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Passenger Plane Crashes in Antarctica | Mt. Erebus Disaster | Air New Zealand Flight 901 | 4K

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Find out why this Air New Zealand DC-10 aircraft crashed into Mount Erebus, the second highest volcano in Antarctica. Buy the hardware that I use here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928287?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Or Here: CPU: https://amzn.to/2LRbYfj GPU (Graphic Card): http://amzn.to/2hZyCSw GPU (Cheaper, but Good): http://amzn.to/2hoPxAT RAM: https://amzn.to/2mZoqM9 MOTHERBOARD: https://amzn.to/2LOohsL Internal SSD : https://amzn.to/2OyxzaL 4K MONITOR: http://amzn.to/2Ax0CV9 or http://amzn.to/2g8jzql MOUSE: http://amzn.to/2AxmXSE KEYBOARD: https://amzn.to/2mZBpxp Standard Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fG0t7D JOYSTICK: https://amzn.to/2LLMfVJ Note: Flight Simulator 2018 is not a new game. With this title I mean a combination of effects, add-ons and other things (added to Prepar3D v4.3 - 64bit) that make this video seem more real.
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66lwmorgan (5 months ago)
Normally I would watch the Smithsonian channel when an Air crash investigation show was on but now I go to The FlightChannel, why, because it's just as detailed if not more with NO commercials and explains in depth exactly where it happened, why it happened and the results and changes made after the investigations and all of this in less than half the time but leaves nothing out. The Aircraft is shown with the right name, the right Aircraft, the correct weather before the incident, during and after. Thank you FlightChannel for your commitment to produce quality and informative video's and as always I want to thank you mostly for your hard work and for sharing these videos. The great thing about all of this is I can watch youtube on my 50" big screen TV and I do and in surround sound which just adds a little more to enjoyment of your video's, thank you again.👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
mister garcia (10 days ago)
Too bad YT puts a bunch of crappy commercials on TFC.
Indian Rail Videos (15 days ago)
Can someone tell me The Name Of Starting Song,I am searching it for 3 Months
Sonam Palden Wangdi (1 month ago)
Excellent videos.
SueDunMc - 5019 (1 month ago)
James Brozik 😂. I take it you are not happy with the video, well neither am I but I wouldn't sprout out all that verbal abuse and in caps no less.
Kinney Kolah (2 months ago)
ladykiri42 if you’ve watched some of their previous/earlier videos the end would say something like Rest In Peace to the victims or passengers of flight so and so. But if you google said flight, on certain videos it would say, there were 10 survivors or 20 survivors. It’s happened a few times
Hugo Gonçalves (2 days ago)
whats the music at the end?
scott goodman (3 days ago)
Someone was not navigating. I carry a map when driving. I do not drive in to the ocean and expect to survive. Similarly, one can't fly into a mountain and expect to survive. Its a good idea to keep miles from a mountain, either up or down, when flying. If that is not possible, don't go. Or consider another means of transport.
Savage 44 (4 days ago)
They went over there just so others could learn from this and the sightseeing trips got cancelled 🤦‍♂️
Bruce Forrest (6 days ago)
I think, as a Monday morning quarterback, I would have used my onboard radar in the map mode to know exactly where I was in relationship to the volcano. But that's just me.
Tera Baap (7 days ago)
When she dont wanna get pregnant.. *Whoop* *Whoop* *pull* *up*
Aaron Beasley (7 days ago)
Up the nz boys
A M (8 days ago)
New Zealand people are good for nothing foolish idiots. These low life shittholes only know how to shear sheep and milk cows. In New Zealand they dont care about your ability, but reference and contacts give you big positions. So the entire system is run by fools without any idea.
Gittyup (8 days ago)
How is that possible when no Civilian Aircraft are allowed to fly in or near Antarctica?
John O'Neill (9 days ago)
But no one was punished?
