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Husband Secretly Shares Why He Waited to Say 'I Love You'

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Text Comments (1872)
Sara Elaine (2 hours ago)
Darina K (2 hours ago)
Jake is hot
Jessica White (8 hours ago)
SarahTheGreat (11 hours ago)
They both look rlly good for their ages😍👌🏽😊
m. hey (17 hours ago)
Is it his song?
YangdaY (18 hours ago)
The best looking couple!!!! 😍 😍 Damn! They belong together!!
Logan Wolff (22 hours ago)
Made my heart happy. Such a genuine couple
nora (22 hours ago)
Rafeek Ameer (1 day ago)
Holy Guacamole...perfect song ending :-)
hailoof (1 day ago)
im crying i need to hide
Alex H (1 day ago)
Totally appreciate the I love you thing he did but so many girls would not be as understanding about that waiting till marriage if he hadn’t previously explained - kind of cheapening the point
Jaz 02 (1 day ago)
Ugh this was so beautiful 😭❤️.
Their kids are going to be *GORGEOUS!*
Hana Ahmed Hatem (1 day ago)
Omg they're so sweet... My hearttttt
Josie SC (1 day ago)
This guy is exactly my type oh dear I gotta find myself a husband like this
Hope Joiner (1 day ago)
Walked down the aisle to this song!
Saeed Khan (1 day ago)
damn her teeth are so white ...
Chelsey Michelle (1 day ago)
This was EVERYTHING. love his song at the end xo many blessings to you both
super souler (1 day ago)
2 beautiful people, found each other. Thanks for introducing us to them, a very uplifting experience for us all. Love is not a myth.
jazzyrose17 (1 day ago)
What’s his name? Need to find his music somewhere!!
allme2day (1 day ago)
This couple 😭😭😭😭😭😭 they are just great
Ing`utu Siziya (1 day ago)
My 💓 literally stopped at the Narnia part
XLaughsALotx (1 day ago)
i cried
Eva Fajardo (2 days ago)
Sarah Granberg (2 days ago)
Guys, 2 years ago, a musician came to perform at a coffee shop in the small town that I live in and sitting there, listening to him pour his heart out about the love of his life was so refreshing and touching. Watching this video now, I am so pleased to see this same musician still so in love! How inspiring!
Jenny springman (5 hours ago)
Sarah Granberg WHAAAAA AGHHHHHH WTF THATS SO CUTE OMFG i literally got goosebumps it’s so amazing to see he’s feels the same after two or more heafs
Elizabeth Baker (2 days ago)
holy FRICK it was perfect and then the END OH MY GOD
Emiko Tagahushi (2 days ago)
The way they look at each other. ❤️
Victoria Rodriguez (2 days ago)
The voice he has!🥴🤩
litgod.lexx (2 days ago)
He’s gotta be a Capricorn, I’m literally the same way.
Natalie M (2 days ago)
Ten minutes long and I cried three times
staci (2 days ago)
their love is so beautiful. im crying.
gorillazzz (2 days ago)
I’m dead this is so beautiful
Suad Mahfouz (2 days ago)
These two people seem so beautiful- genuinely inside and out. How do they live in LA?
Cheyenne Lane (2 days ago)
I want this so much
Stephanie NuroGyina (2 days ago)
who else was scroll through the comments while listening to him sing. Beautiful song. voice. and guitar playing by the way.
Mikenna Rose (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who realized he was wearing in-n-out socks
Jess Rutherford (2 days ago)
I'm not crying you are
Jackie Claire (2 days ago)
His music is on Apple Music!!!!! Look up jake Scott I LOVE IT 😍
Elizabeth King (2 days ago)
lol noice. I'm glad that song was in Apple Music bc it creates the perfect cafe-esque ambiance for studying.
Lacey Nicole (2 days ago)
True love right here! Can’t wait to feel like them some day 😭
Jef Costello (2 days ago)
He looks like a frat bro Adam driver
Starlise Jun.from.17 (2 days ago)
There cute
Brenda (2 days ago)
They make a great and beautiful marriage couple. 😍😱♥️💯🙌🏼
Nahshon Devose (2 days ago)
She looks like Bridget mendler, she even sounds like her.
Zuzana Pavlíková (2 days ago)
Omggg as they were talking, they got closer and closer to each other!!
Maya Williams (3 days ago)
This amazing!! This just was soo great to see! I’m crying and I love it💗
Aloisius Antonio (3 days ago)
I’m a guy and I’m not gay but jake is a great wonderful guy
Ndaru Kartikaningsih (3 days ago)
he has really, really kind eyes. and their love is so very beautiful.
luvdisneyworld (3 days ago)
After all that cuteness and then he starts singing... I’m dead😭 where is my man like this???
