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More detailed post on my blog: https://www.chelseainbali.com/blog/how-to-travel-in-bali-on-a-budget Tips for travelling in Bali and helpful hints when trying to stick to a budget. Transport, accommodation, food, drinks, and activities.
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Noa Summers (2 days ago)
Thanks for the tips!
Irvin Candelaria (2 months ago)
Good stuff!
GI GI7! (3 months ago)
Thank you!!
Blacklea (6 months ago)
Thanks so much Chelsea. Great information. Much appreciated.
Dilshan Perera (6 months ago)
The Travel Brief (7 months ago)
Those are some great tips Chelsea! I lived in Ubud for a month last year, absolutely loved the place! I was too chicken to rent a scooter myself even if I did take a lesson lol, the hills and turns in Ubud was a bit daunting. Anyway, you seem like a wise traveller with lots to share, would love if you can check out www.thetravelbrief.com and write some practical travel tips for us, like the ones you share in your blog and vlogs :) You can use the Invite code FLY, looking forward to seeing your travel wisdoms shared on the platform :)
Alysia Rice (7 months ago)
where do you park the scooter once you arrive at your location?
Salih AyYildiz (7 months ago)
You should park it in the same spot everyone else park it. It should be a spot near the beach. I am traveling there next week, if you dont get a response until then, i will let you now. haha :D
Aphony66 (9 months ago)
Smokin hot babe!
Dhika Winanto (11 months ago)
Nice video
Chelsea B (11 months ago)
Thank you!!

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