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Iron fist vs drunk Chinese guy

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I'M A CHICKEN NUGGET (11 days ago)
Amazing how he didn't spill his drink until it was broken.
Drunk Octopus (15 days ago)
I'm a drunk octopus and I approve this fighting style.
Mats thesweboy (27 days ago)
Was it just me that know the second "Gao" (the old Hand woman) knew his name, and that I saw that he was drunk (all within 7sec), knew that he was a "Drunken Boxer"? Would rather have seen Jackie Chan here  :-p   But he don't act evil... How hard can it be, to find a teenager that know Kung-Fu? Instead to cast a middle famous Caucasian guy as the "Iron Fist"? He SUCKS at fighting... The only thing they done right, is that he is young and Caucasian...
Mr. Universe (2 months ago)
Second best drunken fist sene ever
Rittenhaus (3 months ago)
Jet lee rise to honor. Anyone?
NoKnackMan (4 months ago)
Why the dude has a slight British accent
dc zhen (5 months ago)
no one does Drunken Master better fan Jackie Chan
Sgt Slim (5 months ago)
I want to see a series with the drunken fist!
Jay Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Is that Bo Rai Cho?
waleed shahab (6 months ago)
The fact that the Chinese guy can speak English is hilarious. Especially the one who is drunk Lol.
Christopher Bostic (7 months ago)
They didn’t fool I knew of this guys Drunken Master style
KrazieKennie (7 months ago)
This is seriously a visual representation how much the producers fucked up Iron Fist
Stuff Studio Fishy (7 months ago)
Bo rai cho in real life
jet44444 (7 months ago)
Goodbye iron fist 👊, you won’t be missed. If Tan would of gotten the role it might have been different story. You just don’t pick a guy who’s never done martial arts to play a character that’s whole purpose is martial arts... on the bright side, I hear Tan is being considered for the role of nightwing.
PrincessSarah090288 (4 months ago)
+Casanova Frankenstein My baby👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Casanova Frankenstein (4 months ago)
He's up for the part of Shang Chi aswell I believe
PrincessSarah090288 (6 months ago)
Yup it definitely would've been better. Would've been written differently to fit him. i think Tan would've brought something different to the role
Shon Mai (7 months ago)
This is a terrible fight and I don't know if it's only me but the drunk guy seems high on heroine than being drunk.
Shon Mai (6 months ago)
+fightful1 I am also one who has spent years of mastering the art of drunken style through endless nights with friends, strangers, security guards, club bouncers and bums.
fightful1 (6 months ago)
As someone who trained in drunken fist for almost a decade I agree with you 100%!
The Death Star II (8 months ago)
They better bring this guy back
Víctor Olmedo (8 months ago)
Existe una película de Jackie Chan en la que tiene que aprender los movimientos de su Shifu ebrio, es parecido a este tipo, con su garrafa y todo... Busquenlo
AymaKon (7 months ago)
Lo que ves representado aquí es un arte marcial verdadero conocido como el boxeo ebrio. Busca videos de los chinos que lo practican actualmente. Se ve super bien.
Charquisia Franks (8 months ago)
Reminds me of bo rai cho on mk
Florin THE ARROW (9 months ago)
Attitude Problem (9 months ago)
Florin THE ARROW lol exactly. The slim nonviolent version
Akunyt4 My (10 months ago)
Worst fight scene ever
Bill Sami (10 months ago)
I hate the way they did his character in the show. I don't usually bitch about comic accuracy, but this guy is suppose to be a menace. He steals the Dragons energy from all iron fist.
Francisco Vargas (10 months ago)
"I thought that the Iron Fist was a great warrior" My exact reaction to nearly every fight scene with Danny
Jared Cubernot (11 months ago)
Its funny the drunk guy was supposed to be the iron fist first. He clearly has the skill for it compared to fin Jones whose face keeps being hidden in this scene
Fabian Layden (6 days ago)
That's Hollywood. Appearance over Substance.
MrB0gart (11 months ago)
Kevin Huang (11 months ago)
Hollywood Marvel is so RACIST STUPID. Don’t they realize that the half white half Asian Lewis Tan is the living embodiment of “Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu”? After all, Shang Chi in the comics was a half white half Asian guy with a British accent (just like Lewis Tan). But because Hollywood is controlled by racist gays that HATE ASIAN MEN, “Shang Chi” will never be made.
undertaker0126 (11 months ago)
Just realized this guy plays Baron Chau's brother in the show Into the Badlands.
Xin Ni Lim (11 months ago)
He played Shatterstar from Deadpool 2!
ninjasam1998 (11 months ago)
Problem is there is so many cuts and takes...
