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Prayer For Protection Against Evil - God Will Protect You

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http://rtrgtr.co/r/depyt/ Prayer For Protection Against Evil - God Will Protect You Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch all the latest prayers uploaded to the channel! :) http://ow.ly/21na30iNCKC You can SUPPORT and PARTNER with the ministry here: http://ow.ly/uDhX30kjdKy You can SHOP for ministry merch here: http://ow.ly/RS6s30mzUJw SOCIAL TWITTER: http://ow.ly/uy4N305sjNH FACEBOOK: http://ow.ly/ysyj305sjMH INSTAGRAM: http://ow.ly/dH7g305sjJV WEBSITE: http://www.dailyeffectiveprayer.com Welcome To The Prayer For Protection Against Evil. This is simply a video I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice. All I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly Father. Please continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself. Speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning protection against evil to reach deep into your spirit. Let us pray... Heavenly Father, we gather together here online and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus. Where two or more are gathered there You shall surely be and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do. The Bible says that if there is any unforgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying. Therefore we release any anger, bad feelings, resentment or any other wrong attitude before You now. We lay it at your feet and we release and forgive those who have wronged us. I lift up those watching this video and we come into agreement and lift up protection against evil. We declare that those listening dwell in the secret place of the Most High and that they remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty whose power no foe can withstand. Lord, You are their refuge and fortress. Together we agree that no evil shall befall them. No mistake or accident shall hurt them. No sickness or disease shall come near their home. They shall sleep soundly at night and in peace. Thank You that angels watch over them in all their ways of obedience and service. Thank You that these ministering spirits stand guard around them all the time. Lord, you are the confidence of those listening. They stand strong in Jesus. Reveal to them any hidden traps or dangers that come up as they live day by day. Show them how to go around or through what they are facing. You will never leave them nor forsake them. Jesus is their safety. As those listening keep their minds on You, perfect peace will fill their heart and mind. Thank You that You watch over Your Word to perform it. What we have lifted up to You now is done. We give You all the glory and all the praise! In Jesus Name. Amen. Scriptures: 2 Thess 3:3 1 John 5:19 Jer 1:12 Psalm 91 Rev 12:9 Psalm 34:7 Prov 3:26 2 Sam 22:3-4 Isa 49:25 Mark 4:35 Psalm 149:5 Psalm 3:5 Psalm 4:8 Prov 3:23 Psalm 112 Isa 26:3 Prov 3:24 Psalm 127:2 Luke 12:32 Heb 13:5 Isa 41:10 If you would like others to continue to pray with you visit: http://rtrgtr.co/r/depyt/ Prayer For School Children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTEXDIo3tcw Prayer For Sinners and Lost Souls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urApAyStyV8 Prayer For Healing Sickness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HGoivCkWN8 Prayer For Physical Healing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9PaB18wqU0 Prayer For Eyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF6DXop-X24 Prayer For Healing Family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyddhOMm4TQ Prayer For Divine Healing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcmKNbkYIAo Prayer For Healing Cancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hO1meKRoiQ Prayer For Salvation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdlhJiEDqJ8 Prayer For Holy Spirit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke9qjN4O6mE © Copyright DailyEffectivePrayer.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5KgRqul_0k prayer for protection against evil
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Text Comments (411)
Fanm Sa Belle (1 day ago)
In the name of Jesus Christ I stand in agreement with this prayer for eternity. Thank You God for answering this prayer in the favor of my love ones and myself for all of eternity, amen!
T Nguyen (9 days ago)
I believe and trust in you Father God for all the protection. Thank you for the peace of mind. In Jesus name amen
Janet Robles (11 days ago)
I Agree, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 🙏
jusna khan (11 days ago)
Lord Jesus of Nazareth. Please rebuke all evil plans from me and all my loved ones. THANK YOU God For your protection. AMEN
Janet Robles (12 days ago)
I Agree, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 🙏
Sandra Davis (14 days ago)
Yes God Yes!!!
Eleanor Flowers (18 days ago)
I agree and receive it in Jesus name Amen 🙏🙏
Janet Robles (20 days ago)
I Agree, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 🙏
Janet Robles (26 days ago)
I Agree, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 🙏
Antwan Winston (26 days ago)
Janet Robles (27 days ago)
I Agree, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 🙏
Adam Smart (28 days ago)
I agree with and decree and declare that this prayer is effective. Thank you for this prayer. From the UK.
Fiona Smart (28 days ago)
Amen. I believe and receive, through the blood shed by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and decree and declare that this prayer is effective immediately. Amen.
