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SEA DRAGON LEVIATHAN VS PRAWN EXOSUIT | Huge Lava Zone Dead Cage Fight Killed | Subnautica #5

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The Sea Dragon Leviathan is BEHIND BARS now too!!!! That's right, not only did we jail the Reaper Leviathan, but now we have a firey cage for the Sea Dragon too.... or do we? Check out this latest installment of my Subnautica series! Also watch the one-on-one cage fight using the P.R.A.W.N suit!!! Can we kill the sea dragon here in the lava zone ?? How about the emperor? Side thought - Wouldn't it be good if the huge precursor laser gun caused actual damage, you could shoot a Sea Dragon with it! Please check out my other videos and remember to subscribe!! Social Links: Twitter - https://twitter.com/digicid3 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Digicid3 Music Credits: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) - Martys Got a Plan Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Subnautica - Into The Unknown Subnautica - Exosuit Dragon Age Inquisition Theme Outro Song: Virtual Riot - Energy Drink » Download: https://fb.com/RebornTunes The Best Copyright & Royalty Free Music uploaded every day! Download Copyright Free Music, Dubstep, Drumstep, DnB, Drum n Bass, Electro, Electronic, House, Electro-House, Progressive-House, Progressive, EDM, Trap, Dance, Glitchhop, Music. and much More. 100% Free with No Copyright! Creative Commons License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ About Subnautica: Subnautica is an open world survival game in development by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Subnautica allows the player to explore an aquatic alien planet by scuba diving and traveling in , while collecting resources and food to survive. It was released on Steam Early Access on December 16, 2014, and is currently in development for Xbox One. The Xbox release was in August 2016. The player controls in first-person view the lone survivor of a crashed ship on an aquatic planet. The main objective of the player is to explore the open world environment and survive the dangers of the planet, while also continuing the story. Subnautica allows the player to collect resources, construct tools, bases, and submersibles, and interact with the planet's wildlife. Players must keep themselves adequately hydrated and fed, and must also maintain their oxygen supply while traversing underwater. The game also includes a day and night cycle. Subnautica was first announced by Unknown Worlds Entertainment on December 17, 2013, with Charlie Cleveland as the game director and lead gameplay programmer, and Hugh Jeremy as the producer. The development team opted to use the Unity engine rather than Spark, the engine used for the company's previous game, Natural Selection 2. Subnautica producer Hugh Jeremy justified this decision because of the different demands that the game places on the engine, and "because [the team] does not include people working on Spark, it's not appropriate for Subnautica to use Spark. By using Unity for Subnautica, Spark can continue to develop in certain directions, while Subnautica develops in others. To use Spark for Subnautica would be to try and square peg a round hole." The development team also opted against the inclusion of lethal weapons in the game. Charlie Cleveland, the game's director, described Subnautica as "one vote towards a world with less guns," and had felt inspired by real life gun violence, including the Sandy Hook shooting, to encourage players to think about "non-violent and more creative solutions to solve our problems." Subnautica was released on Steam Early Access on December 16, 2014, and is currently in development for Xbox One. Subnautica was originally planned to be released on Xbox One on April 1, 2016, but was ultimately delayed by another month. Full V1.0 release is planned for May 2017.
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Text Comments (126)
Naziya patel (5 months ago)
Now that’s a fast seamoth 😍😍😍
gc (7 months ago)
Capture a ghost leviathan in the void then battle it
Darskul (9 months ago)
Could you redo this at some point? Now that the game is fully released it would be awesome to see this.
Fight the NEW sea emperor XD
Domingo Salvador III (1 year ago)
oops emperor vs exo suit XD
Domingo Salvador III (1 year ago)
Dude, this is freaking epic. Amazing editing. Definitely earned a sub
Marc Penalosa (1 year ago)
How much space do you need so that the reaper can't get out
Gamer Brute (1 year ago)
How long does it take to kill it?
TheSP_Pirate (1 year ago)
Tactical Raptor (1 year ago)
cage a ghost leviathan in experiemental :3
IceGuard 125 (1 year ago)
How about the ghost levitation when its added?
RedBird (1 year ago)
please reaper jail download
Fertilewings 966 (1 year ago)
build a base around the Aurora like this if you agree
Dynamite Dinosaur (1 year ago)
hmm.. maybe next time you should make the arena in an area that is completely finished.
