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How to travel Vietnam on $10 a day. Learn how to travel Vietnam on a budget. Vietnam is one of the best countries in Asia to travel cheaply, and this is how you do it with almost no money. We travel around Vietnam eating food, staying in hostels (AND HOTELS), going on tours, and more...Of course, occasionally you will have to spend more to go on a tour, but you make up for it on other days when you'll spend much less than your allotted $10. Lets go to Vietnam and see how we can stretch our dollar and stay longer. Please subscribe to see more videos on how to travel Southeast Asia and beyond. CHECK OUT ALL MY FAVORITE TRAVEL GEAR - https://www.amazon.com/shop/alexandertravelbum BUSINESS EMAIL - [email protected] SUPPORT TRAVELBUM - https://www.patreon.com/Travelbum CAMERA GEAR - My Camera: http://amzn.to/2xdUBes - My Main Lens: http://amzn.to/2irNbBb - My Camera Microphone: http://amzn.to/2wzs7Pl - Camera Strap: http://amzn.to/2s0abdq - Memory Card Case: http://amzn.to/2sjgU31 - Ape Camera Case : http://amzn.to/2yjrPds - My Military-style backpack: http://amzn.to/2wzCOkP - My drone: http://amzn.to/2xNjfmx| VAN BUILD & VAN STUFF - Paint Your Van Cheap : http://amzn.to/2xDQkVt - Camera Mount On Van Window : http://amzn.to/2yInN1c - Eco-Friendly Induction Pan : http://amzn.to/2zlcQjc - Induction Cooktop : http://amzn.to/2xDrOiH - The Best Van Faucet : http://amzn.to/2xEyAJS - USA Map : http://amzn.to/2zmiNfR - Headlamp : http://amzn.to/2gfYQTd - Magnetic Phone Mount : http://amzn.to/2zkg8Dj FAVORITE TRAVEL GEAR - Best Travel Underwear : http://amzn.to/2z6UAsO - Best Backpacking Backpack : http://amzn.to/2yizU23 - My Beloved Hat: http://amzn.to/2s0aDs8 - Favorite Travel Book : http://amzn.to/2z6Vw0i MY OWN STORE ON AMAZON - https://www.amazon.com/shop/alexandertravelbum TRY TUBEBUDDY (You need this if you're a Youtuber) - https://www.tubebuddy.com/travelbum THIS IS THE BEST TRAVEL CREDIT CARD. GET FREE FLIGHTS WHEN YOU SIGN UP. IT'S AWESOME - https://www.referyourchasecard.com/19/1GAP2BN9U1 MUSIC USED IN MY VIDEOS - All my music comes from Epidemic Sound these days. https://player.epidemicsound.com/ SOCIAL - INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/alexander_travelbum/ FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/alexandertravelbum Alexander Travelbum - Travel Vlogger making travel videos, editing tutorials, budget travel tips, and Youtube advice.
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Alexander Travelbum (4 months ago)
🎒 Book All Your Southeast Asia Travel through AGODA! It's the Cheapest: https://www.agoda.com/partners/partnersearch.aspx?pcs=1&cid=1779405&hl=en
Morgan St Onge (17 hours ago)
Is this in USD?
Where to get that Halong Bay boat ride for $25.00 USD?
Ashik Zaman (7 days ago)
You can try Bangladesh. I think you will not find cheaper than Bangladesh.
Ashik Zaman (6 days ago)
@Alexander Travelbum you need to bergain here as well regarding the prices. you can go to cox's bazar and saint martin island, saint martin is awsome. you can explore bandarban... hill tracking and water falls are great there, can explore sylhet and sundarbans, these all contains natural beauty. few historicals sites are available here as well. you can write me as well when you will be here, i am from bangladesh. one more thing, regarding alchohol these place is a little bit strict.. best of luck.
Alexander Travelbum (7 days ago)
I am making plans for Bangladesh in 2 months. Any tips, places to go other than Dhaka would be greatly appreciated
orelvys nieves (11 days ago)
1 week is enough for solo travel?
