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[Just Dance 4] Gangnam Style - PSY

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※ [HD Link] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MigOMlru67c&hd=1 It is recommended to watch the video in HD 720p. • Song: "Gangnam Style" (Korean/Hangul: 강남스타일) by PSY [Full version] • Difficulty: 3/3 (Hard) • Mode: Duet → Downloadable song (300 Wii Points) — just go to the online store in the game. (Video for gameplay showing purposes only, did not dance during the recording. Wii version footage.)
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Text Comments (1261)
karen Holmes (6 days ago)
I Love just dance satifashion
SophieGaming official (20 days ago)
Wow so good I will get the roblox code for the boombox id
Jeungguk (24 days ago)
Original K-pop
Laura Oliveira (25 days ago)
Jose Dos santos (28 days ago)
Yes top cacion
Jose Dos santos (28 days ago)
Jose Dos santos (28 days ago)
Buenos noite
TheRealGinger Vlogs (1 month ago)
I remember in middle school for computer class we have to do presentation on just dance and I don’t know why though and I had present this dance and I felt so dam embarrassed...overall my computer teacher was just weird...too weird
Sarah Sweeney (1 month ago)
I got a wii
Mindy Leal (1 month ago)
This is funny
Thesseo Gui (1 month ago)
Eu sou um dos maiores sucessos de Deus
Arthur Ribeiro Padilha (1 month ago)
Me ajudou muito na coreografia
Maria Diz (2 months ago)
Gracias por estar en las mejores fotos del pueblo nuevo en las mejores fotos del pueblo
Elysium Untold (2 months ago)
4. Gangnam Style
Alex the Kaiju Fan (2 months ago)
Would this be Just Dance use transgender characters?
Akua Abetiah (2 months ago)
That's why I asked you what time after you did that that that that private dance after he preferred that I don't anymore because he was hired me anymore OK I have to be real right by me if you say that it has to
eduarda Carvalho (2 months ago)
Música legal e muito animada
Rosa Linda (3 months ago)
Vikram Sharma (3 months ago)
cierra ladson (3 months ago)
this song was on nut job part 1
great buena
super good
Analise Vazquez (4 months ago)
I love this song
Marielco Nery (4 months ago)
this is awesome !
crea conmigo (4 months ago)
me gusto esa cansion
Paula Almeida (4 months ago)
Amei II III! Essa Msica
Adam Choko (4 months ago)
No puedo
Error 0:07
TURN IT UP (7 months ago)
you are bad
Imm Mina (2 months ago)
And you are dumb
ASAP K (8 months ago)
Salma Sultan (1 year ago)
It is very very dance and song
Dan Lee (1 year ago)
Aniyah Howard (1 year ago)
Hassan Ali (1 year ago)
Rache Bitbit (1 year ago)
CharlyCharly 4550 (1 year ago)
Márcio de Oliveira (1 year ago)
sesy ledy
Tina Erwin (1 year ago)
Gangnam Style (1 year ago)
Yeah if it is. Wee woo coming home from my house
Paola Meza (1 year ago)
. ₩¥§μ€£
Cleo Rivera (1 year ago)
guihig9 Hu I
Miroslava Acosta (1 year ago)
Emma Akin (1 year ago)
Wow she can dance with heels....TRIGGERD >:(
Maggie Greene (1 year ago)
Emma Akin lol
jo Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I like it a lot everyday
nice silva (1 year ago)
desa legau
tatiana titi (1 year ago)
vandevelde Tatiana zit in don Bosco school hét ís leuk
Femielin Habal (1 year ago)
tatiana titi k
Javierng Yongyan (2 years ago)
I m happy Ho Ho ho
Javierng Yongyan (2 years ago)
I love so much
Superbrowser Gonzales (2 years ago)
Happy ho
Dragana Tadic (2 years ago)
Michael wjjGo6bpjj
Ángel Oyarzo (2 years ago)
Yuri HypnoticVideos (2 years ago)
gangnam style is stupit
BriAnne Ruiz-McCarty (8 months ago)
You're "stupit".
Sir Kibble (2 years ago)
+Connie Rosati nah it's stupid
Connie Rosati (2 years ago)
No it isn't it good 😡
Rachel Thomas (2 years ago)
Lps Snickerzz (2 years ago)
Jordan Dunn (2 years ago)
it looked like a dab at o.18
Maggie Greene (1 year ago)
Jordan Dunn no ew
Omayra Cortes (2 years ago)
jr 5bbk ybh
Melissa Carlo (2 years ago)
lucy dragneel (2 years ago)
lol there score is always X
JustaLovelyFangirl (2 years ago)
Because they aren't dancing 😑
Shawn Brown (2 years ago)
oh my God
ALLYCEA Hood (2 years ago)
sup and stay cool my friends. #awesomeness.
