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Tribe Men Jump 80 Feet Into the Ground

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More at: http://www.reallybored.net Yet another reason why vines are infinitely better than bungee cords or steel cables.
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Text Comments (1974)
Thomas Tubman (1 month ago)
Hold my beer
Pew Pew (2 months ago)
That’s what I call a tribal jump
Morena Redcloud (4 months ago)
They also did this in South America 💕
bingamin button (10 months ago)
Dont you all just love the human race. This type of shit is why we dont get invaded by ailiens.
Liam Klein (1 year ago)
Fucking idiots. Culture be dammed, theyre being idiotic
ITS A TWIN THING XOXO (1 year ago)
They might not even be black or African they could be Indian and I dose not matter what race they are #YOU WHITE PEOPLE DO STUPIDER STUFF NO JOKE YOU MAKE THE STUPIDEST CHOICES EVER AND CANT EVEN DO ANYTHING NORMAL
Dusty Jarvis (1 year ago)
I'm never going bungee jumping in Africa
Aiden Snacklad (1 year ago)
Dusty Jarvis that's Vanuatu an island in the pacific
Jamie c (2 years ago)
smh shit black people do
Stephen Zakaria (2 years ago)
This is no different from modern day stunt prominent precariously in USA
i scream (2 years ago)
on the one hand, what do you expect on the other, these are probably 10x the men american blacks are
David Kavalcenti (2 years ago)
I do it without vines...
Jordan Edwards (2 years ago)
Hand me my beer
Jose Mendosa (2 years ago)
I rarely feel grateful for being from Saudi Arabia and this moment is one of them.
UrBoiDeath_666 (2 years ago)
I don't see the point in this. what's their gain?
Matthew Chow (8 months ago)
@UrBoiDeath_666 rite of passage, also social cohesion
UrBoiDeath_666 (2 years ago)
They are proving that they are mentally unstable
Tomatoo (2 years ago)
It's to prove that you're a man
Tomatoo (2 years ago)
They become men.
Msw .9 (2 years ago)
Welp that's enough YouTube for one day
Jerby X (2 years ago)
This is what people are suppose to be but no they wanna build houses and pay taxes,get bitches pregnant and so on.
QuickDraw (1 year ago)
Kree Tastic lol your just a virgin m8
Reinhardt Cronje (2 years ago)
Dunmore (3 years ago)
They seem smart.
Veronica Sagrero (3 years ago)
PPK1 (3 years ago)
Allahu akbar
Drea B (3 years ago)
Fucc all racist blacks is god original people
Ryan Hunt (1 year ago)
Hayden Scott yeah try telling that to a bigot racist themselves, you'll be there all day.
Hayden Scott (2 years ago)
Drea B thats racist though
Resolute Support (3 years ago)
That tower looks so fuckin primitive holy fuck lmfao
Pun Race (3 years ago)
Origin bungee jump now white people copy this
Egyptian_Thoth (3 years ago)
Whites and other races are judging these people when you have dumb ass Whites dying every day from dumb shit like fucking with animals and jumping out of planes. Shut the living fuck up you hypocritical mutant skinned fuckers.
Big Thief Sweaty (1 year ago)
Egyptian_Thoth i like how u mention whites over and over again
Elfin Stuff (2 years ago)
nice b8
Egyptian_Thoth (3 years ago)
@Nick van der Wolde You must be one of those people that just got blocked AGAIN. LMAO.
Egyptian_Thoth (3 years ago)
@ThankYou Thor And you sound like a fool that's been blocked and comment removed. LOL.
Victoria Love (3 years ago)
+Egyptian_Thoth I think whites influenced them. You see other people with hats and T-shirts. The uninfluenced tribes don't fuck around like that.
jean-pascal Osca (4 years ago)
Incroyablement magnifique. C'est super courageux de leurs part. Merci.
rani freya (4 years ago)
what an awesome culture... really cool
Occasionally Wrong (4 years ago)
Origin of bungee jumping? ...That was chilling. 
J Bird (4 years ago)
im making one in my back yard
Rebecca Hunt (1 year ago)
J Bird Good luck with that!
