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3 weeks with a total cover plus hair system

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3 weeks with a hair system
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Andrés Meco (15 days ago)
You are so hot I wanna cry
Phil S (15 days ago)
Andrés Meco thanks 😊
Ryan Turner (18 days ago)
Imagine just shaving your head, looking good, and living the rest of your life worry free from your balding insecurity.
Phil S (17 days ago)
Ryan Turner Imagine leaving people alone , letting them do what they want to do and what makes “THEM” feel confident in themselves. letting them live their lives worry free from people like you. Luckily I’ve done something about my “ insecurities “ because it was a physical one . Some people like yourself can’t change theirs as its deep dark within them . Good luck with that 👍🏻
C McCloud (20 days ago)
You're 39?!! Jesus christ, other than the hair loss you won the genetic lottery dude.
Phil S (4 days ago)
Mark Hadley thanks buddy
Mark Hadley (4 days ago)
Phil, I thought you were about 25! I thought "oh, this guy is much younger than me, so it probably won't be that relevant to my situation."But I watched till the end anyway & glad I did.
Phil S (20 days ago)
C McCloud lol cheers bud
Adam Gets Healthier (1 month ago)
do you go back for a cut every month or do you cut it yourself? I'm currently deciding whether I should just go to my stylist every 4 months when I need a new system.
matthewnour97 (17 days ago)
Watch YouTube videos all you really need is the tools and mirror and patience
Adam Gets Healthier (1 month ago)
+Phil S Ah I see. Yeah I really love that skin fade look! Wish I knew how to do it myself.
Phil S (1 month ago)
Adam Gets Healthier I go every 4-5 weeks ( because I like the skin fade look ) if u have longer hair then you won’t need to go as often
lilly mai (1 month ago)
Wow this looks great!! Need to get my other half onto this. I literally had no idea thought hair transplant was the only option which is obviously abit expensive. I'm in southampton were did you get this done? Your accent sound similar to mine lol
Alex Taylor (22 hours ago)
+lilly mai ... check out Tom and Amy at "The Dude Lab" ... they are up the road in Basingstoke. I go there and the level of service is amazing! :)
lilly mai (1 month ago)
+Phil S thank you so much for the reply!! And it looks great going to look into it 😊
Phil S (1 month ago)
lilly mai I go to the “hair lounge” in Godalming, Surrey 😊
Minhaj Uddin (1 month ago)
Is this real human or artificial hair?? How real does it feel?
Phil S (4 days ago)
Jay not that I’m aware of .
Jay (7 days ago)
Phil S is it always from Asia? Is there European too?
Phil S (1 month ago)
Minhaj Uddin Real human hair from Asia . Feels great 👍🏻👍🏻
cowboyboots2 (1 month ago)
Hello Phil, I was wondering , how often do you take yours off to clean off the old bond , as I found after my first 5 week of wearing a unit the bonded started to smell (gross) so now I’m unit free and scared to re-apply it lol But I was wondering do you take yours off for a deep clean , or did I do something wrong .
cowboyboots2 (1 month ago)
Phil S thanks mate, I booked a refit and all is well :)
Minhaj Uddin (1 month ago)
Which bond do you use?
Phil S (1 month ago)
cowboyboots2 no , I only take it off at the Salon and they cleaning it completely .
Phil S (1 month ago)
cowboyboots2 I go every 4 weeks mate . I never get a smell from it even at 4 weeks .
Pete San (1 month ago)
Great job man. What type of glue is that you don’t need to wait to dry before you fix the lift part?
Chester Lun (1 month ago)
What you said to girls about this ?
Dante (2 months ago)
looks like a pile of hair landed on your head
Joseph Dorino (1 month ago)
It looks great in my opinion . haters gonna hate.
Phil S (2 months ago)
Dante 😂😂 👍🏻
TheDHOOMY (2 months ago)
what is the hair density (%) in hair toupee you are wearing
Phil S (2 months ago)
TheDHOOMY I believe Total cover plus don’t do percentage of density in their hair systems. This one is low density.
Kris Jeneson (2 months ago)
I think your hair looks great. I've been considering a system for sometime, are you still happy? Can you share or recomend anyone..
Phil S (2 months ago)
Kris Jeneson hi there , I totally recommend “Total cover plus” if you’re south of England y hair salon is The hair lounge , Godalming. Give them a shout. 👍🏻 Good luck
Eriq Kunz (2 months ago)
Phil, you look really wonderful with your system. I've noticed that the liquid adhesive seems to be so popular in the UK. On the other side of the pond, this happy user has abandoned that bonding adhesive in favor of tapes; it works much better in my opinion. Lasts a good long time without the need for addressing the lifts. Don't know if that is a popular or usual option in the UK. If you care to offer your thoughts, please do.
