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LG Innovation Story - Brand Film 21 Years Celebrations

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LG celebrates 21 years in India. Celebrating its 21st birthday with a special treat for its customers with its latest brand TVC - LG Innovation Story, a delightful message that touches the heart of billions. We as brand LG is making every possible effort in touching lives with our wide range of products & innovations. Life is good with the range of innovative home appliances by LG Electronics. Designed to give you the complete care, the LG Home appliances has become synonym to latest technological innovations. Become a part of the whole innovation story with 21 Years celebration of LG Electronics in India. Let’s Celebrate Innovation. Life Is Good With LG. For details visit – LG India Site: http://www.lg.com/in/birthday-celebration LG India Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/lgindiapage/videos
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Text Comments (535)
Yogi Kumar (7 days ago)
CX xE xE MN the
Nand Kishore Sharma (7 days ago)
algebraic expression of 8th class.. professor Arun???????????? really???
S.k.sandeep Kumar (16 days ago)
l za iuiuhg FL
Raheesh Md. (7 days ago)
+Raheesh Md. k
Raheesh Md. (7 days ago)
Hadi Jahmi (16 days ago)
I hate icse😭😭
Yuva Raja (17 days ago)
Shashwat (17 days ago)
All ixseaths books!!
CHUBBY TV (25 days ago)
how did he get a job
Manju Jangir (2 days ago)
wellfrog95 (1 month ago)
tum madarchod bhosdiwaalo apni 4 min ki ad ko videos ke pehle bajate ho, chalo theek hai, main skip kar sakta hoon. but jab main skip nahi kar paaraha , atleast itna loud to mat karo video ko. level the fucking sound. its an ad. i dont need to feel 10 thousand emotions. 4 min ki video tumhari maa dekhegi ya tumhara baap. saale lg waale .
sandra bj (1 month ago)
BEST AD EVER!!!!!!!!!!😢
Chandra Sekaran2018 (8 days ago)
Samiran Banerjee (1 month ago)
GG ROCKZZZ (1 month ago)
Why do such ads make me cry:(
DARK NIGHT MISSION (1 month ago)
DEVRAJ PATEL (1 month ago)
awesome videos .....congratulation lG
Indugu Kali (1 month ago)
what this ad taught me is vinod rane is a very bad dad...
James Perry (1 month ago)
*WHY am forced to watch the full ad? Can I not skip this ad after a few seconds? Thank you.*
jazee bucas (1 month ago)
piece of shit! Not all can be good at maths.. or in any subject... doesn't mean our parents will not understand it and stop talking to us... it was worst ad i have ever seen... the love and affection between parents and their soul kids is more than any subject knowledge..... Luckily we don't have any such parents
Nandkishor Varma (1 month ago)
Up matujesalam
Rahul Peter (1 month ago)
When will lg India stop making cringy ass crap
Mohd. Saqib (1 month ago)
anyone know which song is playing please tell the name of song ?
Jaideep AS (1 month ago)
LG do something which relates to your products not making a different concept showing LG refrigerator and air cooler
Pragyan Nath (1 month ago)
words fail to describe... awesome
Tejlal Naik (5 days ago)
Pragyan Nath xxx
Nimesh Akbari (1 month ago)
Awesome add
brokenheart cs (1 month ago)
aur baat sun bay kutte tere jaise harami chutiye mar ke narak jayenge aur sala jis din apoon apni ma ke paas jaunga mera bhai gangaputra bhisma khud mujhe meri ma ke pass chod ayega u bastards and ur entire generation is an unending saga of first grade hypocrisy and u bastards are a stink out of ur mothers cunt.
brokenheart cs (1 month ago)
USA is 3 times bigger than us in size yet population is 35 per square km India 10 times that number around 350.abey salo motherchod buddho itna achha analytical power hain na?toh meri zameen ko kyon suor ka tabela bana rakka hain be,ya biwi ka chut dekh kar maths gaand may ghus gaya tha?problem with ur generation is u only know to phaff once its acting time u are fucking fish outta water.
brokenheart cs (1 month ago)
abey o buddhe motherchod ka naam vinod rane hain ke vinod khanna?why so serious asshole?betichod clad in a third class formal and a blackmarket wala blazer why is he playing god?if he was so good he would be at Nasa,Isro atleast a hacker or Indian belford?sala bloody cocksucker u teach 12 year old kids not the POTUS he looks like a child molester,if I find any sham of a teacher like this I would kick the living daylights of him right there right now.
ankit kumar (1 month ago)
May i get karaoke for thiss
Hudson Lianhna (1 month ago)
What's the name of his daughter?
