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Lee Sung Kyung's Top 5 BEST Fashion Moments | The Kossip List

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Text Comments (22)
Meow Cabrera (4 months ago)
i looooveee u kim bok joo
Helen Scott (7 months ago)
Lee sung kyung is so beautiful
Net Pham (9 months ago)
she is so beautifl
Zaineb Adnan (11 months ago)
Please tell me about Lee Song Kyung
Zaineb Adnan (11 months ago)
Very beautiful
Vova Adibekov (1 year ago)
0:16 elf from Skyrim.
Ayaat Wadi (1 year ago)
"now boyfriend nam joo hyuk" I am in tearsssssss because they broke up way to watch this video late my heart hurts because of them
Just Saying (1 year ago)
The ASIA'S Gigi Hadid.
distefano 210 (1 year ago)
Just Saying she's way better than Gigi.
joohee sung (1 year ago)
My Idol!!!
Jessa Gambol (1 year ago)
awesome video,great Kossip list!Good Job! heart heart from Philippines
Jessa Gambol (1 year ago)
love Namlee
HarperPolo (1 year ago)
Woah Nam Joohyuk must be a freaking giant, she's in heels and he's still taller than her by a lot
Tuyến Vũ Trung (1 year ago)
She is so so beautiful and charming😘😘😘
Piera sanchanshi (1 year ago)
The Melon Music Award Red Carpet is also my favorite, love the dress, the shoes, the make up and her confidence.
Christina P. (1 year ago)
Awesome video!! Love love love it. You put so much effort into your videos and I just want to say I along with everyone else appreciate it so so so much. Keep up the great work~ thank you so much for another amazing video
Kossip News (1 year ago)
Thank you soo much Christina for always leaving such supportive comments and for watching my vids!! 🤗 xoxoxo 😘💜
Hannah Buk (1 year ago)
I love your show sooo much!!!! 💕💕💕 I've been a follower for ages but literally you really work so hard on this comeback and I honestly think Kossip is the best, your my go to for kceleb news!!!! I recommend you do an updated list of the best kceleb couples since there have been some breakups and some new formed ones since your last video dedicated to it 😊
Kossip News (1 year ago)
Aww this is the sweetest comment ever!!😭😄!! Thank you so much Ana!! I really appreciate your support and encouragement!! 🤗!! Yass! It's on my to-do list for sure :))! xo 💕💕
me: *sends the link to nam joohyuk*
Mi Rae (5 months ago)
huiting haha 😂 same 😂💞
Kossip News (1 year ago)

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