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Sony ILCE QX-1 Lens Style Camera - Hands On

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If we thought the point-and-shoot QX models are unwieldy, imagine attaching a larger, longer lens on the QX1. Sony says that the QX1 will ship without an actual lens in the U.S., which probably indicates they expect this model to appeal to users who have already invested in Sony lenses. Hopefully that means the price will be fairly low. In essence, the QX1 turns your smartphone into a mirrorless camera. The QX1 also works with Sony’s A-mount lenses, but it’ll require an additional, optional adapter. This model will sell for $400, and will be available in November. Sony will also be selling a couple accessories for the QX line. There’s a tilt adapter (ADP-FSK1) coming, which will let you mount your QX camera on your phone at different angles (which sounds precarious), and a carrying case (LCS-QXA) for the QX1, which includes a belt loop and shoulder strap. Like the previous QX cameras, both the QX1 and QX30 utilize your Android or iOS device’s display as a live-view display. Sony says the newest app, PlayMemories Mobile version 5.0, has an updated user interface that has gridlines for framing and a mirror mode for self-portraits (although we aren’t quite sure how the latter makes sense, since you can detach the lens when you want to take a selfie). http://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/new-sony-qx1-qx30-action-cam-mini-unveiled-ifa-2014/
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Marjana sukhi (1 year ago)
Sir India price kya hai
Zhorell Ski (3 years ago)
Works with manual lens too?
Karen Landers (3 years ago)
take advantage of this product actually FReE whilst currently readily available: tinyurl. com\p69dbs9 . delete space.
Chris Pointon (3 years ago)
Zoom is on the lens, not the body.
photofilmagem (3 years ago)
what the fuck is this!!!!
June Mizoguchi (4 years ago)
I just recently got QX-10 for my gadget collection to my OMD EM-5 camera I use with a pro lens.  I don't consider these kind a main stream replacement to any of high end DSLR or M4/3 like mine.  QX100 was nice and seems like this QX1 is cool as well with your standard sony  lens but still a gadget.  Why someone would spend $$$ lens and use  smartphone.   They should just keep some of these as quick point shoot usage.    I just got these to play with it when I do not want carry my OMD for non important photos. 
Jon KC (4 years ago)
It's lagging.... lol
Israel Magalit (4 years ago)
Severely lacking in info. Made no mention that this is an interchangeable lens camera. Had to watch other videos to find out. Also no mention of the sensor size.
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
at 1:20... you do know it works with iOS as well (in otherwords iphones and ipad)

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