Shyam Vasudev (2 months ago)
No, no no, NO! I don,t want to learn maths anymore!
Sony Sonu (2 months ago)
Well done riya
AA AKASH S (2 months ago)
So emotional and heart touching......
Yogesh chauhan (2 months ago)
this is why you are at top.................
Really great lg
Jaiveer Singj (2 months ago)
Mujhe math ab b ni aata....per mere...22/100 the
mastanaiah chinni (2 months ago)
It happened to me. I got 4 marks in Maths. But I don’t have daughter like he has.
Apoorva Joshi (2 months ago)
Its such a horrible ad ! I have to run to my phone and stop this from running before mr amol rane becomes a monster. This ad has become my personal monster! So much so that I had to come here to write this ! Take it down
foodie pie (2 months ago)
LMAO Asian parents
The Soulsentinel (2 months ago)
wish my dad was still alive!!
sahil Raza (16 days ago)
The Soulsentinel 😎☺️😊😆
ELECTROSPIRIT 5 (2 months ago)
Made my emotionally unstable!
Goutam sahis (2 months ago)
Indian and math
Siddhant Dixit (2 months ago)
Think of something new now.... this shit is too old to be shown as an ad...... show something practical
Multi Media (2 months ago)
Nice Story....
Aditya Chauhan (2 months ago)
It's emotional ad 😟😟😟😟
Suryansh Srivastava (2 months ago)
ye to bum chutiya story hai ....piece of shit how can a dad not talk to his son just coz of maths paper fr years
Krishna Chaitanya (2 months ago)
Did anyone notice??.His daughter gave him an 8th class math book and the question paper contains questions on integral and differential calculus!
pranay thanneru (17 days ago)
Its icse syllabus
Ae Ke (2 months ago)
The most foolish ad in the last 2 millenniums.
Kannan P (1 day ago)
POZER GAMING (2 months ago)
Ad is imotional but what he the man really not much interested in math. First, he had to do that for his father & now for his daughter?
deepika theppala (2 months ago)
It is telling about LG Celebrate new innovtions and his father stupid guy because he is lazy in mathsand he will tell is feelings to daughter and at late father and son will cry
Ashif Kureshi (2 months ago)
this is third class edd
Ashif Kureshi (5 days ago)
+Tanu Biswas what you say
Tanu Biswas (5 days ago)
Ashif Kureshi go to Boo por
Amit Kumar (2 months ago)
Stop showing this f**king ad.😣😣😣
BHARGAV GKK (2 months ago)
Heart touching Ad & Beautiful Background score.
Prasanth Narayanan (2 months ago)
what a pathetic ad they've made. I give 0/100. Now try improving dat
Devi Polineni (2 months ago)
OMG ! This ad is very heart touching.failures will teach a lot, then only we can enjoy success taste.
Mayank Khatri (2 months ago)
STABBY MOMO (2 months ago)
Man this one really touched me
M D (2 months ago)
Best ad ever😭😍
Shetty Vineet (2 months ago)
Did anyone see tomorrow ka spelling galat hai on the sticky note on refrigerator
ankush guhe (2 months ago)
it was beautiful!!!!
Uzma Mangalgiri (2 months ago)
Vry wel done...4 this. Motivational vdo
Jaydoc Haywalker (2 months ago)
Tum log ki maa ka chu. BC zabardasti dikha dikha pareshan Kar Diya.
Devanshu Kashyap (2 months ago)
Made me recall my traumatic past with maths afflicted with similar family situations and the most disgusting school teachers ever for this subject. Shitty indian curriculum that enforces studying bullshit subjects , providing no options according to one's talents and grades you on them.
RAVI KUMAR (2 months ago)
Really good add..
Roshan Kandanath (2 months ago)
Adu Thoma died after watching this...
Debarati Mitra (2 months ago)
That's awesome really !
Hamid Sayeed (2 months ago)
It doesnt make sense at all !
purva pawar (2 months ago)
2:30 darn you ICSE. Concise is the worst nightmare of any ICSE student!!!
MrYomaaaan (2 months ago)
Shitty ad just to sell you some garbage products.
Design Point (2 months ago)
heart touching video best ad ever
Alok Maurya (2 months ago)
matlab kuch bhi.. hahahahaha :D
Bikash choudhury (2 months ago)
😂😂😂 ....matlab kuch bhi create karna he kya ...!!!🤐🤐🤐🤐
Bablu Bhay (4 days ago)
Deva Atram a
Deva Atram (10 days ago)
Er Red Kingdom. q3RR
Deva Atram (10 days ago)
Hii Hii sanjay
Deva Atram (10 days ago)
nivedita choudhury (2 months ago)
i would be mad at my dad if he kicked me out of the house just because i got low marks on simple test.I would ask him if the test really did matter more than his own child.