Alexander Travelbum (10 days ago)
1 week in Vietnam? Should do 2-3
Marta Baena (21 days ago)
Amazing footage, thank you! Enjoy our travel tips to visit Southeast Asia and choose the best time of the year to go! https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2019/06/21/when-to-travel-to-southeast-asia-and-what-tips-to-keep-in-mind/
Ingrid Everts (21 days ago)
Liberia, similar to Vietnam when I went
Truc Vu Nguyen (25 days ago)
Thank you Alex for this informative video. All the best to you Alex 😊
Daniel Neumeister (28 days ago)
The cheapest accomodations i had, were in Nepalese Himalaya. Most of the Time we‘ve got a room for two for about a Dollar a Night. But mostly without warm water and sometimes even without water at all. So yeah a Little bit strange but definetly an adventure:D
Alexander Travelbum (25 days ago)
I really am going to make that happen. Thanks!
Daniel Neumeister (27 days ago)
Alexander Travelbum i can highly recommend it, it was an breathtaking experience! We‘ve done the annapurna circuit and its amazing.
Alexander Travelbum (27 days ago)
That sounds amazing. I want to try that now!
WiFi Choupz (1 month ago)
Hi.. Which month is better to go to Vietnam?
X L (1 month ago)
Cat Ba island in halong bay is very good for backpackers
Alexander Travelbum (1 month ago)
Prefer it over Halong Bay itself?
Mei-Mei Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Bali and Vietnam
maynard de afria (1 month ago)
Wow! This is amazing! Guys, if you love to travel and hoping to save money on your next flight. Check this out! The Hidden Airline Loophole That Lets You Book $1,000 Flights for $20 or Less http://bit.ly/2QijxeZ
taoufik eddahbi (1 month ago)
thanks my friend for info
mary sibb (1 month ago)
I loved Cambodia for a bargain. I can’t believe how reasonable it was. And I saw some amazing things.
James Harken (23 days ago)
Tell me more. How was it compared to Vietnam? It’s dirt cheap here!
Sumin Wu (1 month ago)
step one: pay for a ticket to get to vietnam
Gogu (2 months ago)
tbh booking.com is a lot cheaper than agoda. just compare the same rooms, same dates and same hotels in the 2 app.
BADPACKER (2 months ago)
Kim Kim (2 months ago)
Come ! We welcome you !
Boom Sale Shop (2 months ago)
HONEY MOON - 45 Days Backpacking and Street Cuisine around Vietnam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFHqL2Sfi2E&list=PLMiJAMiwfd08wCylbkiS4tkNxkZvva6N3
Phuong Huynh (2 months ago)
Seriously?! The idea of buying 25 cents beer outside and brought it into the bar/pub where you could enjoy music and the atmosphere is such a shame for you! It's true that we are all happy to enjoy good things cheap prices, but do not giving these kind of advices that you can taking advantages of people please! 3$-4$ for a beer in a bar is not even call expensive for you western people.
Ben Conlon (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tips brah!
[-_-;] (2 months ago)
Please do video on how to travel to Vietnam on $10000 per day...
Hue Yang (2 months ago)
You need a visa to go to vietnam? I have a passport is that all I need?
Max Vandeven (2 months ago)
You need a visa, do it on time because It can take long before it is accepted. Costs about €25. Online it is the fastest usually. Some countries dont need a visa
Zhang John (2 months ago)
Egypt also cheap I came there a year two times
Hoanh Hoanh (3 months ago)
fuck you. alex
Hipster Resa (3 months ago)
The cheapest way to get a visa is with "cheap Vietnam visa" they have the best prices and I got my visa after about 2 days Just Google it ;)
Mangesh Sathe (3 months ago)
Indonesia the cheapest one I visited!
GOGO Travel Reviews (3 months ago)
Your travels is great, I want to do like you but if I am successful with my videos, I will go travel like you too.
Patrick McDonald (3 months ago)
Safety for laptops while in room ? What about a Gym,(weights) work out accomidations?
Rocio Guerrero (3 months ago)
Cheapest place I've been is China. Thanks for the video, planning a trip there.