Renee JDL (3 days ago)
He could play David Dobrik in a movie about David Dobrik
Devin Elie (3 days ago)
Anybody caught chills when they heard him sing “a little bit of evening walkin” 🤔
Kat P (3 days ago)
The way he looks at her 😍
Erin Cross (3 days ago)
Well if this isn’t the sweetest couple. I appreciate the realness in what they did to hurt each other too. Enjoyed this one!
This is so beautiful, i swear i was crying by the end of it. This is how relationship should be. You can admit your mistakes and learn to work on yourself so that you can be happier and give your best to your love because they deserve that and the world.
Mwaka M (3 days ago)
4:30 .... I'm weeping.
Moni Laute (3 days ago)
both: wow! - all the best for you! ♥
Alexis lynn (3 days ago)
im just amazed at how creative and open they are in this video! like not only do you have a musician who has a godly talent (that song was AMAZING btw) but on the other side you have an actress who can see the world different and interpret things that most people wouldn’t look into. hoping my future relationship is as great as this one. much love xx
lid the kid (3 days ago)
lid the kid (3 days ago)
ugh i 100% cried
Chloe St. Pierre (3 days ago)
He’s so perfect to her
ADRV (3 days ago)
Oh look, a nice guy that HAS a wife :O Its possible guys xD
Arnav Rawat (3 days ago)
Im a dude and i can sense how great this guy is.
Thomas O'brien (3 days ago)
okei, thats goals! god, i wish them all well in the future!
Khoa (4 days ago)
The song at the end is Tuesdays by Jake Scott - you can find it on Spotify!
Khoa (4 days ago)
I need that song at the end!
Michaella S. (4 days ago)
First, I found it admirable that HE taught HER to be vulnerable and HE gave HER the safe place to be herself. THAT IS SO RARE. Even in women (i think)! And also, i just realized (more like it's clearer now) what i actually what in a partner! So thank you!
A real Jim and Pam 🥰
Tess Marsh (4 days ago)
This was amazing
Sydney J (4 days ago)
It would be interesting to hear them talk about flaws they each have or the not so pretty side that they still accept and love. Maybe that would be too personal, idk, but could be refreshing because relationships aren't 100% love and rainbows. I feel like I've had a hard time in the past- expecting guys and myself to be a certain way (read: perfect)- because of how I thought relationships were supposed to be.
Alyssa Monaco (4 days ago)
They compliment each other so welllll
Claire Isom (4 days ago)
Imma cry.... I guess love like this actually does exist
Chloe Caulfield (4 days ago)
This couple is so beautiful inside and outside
Emily Vander Ploeg (4 days ago)
Wow his singing at the end just really melted me, I loved this episode!
Karina Gallego (4 days ago)
He's obviously so in love with her but honestly, I'm just not feeling it as much from her. He's a catch. I can totally see why she'd marry him.
Caitlin Strydom (4 days ago)
"hello 911 ?" "what's is your emergency ?" "my heart is bleeding" "another couple video huh" "help"
amogelang patience (4 days ago)
Loved this.
Amilkamil (4 days ago)
Wtf YouTube I can’t with your recommendations!!
al G. (5 days ago)
Lovely Couple 🤗❤️🌺
Not So Famous Dex (5 days ago)
I’m stealing his idea
MurDeRbyBeAr (5 days ago)
the guy low key looks like Kylo Ren
lovedandlossed (5 days ago)
BroItsEsther (5 days ago)
This couple is so amazing. Also y'all should listen to Jake's music. It's so good !!!💜
Aline Vang (5 days ago)
Gina Nae (5 days ago)
I love their personality
Gina Nae (5 days ago)
Love them
Troy Vang (5 days ago)
Those socks are fire 🔥
Lola Rose (5 days ago)
When he started singing, I just really felt the heaviness of my loneliness.
Lushisss R (5 days ago)
this series is awesome guys keep it up!!!!
Amitha Alex (5 days ago)
The way I cried throughout this entire video
Faerieshimmer (1 day ago)
Amitha Alex Same
Mara (2 days ago)
This video could make someone in a relationship feel single 😂
MultiFabulous14 (17 hours ago)
Mara underrated comment for sure😂
Mohannad-YB (5 days ago)
Bye ... Going to die alone 🙇🏻
Alina Fraser (5 days ago)
There are adorable together. Also wow his voice
aisha x (5 days ago)
Wanjiru Kiarie (5 days ago)
Leah Olivia (5 days ago)
Get me a man like this plz
SAMANTHA JAYNE (5 days ago)
Her laugh is so cute 😂😂😍
Jas (6 days ago)
He is so beautiful inside and out. Wow.
Emarne Herod x (6 days ago)
They so cute and then when he sang😩 aweeee
Nicole Miller (6 days ago)
But where can I find this song he sings at the end?
Khay Graham (6 days ago)
Wow I’m going to die alone. Nice

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