Aryendra -The GAMER (1 year ago)
I feel sad about dragon when his eyes are closed to death
Digicide (1 year ago)
You know what? So did I!!!
Derek Cisneros (1 year ago)
can you verify if this is real? I saw when it was dead, the suit had 100% health and it was cut immediately to that. so I'm pretty suspicious
Digicide (1 year ago)
Oh it did die! But I am not sure it was meant to, because when I walked upto its mouth to have a look IT ATE ME!! A bit of a subnautica glitch there lol! To make the video watchable, it is edited a lot and was shot in multiple recordings to get the angles etc
VriesGames (1 year ago)
do a snake from the gelly mushroom
Phantom crew (1 year ago)
it is
Phantom crew (1 year ago)
Digicide (1 year ago)
I know right! Its amazing!!
trashman (1 year ago)
How long does it take to build one of those large wall facilities completely?
Storm SLAYS (1 year ago)
Nice bro! I loved this video
Digicide (1 year ago)
Thanks!! That means a lot :D
the saints (1 year ago)
can any body help me fined the song that plays when he is fitting the dragon pls
Digicide (1 year ago)
Its all in the description buddy :D
Ihaveonly1jack (1 year ago)
You should do when when you're against a ton of creatures. Like the medium sized ones. (Lava lizard, spine eel, stalker, etc...)
Digicide (1 year ago)
+Ihaveonly1jack I like that idea! They may try to kill each other too though 😂
SuperSquid (1 year ago)
When emperor gets added in baddie it
Digicide (1 year ago)
+SuperFudge sounds like a plan!!
8 Bit (1 year ago)
Regardless of the game crash and health of the exosuit jumping back up that video was awesome. Good job!
How long did this take u?
m scott (1 year ago)
when I saw the dead bones of a reaper leviathan I was like holy crap this thing must be the absolute beast and I got chills down my spine because anyone who's played subnautica will know reaper leviathans are nothing to mess with
Digicide (1 year ago)
I love that shot of the reaper skeleton, I was so happy with it when I managed to capture it!! I really hope they include some cinematics in the final release to show what happened!
JohnHoleston (1 year ago)
Did you ever consider my suggestion? You know the abandoned Creature studying facility
JohnHoleston (1 year ago)
Stalkers, lava lizards, sand sharks, biters, bliters Bliters and biters would be best considering their size But I've tested it out and the other three can move around quite freely in a base
Digicide (1 year ago)
Haha! Which creatures would look best?
JohnHoleston (1 year ago)
Be sure to add In a little area where a building is filled with water and has creatures running around in it If you want to you can add in coffee machines, vending machines, and lab tables to make it like the raptor scene in the kitchen
JohnHoleston (1 year ago)
Digicide (1 year ago)
Yes buddy! What do you think about making it a bit like jurrassic park, lots of creature paddocks?
Guys im guessing this person is a admin
Digicide (1 year ago)
You Sir Have Earned A Subscriber
Henny Zoel (1 year ago)
Digicide maybe 10
Digicide (1 year ago)
Awesome!! Thanks for subscribing! Did you get a spare min to look at the other subnautica vids?
multi-task_ Gamer (1 year ago)
mess about spawning vehicles and levirethons in a cageand see what happens
Digicide (1 year ago)
I tried spawning the AURORA in that cage, and it didnt happen lol! I can put a cyclops, seamoth and exosuits in there though. the Leviathans/seadragons like breaking seamoths and exosuits :D
Donster Storm fire (1 year ago)
Do a cage with sand 🦈
Donster Storm fire (1 year ago)
With you don't mind can you put the cage in the dunes
Digicide (1 year ago)
Ahhh that would be scary as hell because they are quick! Good idea!
The Emerald Lapras (1 year ago)
Do sea emperor v sea dragon
Digicide (1 year ago)
Worth trying!! I did try this, but the sea dragon just fire bombs the leviathan, and the leviathan cant grab it because its not an player. so its pretty onesided! The dev's need to code how a leviathan can attack other creatures :D
Thaval 26 (1 year ago)
Thaval 26 (1 year ago)
for real this is incredible
Digicide (1 year ago)
I have an idea, create an underwater alien Jurassic Park, you can have the carnivores in cages if you'd like. I also suggest you add in plants like creepvine to make it look cooler, especially add creepvine in the raptor exhibit. Here's a list of what I think should be in the park: Carnivores: T-Rex: Reaper. Raptor: Stalker. Dilophosaurus: Mesmer. Herbivores: Brachiosaurus: Reef Back. Triceratops: Sea Treader. And finally Gallimimus: Crimson Ray. Then just go through the park in a tour video and at the end pretend that everything escaped and try to survive. I was going to ask that the Warpers be raptors but then you can't cage them. P.S. If you really want to go out with a bang or increase difficulty add in the Sea Dragon as the Indominus Rex. Have Fun!