Vanessa bunnie (1 month ago)
when i was 15yrs old, i tried committing suicide. i took 20 pills. i was so close to death. my whole body swelled up. i got bumps all over my body. my throat was startin to close up and i could barely even breathe. i knew i was seconds away from death. i was gasping for air. i got scared and regretted it right away. i wished ive never done it. for the first time in my life, i cried out to God and told him i dont wanna die. i jus need help. plz help me. plz help me. i wept. within seconds, i felt this warmth, love and peace surround me. i knew for a fact it was God. within seconds, he healed my whole body. i could breathe. swelling was gone. he instantly delivered me from suicidal thoughts and depression after strugglin with it for 6yrs. psychiatrists and psychologists and takin their medicine never helped. the only thing that WORKED was when i cried out to God and asked him for help. he instantly saved me and delivered me and performed miracles on me. he gave me a new outlook on life. for once in my life i actually wanted to live and not die. that was something odd for me cuz for 6yrs i wanted to die so bad. my mom had cancer and shes the reason why i tried taking my life cuz i didnt wanna lose her. i lost her at 16yrs old and lost my dad at 17yrs old. i didnt kno Jesus until i was 24 n a half yrs old. im 25 now n my relationship with Jesus is so strong. hes helped me change into a whole diff person. ppl actually see the miraculous change in me. if it wasnt for Jesus, id be dead right now. The only healer u need is Jesus. hes our healer. Go to Jesus for healing. im living proof 😊💖 Jesus loves u😊💖 he wants u to repent and forsake ur sins, be born again and place ur faith n trust in him. start havin a personal relationship with Jesus and obey him 😊💖
DailyEffectivePrayer (1 month ago)
Amazing testimony! Thanks for sharing!
Wendy McFadyen-Allerby (1 month ago)
I agree with this prayer beloved Father, GLORY HALLELUJAH HONOUR, thank you beloved Father in JESUS loving name Amen
peter Mendis (1 month ago)
Thank you Lord amen
kimberly rodriguez (1 month ago)
Please guide and protect me from all evil dear lord.
YoungDcBabe Vevo (1 month ago)
In the name of Jesus I pray amen
Benny Becker (1 month ago)
Rashad Ordway (1 month ago)
Akilah Wallace (1 month ago)
Thank you God for removing a certain person out of my life today in jesus name amen
Jacqueline Davis (1 month ago)
Excellent prayer thank you
Raquel Quinn (1 month ago)
MissN Perfection (1 month ago)
Please lord help everything is going wrong! Please stay by me through these horrible times and show me your light! Amen!
Katie Mengue (1 month ago)
Please man of God pray for me I'm very stresse all the time when I'm not happy only hear voice in my mind like l just want to drink alcohol l drinking too much when I'm sad because my boyfriend he doesn't make me happy please l need peace in my life is bien 10 years now l never go back to my country I'm still waiting for home office l need god for a miracle I'm very depressed
DailyEffectivePrayer (1 month ago)
Praying for you. Be encouraged. 🙏
Katie Mengue (1 month ago)
Nazim Haffaf (1 month ago)
I am in full agreement with this prayer god bless you all Jesus Be with you 🙏🏼❤️✝️
Peter Sampson (1 month ago)
I am praying for miracles and life today God. Thank you for my awesome friends. Please help me?
Heather Hicks (1 month ago)
Agreed. Amen!!!
Retro MouseX (2 months ago)
I believe and receive in Jesus name. Amen.🕇
Maria Ortega (2 months ago)
Father Jesus Heal my body fibromyalgia anxiety stress fear amen Bless us all humans and family members Faith love heath wisdom Peace Abundantly amen
M3 Variety (2 months ago)
I love these Christian videos are just amazing Thank you for praying for us!.
Rashad Ordway (2 months ago)
🙏😇🙏🛡️⚔️🗡️⚔️🛡️ Jesus fight for me thank you Jesus 💪🛡️🧠🛡️🛡️❤️🛡️⚔️⚔️⚔️ 🙏
T Nguyen (2 months ago)
Father, what am I dealing with, I saw a dark figure staring at me? Even in my sleep one night when I gotten woken up in a strange way. Thank you, in advance for this prayer. In Jesus name amen.
Caroline Pohahau (2 months ago)
I agree 🙏🏽
Weirdbot (2 months ago)
Fire and Ice OfLight (2 months ago)
I pray to release any fear and ask that you help me to forgive those who have wronged me. Im Jesus name Amen.
Anna Jones (2 months ago)
I ask and agree with this prayer in Jesus name I ask amen
bulky turnip8211 (2 months ago)
Plz God protect me
Summer Love (2 months ago)
YAHAWA BA HA SHAM YAHAWASHI Please protect us and cover us in the blood of YAHAWASHI. Amen . 😭😭😭😢
Rashad Ordway (2 months ago)
Rashad Ordway (2 months ago)
The Devil is Lair. 👿👿👿
Wina Rhay (2 months ago)
Geri Oyi (3 months ago)
Amen may god bless my relationship better that d enemy of our relationship may not b able to do anything
Jurgita Zegunyte (3 months ago)
Amen 🙏
cheryl locke (3 months ago)
thank you
D Love (3 months ago)
Remove all evil from my life and family anything the enemy has put against me i believe in your holy precious name Jesus Christ amen
Krhyangkha Sangma (3 months ago)
Amen, I agree.