James Harken (3 months ago)
Where in China? I really wanna go backpacking there. Where should I go!
Hit Man (3 months ago)
hey man I love ur contents they are very 2 the point and handy and extremely useful , Thank u vry much for that, but how abt speaking with a lill more energy?
Hit Man (3 months ago)
@Alexander Travelbum every1 is himself whether he is sleepy, drunk or energetic...
Alexander Travelbum (3 months ago)
I try to be myself. I don’t want to speak in a way that seems fake to me
360SRH 2 (3 months ago)
What happens if your motorbike breaks down in the middle of nowhere?
DA TroVertz Vlog (4 months ago)
Yey. We will be featuring vietnam in one of our future vlogs. Looks awesome there. Im an asian too and i too love travelling around asia. It is super cheap, fun, interesting and worth remembering. That is why we started vlogging about it to atleast give a glimpse of asian culture in the eyes of the world.
Anh Vi (4 months ago)
You can travel in Kenya for cheap!
Muhammad Annuar (5 months ago)
Vietnam or Krabi Thailand more cheaper?
Alexander Travelbum (5 months ago)
Lilinh (5 months ago)
Cheapest country I ever been was Bulgaria. Another cheap city is Porto
I'm vietnamese and I assure all the things from him are true. But 10$ is lowest standard, for me I will spend 20$ 25$ per day, it depends. Vietnam is a cheap country, hope you guys can enjoy it
Ginger Jodie (5 months ago)
Cheap countries/cities that I've been to in Europe: Poland, Prague, Budapest.
James Harken (3 months ago)
Really? Poland!
Andrij S (4 months ago)
Kyiv,Lviv,Odesa by far cheaper than those.
Darknessi3eckons (6 months ago)
Go to Belarus. I'm sure it's cheap there.
Jadie (6 months ago)
hey! what bus companies did you catch rides from/ how did you go about finding them? im currently planning a bit for my trip to Vietnam and any websites for buses or trains average about 40$ which just seems way to high. LOVE your videos btw :)
Kenzzo Phạm (4 months ago)
In 2017,i took a sleeping bus from HaNoi to SaPa was 230.000~10USD,as i still remember ,The name is Hải Hà-Hải Vân bus company ,can check it out on google,normally,just give them a call to check the price and seat available few hours before or in the last minutes than let them known where i am for them to pick me up.when i finnished to travel SaPa ,i wanted to go to Cat Ba island-Hai Phong .there are 3 incredible beaches there. I called a sleeping bus to arrange again,they picked me up at Sapa market at 10.30pm than heading to Hai Phong , i slept on that bus well,i paid 220.000VND~ least than 10usd.when the bus arriving HaiPhong, the bus driver woke me up to ask me and droped me where i wanted.than i took a express boat to forward Catba Island at 7am .good experiences.when finished CatBa island,i took a furry to go to HaLong bay at 9am,only 1 route per day at 9am every day. I paid 70.000VND~3USD. Omg 😱😱😱 it was very very amazing scenery during the time when i stepped up on the top of furry for looking scenery around there. Love that feeling.
Jadie (6 months ago)
Alex Travelbum alright that’s kinda what I thought! thanks for responding man! 💛
Alexander Travelbum (6 months ago)
Just get them when you’re there! They are sold at hostels, hotels, small shops, really everywhere. Booking ahead online might cost you more because only tourists do that. If you buy when there then you might get local price or close to it. Thanks for watching!
Gerrylynn Mako (6 months ago)
I like Asia better than Latin American because the service and people are generally better. The food as well. Atleast in Asia they attempt to communicate with you and realize their job is predicated on good service to tourists. Latin America doesn’t give shit about that it’s like they can’t make the connection between good service and making more money. Really sad l.
Trí Nguyễn (6 months ago)
Awesome! I'm Vietnamese and I really happy with your experience in Viet Nam. I love traveling so hope connect with you on Facebook and We can share about the traveling experience!
