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Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : Understand Writing Strokes in Handwriting Analysis

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Learn to use a person's writing strokes to determine their handwriting style in this free handwriting analysis video series from our graphology expert. Expert: Carmen Lynne Bio: Carmen Lynne, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has been in private practice since January 2007 assisting clients in achieving their personal goals in such areas as habit modification, stress reducti Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
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Tanisha Agarwal (3 years ago)
what about people who make strokes only in certain letters?
Xarre S. (6 years ago)
It says "...has many lofty ideas and things they want to do" not what they just did or never did. You probably misunderstood. xD
robbiedaug (6 years ago)
ObeyBunny (8 years ago)
I can't see anything beyond that huge caption box. Can you please re-edit your video so that the text box only appears for a few seconds at either the begining or the end of the video? thanks.
Rossdhu16 (8 years ago)
No, no, no. on beginning strokes. Following through strokes are the crossing of the T's , where and how far. I do not know where you received you training.
Jim B (9 years ago)
Why is it different in a way that is signficant? The point was is that we know that one can physically convey emotional states. Just because this doesn't ALWAYS apply, that doesn't mean that it NEVER applies - it just means that you have found exceptions. Similarly, there is no logic in saying 'I have found an exception where due to some (dramatic) physical change, writing analysis couldn't apply, and that means it can never apply at all in any instance!' It's a simple point.
Jim B (9 years ago)
!!! Body language is based on the premise that feelings affect physical posture. The two things would? therefore be linked in the brain. So, if you had a stroke and or were in a car crash or something that caused brain damage that caused the loss of ability to move your body, your feelings would have to show a change as well, and vice versa. The fact we know that people can lose the ability to move without an emotional change proves the two are NOT linked. Good logic? It's your own
Jim B (9 years ago)
That argument makes no sense! Your comparison with trying to analyse the writing of accident or stroke victims is like saying: "We can never tell anything from people's body language, as if someone's paralysed from the neck down then it can no longer apply" Do you think that's a good argument? Just because you can find instances where something can't apply, does that mean it can never apply at all? That's what you're saying.
Ray Soon (10 years ago)

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