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German OWNED Drunk Chinese Subway Fight (subtitled)

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Chinese Kungfu Complete Demonstration
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Ray Smith (5 years ago)
Master race wins again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Allen Wells (6 days ago)
Ah yes, the same story of losers-in-real-life jumping on the I-hate-China bandwagon. Forget that there is a 90% or higher chance that this is in Hong Kong. Yawn, true idiots.
Big Al (12 days ago)
+JustJump i am german you white pussy
JustJump (13 days ago)
+Big Al we were great once ... you never was ;)
Wild Earth (13 days ago)
Ray Smith Master race will extinct.
JustJump (19 days ago)
+Zhang Zhuisui lol China is a shithole :D everyone cannot breath there because of fucking toxic air... i used to work with chinese companies they do not understand shit... they cannot even load up a container properly... German companies only buy from China because it is cheap... your goods are garbage but cheap... same as your employees
Lxy Yht (2 days ago)
show the power of strength and then the other one scared and relax
Yuxiang Bao (3 days ago)
im chinese and i apologize in advance for this guys behavior he was clearly being a complete jerk and then he turns into a coward once that German guy stands up
r3g3n3sis (4 days ago)
THEY are touching her tits
Bullet in your Head (22 days ago)
So weak .... coz made in china!!
Aug Snow (24 days ago)
noel d (27 days ago)
Most Chinese cant fight thier karate is weak and fake..they cant even produce real fighters in the world..even in boxing..weak chin no power..
qin (1 month ago)
Not sure why it started, but this would not happen if this hong konger has good manner, there are many annoying people in China like this, maybe they deserve a lesson. Germans are usually very polite but there are always arrogant foreigners who think they deserve it while Chinese show their hospitality, like foreign students saying "fucking chinese don"t speak english" while having tangible privileges from the government and academic institutes.
ChrissY (1 month ago)
I am german and the video does not show how it starts... Nobody knows why he was touching his bag and even if the German man has started the Chinese man was on his black list when he said his family is going to die... Where I come from you take your family on first place and if somebody hurts your family or threats it he is going to regret it... Doesn't matters who started the Chinese man pushed it and deserved to get his bill.
qin (1 month ago)
It's like keyboard trolls, this guy know he is useless and he has to pretend to be like he is winning, and insults like this is pretty common in china
Parship (1 month ago)
The guy needs a Germanic slap 🇩🇪💪🏼
ashadds (2 months ago)
Old man had enough
Collin Pearson (2 months ago)
Not all asians know math
sasancohen (3 months ago)
germans are one of the best tourists in world
Allen Wells (6 days ago)
Indeed, that's why they're ranked here https://www.tourism-review.com/russian-travelers-consider-germans-as-the-worst-tourists-news2171 with incidents like these: https://metro.co.uk/2017/07/05/huge-fight-breaks-out-between-tourists-at-popular-british-holiday-spot-in-spain-6755849/ https://www.dw.com/en/drunken-german-tourists-brawl-with-mallorca-street-vendors/a-19258568. Good one.
jong osang (3 months ago)
Chinese again.. What a disgrace😂😂😂
Fenghuang (3 months ago)
That German dealed it right. Never punch first in China. Expesially if you are foreigner. You will end up in huge problems and paying lot of money to the so called victim. But if someone hit you first then make sure you hit harder back but not too much then its asssult. I hope someone will knock that little shithead Chinese mans teeth to his throat someday he is a disgrace to China.
Allen Wells (6 days ago)
'disgrace to China', lol what a loserish joke. Yes ofc no chance he's a HKer, right?
Dark Side83 (3 months ago)
ot to (3 months ago)
Fuck China !
zhu cenglin (3 months ago)
Thats a Hongkonger, plz , they 're not Chinese
Ash Xi (4 months ago)
And these chinese dreaming to be super power. Thieves inside out
Beat Up (4 months ago)
Haha.. He want cry already....
John Buhl (4 months ago)
Virgin Chinese Drunk Chad German Tourist
Charles Guan (4 months ago)
The one who upload this kind of video is f*cking stupid!
LogicPvp (4 months ago)
give the german man a medal
Reysimful (5 months ago)
Don't fuck with germans.
Mulloway Man (5 months ago)
me fink chinaman hav blad flied lice an angwy.
Mulloway Man (5 months ago)
Was this a domestic?
zEeoN (6 months ago)
There was indeed no crab, though. Can’t argue with that
timol_uis (7 months ago)
Im german and i like asian people because they are very nice people
Allen Wells (6 days ago)
Ah, more of your typical shit-for-brains on Youtube. Yes, keep kissing non-Chinese ass, they don't welcome you anyway: https://businesstech.co.za/news/lifestyle/116644/the-most-racist-countries-in-the-world/. Yawn.
- bea (1 month ago)
Butterfly Of Despair (1 month ago)
A Wanderer (2 months ago)
Asian is very nice. Except Chinese
Jack Keown (2 months ago)
timol_uis all but Chinese...