Nadeesh Udayanga (3 months ago)
Alexander Travelbum (6 months ago)
Thanks! Yeah let’s connect
Aaron Blackmon (6 months ago)
Greece so far cheapest
Aaron Blackmon (6 months ago)
Awesome can’t wait to go
Cao Quốc Đạt (6 months ago)
Hello I from vietnam, Vietnam so Bad :)
selinarminé becky (6 months ago)
cheapest for me was Egypt by a landslide, I once bought 3 falafel sandwiches and a coke for 50cents. In another town I found a man selling containers of kosherie and rice-pudding for 50 cents a pop, two of those and you're set for the day!
Fouad Adel (24 days ago)
As an Egyptian, I would say Indonesia felt way cheaper than Egypt, but my opinion my be bias since I don't really live in Egypt on budget, but yea generally Egypt is definitely quite cheap.
selinarminé becky (6 months ago)
@Alexander Travelbum amazing value for your money if you aren't being scammed (kinda happens a lot unfortunately) also found 1-2eur accommodation in places
Alexander Travelbum (6 months ago)
Can’t wait to go to Egypt. Soon
Vani Diaz (6 months ago)
Hai Alex Thanks for your video of budget tips at Vietnam. U said that u just take $25 at Halong Bay. How can? coz when I'm searching it, it's expensive. Can you give me an information? Thanks. 😊
Vani Diaz (6 months ago)
@Alexander Travelbum Ok. Thanks for your tips. how about transportation at there?
Alexander Travelbum (6 months ago)
Hey, if you don’t book ahead, you can book once you arrive. Do it through your hotel or hostel, or find a place offering it. It costs more to do it ahead online or from another city before arriving
Neele Henry Seifert (6 months ago)
India! 😍
Ru ba than (6 months ago)
Visit my channel to watch more video about Vietnam!
ioan pena (6 months ago)
Cheapest Vietnamese visa is 0 $ if you have a Romanian passport . I guess is their way of saying thank you for helping them win the war !!!
Khalid Alboloshi (7 months ago)
Alex is Vietnam safe place to visit ?
YırtıkPantolon (7 months ago)
sorry bro its not travel :) watch my videos for real travel
Ana Messena (7 months ago)
Hi Alex. I'm going today to hanoi, thanks for the tips! Can you tell me where or how did you find the 25$ tour to halong bay? Cheers ;)
Kenzzo Phạm (4 months ago)
You can booking at any hotel with that price,just ask them. normally,almost the tour company will colect customers from these hotel as agency, it is a 5 hours tour on a boat to travel around Halong bay and visit some amazing caves.
SmithCoaching (7 months ago)
Just got back from morocco, was fairly cheap.
SmithCoaching (7 months ago)
Bro it was !!!
Alexander Travelbum (7 months ago)
Love Morocco
Deeken Wheeler (7 months ago)
Agoda app? Is that how you spell it?
Alexander Travelbum (7 months ago)
Yes, Agoda
VPD JR (7 months ago)
vietnamese people is very friendly
Alexander Travelbum (7 months ago)
Yes they are
Noreen Mc (7 months ago)
Cheap countries: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand being the more expensive :) Love Vietnam coming back again in January 2019
Cheyne Peterson (7 months ago)
Got the travel bug again and stoked to be able to watch your vids for some tips. Cheers legend
Soccer Skills (8 months ago)
Stuart Shone (8 months ago)
thailand , laos and cambodia
JonnysVideos (8 months ago)
Poem Mountain, guys - look it up!
Jumeel Tamano (8 months ago)
Planning on traveling to Vietnam. 💕the vids.
Alexander Travelbum (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching my videos! ✊🏻
Frederike Endejan (8 months ago)
To your question: INDIA! We also lived on 10$ a day there, often less.... We're going to Vietnam next year, I'm really excited ;)
Alexander Travelbum (8 months ago)
Can’t wait to travel india, thanks for the response!
How much prior you booked the tour in Halong Bay and from where?
@Alexander Travelbum Okay Thanks Alexander, Just 1 more thing can you please tell the most appropriate month to visit Vietnam keeping weather and cost in mind.??
