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Adobe Draw | How to make a cartoon - Snapchat dog filter

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App: adobe Draw Music: Buddha Kontekst- SoundCloud (No Copyright music) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tehila.zanava Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tehila007/
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Text Comments (1763)
Redemption Remedy (1 day ago)
Can you make meee??
Blackhammer 27 (1 day ago)
This probably sounds like a dumb question but what app is this
Tsm Hiper Hiper tsm (2 days ago)
How he do this Effekt on the eyes
Stormyss. (5 days ago)
your terrible st demonstrating , you had the brush outlining stuff then just cut to a black screen then to the finished product and didn’t show how to get to that part , fuck you faggot
Murda J (5 days ago)
Who can make me a cartoon ??
Kenia Ponce (6 days ago)
Polo (8 days ago)
Bro u still do them ??
FsM CaSh (8 days ago)
Can anyone do this for me
Aye_yo_wuts_g00d (9 days ago)
Whats the app?
Tsm Hiper Hiper tsm (2 days ago)
Aye_yo_wuts_g00d Adobe Draw
What app
Pebbles redley (10 days ago)
How do you get the orange dots?
video edit show (10 days ago)
Thank you ✨
iiBeSaucin (11 days ago)
How did he shade in the outline
Cruz Interiano (11 days ago)
Can somebody make one of these with my face?
Victoria Simon (11 days ago)
What is the pen called?
BlueWolfz21 (12 days ago)
Where do you get the pictures from
primas Mendes (12 days ago)
transforma a minha ft desse jeito
Entrementes DL (13 days ago)
Q via do au au comedia
Lil Nikki (14 days ago)
Nice but I use ibis paint I make my own cartoon not really cartoon more like realistic
Crazy KiddoCy (14 days ago)
Okay so how do u do it so perfectly like people are struggling 😂
JsM_Krypton (15 days ago)
Can u make me one?
Van Gogt (16 days ago)
Como de llam la app
Alguém faz uma pra mim?
jollo lucena (18 days ago)
Can anyone help me?
Fais um Pra mim
Omg nice💚💚💚
DuraznonBv (19 days ago)
And me xd
rodelio canja (19 days ago)
Can you make that
GRAVE DA ZONA SUL (19 days ago)
Faz na caneta né?
PL4YER B3TA (20 days ago)
I'm Brazilian, I'm using a translator, and it helps me, my WhatsApp is: 11 958872604 My name is mayheus
Pablo Medeirosh (22 days ago)
Alguém do Brasil
DJOKE RR (25 days ago)
Info app
BRAYANIKO (26 days ago)
Why you skip 5:07 I want to learn that
RFAF Gamer (26 days ago)
What ths App
strike jake (26 days ago)
Gghihhh. Idk
Warrior (28 days ago)
how do you trace so good?
Ñïlsøñ Äñjøs (28 days ago)
SML Gamer (29 days ago)
Can you make me one
Naiizix ϟ (1 month ago)
*666 dislike :O*
Devonm Harp (1 month ago)
But my real name tre
Devonm Harp (1 month ago)
That's me I'm ayytrizzy
BA Studios (1 month ago)
Can someone make me one for my birthday and for my friend?!?!???
Jyubs Mile (1 month ago)
how can you fill it with black?
Louis van Zyl (1 month ago)
Moron a cartoon is an animation. By yourself a dictionary
swirxz (1 month ago)
Dang his eye brows
Ocw - Brawl Stars (1 month ago)
Name of the app plzz
ŽØŁŤ (1 month ago)
القط أسود (1 month ago)
ااا ئضئ
Fortnite Frags (1 month ago)
How do you fill it In
Piadas Vigo video (1 month ago)
i like galera segue meu canal e se inscreva
_lil Tori_ (1 month ago)
Is this on a phone l??
Gianna Acevedo (1 month ago)
I need a man lookin like this
jacobdagentleman (1 month ago)
Can you do one for me bc lokey it look easy but hard snap is jacobdagentle
Red Panda05 (1 month ago)
Her 🙄 Eyes what Hqppenned?
Tenison's Nation (1 month ago)
can someone do mine plz
UGLY DRAKE 32 (1 month ago)
Hey bro can you get mine done like that I will send you a picture on messenger
Can you make mine plssss🙏🙏
SO NATURAL hee (1 month ago)
SO NATURAL hee (1 month ago)
Quando a pessoa não tem o que fzr sksksksks
DannyBenny (1 month ago)
Katya (1 month ago)
What is the name of the brush??? Please
Ruben Martinez (1 month ago)
I thout that was x for some reason
Ashley Bell (1 month ago)
Could u do a photo for me 😭
Adrian J. Solis (1 month ago)
looking for someone who can do a photo of mine like this
Alec Beer (1 month ago)
Can you make a picture of me
Jadarius Hazley-Bryant (1 month ago)
What app is this
Học 3 giây (1 month ago)
link thiết kế banner giáng xin @t
Alamat Ni Pareng ZED (2 months ago)
Can you edit mine pls
saiko (2 months ago)
HENR1KPUDDING (2 months ago)
EpicDaily (2 months ago)
I did this and it took me like 2 days to complete and then.... I reset my phone....😑
funny videos (2 months ago)
what app do u use
IanR (2 months ago)
Yeah it’s easy cuz you traced it
Troylynn johnson (2 months ago)
First of all, want app is dis?!?!?!?!?
Joshua Dimas (2 months ago)
Dope 🔥🔥
Diego Torres Vlogs (2 months ago)
Make me one 😂😂😂😁
Joe Geant (2 months ago)
damn them eyebrows on fleek
Bilal kasmi (2 months ago)
Mahmoud Saad (2 months ago)
Go on❤
Stanman_123 Curaa (2 months ago)
Can you do mine plz
Wassim Damou (2 months ago)
Did u draw this witv your fingers
Kayla Harris (2 months ago)
I don’t recommend you do this on an iPhone
los 3 menores (2 months ago)
Quiero aser uno y nunca puedo me sale mal😥
Justin's gaming (2 months ago)
anyone allowed also do this to my picture for free
العربي- Disney ar (2 months ago)
ما بخربط
Eyah's Channel (2 months ago)
Can you make mine😂😂
The Nightcore mixers (2 months ago)
Are you using a stylus pen??What is are you using??.......thank you:)
Junior Smith (2 months ago)
Oxoxoxox nem explica nada ooxoxxo nem fala nome do app
Neil Eilish (2 months ago)
Can someone make me this?
fahad s770 (2 months ago)
يبوي كيف
Peqlify ツ (2 months ago)
Can u make me one? What’s your social media
Calvin McCoy (2 months ago)
Nunca q eu vou aprender a fazer essa pohha kkk
Doodley Santos (2 months ago)
Is it the adobe illustrator draw?
Nakari Williams 2 (2 months ago)
Please do me
howtodo shit (3 months ago)
Ill do this for you... i charge 10$ u can pay me through cash app or paypal. U just send me a picture ill draw it for you turning it into a digital cartoon. Transparent backround avaialable.
Jeremy2 Lit (3 months ago)
I know I’m late but your really good at what you do👌👌
Nisha gurung (3 months ago)
What the app name
Basti Chappy (3 months ago)
It’s cringy
DANGERdude X (3 months ago)
how do i make it animated
Audrina Behnke (3 months ago)
What the app

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