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The Best Budget Hair Styling Products For Men Tried And Tested! (Men's Hair) ✖ James Welsh

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Inspired by a subscribers comment, here are the the best budget hair styling products available on the hughstreet! SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPP291gN79qI1QZY1znOscg?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jameswlsh And on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jameswlsh/ Lynx Peace Cream: http://goo.gl/eKKaqF Vo5 Matt Clay: http://goo.gl/xfAcOS Garnier Fructis: https://goo.gl/JE3Pyb L 'Oreal Paris Remix Putty: http://goo.gl/9NbH6l Music - Gavin Luke: Dead Cat 2
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Text Comments (283)
Mark Thompson (1 month ago)
Hi James, I have longer hair and am looking for a product to help it lay back instead of falling forward around my face. Do you have any suggestions? Preferably something I could just grab at Boots that isn't too heavy or greasy.
maria perez (4 months ago)
maria perez (4 months ago)
James Welsh love ya
James Welsh (4 months ago)
Wrong Maria
Aman Khan (1 year ago)
Aman Khan (1 year ago)
Aman Khan (1 year ago)
Aman Khan (1 year ago)
Makwana Kunal (1 year ago)
I love james
Pankaj Roy (1 year ago)
Verachoda hindi bol kuch samaj nahi aa raha ha.
Gokul Bmg (1 year ago)
Body Spary
NAYAN JAIN (1 year ago)
can u compare bed head matte seperatipn and kocaine clay hair wax.
James Wix (1 year ago)
You Should Try Cavalier Clay By Blumaan ( Or Original By Blumaan, Both Are Great Products )
ROMAN (1 year ago)
Best haircuts for boys with thin hair
Saratos Matt (1 year ago)
lynx is actually called ass in the U.S.
FLAME S (1 year ago)
Which hair style product do you prefer me
vaggelis tsoutsas (1 year ago)
Damn...and I just bought the same garner product and do not know what to do with it now
Rohit Yarasu (1 year ago)
Your hair is fairly thick...so if you start to use more clays it would be soo great.....PS- I found ur content amazing (very useful) ;) cheers
wtf bich (2 years ago)
lol i use water
mayank sharma (2 years ago)
dude vo5 matt clay is around 5k bucks in my country....
mayank sharma (2 years ago)
but its still not worth that...
mayank sharma (2 years ago)
no its 5000 rupees...am from india
Neil Shah (2 years ago)
Great video ! I am using Mastani hair care kit of amruta pharma with great results and my hair got shinier and stronger within a week, u also give review for this herbal product.
96jpaulo (2 years ago)
I've tried axe before and it was pretty good, no complaints. Tried fructis and it was awful. Bought the studio line remix last week no complaints, really happy with the results... :) Nice video i'm subscribing for sure. :)
utkarsh nagrare (2 years ago)
is this wax makes hair fall ...and make hair white ....
Chitow Mao (2 years ago)
Please do a comparison video of VO5 Matte Clay and Helium for men Zero G Clay
HaSanMDD (2 years ago)
which one available in India?
Mohammed Rizwan (2 years ago)
What's your hair type?
pcrana1 (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for actually trying out the products and showing us how to do your hairstyle, literally a life saver. Subscribed!
Chitow Mao (2 years ago)
definitely loved the way VO5 gave so much volume to your hair!!!
Ravindranath Daruvuri (2 years ago)
hey man, throw some light on Matrix matte definer beach clay.
Senso Mix (2 years ago)
Hey James, please make a video on Gatsby Matt And Hard Wax
for thick wavy hair please????
pratz p (2 years ago)
lynx peace cream is not avilable any where in india
Curious fire (2 years ago)
is gum the same thing as gel.
Enu Singh (2 years ago)
ST.hair wax review...plz
Sufia Supti (2 years ago)
nice hair gell
Ritesh Kumar (2 years ago)
can u send the link of VO5 and other products that ships these products to India with not so much expensive shipping charges....pls it would great help!!
Ritchie Gleig (2 years ago)
I've got the last one
Kara (2 years ago)
Do you know it Muk styling paste is good?
YB D (2 years ago)
any of these actually leave your hair feeling soft and are easy to wash out?
Killerswamp 1234 (2 years ago)
Try out Reuzel
Austin Spohler (2 years ago)
In America the axe (lynx) one isn't as good quality anymore and it can't even hold hair up from the head
Eccotech (2 years ago)
Wait, this is the same Axe? in the US.. the products have gotten very expensive here and crap quality, compared to the plastic one they used to sell . Got2be Phenomenal was very affordable and lasted me months.
