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3 weeks with a total cover plus hair system

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3 weeks with a hair system
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Truth seeker UK (2 days ago)
what is the flagship salon in London you mention ?
Fred Acton (8 days ago)
Hey Phil, I could be wrong but I never seen a before of you. You think you can do a before and after video? Just curious what you looked like before you went with Total Cover Plus and can you explain as well why you decided to wear a hair system as opposed to just staying a bald person. Did being bald bother you or did you see a total cover plus ad and say hey that could be me. We're getting to know you more and more and so I was just wanted to know more about why you did a hair system and what you looked like before getting Total cover plus on your head as I mentioned before. Thanks, mate.
youngKobe (10 days ago)
How much does it cost and total cost each system, because if you get it changed every 2/3 months thats a lot of money
Phil S (10 days ago)
youngKobe hi , with a “normal” density hair system they average out ( for me ) around 4 months . Like I said in the video the low density lasted 2.5 months . Pricing is explained on another of my videos .
Steve Marz (10 days ago)
Appreciate this Phil. Aside from the fact you look 25 with your hair system it's just a great tutorial. Better then some of the others I seen describing hair systems. Really wonderful work. Your a lucky guy, you were blessed with good looks I can see that and the system helps bring them out more. Thanks again
David Ruff (8 days ago)
+Phil S cheers mate! Appreciated!
Phil S (8 days ago)
David Ruff nice one mate . Enjoy! Any issues, just ask 👍🏻
David Ruff (8 days ago)
Love your vids mate. Getting my first system in Glasgow next week. And absolutely buzzing. Thanks for the reassurance haha!!!
Phil S (10 days ago)
Steve Marz thanks buddy 👍🏻👍🏻

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