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Golden Round Trip, Switzerland, 11th October 2011

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This is a record of one of the magnificent rail/boat journeys that are available in Switzerland. I did this trip with my wife in October 2011 and although there was snow on the top of Mount Pilatus, it was surprisingly warm. The trip can be done either way, but we decided to start in Lucerne. First there was a boat journey to Alpnachstad. Then we picked up the ride on the worlds steepest cog railway to the summit of Mount Pilatus. Then the descent on the other side of the mountain starts on the Aerial Cableway to Frakmuntegg. Then the Panoramic Gondola takes you further down the mountain to Kriens, where a short bus ride took us into the heart of Kriens. We then took a train to Hergiswil where we were staying. The day was fantastic. Thanks Philhill1955
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Lou McConnell (2 months ago)
Been up three times 2003!2009, 2016 stayed the night in the circular hotel on a Swiss Rail promotion watched the sun come up at 6ish in the morning ; meals were fab.
Eli Thornton (3 months ago)
not on a steam boat😭
L Roper (4 months ago)
I'm from upstate South Carolina and enjoyed this video so much. Thank you for letting us see such an extraordinary place. Absolutely breath taking. Maybe one day.
Oded Hen (1 year ago)
so october is a good time for switzerland? i have 4 days off work in october. where should i go?? (i love only nature.) thanks
Gurmukh Thadani (1 year ago)
Old man
Tourist Road Track (2 years ago)
MRK Yaqoobzai (2 years ago)
Thank You very much for the Reply, I was expecting the your kind Reply to be late coz it's not a an sms, Facebook messenger or other social media platform. I appreciate your kindness. thanks for the Video and the information. take good care of your self.
MRK Yaqoobzai (2 years ago)
Hi Dear if You Please inform Me " How much it cost you 1st in Ferry from Lucern 2nd that Train ride upto the Peak than the 3rd ride of the Cable car and than 4th chairlifts to Kriens. it will be so nice of You. and one thing More the Swiss pass works for the all the Journeys. ( Swiss pass cost 180 franks for 1 year and You will get half fair through Switzerland ).
Mrs. Grey (5 months ago)
Philip Hill what was the name of that tourist information office and which card was that like- sbb or raileurope? Please let me know. Thanks 🙏🏼
Philip Hill (2 years ago)
Hi Muhammad, Dont forget though that the price I have mentioned was 5 years ago, so obviously the prices will be a lot more now.
Philip Hill (2 years ago)
Hi Muhammad, Sorry for the delay in replying but I do not check my videos very much. When myself and my wife were in Switzerland we went into a tourist information office where the lady was very helpful. She was able to offer us a pass for all forms of travel over 5 consecutive days. There was a special offer on at the time so it cost 90 GBP for both of us. This allowed us to travel on trains, boats, cable cars & buses for no additional cost.
Christine Leroy (2 years ago)
C'est plus beau que la tour Eiffel à Paris. Merci beaucoup à tous pour m'envoyer des vidéos à couper le souffle.
Macheeny ? (2 years ago)
Macheeny ? (2 years ago)
Christine Leroy tais-too chienne
Philip Hill (2 years ago)
Bonjour Christine, vous avez raison les vues sont absolument à couper le souffle. Et on ne se lasserait jamais de les regarder. J'espère que ma traduction en français est ok.
Equalizer (2 years ago)
Visited there in '85 ... Took the Cable car up & down ... Thanks for the Great Footage
sk zk (3 years ago)
waiting for ur future videos on Switzerland
sk zk (2 years ago)
Ok thanks
Philip Hill (2 years ago)
Hi Samina, thanks for your comments. I have been to Switzerland 2 more times since 2011, I have lots of footage of the Glacier express and Bernina express journeys I have done. But I haven't got round to compiling a video for Youtube. maybe I will in the near future. Sorry for not replying sooner, but I tend not to check my youtube channel much these days.
sk zk (3 years ago)
Ok thanks
Philip Hill (3 years ago)
+Samina Kashif I did have a holiday in Switzerland in October 2015, but I haven't compiled a video from all my clips. I enjoyed a complete journey on the "Glacier Express" the "Bernina Express" as well as more cable car rides. Perhaps I may compile a short video in the near future.
sk zk (3 years ago)
superb. love you for this video. ahhhh my second love Switzerland. really enjoyed alll and alll video.
Lilalubenice Sladjana (3 years ago)
Philip Hill (4 years ago)
Unfortunately not. I'm not sure trying that because of my advanced years would be a good idea. Lol
speakout1100 (4 years ago)
Thanks for that. Am tempted to try that out. Did you go on the toboggan run?
Philip Hill (4 years ago)
I think you enjoyed the video from your comments. It was truly a great exprience and I would recommend it to everyone. Regards Phil 
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Filipina Cuesta (4 years ago)
It is advisable to start in Luzern City, by  boat going to Alpnachstadt then going up riding by COGWHEEL TRAIN. From MOUNT PILATUS - KULM , going down by  groupe SAILBAHN , then riding again in  small SAILBAHN going down to KRIENS.
celeriacmarcus (5 years ago)
Igaz, de nyaron az legszebb.
Prakash Mishra (5 years ago)
mailme pics on [email protected]
Prakash Mishra (5 years ago)
i visited on 22nn to 24 may 2013 switzerland canwe exchnge our pics visit my face bookpl
László Körmendi (5 years ago)
Ellenállhatatlan szépségek ! Mindenkinek kötelezö legalább egyszer !
Crab 939 (5 years ago)
It appears taking cable tram provides a far better view than the cog railway.
Philip Hill (7 years ago)
I love Switzerland also now.
Shevchenko-EE-Film (7 years ago)
Love Switzerland. Hi from Moscow

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