Vinny M (8 months ago)
Why the Chinese guy didn't use his kung fu karate?
China shorts (8 months ago)
The Chinese guys knows that others will fight with him just out of pride. He's hopeful at least. That explains his behavior.
boahkeinbockmehr (5 months ago)
As if that ever had stopped a german from attacking anyways ^^ after declaring war on pretty much the entire world twice, one should think that most people would know this by now. it just makes it even more interesting for us
Baby Boy (9 months ago)
I feel so happy when a Chinese gets killed anywhere in the world
Scott Dinh (10 months ago)
That old Chinese Uncle deserved to get all his teeth knock out... dumb fuck
Madcr0ws (10 months ago)
China is growing laqrger China has BIG plans It will look real nice when its done you will work in Chinese sweat shops, white devil.
Omar Vidal (1 month ago)
Command & Conquer Generals
boahkeinbockmehr (5 months ago)
Noone has bigger plans than us germans. Just you wait. 3 time's lucky
путин (7 months ago)
You seem to need some teaching lessons from good old colonizers my friend. Wait till your poop country has no food again then youl come on knees again and cry like pleeeeeeassse donate 5bucks every donation counts while showing a handicaped peaceofshit baby hahhahahha
Yongjie Jiang (11 months ago)
It's more like Danish style English than the Germanic one
boahkeinbockmehr (5 months ago)
It's a german accent
sa (10 months ago)
no its German English i am from the Netherlands so I can tell
Yongjie Jiang (11 months ago)
Du Yu Oundastant ? Du Yu Oundastant??
Fifty Five (1 year ago)
zheng shi (1 year ago)
Hongkongnese are not Chinese. I am not surprised this happened in Hong Kong at all. Bunch of losers, lol
kroos giro (4 months ago)
There are people that act like this in any race of people whether chinese, african, white, Indian, you name it. Humans nature is the same no matter what race you are.
Tony Carranza (1 year ago)
I would like to conquer germany 1555.
f0gl3t (1 year ago)
SLVO (1 year ago)
@ :31 I heard a girl speaking Filipino
shepard456 (1 year ago)
Those Asian shit want to reveal children of bitches
someguy2255 (1 year ago)
I'm Asian and Germans are nice people that mind their own business. I'm pretty sure the Chinese guy started the fight.
ZeroWolf (3 months ago)
You should write "I'm Chinese and I lick white people's anus"
Big Al (4 months ago)
The same goes for asians. I havent had a bad expirience with one in my life. And i dont know any cases where asian immigrants causes trouble or similar problems like many non whites from muslim or african countries. Im from bremen, germany, especially in summer you can see lots of asian tourists visiting my hometown. From my side they are always welcome guests.
boahkeinbockmehr (5 months ago)
Though i am surprised how restrained the man behaved. Usually germans try to avoid/ deescelate fights. but a punch/ slap in the face is the most serious insult in our culture, usually leading to an extreme retaliation, in case of (fraternity) students even to duells with sharp sabers. The dogma is kind of: don't start a fight, but if someone attacks you, make sure he won't be able to do it again (which is probably why we try to avoid conflicts in the first place, as as soon as the first hit is handed there is no holding back anymore)
Atreju CV (1 year ago)
Pretty sure? Well... You can simply see who started the whole thing, not just the fight. For a german, touching a stranger is quite a no go. Being touched by an aggressiv stranger is - as you can clearly see - an offense which can - and did - start a fight. Well, besides the fact that this was not a real fight at all. The german guy stayed calm as long and as good as he could and then he showed as directly and straight forward - as we are well known for - the chinese guy that he has gone too far.
Dave Von Saunder (1 year ago)
Cantonese are some of the most pissed off people I have seen. They really have a temper.
Allen Wells (6 days ago)
+Ian H. And no one agrees with your repeated, sinophobic retardation. Ironic...
Prima Rose Calagui (2 months ago)
Haha you're right. I'm working here in HK and they ain't nice at all, only few.
Ian H. (9 months ago)
Still nicer than mainlanders.
JimboParadox (1 year ago)
Until the other guy stands up
CineRaphael (1 year ago)
chung fung (2 years ago)
untill, chinese guy don't use his hand to forigner's Untill that forigner was quiet gentle. Chinese guy only shouting on him & chinese guy thought that forigner was afraid of him & Chinese guy Thinking himself a king eheheheh..... but when Chinese guy did big mistake by using his hand to big guy Forigner, forigner tookout his angryness, angryness he kept from first to last while chinese guy was shouting on him. but when big guy forigner used his hand on chinese guy....for 5 seconds chinese guy lost his breath ehehehehh...but one thing I noted that forigner was very very heavy than the chinese guy. noted that chinese guy dare to fight with big guy forigner. daring chinese guy.