Kerbal Bias (11 days ago)
The reason they crashed was because they decided to go lower to give passengers a better photo to take they should have been at 6000ft but they decided to go to 1500ft.
BertBlanco1962 (12 days ago)
This is the most stupid accident you can imagine! A commercial flight that descents to 1.500 feet over Antarctica just so the passengers can see some ice-shelfs is the most idiot thing i ever heard of. If i book a flight i want to be transported from A to B in the safest possible fashion.What the hell was this captain thinking? WTF!! Sightseeing? In those conditions???
Alex Moreno (13 days ago)
It’s been on my bucket list to travel to Antarctica and see the remains of the DC-10
MineWit (15 days ago)
The last voices you want or will anyways hear before your death.. Terrain, Terrain. Pull up! Pull up!
Mark Bonham (15 days ago)
What, more Corporate hide and seek? I am shocked!
PianoMan 2018 (16 days ago)
Incredible channel. Keep up the great work!!
patrick piel (16 days ago)
i would agree with this judges decision. but, i also think it is extremely dangerous to be flying a jetliner that close to the ground in a white out situation. if not foolish especially when a commentator tells the pilot he cant see a thing and the pilot continues to trust he is flying correctly! my first impression is if you dont know what are were you are flying thru. go up! get out of there immediately. fly to clear view! orientate! i place blame on a mistake and a take a chance decision by this crew with the lives of 250 humans on board.
A C (16 days ago)
So they didnt have radar back then? Seems incredibly dangerous flying around at low altitude in low visibilty with no radar!
Neil Ridley (18 days ago)
If anyones interested in the truth, read a book called "Impact Erebus".It is written by Gordon Vette. He was an Air New Zealand check captain and put his career on the line to prove the crew were not at fault.
Syed (19 days ago)
An impressive channel - this was in indeed a sad event for both families of deceased and the airline . I like the way the events are described with flight video . Feels like you are part of the flight . But damn hate the crashing parts - my heart ponds faster towards the end . Great work and keep making such awesome videos . Please make one on the Fokkar friendship crash of the Nigerian Airways back in the 80 I think . I was a kid when I got the news of this crash . It always fascinated me how a flying machine , safe to fly could crash just like that . But as i grew older made more sense due to external and internal factors beyond our control sometimes . Still the safest means to travel today .
jmg 544 (20 days ago)
it's always the McDonnell Douglas that crashes
downallyourstreets (20 days ago)
Pilots fly at night with no visibility, no horizons, they don't crash into mountains. Also the crew should know where they are using mapping and instruments, they should have known they were flying towards a 12,000 mountain vs. over a large body of water with navigation alone. They should not have been asking a tour guide to guide THEM. Never been to Anarctica? Fine, study a freakin map before you go, make a plan. That "sector whiteout" excuse is bullshit and if my family was aboard it would be an unacceptable excuse. Total pilot error and general arrogance killed that plane.
Willette J (24 days ago)
Thanks. U humming
Beel Fortuenti (27 days ago)
Hmm, it would pretty much suck being in the middle row of a wide-body aircraft for a sightseeing flight. Even an aisle seat would suck.
bryant tillman (29 days ago)
good one. glad the crew was cleared of incompetence
Edward Arthur (29 days ago)
With that expensive ticket fare, you could fly long haul destination (adjusted to 2019 inflation) instead, rather than boarding a sightseeing flight like this
Brain Stem (29 days ago)
White out or not your telling me nobody has ever charted the damn volcano on a map or gps? This seems so stupid to have happened.
Skram Amme (29 days ago)
It's absolutely disgusting that there were no prosecutions resulting from the royal commission. What a fucking mess :(
starryp2006 (30 days ago)
Because of this crash, Air New Zealand should be the most dangerous airline company. I wonder why people think it's safe.
Jeffrey Jeff Jefferson (30 days ago)
If id be at that plane and survive ill take everyones clothes and explore this interesting place till i die.