Eriq Kunz (2 months ago)
+Phil S : Right you are! Thanks for your reply.
Phil S (2 months ago)
Eriq Kunz Hi there , ive had tape before and I didn’t get on with it . The system raised more and was bouncy . It didn’t feel Secure: but each to there own :-)
CelestialWoodway (3 months ago)
The hair looks really thick to me despite what you said!
Chris Mulligan (3 months ago)
What is the name of the conditioner spray you are using. P.s your hair looks super
Truth seeker UK (3 months ago)
+Chris Mulligan No problem Chris. I'm getting mine done at Salon 209 in London now after some less than successful experiences elsewhere. You're very right to highlight the stylists as I've had several ranging from very good ( unfortunately he moved to Cyprus ) to absolutely diabolical. The stylists might profess to being well trained and fitted numerous systems yet their styling is often very poor and they do not allow for time in between clients if something needs altering, style is not what was asked for and seem extremely reluctant to acknowledge if they have done a poor job as was the case at The Hair Lounge and even charged for attempting to re-fix / cut their incompetence. For me the systems are genuinely good, last for more than 7 weeks ( providing you take care of them ) and the bond can be excellent - which most people seem to be concerned with but believe me finding the right salon and stylist is perhaps the most important factor when getting the system attached, styled and cut. I think with Phil's hair in the video it is pretty good and he seems pleased yet I strongly suspect they spend more time on him as he is their showcase model and not simply another number .
Chris Mulligan (3 months ago)
+Truth seeker UK thanks so much for your advice. Ye looking at phils style and hair it looks very good. But i get what you mean. Alot of companies just want your money and have you in and out. Lazy stylists who dont care about you or the way there products looks. Where do you get your system ?
Truth seeker UK (3 months ago)
+Chris Mulligan no problem at all. I just want people to be aware that The hair lounge is best avoided, although I can recommend the system itself as styled and applied correctly it can and does work very well. In regards to Hair4all I've not personally heard anything or had direct dealings with, only seen many of their videos which do look impressive but a little put off by the longevity of their systems after reading a little on forums. Any other questions I'd be happy to advise : )
Chris Mulligan (3 months ago)
+Truth seeker UK thank you for your advice. It is very much appreciated. Can i ask if you have ever heard anything negative about hair4all ?
Truth seeker UK (3 months ago)
+Chris Mulligan Hi Chris - I'm a TCP customer as well and the product itself is and can be very good although a word of advice . I would strongly advise not to go to the salon mentioned in this video ( The Hair Lounge Godalming ) . The service is extremely poor and the hair styling is very unprofessional, borderline negligent and their after care is abysmal - they even charge an extra fee for mistakes they make ! They rush appointments - they book too many clients in and then if they overrun one or two customers suffer in having their particular appointment rushed in order for the salon to get back on schedule. Plus its the most expensive salon offering TCP hair systems, even more than central London.
Truth seeker UK (3 months ago)
what is the flagship salon in London you mention ?
Fred Acton (3 months ago)
Hey Phil, I could be wrong but I never seen a before of you. You think you can do a before and after video? Just curious what you looked like before you went with Total Cover Plus and can you explain as well why you decided to wear a hair system as opposed to just staying a bald person. Did being bald bother you or did you see a total cover plus ad and say hey that could be me. We're getting to know you more and more and so I was just wanted to know more about why you did a hair system and what you looked like before getting Total cover plus on your head as I mentioned before. Thanks, mate.
youngKobe (3 months ago)
How much does it cost and total cost each system, because if you get it changed every 2/3 months thats a lot of money
14ognen (2 months ago)
With a medium density and weekly re fit , I get 5 months. Using hair systems 1.5 years
Phil S (3 months ago)
youngKobe hi , with a “normal” density hair system they average out ( for me ) around 4 months . Like I said in the video the low density lasted 2.5 months . Pricing is explained on another of my videos .
Steve Marz (3 months ago)
Appreciate this Phil. Aside from the fact you look 25 with your hair system it's just a great tutorial. Better then some of the others I seen describing hair systems. Really wonderful work. Your a lucky guy, you were blessed with good looks I can see that and the system helps bring them out more. Thanks again
David Ruff (3 months ago)
+Phil S cheers mate! Appreciated!
Phil S (3 months ago)
David Ruff nice one mate . Enjoy! Any issues, just ask 👍🏻
David Ruff (3 months ago)
Love your vids mate. Getting my first system in Glasgow next week. And absolutely buzzing. Thanks for the reassurance haha!!!
Phil S (3 months ago)
Steve Marz thanks buddy 👍🏻👍🏻

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