hbksushant (2 years ago)
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Khyree Mckenzie (2 years ago)
you too
Daniel Boyle (2 years ago)
I hate this song
Daniel Boyle (2 years ago)
+Connie Rosati it is bad what made it worse was Matty B's cover
Daniel Boyle (2 years ago)
+choi youngjae because I can
Connie Rosati (2 years ago)
It's not bad!😡
Daniel Boyle (2 years ago)
+choi youngjae why wouldn't I watch it
Tray Z (2 years ago)
he has no star
Dunkirk (2 years ago)
4th grade
Dunkirk (2 years ago)
This brings back memorys of 4th
говно говно говно говно говно
BTS TRASH (2 years ago)
Estefanía Salcedo (2 years ago)
el baile de la escuela
유투브도리 (2 years ago)
TAVON SEAY (2 years ago)
they got no star's
dead by daylight (2 years ago)
Fuck You You not Dancing
hideous moonlight (1 year ago)
yes because I can't dance
iiNoob (2 years ago)
+Max Bohnsack I Was
Roselin Rodriguez (2 years ago)
you can find it on youtube… But you have to spell just dance songs you guys have to spell
Erik Willis (2 years ago)
+3 love it i could lison for hours
Gustavo Dominguez (2 years ago)
esta buenicimo
Nathalia Roos (3 years ago)
Angela Singhajaru (3 years ago)
I hate how they only create gangnam style, I know gangnam style was like a BIG HIT in 2013. But it would be a lot better if they created more Korean songs. I would totes buy the game if they had more Korean songs.
Brisa Bemol (3 months ago)
Brisa Bemol (3 months ago)
brisa😘 🤥
Brisa Bemol (3 months ago)
Sydney Erica Campo (7 months ago)
BigHit lololol
melongaming (3 years ago)
Do you have to unlock this? I can't find it. I'm playing on WiiU
02938LO Dias (26 days ago)
xeon400 (1 year ago)
melongaming jh
Khyree Mckenzie (2 years ago)
I think you have to download it on the Wii and then buy it
rijojohnp johnp (3 years ago)
Declan Hearne (3 years ago)
It's a DLC
Hakeem ruffin (3 years ago)
Fuck this
Bliet 22 (3 years ago)
this is awasome and easy
Camya Tillmon (3 years ago)
They put this song out instead of na honey I'm good stupid but I still like it
Joshua Figueroa (3 years ago)
They had all the dance moves wrong
Angela Singhajaru (3 years ago)
The creator of just dance is like from Paris
Camya Tillmon (3 years ago)
Why does it cuse
A LITTLE BIT OF BALLET (3 years ago)
More please...thanks
Lisa Dooper (3 years ago)
Lali Vega (3 years ago)
This is awesome and easy
Mari Kenzie (3 years ago)
This kinda makes me curious of how these JD female coaches are able to dance in heels. I'm a girl and I wanna dance in heels, but I can't walk in heels - that's the main problem. I can always practice in wedges.
Katerina Kittycat (2 months ago)
Honestly Its the the magic of animation. I mean come on the only thing that's realistic about this is psy as a dance coach. The others with him are probably just animated
Greti Vohinger (4 years ago)
This is fantastic
Jay Mosley (4 years ago)
Bonnie Kuhn (3 years ago)
Jon and dom😃😀😁😂😈😉😉😯😐😑😕😠😬😡😢😰😩😧😦😥😤😣😮😴😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎?😎😎😎😎😲😝😔😝😝😲😵😙😪😖😞👙💄🎩👗🔰🔕🎎♻🚭🆘🆙🚩♻♻™🈸🈸™™✔🕜🕜🕑💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤🕑🔊🔉k 🏇⛳⚾🎳🎱fggfbgdedgtr🚁🚁🚁🚁✈✈🚷🚦🚵🚥🚴🈚™
Mystery Gamer_OLD (3 years ago)
mrusa45 (4 years ago)
i have to say that this video was gr8 you have all done a wonderful job i love it
jaefochtess (4 years ago)
So devastated the first to write you an opportunity. I'm a bit worried! Lol, and then you have a great deal 😅 I was just wondering. The prayers and blessings of you, I will bring a few years back and let the dogs
Luc Nguyen (4 years ago)
Sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#12345 hello
Lynnette Thompson (4 years ago)
Luc Nguyen (4 years ago)
Love it
jeslyann2002 (4 years ago)
Georgiana Mariuta (4 years ago)
i hate that
MAURO NAKIMI (4 years ago)
Benjamin Lucas (4 years ago)
Ana Padierne (4 years ago)
i don't like the game it keep frizen on me
lalita lopilato (4 years ago)
a me non c'e su just dance 4
TheVikiPro (4 years ago)
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee copaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Khiabet Espinosa (4 years ago)
FireFirePow (4 years ago)
Gamer DANI/Xbox 360 (4 years ago)
K Bashir (4 years ago)
Zooooooo leuk
Juanita Jackson (4 years ago)

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