Alexander Travelbum (8 months ago)
I booked it after I arrived. It's cheaper that way than booking ahead usually
Great video! We found travelling in Vietnam to be a bit cheaper than Thailand.
Venkatesh Mundada (8 months ago)
Guatemala, El Salvador ...perhaps you must visit these insanely adventurous cheaper places too
gareth isaac (8 months ago)
cheapest country i was in Boivia
Saad Salama (9 months ago)
one of the best vlogger !
Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani (9 months ago)
Uber or Grab?
P Knoth (9 months ago)
UKRAIN is the cheapest country ever :)
Andrij S (4 months ago)
In Europe yes and we have the most beautiful women in Europe.
Hong Nguyen (9 months ago)
Cambodia and Thailand cheaper and the real food. You pay what you get
Diego Velazquez (9 months ago)
Poland is a really cheap travel destination
Aprylrobyn (9 months ago)
Can you book the sleeper buses online?
James Harken (23 days ago)
Yeah go through 12asiago
Alexander Travelbum (9 months ago)
I believe you can, but I would book them at stores all over, easily found in main cities offering bus tickets. And to make it easy, it is possible to book at your hostel or hotel, or ask where to go to get them
Vietnam Landscape Travel (9 months ago)
Very good
Travel would (9 months ago)
You stay hostel name
ZenShorty! (10 months ago)
Thank you love these tips ill be in Vietnam early next month ❣
Alexander Travelbum (10 months ago)
You’re welcome!
Mathieu Tallard (10 months ago)
The cheapest and the most beautiful country i went to is the cheapest and most beautiful country on the planet but because i got attack and robbed, it was also the most expensive but i got the live like a rock star for a few weeks before the event. Yes, i'm talking about Venezuela, the year air lines stopped landing there. Too bad it's so dangerous. I don't know how you can tell people how to travel a country for really cheap went it's you first time there yourself. I don't get it. Also, as a Canadian, what will happen if i present myself on a road border without visa? They should sell me one, not turning me back ? Can i get one in Cambodia for Vietnam ? Should i skip Thailand because it's a saturated country and many say it's now over price and also skip Cambodia because it's poor on nice beaches and just go to Vietnam ? I travel with home made scooter, i'm never on foot and can easily be outside beaten tracks anywhere. I love deserted beaches because all over tanning is the only way for me and of course, i am not a monk and like also fun with girls. I have three months. Of course, if i find paradise, i will spend the 3 months there instead of traveling all over those countries. Nice deserted beach, a cheap hotel and a few girls to take good care of me. i stay there !! Why looking elsewhere. What is the country between Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam i have the most chances to find my paradise? Thanks
D M (10 months ago)
Which month of the year did you go?
Alexander Travelbum (10 months ago)
April, May
Hiếu Lê (10 months ago)
Please do spend some money. Come to a 3rd world nation and still a cheap fuck.
Tom Hogan (10 months ago)
I never hear much about the Vietnamese train system, did you use it at all on your travels?
Umbrex (8 months ago)
if u go for the sleeper cabin and dont get the top bunks it's pretty great ..coach and top bunks are pretty bad. Imo the sleeper busses are better for some reason
Tom Hogan (10 months ago)
@Alexander Travelbum no sorry I do actually mean train as in railway, supposedly there's a sleeper train from Saigon to Hanoi with numerous stops along the way
Alexander Travelbum (10 months ago)
The busses you mean? I used them a lot and they were very good. I like how they have individual seats sleeper style so you can be comfortable and have your own space
Katsumi W. Morales (11 months ago)
thanks for the info! traveling to vietnam next year on a really tight budget. cheers from peru!
Alexander Travelbum (11 months ago)
Florian riche saoudien (11 months ago)
I used to live in Arménia for a year super cheap also Georgia and peoples are really welcoming so even without hostel you can get a free bed with super cool company also Iran super cool more the north peoples are really cool over their and for finish Balkan used to live in the region for a year and is suoer cool. hey man are you still in vietnam or in asia I wanna go their you seem cool could be amazing travel togetheir peoples always love travelling with me, let me know
Andrij S (4 months ago)
@Florian Innefable yes Georgia is in my opinion more beautiful than Vietnam and has a much richer culture. Plus people are very kind and honest.