Yago Only (2 years ago)
is it consider wax
Akshay Rajput (2 years ago)
suggest me some hair product my hair is curley or dry and also became white in age of 18..so pls suggest me something i like ur indian products i m also indian so suggest something for me
AlfieJordan Vlogs (2 years ago)
Hi man I've been looking for a few products that would be good for a messy fringe type look do you have any suggestions
king killer (2 years ago)
for get best her you need redone kiratine and you have the best her bat his problem is his prix
Ryan Paul (2 years ago)
The vo5 made my hair look stringy. Why does yours not look stringy?
Ryan Paul (2 years ago)
And what is it meant to feel like when you put it in your hair?
claydenbaird (2 years ago)
The surf hair you can get in poundshop
E Webb (2 years ago)
thnx 4 ur hlp
Anas Aboura (2 years ago)
Anas Aboura (2 years ago)
try Peter& Pedro
Parth Padhya (2 years ago)
I got thin hair. Tried waxes, pastes and clays. Now wish to try a Pomade with a strong hold and volume. Can you please suggest me such Pomade? Please advise.
Namiku Jahja (2 years ago)
Parth Padhya American crew Fiber
Nick Dickens (2 years ago)
Parth Padhya a cheap one but good one is black & white pomade
ʀᴀᴢØŘ彡ZEÆUS (2 years ago)
grim greased unorthodox (water based) :) my everyday product. Its a pomade
Mahrez Ali (2 years ago)
if you are pulling the hair back everytime...wouldnt the hair be damaged in the front?
Kray Abercrombie (2 years ago)
my hair is dry and never had shine without products HELP!?
Rajkalyan Darling (2 years ago)
wax touching the root tips of hair follicles is a cause to hair loss??
Ashu Bhatt (2 years ago)
man are u an indian? sorry for asking such question but u look like indian :)
suratboy gamer (2 years ago)
I want that type products, so can u help me?
suratboy gamer (2 years ago)
this products is help white hair turn into black hair?
suratboy gamer (2 years ago)
I want permanently
suratboy gamer (2 years ago)
I want that type products, so can u help me???
dzyoucefronaldo (2 years ago)
please what do you think in NiVea Men styling CrEam ???
dzyoucefronaldo (2 years ago)
Y T (2 years ago)
shall I get vo5 Matt or texture ?
Y T (2 years ago)
thank you 👊
THE BEEZ NEEZ (2 years ago)
what do you ask your barber for when you get a haircut?
Isaac Stop (2 years ago)
Does anyone know a hair gel/product that will last thick hair for all day that looks like there is no product in it? Also I currently use American Crew Fiber with a medium cut on the top and I want it less shiny and mor hold than American Crew Fiber
Michael Chi (2 years ago)
Poop Man try hanz de fuko or however u spell it products. My favorite is their gravity paste it doesn't give that much shine, gives good volume and pretty good hold
Wasfy Elking (2 years ago)
suprabhat Paul (2 years ago)
does this product cause any hair problems like hair loss or any thing especially vo5..
John Greene (2 years ago)
that's weird cause axe or I guess lynx in the UK is typically thought as the douche bag product at least for the US
John Greene (2 years ago)
ha funny
Saul Contreras (2 years ago)
Great Video James, Helped A Lot 👍
Ultrashock5414 (2 years ago)
same product different container
Mystic Wyvern (2 years ago)
E Rod5414501 so not true
Ultrashock5414 (2 years ago)
I guess that is a different version the one I have does, but then again the container does look different
Ultrashock5414 (2 years ago)
you say you hate speaking bad of products but you should probably look at the instructions first
Ultrashock5414 (2 years ago)
the garnier fructis is supposed to be used with wet hair
sonali chaudhari (2 years ago)
Brother My hair is so short and rough , now im making my hair long .. what should i do first to make my hair soft and shiny ?
Ryan Reynolds (1 year ago)
sonali chaudhari argan oil or coconut oil unrefined
Ne Moonlite (2 years ago)
The unprocessed (raw) coconut oil works best. Works for men and women. Use it sparingly. Guys, you can mix a touch of coconut oil in with your shampoo - apply to wet hair - and this turns your shampoo into a 2 in 1. Won't need to use conditioner/rinse.