ビップレクサス (1 year ago)
*This video is evidence and proof that racism still exist in Hollywood and that White Privilege is real.* What's seen here is a case of a minority getting passed for a job and the job is given to a less experience and less talented White Person. All those excuses that say, maybe Asian actors aren't talented and they should get good then they'll get the role is bullshit. Lets not pretend that the idiot that plays Danny Rand is a more skilled actor or a better fighter. Hes 100% trash. They need to do 10x cut scenes for him to do a fight scene. Lewis Tan is a better fighter, better actor and is more charismatic in this 3 minute clip than the fuck-tard that plays Danny. The problem wasn't that Lewis Tan was not talented, the problem was he's a Half Asian with an Asian last name. That doesn't fit the White-dominate Hollywood image.
Fabian Layden (6 days ago)
Agree with you 100000000000%
Ultimate Hedgehog (1 year ago)
How in the hell can he fight If he is fucking Wasted
Harry Nguyen (1 year ago)
HopOnTheHype (1 year ago)
Don't understand the hate for iron fist, the actor isn't a kung fu master but it's night and day better than scarlet johanson's fight scenes which involve 3 cuts just to do one technique and that's marvel movies. There are a bit too many cuts for my take but this is better than most of the people complaining could ever accomplish on a physical and acting scale.
Casanova Frankenstein (4 months ago)
Scarjos fight scenes >>>> every danny rand fight scene ever &thats saying something
The Rune King of Asgard (11 months ago)
HopOnTheHype it’s just people complaining about something that nobody else cares about.
arles D brown (1 year ago)
Me da pena como desprestigian al boxeo borracho...tambien me da pena que el actor de dicha arte marcial lo hace muy mal...
Don Quijote (1 year ago)
I don't understand how you people find anything good about this fight, the camera work is terrible and the choreography is stiff, just like the drunken style, the hits have no weight. This is amateurish at best.
Chibiel (1 year ago)
Don Quijote Are you a choreography genius? Doubt it so what say do you get in this? Pls stop being a b*itch.
Jase Malvis (1 year ago)
Head canon: Jackie Chan’s character from the Drunken Fist movies was this guys master.Too bad he fell into crime
KNChoudhury (1 year ago)
This guy would have made a good Iron Fist, but alas, racism! If they ever make a Hollywood movie adaptation of Far Cry 4, I want him playing Ajay Ghale
Amir-Hamza (11 months ago)
Isnt Ajay Ghale South Asian? Lewis Tan is half East Asian.
Connor Robertson (1 year ago)
I agree with that, yes the actor needs work but skin color, and hair color is accurate to Danny rand.
Emperordmb (1 year ago)
I wouldn't exactly call it racism to cast someone for an adaptation in part based on the identity and physical appearance of the character from the source material.
Derek Seven official (1 year ago)
Never break a drunken master bottle and now look what you did. You cough up blood
Inti Jalil (1 year ago)
Combate al estilo Bo Rai Cho
Jason Anh V (1 year ago)
the real asian iron fist, western show need more diversity.
The Rune King of Asgard (11 months ago)
Jason V read the comics and you would find that there is a mountain range of diversity. This is marvel comics problem at the moment changing fundamental character traits to satisfy a audience that will never read comics no matter what they do.
Saxqn watson (1 year ago)
He’s like the skinny version of bo rai cho from mkx
Godspeedmods (7 months ago)
Yeah he is lol
LightStreak567 (1 year ago)
To those who don't know, that drunk Chinese guy is Zhou Cheng, one of Iron Fist's supervillains from the comic books Immortal Iron Fist #19 and #20. That guy has a monster living inside his body, which is why he is so powerful, he drinks wine to keep his power in check because he is far more stronger when he is sober (which is why he says "Bad things happen if I don't" at the beginning of this video), plus he and the monster in him named Chi Lin has been killing Iron Fists before Danny for decades when they become 33 years old. In the comics, he never drinks, so you'll see how threatening he is. MCU Danny better thank his lucky stars he's not 33 years old yet. Most of you see this as an example of why Lewis Tan should have been cast as Danny Rand instead of Finn Jones, but the truly sad thing is, none of you know or understand the characters they play. Zhou Cheng is much more than what he seems on the outside.
tyso921 (9 months ago)
He’s marvel version of Naruto?
james nowell (10 months ago)
While I agree with what you're saying you can't deny that Finn Jones just isn't an experienced enough acter to play iron fist
The Rune King of Asgard (11 months ago)
LightStreak567 I absolutely agree these people have no idea what there talking about. And only see the world as race.