Alexander Travelbum (11 months ago)
Hey I’m not in Southeast Asia right now, I’m in Europe but plan to go soon in a few months when it gets cold here, I plan to go back
A Drop of Indigo (11 months ago)
Loved discovering your channel. Kepp up the good work! Would love it if you checked out my channel sometime :) Dora
Cris Alejo (11 months ago)
Whats the cheapest country you traveled?
Alexander Travelbum (11 months ago)
All around, Vietnam might have been cheapest. Other countries are cheap but not in every aspect. Indonesia can be very cheap, but not always to travel since there are many islands
Clint Townsend (11 months ago)
Thanks for this breakdown. It's emboldening me!
Alexander Travelbum (11 months ago)
Glad to help! ✊🏻
Bertahan Luxing (11 months ago)
Nice vid. Subscribe to my channel also. Cheers :D http://bit.ly/2IgEpyT
Conti Music (11 months ago)
Awesome, did you ever give my music a listen? Liked and followed, thank you!
Jumping Places (11 months ago)
$1 accommodation, crazy! Really been digging the split screen that you have been adding in the latest vids, nice one bro :D
Alexander Travelbum (11 months ago)
Thanks man, I just decided out of nowhere to try it, and try a few new things I haven’t really seen much on YouTube vlogs to make them different. And now people are saying they like it and they’re gonna do it too haha
Backpacking in Vietnam (11 months ago)
Enjoy your travels in Vietnam with Bpacking App. 👇 Download on: IOS: https://goo.gl/E2AFsa Android: http://bit.ly/2pih7AH 👉 Readmore: https://bpackingapp.com
Luan S. (1 year ago)
just go, because with 10$ u can buy the entire vietnam...
Hiếu Lê (10 months ago)
with 10 cents I can buy your entire family.
Jonáš Rech (1 year ago)
which exact months are off season?
Roadrebelz (1 year ago)
Cool intro, short and to the point. Maybe add some text with the tips, some people (me all the time) sometimes scroll through the video - hover over the timeline and the small frame pops up - to go to further tips. Its a good video, keep it up!!
Huyen Nguyen (1 year ago)
lbunny Gordon (1 year ago)
Hey when you ever have a spare moment can you recommend any effective anti mosquito spray as am always bitten to shreds that i bought here in uk ....thanks do much for Vietnam travel ideas....want to get going in January Lynn x
James Harken (23 days ago)
hoangkimtran (9 months ago)
Lynn bunny  Avon, Skin so soft. Its lotion work great for me and good for skin too.
lbunny Gordon (1 year ago)
Thanks v much enjoying your tips xx
Alexander Travelbum (1 year ago)
Ah I wish I could, I’ve never been a big mosquito magnet, but I do know the ones that actually work have “deet” in them. So always look for that on the label
Siim Travelz (1 year ago)
Alexander Travelbum (1 year ago)
Yes! 🇰🇭
Roaming Rysewyk (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Cheapest place I’ve been was Thailand. Mexico was pretty cheap too if you’re in the less touristy areas
Roaming Rysewyk (1 year ago)
Alexander Travelbum I haven’t been to Mexico City but I’m sure thatd be a great start. I was in a smaller town where a friend of mine lives. But I’ve also been to Cancun and if you can get past the touristy aspect of it, it’s got some incredible sights like chichen itza or all the crazy cool cenotes
Alexander Travelbum (1 year ago)
Awesome, I really want to travel Mexico more. Any suggestions? I want to make a trip soon and have no idea where to start other than Mexico City
Mi Tanaka (1 year ago)
Hi,Mr.Alexander You and i have same values about trip.i like your movies. I am not good at english. But i will look your movie.
Alexander Travelbum (1 year ago)
Thank you, thanks for watching my videos
Alex Sala (1 year ago)
Can’t wait to go back to Hanoi

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