie is made by indians...Bollywood
manikant goyal (7 days ago)
Awesome Moral 👍👍
Стрела. Абсолютное орудие
塩田哲也 (7 days ago)
Castro Eduardo (7 days ago)
xfavor como se llama la película en español
Guerra de flechas
Rodrigo Gonzalez (7 days ago)
There is NO way that "animals weren't harmed" in the filming of this action movie.... poor horse. Wasn't CGI... actually fell.
Totohinata Hung (8 days ago)
JM khan (8 days ago)
One of the best scene of mentioned movie.
Кто знает этого кинофильма называние
Стрела опсалютнон орудие
My Secret Identity (8 days ago)
Nehi baya, janam samjha karo..
Pao Lee (8 days ago)
Comparing to this movie, Hollywood is 10 years behind.
simpatiko86 (8 days ago)
Who is saying this is hollywood?
F (8 days ago)
Khoi Huynh (6 days ago)
Nazshezy Nash (8 days ago)
What name this movie
Ab Islam (8 days ago)
move name
설이 집사 (7 days ago)
an ultimate weapon bow(최종병기 활)
Daniel Fuata (9 days ago)
You killed the horse... Triggered💀💀💀💀💀💀
Bao Nguyen (9 days ago)
What is the name of film
Rodney Maylas (8 days ago)
Nguyen Nguyen ho chi Minh fak yu
F (8 days ago)
هذا رابط الفلم https://youtu.be/VBSGrerEolo
Angery Mechanic (9 days ago)
Wtf am I watching at 4 am .... ok
Anis Mehremic (7 days ago)
Same Lmfaooo
Angery Mechanic (8 days ago)
+Eyy We hey 😉
Eyy We (8 days ago)
paramesh dasari (9 days ago)
Arrows are assum
Tu Lê (9 days ago)
cung thu
Lau Giang (9 days ago)
Phim tên ji mà cung tên hay the
Evaldo Castro (9 days ago)
dubla o filme
Người Rừng Vlogs (9 days ago)
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Con chơi tik tok dân đá cmnr
sonofursus (10 days ago)
Why must they be sooooo unbelieveable? Oh yeah, just like Hollywood, lol.
mike wright (10 days ago)
IDK. I didn't like that she shot the horse instead of other guy!!! She didn't have to do that$$$$
Jack Frost (4 days ago)
Before he hit the enemy it could fire a shot that would kill her man...that obiuosly could kill. So she aim for the horse.
Asutosh singh (4 days ago)
See full movie u will get the answer
mike wright (4 days ago)
I guarantee his attention would have been drawn. If not then I would have had to kill the horse$$$. Sorry that's all I was thinking it's a warrior art that's just what's on my heart to do!!
mike wright (4 days ago)
+Yayan Eka Yudha Prasetya I think everyone is thinking that she will only have one shot what I'm saying is she had plenty of time to shoot two or three maybe four or five and still shoot the horse if she had to $$$!!!
BliNk da Se7enteenth (5 days ago)
mike wright stop being an idiot sir
Ro Gonnn (10 days ago)
wtf this is not bollywood movie.. learn more kid.. u embarrasing u country..
GAGS CRAZY (10 days ago)
Fuck the dub
This is korea Movie
Muhammed Kamal (3 days ago)
Good moves👍
H Q H (5 days ago)
Ai cho xin cái tên với
Frank Iziren (5 days ago)
Good. I luv Koreans.
Bland Sylhet (5 days ago)
What the name of this movie?
aries cilik (5 days ago)
suresh suri (1 month ago)
Excellent movie
suresh suri (1 month ago)
Super scene
All in One (2 months ago)
KOREA Terminator (2 months ago)
바람은 계산하는 게 아니라 극복하는것이다. last word
KOREA Terminator (2 months ago)
What language I wonder?
Sunil Thomas (2 days ago)
+OLE SammyOLE: Most Indians know this movie is not American, but whenever they see a movie that is not Indian they say it is American. It's just a saying. Just like very few American tourists come to India, but whenever they see a white person, they automatically say they are Americans. The fact is that most whites in India are tourists from Europe, Russia, Israel, or Australia.
Jimmy Yu (4 days ago)
Perhaps Manchurian, a dead language
Sunil Thomas (5 days ago)
+SAJAG PARAJULI: No such language as Indian.
Oscar Aldana (5 days ago)
M Tennga Phom (6 days ago)
In which site I can download the movie?
KOREA Terminator (2 months ago)
This is NOT a Hollywood action movie , this is korea movie!!!
Kim Axelsson (5 days ago)
Pankaj Sir (6 days ago)
KOREA Terminator yes
Oscar Aldana (6 days ago)
Hola hermosa koRIANA
Belkasem Soufi (8 days ago)
Ilike korea movie
lavudya parshuram (8 days ago)
Dan Moua (5 months ago)
I don't know who the heck you are, but Hollywood didn't produce this... this a original Korean production of a real life history... do your studies more...
Asp (4 days ago)
+Alex did you actually read his comment?
Alex (7 days ago)
+WILBERT RAMOS No, it is fucking KOREAN.
WILBERT RAMOS (9 days ago)
Is still a great movie it don't matter if Hollywood didn't produce it
Jonah May Necosia (6 months ago)
true..very niiiiice movie..i so much love it.❤
Nicki N (9 months ago)
This is NOT a Hollywood action movie! It one top praise in South Korea where it came from. Deservedly so....It is magnificent!

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