Eleanor Reyes (3 months ago)
Dear Lord Jesus thank you for protection for my family and myself. Thank you for protecting the orphans and widows and all the people who don't have anyone . Thank you for this website and all the people who work. Please protect them and their families. In the mighty and everlasting name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍💝🎈👼🌺
faris Antony (3 months ago)
I agree
Alicia Hall (3 months ago)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Barbara CScott (3 months ago)
Father I agree and thank you for your word and I praise you and your son holy name amen 😎
Susan Prey (3 months ago)
In agreement in Jesus name amen
Michelle Hamilton (3 months ago)
Thank you for this strong and fervent prayer. I am so in need of prayer right now. I have been going through so much difficulty in my life and sometimes feel God's presence and sometimes not so much. Thank you for allowing me this communion in prayer with you.
Scarlette Calahan (4 months ago)
Wanti Kurkalang (4 months ago)
Rashad Ordway (4 months ago)
Leslie M. Dowden (4 months ago)
Thank you God for protecting all good God fearing people against evil may they be exposed and dealt with as you see fit thank you for angels and I have faith you are in control in Jesus name i pray AMEN 🔩☝✌❤🔩
Melissa Sims (4 months ago)
why is it two or more?
DailyEffectivePrayer (4 months ago)
Thanks for your comment. Great question. That's all Jesus said was necessary to carry out a prayer of agreement (Matthew 18:20). Bless you! :)
sparsh Sharma (4 months ago)
im indian but the power of god is same fr everyone may god bless us all
sparsh Sharma (4 months ago)
in the name of jesus amen
Brenda Caceres (4 months ago)
Jesus never leave us. He loves us. Amen.
Hiep Nguyen (4 months ago)
In the power of Jesus name. Amen
Sheila Jarman (4 months ago)
In all mighty name of Jesus amen
MADTASTIC !! (4 months ago)
I feel like something is in my house, probably just a coincidence but things keeps falling when I’m alone
DailyEffectivePrayer (4 months ago)
Praying for protection for you. If you feel it is something evil tell whatever is it is not welcome and to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.
Monique know (5 months ago)
In the name of Jesus I agree with this prayer.
Leslie M. Dowden (5 months ago)
Yes Lord please do and keep me safe from bad dreams and worry when I close my eyes ..when I close my eyes put peaceful things there and dont let me worry about why they are bombing out at a range at night when I have never noticed they do ..just be with me and then I'll know ill be okay ..thank you Lord for my day and I appreciate the things that I have and not to want the things I don't have ..bless my lil town and keep peace in their hearts too ..in Jesus name i pray and for his sake..Amen...✌📖🔩
William Saltzmann (5 months ago)
I see no evil just bad people.
Heather Hicks (5 months ago)
Agreed. Amen!
I have no name (5 months ago)
God please get my phone back. They stole it
my self (5 months ago)
are you located in Chicago
jay b (5 months ago)
Amen...Thank you for this video it really helped
2trillf5 (5 months ago)
Toni Matthews (5 months ago)
I agree believe and receive this anointing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen
Lilikev 01 (5 months ago)
Thank you
Enlightened44 (5 months ago)
I touch and agree in Jesus name amen❣️❣️❣️🙌🙌🙌
DOREEN CHELIMO (5 months ago)
I believe in prayers since God has been faithful to me ..i had a nightmare but from the prayer God has renew my strength
VICTORYA NIKIEO (5 months ago)
Bianca Jones (5 months ago)
I come in agreement with this prayer in the name of Jesus! God Bless you.
s3ven Soulja (5 months ago)
I play this everynight , God bless yall
JulPepsi LWGolden (6 months ago)
In Jesus Name Amen
Y Jackson (6 months ago)
Father God Please Always Protect Me From My Enemies In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Amen.
Jonny Markus (6 months ago)
Kaz 78 (6 months ago)
JulPepsi LWGolden (6 months ago)
In Jesus Name Amen.
Pragna Parmar (6 months ago)
Thank you
Pragna Parmar (6 months ago)
Please pray for me
Alba Bautista (6 months ago)
God bless u 💖
Rosalind R (6 months ago)
Thank you.
JulPepsi LWGolden (6 months ago)
Love Love (6 months ago)
im precious name amen
Cindy C. (6 months ago)
In Jesus name Amen. Thank you
Michelle G. (6 months ago)
As Strangers Rise Up Against Me, I Decree & Declare this Annointed Prayer Ministry to Please Pray for Me & My Family In The Powerful Name of 🌾JESUS🌾Amen!
Jewel Grier (6 months ago)
Let no.harm come to me or my family
Sandra Nelson (7 months ago)
H Lotha (7 months ago)
I'm covered with the blood of Jesus, and no evil can touch me, amen!
God is Good (7 months ago)
I agree in Jesus Name amen

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