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Florsheim Shoes + Men's Journal: From the Ground Up - Episode 2

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At Macy's iconic Herald Square location, Men's Journal style contributor, Sean Hotchkiss discovers Florsheim's sleek Jet Chukka in black Italian leather. Paired with black jeans and a tailored corduroy sport coat, it's a timeless city look that moves effortlessly from day to night.
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Arturo Jimenez (3 years ago)
Old vintage Florsheim shoes were ok but now this is made in India and China. I would rather invest in Allen Edmonds or DSW's Mercanti Fiorentini made in Italy for less. Allen Edmonds in made in USA but will cost you.
nate ill (5 years ago)
Just picked up a pair of these bad boys and they go with everything, very sleek and stylish. Light and very comfortable. the inner leather sole was a tad bit warped or glued in wrong not sure where they were manufactured.. however I decided to keep them and break them in. Such a great find! I love them so far! Recommended purchase

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