Dwighty boy (1 year ago)
I get a jack sparrow vibe from this guy
Jamel Macon (10 months ago)
Dwighty boy I feel it
Josh Morrison (1 year ago)
"A man fights with his words when his fists are lacking." Rand is so cringe -_-
FR010 (1 year ago)
I almost picked up my PlayStation controller because i know the inputs of Lei Wulongs moves.
Altair Ibn La-Ahad (1 year ago)
Man no disrespect but the actor just doesn't fit the role of Danny
TheKidblazer1 (1 year ago)
is it me or does the drunk have an english accent?
Shannon Hutton (11 months ago)
TheKidblazer1 He's played by Lewis Tan, who's from the UK.
Aaron Lee (1 year ago)
A scummy english accent
Franky V (1 year ago)
The guy they chose for iron fist looks and acts like a porn star. They should chose the drunk guy to play him instead.
Cojo Media (1 year ago)
Drunken boxing just for show.
Fabian Layden (6 days ago)
Drunken Boxing is to give the illusion you're not capable and it's to catch the opponent off guard. It's actually very strenuous and difficult to learn for a lot of people. Requires alot of joint flexibility. If you watch him in this, he is actually utilising some of the core aspects of the drunken boxing forms. The moving around, always positioning himself to appear to be vulnerable.when in reality he's like a rubber band, ready to surge forward at any given moment. He masterfully reads Finn Jones bodily movements an if you see, the only tim e h allowed himself to get close to being home is because it's apart of the choreographed sequence. The way he moves is so impressive, so skillfully, I admire his skills. He's really integrated his style into his body.
Armoni Qualls (1 year ago)
Bitch this Rock Lee
Leo Cronander (1 year ago)
This was the only good scene of the entire series imo
Mr Lewis (1 year ago)
Leo Cronander facts!!!!
Faizal Ali (1 year ago)
he sounds and acts like Jim Jeffries lol (I know there is a drunken style of martial arts from jackie chan, but im talking about his accent)
Papita Gaming Channel (1 year ago)
I love how the guy is drinking while fighting reminds me of jackie chan i wanna see more of him
Fabian Layden (6 days ago)
Check out a series called, Into the Badlands, he's in the he third season.
Jay Ju (1 year ago)
now lets see drunken fist rock lee vs the drunken master
Kurt2012007 (1 year ago)
At this point in the series I was cheering for the Drunken Fist to win
Blizzic (1 year ago)
It's amazing how easily you can tell which one of them actually knows what he's doing and which one does not.
jet44444 (7 months ago)
ビップレクサスレクサス I think they also went with Finn cause of his game of thrones past. Game of thrones is one hell of a resume boost, and the they probably thought hey, game of thrones! It’s super popular, having this game of thrones actor could bring some of the fan base over to this show. Big mistake tho, as iron fist just got cancelled.
Anthony Johnson (7 months ago)
When the lead actor is given 15 minutes to learn his choreography then yeah its gonna be shitty.
Baby Cakes (8 months ago)
+Claude Ducimo This is how hollywierd works. People of ethnic descent that a specific role actually portrays goes to white hollyweird. Its been this way since back when Elizabeth Taylor portrayed Cleopatra, a Black African Queen.
Richard Williams (8 months ago)
Metokur's Hall of Mirrors Stance Lyfe really? Does everything have to devolve into a who is less racist fight? I just watched all of Iron Fist. Thought it was pretty good. There might be a point about white privilege to be made but not here. Tan not getting the role works fine. Giving the role to a worse actor worked perfectly because he acts like he is in over his head a lot. Can we leave the race stuff in the car and be civilized people in the comments?
0wnz0rz888 (1 year ago)
The fucking camera work is awful like wtf are they trying film here? Instead of intense fighting we get poorly edited crap that lacks impact. It is like watching (and hearing) rump steaks being slapped together. And Lewis Tan should have won that fight, iron fist wasn't iron fisting
Charles Jiles (1 year ago)
Don Quijote Explain to me how any of it was bad? Some of it was slow and requires a lot of camera cuts yeah, but every fight scene I go to you sheeple fucks say "this was one of the few good fights in this show." Every single one I've went to and I watched basically every one of them. Y'all are just hating on it simply because it's popular. Grow up and get your own original opinion.
Chibiel (1 year ago)
Don Quijote Like you know what choreography even means. Assholes these days.
Chibiel (1 year ago)
Charles Jiles Agreed, they need to grow up, if they can of course 😂
Don Quijote (1 year ago)
You are the one crying defending a poorly filmed fight scene with a poor choreography.
Charles Jiles (1 year ago)
0wnz0rz888 It's not even close to that bad. Stop making shit up just to hate on it. You fucking crybabies are so fucking pathetic.
