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【HD】Sea Wave Sound of Winter 15 min/Nature Sound

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Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/ViluReef-Group/291863830855876 My Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/vilureef777?feature Help work,study,sleep,meditation,relaxing,chill out,healing 凍りついたテトラポッド(波消しブロック、消波ブロック)と波の音。 作業用BGM、勉強用BGM、睡眠用BGM、読書用BGM、ヨガ用BGM、休憩用BGMに最適なリラックスサウンド。 自然環境音で集中力UP、快眠効果、ストレス解消、安眠作用、ヒーリング、リラックス効果なども見込めます。 作業用BGM、読書用BGM、入眠用BGM、勉強用BGM、ヨガ用BGMなど様々な使い方ができる様に長時間再生動画にしました。その他のBGMはマイチャンネルからご覧になれます。 Tetrapods(breakwater designed to dissipate waves,made out of tetrapods) with sea wave. Relaxation effect can be expected in the natural environment with the fluctuation of sound 1 / f, work efficiency, good night's sleep effectiveness, and improve your concentration can be expected. Expected up concentration, the effect sound sleep, stress, good sleep effect, healing, relaxing sound effects as well as the natural environment. I was like a long time to be able to play video in various ways for work sounds, sounds for reading, sounds for sleep onset, and sounds for the study. I recommend this for those who want to improve the quality of sleep or who want to increase the work efficiency. Music to help Study and Work.Help falling asleep. You can get focused and relaxing when you listen this Chill Out Music!!
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Text Comments (8)
Jackie Bayliss (3 months ago)
Big Boss (6 months ago)
very good!! ^^👍😁😎
1292liam (3 years ago)
is that sheets of ice? Really is chilled sounds (!
+1292liam It's frozen Tetrapod.
Rita Franco (4 years ago)
It really helps me study covering the noise from the apartments around me. What beach is it, where is it?
Kanzari Zied (6 years ago)
whats in 11.34.........nothing special really bro!
snookervilleify (6 years ago)
Sarah Russo (1 year ago)
snookervilleify ???

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