Allen Wells (6 days ago)
+boahkeinbockmehr Tell that to Hong Kongers
boahkeinbockmehr (5 months ago)
+Sir Mage but isn't hong kong a part of china?
boahkeinbockmehr (5 months ago)
I don't think the german was angry before the slap. Probably more irritated, thinking that the chinese must be a crazy person. But a slap in the face is the worst insult possible in our culture, so no german would let that sit without retaliating immediately. though i have to applaud this man for showing so much restraint and not ending the guy right there and then.
Sir Mage (1 year ago)
chung fung its hong konger, they said it themselves, China is a much better place.
David Mu (2 years ago)
I think China is good today, am I right?
big log (2 years ago)
fucking white bastards
Loco (2 years ago)
.... ok
B H The AbOriginal (2 years ago)
come on asian guy
YoshiPeach Mario (2 years ago)
I vill fucking knock you oot LOL, those Germans
MrMotherfuck123 (2 years ago)
HEy say whatever you want bout GErmans, that German got fuckin point!
Sleepy Cobra (2 years ago)
He should not be touching his bag
Gaaxure (2 years ago)
This is how this whole white guilt bullshit is going to end. Some day white people will have enough of your shit, and remind you why you fuckers run and hid every time we came marching.
RyZenHD (2 years ago)
5 Months and there is still arguments. SMH theres more war in the internet than ww2
YoshiPeach Mario (2 years ago)
+Kirtis W.o.C. can't disagree with that, would add victim complex to that list.
YoshiPeach Mario (2 years ago)
+Kirtis W.o.C. Ah, you're the type that uses one liners to imply superiority over the other commenter, without actually showing any substance to  the argument. Referring back to your original comment, you were using racism whilst calling them out as racist. Hence the hypocrisy.
YoshiPeach Mario (2 years ago)
+Kirtis W.o.C. heard you, doesn't mean you made sense.
RyZenHD (2 years ago)
+Kirtis W.o.C. lmao ok
geek2the2ndpower (3 years ago)
How the hell did this even happen?  I'd have liked to see that German dude sock him one.  What a piece of trash.
thatsmeZalingen (3 years ago)
Umm... The guy who broke the fight (kinda) is fucking hot tho
I’m your Uncle (2 years ago)
thatsmeZalingen haha that's what I was thinking
Bayseek (3 years ago)
Just askin'. Stay Pride my my swedish Sister. Peace.
thatsmeZalingen (3 years ago)
+Bayseek no... Why?
Bayseek (3 years ago)
+thatsmeZalingen Are you gay?
thatsmeZalingen (3 years ago)
+Bayseek what?
sounddude (3 years ago)
Fuck the white skin
Tomoe Gozen (2 years ago)
actually they have a PINK RED white skinha haaaQUEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Mu (2 years ago)
+Mrdavid , I think the commenter is an Indoenesian guy.
3345778 617276263 (3 years ago)
Tomoe Gozen (3 years ago)
Oh 73. My bad. Yes sir 1/4 German and the rest Chinese. Thank you sir.
David Mu (3 years ago)
+Linda Lu I think he died in 1973. Bruce Lee might be really good. But I think that Bruce Lee is also partially German.
Staatsmann (4 years ago)
ah good old hong kong subway, you either walk for hours thru the streets or try to take the subway with thousands of other people cramped in a small wagon. taking the ferry was a blast though !
i think you the best youtube  channel ever!!!!!hahahhahaha  im subscribe now!!!!!! 
MV N (4 years ago)
advantages of a tall height, i am sure chinese guy did not know the white guy was taller.  and the video was funny, haha.
David Mu (4 years ago)
It looks like this subway's ceiling is low. Everyone seemed so tall. How tall was that person who broke up the fight?
ChinaGoFootball (4 years ago)
What a pathetic Hongky....
Goose (5 years ago)
Gay chinese bro comes in to save the day! 
Alex Ich (5 years ago)
da Hong Konger deserved a nice Germanic punch.
Shiny Beast (4 months ago)
Skjdi Zijsi Lol, what a gay comment...
fck streetshitters (4 months ago)
Alex Ich pink skin bxtch sck my chinese dixk and call me daddy
JimboParadox (1 year ago)
Go back to Germany, Schweinstein!
David Mu (3 years ago)
+Alex Ich Except that the northern Chinese guy that broke up the fight at the end of the music video is better than the German guy.
Cheng Yang (5 years ago)
Lol, the asian guy was so asking for it.
jun jangwoon (5 years ago)
Jonathan Chew (5 years ago)
There's a shirtless Chinese guy in the background.
Billy Lee (5 years ago)
方小爬 (2 years ago)
Mohmmad1993x (5 years ago)
Germans <3
Andrew D. (5 years ago)
lol, classic
James Zheng (5 years ago)
Classic HK comedy. From "You're whole family is gonna die!" "I'm not afraid of you!" to "W-what are you doing?" "What are you doing?"
Jack Wong (1 month ago)
You Whole family Die你全家死了
TheDukeofEarl (2 years ago)
damn drunks.
Botanist 95 (2 years ago)
Love Leonard (3 years ago)
Lmaooo best comment
doomedenigma2 (5 years ago)

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