SocialAnxietyDora (1 year ago)
Harold Hernandez (1 year ago)
This guy would've been a way better iron fist
Drunk Octopus (14 days ago)
These are just personal opinions from a passing tard. Let them go like the wind :P
Drunk Octopus (14 days ago)
+Charles Jiles I also find Jessica Jones to be depressing at times. Daredevil was alright. Cage was eh. Visuals are nice and I still "enjoy" watching the shows when I have time
Drunk Octopus (14 days ago)
+Charles Jiles He's not supposed to be funny and I'm less of a comedy guy myself. I just don't like most of the acting in the Marvel-Netflix series'
Charles Jiles (14 days ago)
+Drunk Octopus Since when is danny supposed to be funny? Or do you like comedy more?
Drunk Octopus (15 days ago)
+Charles Jiles He's funnier and more likeable than Danny. Better iron fist? Who knows! I'd rather watch the drunk guy get into bar fights though tbh
KNChoudhury (1 year ago)
The drunken guy deserved to be the Iron Fist
Fabian Layden (6 days ago)
Yeah he's really skilled. Even in Into the Badlands in the final season, that guy is really something special.
Casanova Frankenstein (4 months ago)
Yup &now he might be Shang Chi loool I would laugh my ass off if that happened
Death Savage (10 months ago)
460mas yes he did
The Rune King of Asgard (11 months ago)
Kncperseus no he didn’t
magnusm4 (1 year ago)
It's the opposite. One speak with their fists when their thought is lacking. WHy else would brutes go into tantrums when they can't handle logic or reasonable arguments
Fabian Layden (6 days ago)
Thoughts give way to action, or they remain forever in the realm of the abstract.
Hope You Enjoy (9 months ago)
magnusm4 exactly
Masterralphy (1 year ago)
Rock Lee
Travesty TV (1 year ago)
Danny mastered the secret Cringe Style Kung fu
Cion Crestfield (2 years ago)
Was so pumped to see some drunken fist
Thomas Nitta (2 years ago)
The actor playing the drunken fighter is originally from the city I am from in England, Manchester and I think he's rockin the accent as his portrayal of Zhou Cheng. Pretty cool to see something so local in the MCU universe.
ProLeeYoutube (2 years ago)
drunk guy should of been iron fist because the white guy sucks
Alika Achong (2 years ago)
I don't know why everyone was so mad about this scene-I love drunken fight scenes and this one's pretty good.
Shon Mai (6 months ago)
You should come see me at the night clubs then. Lol.
Baby Cakes (8 months ago)
+matias morales Your the 1st 2 disagree w/ such an amazing scene. Ofcourse ur entitled 2 ur opinion. But on the real tip, the gent Mr. Tan us an actual trained Martual Artist
Tylendal242 (10 months ago)
Not even addressing the whole "actually drunk" problem... Drunken boxing is an incredibly graceful and fluid style, so the rapid and wild scene transitions completely conceal that aspect of it.
Ben Wasserman (1 year ago)
Alika Achong Because the actor playing the drunken master came extremely close to playing Danny Rand in the show and... well he clearly feels like a more compelling martial artist than Finn Jones
Alika Achong the sad part is that this is the best fight in the series, the rest of them are just bad versions of the daredevil fight scenes
Crazy doctor (2 years ago)
For some reason I wanted the drunk guy to win
Notorious Sloth (8 months ago)
Crazy doctor Cuz he can actually fight. The actor who plays Iron Fist looks like he hasn’t even lifted a dumbbell lol
Rip T (8 months ago)
MsApril Cakes. Which one? I've got several here.
Baby Cakes (8 months ago)
+Rip T *SPOILER ALERT* And 1 year later, this comment has come to fruition.
Mr Lewis (1 year ago)
Everybody wanted him to win
Bruce Wayne (1 year ago)
Franky V I said EVIL white people as in how anyone would discuss a bad batch out of their race so NO you can go FUCK OFF and suck a golf ball through a garden hose because I'm not racist you smug little shit.
NaRc (2 years ago)
240p Iron Fist is the best Iron Fist...
timekilla456 (2 years ago)
2nd best drunken style performance next to jackie chan
Crazy Giraffe (6 months ago)
Kevin Huang (11 months ago)
Jackie Chan himself is 2nd best in portraying Drunken Style - I think Lau Kar Leung and Lau Kar Hui (Gordon Liu) depicted it even more skillfully in “Shaolin Challenges Ninja”!
timekilla456 (1 year ago)
irishboy0909 lol as far as anime absolutely he was hilarious also
JustJoshin' (1 year ago)
Rock Lee takes the absolute top spot
liizzset (1 year ago)
Its alright. I guess.

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