BrutalExoticsTV (4 years ago)
jason antigua (4 years ago)
Fucking idiots.
ultramagnusone (3 years ago)
right....because bungee cords never snap and no one has ever died bungee jumping....right
Riley Jordan (3 years ago)
@ultramagnusone well bungee cords stretch and are designed for jumping. Vines... Well...
ultramagnusone (4 years ago)
And bungee jumpers in western countries are what?...geniuses?
Josh Ramirez (4 years ago)
No blacks are not the least intelligent race every race had their own traditions that are different and black people are very intelligent and shouldn't be based off of one thing if you actually spend time with black people you'll know how intelligent they are
SanteeNL (2 years ago)
@garry johnson There is a reason why Africa consisted of tribesman when we sailed the world.
SanteeNL (4 years ago)
@Josh Ramirez Yes they are? xD
Tom Selleck (4 years ago)
@TheSoloAsylum Jewish IQ was 80 points when they emigrated to America, now its 115. Third gen mexicans have an IQ equal to Italians, Hindu have an IQ of around 80 in India but higher in first world countries. Education, nutrition, language, culture and plenty other things affect IQ-
TheSoloAsylum (4 years ago)
The average black IQ is 80. The average Mexican IQ is 86. Dont hate me these are not my facts. This video should be used in evolution debates..
Anna Lee (4 years ago)
noo way..
sirpence (5 years ago)
The fuck is this?
Reply (5 years ago)
Hey dummies ,these aren't africans ,they are from the south Pacific ,why do I even read these comments any more.
ckbond41 (5 years ago)
Thats where bungee jumps came from..
jeremiah clivestone (6 years ago)
Hitchens supported the Bush regime and their war on terror. I don't care if he was well researched, he was still a fucking moron.
Daniel Shevlin (2 months ago)
When you say terror you mean to say extremists of the Islamic faith.Now I'm first to say both Bush's were total cunts,but trying to stop Islamic extremists from enforcing their bronze age beliefs on the rest of the world is a good thing no matter who does it.I hate Trump,I hate everything about him,but if he chose to fight these 'terrorists' I'd be on his side for that at least.Fuck knows why you're banging on about Bush and Hitchens on here anyway?
Elijah Huerta (6 years ago)
wtf? dude whats your problem?
cheekywasp (6 years ago)
I saw this on An Idiot Abroad.
Paul De Lang (6 years ago)
right and wat is it they want to acomplisch
akuffo96 (6 years ago)
"if the vine snaps, he'll hit the ground at 50 miles an hour, which is exactly why we're going to broadcast it on live television"
Oscar Andersen (6 years ago)
''Young boys get to jump from lower heights, in his case 25 feet'' DAMN, WHAT A LUCKY KID!!
koovidsrcool (6 years ago)
to think some people are still living like this while the rest of the world has advanced to technology and computers crazy isnt it.
eyob eshetu (6 months ago)
Don't think those who has everything is happier than those who has less.here you don't find sucide, depression and imoral life style
Jim Davies (6 years ago)
Jim Davies (6 years ago)
No Bye Bye FUCKER leave !!
Marck Footer (6 years ago)
Che Mosquito (6 years ago)
"its an epic jump"
Jim Davies (6 years ago)
Cosma Alex (6 years ago)
i am gay for stating the truth? then what the fuck are you for throwing random words at me?
Jim Davies (6 years ago)
Shut Up Homie!
Jim Davies (6 years ago)
1:58 Perfect Jump My ASS.
Joe Akiki (6 years ago)
This is bungee
KARLOSTAR100 (6 years ago)
i can only jump 20 feet or so
Cosma Alex (6 years ago)
lol tards
Astral fox (6 years ago)
Just clearing something up, these guys are from Vanuatu, not Africa. I don't think the video mentioned it.
PapaKulakhov (6 years ago)
Jesus (6 years ago)
Tribes are fucking stupid
* Richualize (6 years ago)
Lol. Maybe 2% of you racists actually come out in the real world for being so. That's so sad that you need to gain confidence by seeing other racists' comments .. I pity you all. Continue to waste your time on the internet, making racist remarks to help you with your nearly non-existent confidence.