Arti Bhatnagar (2 months ago)
I think the ad shows intensity of human emotions. The father couldn't forgive his son because of his failure in the subject he was teaching which disgraced him. The insult fuelled son's ego and converted him into a successful man. I loved the ad and concept.
Amardip Pawar (2 months ago)
यार मेरा भी मॅथ्स कुछ ऐसाही है। और मुझेभी 10 सालकी बेटी है। लेकीन अफसोस उसका मॅथ्स मुझसेभी खराब है।😂😂😂
sohit maurya (2 months ago)
she just taught her father just cuz he was bad at maths and being her father has got to be flawless,the girl is stupid even though she is good at maths,people just don't understand, you don't have to be good at everything,everyone has their own their own talent,appreciate other for what they are,rather than expecting more and more from others.her father raised her then only she could have learnt maths, even though he was not good at maths, he has found other ways so he could give a better life for his children,everytime this ad shows up it pisses me off,And more than that does this comment section. could they be any more stupid?tottaly irrelevant cringy irritating ad.never practical
Jones John (1 month ago)
+nayaksk1 Looks like your iq keeps dropping with each reply. How do I write if I don't know how to read, dumb fuck.
nayaksk1 (1 month ago)
+Jones John you silly fellow what are you writing do you know how to read
nayaksk1 (1 month ago)
Ya,that is what I called relationship
sohit maurya (1 month ago)
+nayaksk1 seriously this is what you call a relationship,that can be spoiled when someone doesn't know maths😂😂😂
Jones John (1 month ago)
@sohit maurya We have an amusing reply here. Sentence formation is just hilarious.
Shailendra Yadav (2 months ago)
बहुत सुन्दर 👌🤗
O Yeah yeah (2 months ago)
THIS IS THE GAYEST AD I'VE SEEN ............isko lg ke aise hi-fi product mile khan se ? ye kaam kya krta h ......aur sbse zaroori ki itne bade hone ke baad purani maths to aaegi hi ..........THIS IS BULLSHIT
Santhosh Vivek (2 months ago)
awesome ad, love you lG
Abhishek SINGH (3 months ago)
If we count the sacrifices of our father in numbers it must be just equal to stars in clouds
Anisha Swarnakar (3 months ago)
Nice it's a meaningful
Muralidhar D (4 months ago)
I have LG Tv, Fridge, Mobile, Washing Machine, Very innovative and good service centre
babitha m (4 months ago)
This video topic is happiness
babitha m (4 months ago)
I will see this on CREA. Class
babitha m (4 months ago)
Superb story
Devesh Agarwal (4 months ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying.
ahmed musheer (4 months ago)
I am a big example of this advertisement, When I saw it, I really realize myself that touches me, I really have in it me, because my name is khaan, and I am not a criminal. Congratulation all the team of LG, because story making is a big work for growing middle class. thank you
Akhil kumar Reddy (4 months ago)
Nice strategy good LG hattsoff..
Preethi Narayan Narayan (4 months ago)
Kantaraj Tavane (4 months ago)
This is the best ad I ever seen & like to watch again & again to fulfil my dreams. It is soooooo emotional....................... I will buy a LG TV in respect of this ad.
Suri.Lottay (4 months ago)
Love this. I see this ad in my video. I really like it!:)
Rakhi Debbarma (4 months ago)
Arvind Rajan (4 months ago)
what i learnt frm this video is bina maths padebhi amir ban sakte ho.....sala lg ke sab costly product khareed rakhe he....:P:p sahi toh like pls
Dauood Saleem (4 months ago)
wow ! What an Aid.
Anurag Sinha (4 months ago)
Is she Ahsaas Channa!?🤔
Anisha Swarnakar (4 months ago)
A meaningful advertiment
Jayesh Kumar Dey (4 months ago)
Who are all those dislikers??
Jayesh Kumar Dey (2 months ago)
sohit maurya Never mind. You have every right for your opinion. I just wanted to know the views of all the dislikers.
sohit maurya (2 months ago)
Its me,cos i am not stupid,this video is just irritating
Aritra Ghosh (4 months ago)
most products in my house is of lg! i am proud of it
mahfooj khan (4 months ago)
too emotional 😢 😢
divij kumar (4 months ago)
ad is stupid,, total indian mentality . thanks in anticipation for the hate comments.
KartikeY SharMa (4 months ago)
i am crying i wish mere dad bhi smjhe ek din
Parna Dasgupta (4 months ago)
Really heart touching

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