Digicide (1 year ago)
Dapper im really liking these ideas!!! Im just trying to figure out how big the paddocks have to be, and if i will get a lag issue. this could be really good tho. i wonder if i can trap treaders n sand sharks...
BTW I think you should make the tour in the seamoth, have two seamoths on stand by and color them the Jurassic Park Jeep colors. Do the tour in one and just leave the other one for looks. You should name them SPA1 and SPA2, SP standing for Subrassic Park. :)
Also, in certain areas of the park you can have large aquariums in multipurpose rooms as hatcheries for raptors and Brachiosaurs.
If your looking for space I think that dunes would be good, but it does not look very good but I think you can place planters in and outside paddocks to make it look nice. =D
Digicide (1 year ago)
oh that sounds AMAZING! just need some flat land, lay out the foundations, use the corridors as cages..... this could work! just need to get past that build lag and we could do this! Which biome do you think would suit it? (Warpers would escape btw :p)
Sakryt 1 (1 year ago)
it is sp cool and great nice work +like+
Digicide (1 year ago)
thanks buddy!! I really appreciate it :D
UnboxingMatthew (1 year ago)
Use bleeders xD spawn like 1000 in a containment facility. swim in it
UnboxingMatthew (1 year ago)
+Digicide Awesome!
Digicide (1 year ago)
Haha I could do a short one on that :D
sam lazarus (1 year ago)
I'm impressed
Digicide (1 year ago)
Henrygamer 1 (1 year ago)
Can you make a sea emperor Cage with his baby
Digicide (1 year ago)
Would love to!! Just need to get past the lag issue when you build too much :D
Ultimate James (1 year ago)
when the update comes fight the goast leviathan
Digicide (1 year ago)
Sounds like a plan!
Romero Family (1 year ago)
im not even gonna lie that reqper leviathon skeleton looked sòoòooooooo coooool
Digicide (1 year ago)
I know right!!! And I was lucky enough to record it as the sea dragon went past :D
Kennrick Vauseghn (1 year ago)
Dude your editing skills are ungodly I found you on accident searching for the titan/lost river leviathan videos too see if anyone was discussing it but instead I find your reaper cage video & the music & editing is amazing where did you find that song for the reaper fight? it was perfect for it! well all I can say I was not disappointed and I'm glad I ran into you. you my good sir have earned yourself a new sub. also one last thing are you British? your voice sounded a bit English too me I liked it it was funny & unexpected. but yeah keep up the good work bud 😁 and sorry for rambling 😅
Kennrick Vauseghn (1 year ago)
+Digicide NP man and don't worry about pounding this stuff out if you know who your loyal fans are I'm sure they'll all agree with me when I say that we can wait until your certain you can get this done without getting pushed far back again
Digicide (1 year ago)
Wow thanks buddy!! Really appreciate it! Yup I am, and I want to do some more videos on this but the developers are changing a lot of the areas I would normally build in! (It risks what I build getting corrupted). I think the actual prison is due out shortly, and then the very first storyline!! :D :D But thanks again!!
Digicide (1 year ago)
Hey guys!!! A lot of people are noticing the exosuit health jumps back to 100% at the very end. Well there is a reason! THE GAME CRASHED!! Not surprising really, normally the sea creatures just vanish! I thought about showing the epic fail but I already had one fail in the video and didn't want to bore you with another 😁 I had to log back in, get a new suit, knock his health down and try again. But whilst doing the second attempt I was able to get the other angles of the fight recorded :) So sorry about the inconsistency guys, quick vote, would you prefer to see a longer unedited video showing fails, or an edited video with a win?
SaUsAgEfInGa (1 year ago)
i would like an unedited please.
Steyn Bokdam (1 year ago)
Digicide z
VpR_ Fresh (1 year ago)
Digicide 🙀
BrokenSouls (1 year ago)
OK, so here's a mini series idea, do a survival series of killing one or all type of sea creature. (just an idea) or all the hostile ones your choice.