Samyoual Jaxon (6 years ago)
low budget bungee
max Chichkarev (6 years ago)
What is the point of this
crossmethod23 (6 years ago)
"Hey! Watch This!"
skier540s (6 years ago)
Stupid Mortals
Knuls (6 years ago)
I do heroin jumps every day. Where's my video?
Charlie Carrizo (6 years ago)
There's no bungee
Charlie Carrizo (6 years ago)
They aren't savages. They know exactly how the rest of the world lives, they just like their way better, and if they were idiots, how would they build 100 ft towers with specially made collapsing platforms so that they don't rip their legs off when the vine pull tight?
Charlie Carrizo (6 years ago)
Charlie Carrizo (6 years ago)
I saw another video of this same tribe in my geography class. It's over by New Zealand somewhere. It looks extremely dangerous, and obviously it still is pretty dangerous, but they actually have some pretty good safety measures
Eddard Liebber (6 years ago)
Not about IQ pal. More than 90% of the world still believe in a supernatural divinity/ies - nuffsaid
The8thDOCTOR (6 years ago)
I hope they get an invite to the White House.
ForsakenWasteland (7 years ago)
JaleighaEdwards (7 years ago)
Why does every video with black people in it have to bring racist comments?
jocelinstoychannel (7 years ago)
Omg a seven year old jumping?!?!?!?! WTF
Spidey Malta (7 years ago)
In fact I find it unbelieveable that their IQs are high!!!
Spidey Malta (7 years ago)
If I say that these people are savages and idiots, does that make me a racist? Cos its the truth!
abraham hernandez (7 years ago)
They are crazy , idiot , icnorant , I won't do it for million of dollars ,
crizen tecson (7 years ago)
wat a shit!
Almatrium (7 years ago)
It is not in Africa but rather in Papua New Guinea or Vanuatu. In addition, you can not judge because it is a different culture and education than yours guys...
IchibanBaller (7 years ago)
the fact that you always hit the ground on your jump?
Rustedblade (7 years ago)
@NTComputer86 They were doing it long before we were bungee jumping., where do you think WE got the idea ^^
elrenato82 (7 years ago)
It looks really dangerous but it seems it isn't. How peculiar!
theblenderfender (7 years ago)
1:31 eeeewww
Neil Caulfield (7 years ago)
How did they come up with that idea
PokeTheKitty (7 years ago)
Good Lord, just hearing the announcer describe that made me nervous! Forget that...
edwin huffle (7 years ago)
JYG (7 years ago)
HAHAHA!! Little phillip get to go fist and..LLOLOLOL willy warren!! :P
akinnon2000 (7 years ago)
@paroxtastic Lol At least one person died in how many hundred of years !?!? Seam safer than everything i know. You could slip in your bath and die.
TheGoopyGloop (7 years ago)
@paroxtastic Yeah, but you don't have, like, 3 million people doing this every 3 fucking seconds.
matrich2010 (7 years ago)
any reason is fucking stupid.
SuperSaiyanHakiUser (7 years ago)
@matrich2010 So people doing to go to pass on to manhood is more stupid than those who do it to kill time?
SuperSaiyanHakiUser (7 years ago)
@IanTrippz Are you 8?
IanTrippz (7 years ago)
@SuperSaiyanHakiUser blah blah blah
SuperSaiyanHakiUser (7 years ago)
@IanTrippz No, people like you are the least intelligent. You know why africa has so many tribes still around? Cause Africans were the first people to be on this earth and this is proof that they are still intact with their historical roots. This is their way of becoming a man and not just physically but mentally.
IanTrippz (7 years ago)
Arent blacks like the least intelligent out of the races? ,, cuse this is fucking proof..
Anne Arbule (7 years ago)
matrich2010 (7 years ago)
cannot be more stupid than that
Allan Henry Davis (7 years ago)
where r ur cloths
tuandoann (7 years ago)
Dan Huddleston (7 years ago)
mad bastards
shakur richardson (7 years ago)
i used to jump off houses.. then i took a brick to the face it hurts
lex longman (7 years ago)
little phillip is the fuckin man....like a BOSS
IOooiiiooOI (7 years ago)
Haha savages
Gluue E (7 years ago)
@MrDarkpwner ikr, i was funny back then when only a few got it
LiSpp (7 years ago)

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