Colin Theodore (2 years ago)
Get some good sun
Chipmunkafy (2 years ago)
make sure you use conditioner and shampoo 1 in 2 day and put some deep oil (like coconut oil) in your hair atleast 1 in 1-2 weeks, good luck!
mining maniac (2 years ago)
Does that vo5 stuff wash out your hair easily. i baught some vo5 wax before and i used a tiny amount and it took an hour to wash out my hair.
mining maniac (2 years ago)
@James Welsh Aha thanks for the fast reply +1 sub
Jesh Kumar (2 years ago)
Review American crew Fiber please :) The lynx peace doesn't go well with wavy hair in my opinion, unless you are actually going for the messy "natural look"
Ryland Morrissey (2 years ago)
can someone give me the dollars please??
Tony (2 years ago)
euros=American dollars? uh, for a general idea add a few dollars. Ex. 5 euros is like 6-9 American dollars. you could probably find a converter online for more specific amounts.
Easy Economics (2 years ago)
Hey James Can u please share India based hair product
Akarshan Rehan (2 years ago)
try bed head matt separation
Akarshan Rehan (2 years ago)
+James Welsh thank you🤘
Austin Omoria (2 years ago)
Thanks lovely video. I learned many things. I will try the Lynx. I think you should try the L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Matte&Messy, you'll love it. I carry it for 2 to 3 days, Its got medium hold. I wish my hair can be as long as yours.
Paul Zepeda (2 years ago)
What is your haircut or hairstyle?
Taylor (2 years ago)
it's called a disconnected undercut
whisk 47 (3 years ago)
hey dude (loved the video thanks for the effort) i wanted to know that can i get the lynx products in pakistan i cant find em anywhere... plz help if u can, thanks again
navin varma (3 years ago)
asum bro
Mohamad Asim Hussain (3 years ago)
Subscribed, left a like. I like the VO5 MATT CLAY best & L'OREA studio line number 9 hold. VO5 is my fave brand. I have same hairstyle as you but shorter. Gonna get a better hairstyle. I am not sure which to use VO5 Texture Surf Style past or L'OREAL studio line XTREME HOLD 9 or both. Can you suggest which one would suit me best?
Shibesh Paul (3 years ago)
can you suggest me some products apart from lable men for hairstyling? sadly, it's not available in India.
Benjamin Huang (3 years ago)
Try Nabi hair wax
Matt (3 years ago)
What hairspray do you use??
A jha (3 years ago)
Can u pls do a video on best grooming products which are available on India
Hutchy Divine (3 years ago)
The surf hair one works better after its in for awhile
Gaby Isaid (3 years ago)
who do you think is better surf hair or L'Oréal
Divanshu Choudhary (3 years ago)
it was helpful thanks
Willem Rosier (3 years ago)
The lynx stuff is out of stock everywere can anyone give me a link to where i can buy it?
Ty Angel (2 years ago)
Find Axe (The American name)
Worline8628 (3 years ago)
what country are you in?
iPhone Timer (3 years ago)
Thanks for this video, Im leaning towards the lynx one.
Bhaichung Vhutia (3 years ago)
its gud to dark face
Spencer Miller (3 years ago)
Hi, could you do a video on how long cheap products last and their all round review cause it could all fall out within 20 mins??
ItzBlasty (2 years ago)
Spencer Miller hair dry ur hair and make it a little bit shorter
Ilyaas Hussain (3 years ago)
hey dude, with the fibre putty try rubbing your hands together and then clapping over your head. The fibres will fall as you clap into your hair and it makes the product go in with a more matte finish. It's not the best though I agree.
medialync (3 years ago)
I've tried everything but my hair doesn't stay up, ffs lol
John Smith (2 years ago)
Get a loose perm then do it up much better hold
A M (3 years ago)
blowdryer, mousse, high hold product and high hold hairspray
omar hbvhhvhv (3 years ago)
What do you ask for when you're getting a haircut? @jameswelsh
sLam (3 years ago)
loreal styling cream
23max (3 years ago)
I only 14 and I've tried them all😂 I like the lynx and vo5
ReonGames (3 years ago)
+James Welsh hi can u do a part 3 please
23max (3 years ago)
+James Welsh yeah same
Rachit Bhandari (3 years ago)
hey plz try to do budget hairstyle products in india plz
Stephen Devin (3 years ago)
2 questions:1) Are all of the lynx (or axe) hair products lightweight? 2) Would it be good if I combine the peace cream with the Lynx messy product? Just because I am more of a fringe hairstyle type of person.
KUNAL (3 years ago)
Which is the best of these
FURY GAMING (3 years ago)
I subscribed! Loved it. I have a question, is the vo5 matt clay water soluble or do i have ro use shampoo and conditioner to get it out of my hair? Please answer!!
Shoaib Ather (3 years ago)
ahaha i got the garnier surf hair for a pound at poundworld and i actually like it tbh

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