TerrorUnit (1 year ago)
Wait for the Sea Emperor update and he will be the most massive creature in Subnautica much bigger than Sea Dragon
Digicide (1 year ago)
Good shout buddy! I'm going to need to finish the cage for him!!! :D
Random Stuff (1 year ago)
Liked the video but should have thought about the prawn suit health, I noticed it kept going up towards the end
Digicide (1 year ago)
+Random Stuff ahhhh! That's so annoying, I honestly didn't spot that. Obviously there was a lot of editing to put the extra camera angles in and speed up a lengthy fight. But that is annoying, sorry about that!
Elena Serban (1 year ago)
U deserve more subs
Digicide (1 year ago)
Thanks! :)
El Godoto (1 year ago)
It killed you, didn't it? B) I saw the health jump from 29% to 100%
Digicide (1 year ago)
+Backwardskey ..... Maybe :D
HoodedDude (1 year ago)
nice, dude! Love the new avatar!
Digicide (1 year ago)
Thanks buddy!!! Really pleased with how it turned out :D
Omar's On Gaming (1 year ago)
there are reaper leviathan skeletons in the active lava zone because the sea dragon leviathan dragged them there and killed them
Digicide (1 year ago)
Ooooo! Hope they do a cinematic showing that later on :D
Grin Reaper Of Trolls (1 year ago)
Digicide (1 year ago)
Yeah after a while the reaper, seadragon or emperor will just vanish if you take too long attacking, it must be a time-out issue for holding the current damage of the sea monster. I heard that in the plot you do have to kill the sea dragon in this zone as part of the story though :D :D
Grin Reaper Of Trolls (1 year ago)
When I was down the lava zone, I was using the lightningy death upgrade for the seamoth. I charged it all the way again and again to try to kill the emperor leviathan. I don't think it worked... that or i'm too dumb to notice XD. It did do some weird animations though.
Digicide (1 year ago)
Neither did I till this video! :D
Grönvik (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Really made me laugh with awe :D
DanOps3 (1 year ago)
you should capture the warper p's make the cage large so they do not warp away
Digicide (1 year ago)
+DanOps3 not a bad idea! I think they might warp through but it's worth a go! :)
Aaron Zeoli (1 year ago)
sea emporer caged
Aaron Zeoli (1 year ago)
thanks I was really hopeing you would choose mine
Digicide (1 year ago)
Awesome idea buddy, but right now he doesnt do that much so there isnt much I can make out of it. But once they finish the animations I will get right on it!
Crab Lad (1 year ago)
you should talk more during these
Digicide (1 year ago)
Haha! I will try! :D
Gaming With Izzi (1 year ago)
I agree with Blueslime! :D
Crab Lad (1 year ago)
Crab Lad (1 year ago)
Digicide no prob! a suggestion talk more?
Digicide (1 year ago)
thanks! :)
Hecky (1 year ago)
Yooo! This was INTENSE! You better not take any more breaks! I want to see more :)
Hecky (1 year ago)
Digicide I'm always down! Just let me know when!
Digicide (1 year ago)
Haha thanks buddy, its just time :D Hope to do some stuff with you soon too!
Fateh hacker (1 year ago)
the sée dragon is no dead
Makkapithew (1 year ago)
great video :-D can you kill the sea dragon or reaper leviathan with the cyclops?
Digicide (1 year ago)
+xD xD thanks! That would be cool! But I don't think the cyclops can do collision damage, so u can't kill them by ramming the cyclops into them. So far they haven't put weapons on the cyclops either, but who knows what they will bring out in the next update!!
Tee Tee D (1 year ago)
the operation hub is a big man's part
Gaming With Izzi (1 year ago)
Omg such a bad @$$ video! Loved it dude! I thought for sure the dragon was gonna win! That thing is massive!!!
Digicide (1 year ago)
Yeah you can take that thing on with just the pneumatic arms (they punch), or with a knife if you go without the suit. But the drill is kinda like a machine gun, it does a lot more damage :)
Tee Tee D (1 year ago)
Gaming With Izzi I saw a video of someone fighting it and the exosuit didn't have a drill
queen melon (1 year ago)
I was first
queen melon (1 year ago)
queen melon (1 year ago)
Digicide thx great YouTube channel u got here my bf loves it
Digicide (1 year ago)
Nice one buddy!!! :D Really appreciate how fast you got here!

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