Smug Smugly (1 month ago)
Jay Rrr (1 month ago)
What a terrible ideas this "tour" was. Jesus.
Jonathan Pellow (1 month ago)
i live in new zealand dont remember this happening
GroomLeader (1 month ago)
That was the worst idea ever hatched by an airline company. A sightseeing tour over one of the remotest parts of the planet. Nothing to see but a whole lot of ice and snow, and any possible landing places in case of an emergency, thousands of miles away. I don't know why this crazy idea was ever even thought of, let alone marketed. Then, they change the flight plan programmed, and don't tell the crew? Add in the collusion of lies and cover up orchestrated by these criminals, trying to dump the blame on the flight crew. They should have been sued right out of business. Don't know how many got canned, but the entire rotten corps should have been thrown out.
cchris874 (8 days ago)
Well they're still popular, with Qantas still offering several flights per year. I think people want to just say "I saw Anractica."
Tanga Toto (1 month ago)
I was living in the UK at the time and heard the awful news about this tragedy......a week later I received a letter from a friend in NZ , that had been mailed before the flight , telling me he’d paid to send his parents on this flight. My pain was horrible but small compared to the unimaginable grief that swept New Zealand, a country that is so physically beautiful and filled with friendly people .... this was indeed a tragedy on so many levels......thanks for the wonderfully informative recreation, which (sorry to say) I was reluctant to watch .
William Hoskins (1 month ago)
I know its CGI , but think it's rather well done. Thank you.
Ross Kulma (1 month ago)
How many DC 10s have crashed to date anyone know? Sheesh!
enjoi024 (1 month ago)
This video shows it snowing but it rarely snows in Antarctica. It's technically a desert.
Palpatine001 (1 month ago)
An Orchestrated Litany of Lies is what Judge Peter. M said towards Air New Zealand in his report from the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Erebus Disaster. The then National Government under Sir Robert Muldoon were of no help either. Air NZ only apologised recently for the disaster with a memorial at Auckland International Airport and I believe now Parnell Rose Gardens. The disaster is still a very sore point for New Zealand after what Air NZ pulled
funkpunkandroll (1 month ago)
That whiteout.... OMG... 😱
believe me (1 month ago)
As a pilot this was blamed as pilot error, come on, two pilots and flight engineers did not know where they were, what a bunch of garbage. What happened did their radar fail?? This all sounds something bigger than what is reported.
XxMoonlightIciclexX (1 month ago)
I live in New Zealand what if that is me didhhsaishbsnslaia
Chris Davies (1 month ago)
Almost everyone in NZ, knew someone who was affected. Because the plane was mostly filled with Kiwis. A national tragedy, and so completely avoidable. Sadly, the radio operator had many chances to save them, by simply interpreting his failure to communicate by short wave, as a result of there being something large and solid between the plane and the receiver. A terrible terrible thing for the entire country, and the poor police officers who had to bag and tag all the human remains, and all the personal items spread across the site. Theirs must have been one of the very worst jobs any people have ever undertaken, and at least one of them nearly cracked.
Eric Mills (1 month ago)
nobody flies there we as new zealanders ask why christchurch is where they drop of mentally insane people that are the best but no longer use full to there cause, we are a base for americans and we dont even know it so much gear goes down there what are they biulding
Eric Mills (1 month ago)
it was cia that changed the flight plan and stopped any air line seeing what is really happening, justice mcmahn new it was us influinse but had no power he said as an honest kiwi the americans were as cold as ice
sküll düggery (1 month ago)
did a small child write this?
eimb1999 (1 month ago)
These videos are well done, very informative, but at the same time terribly depressing and so sad.
Georgia Dixon (1 month ago)
Love your videos. Absolutely fascinating! Would love to know the name of the music you use, it’s perfect. Thank you.
Sabrina Dugan (1 month ago)
As a;ways, you provide an excellent simulation. Have you ever done a simulation of Buddy Holly's plane crash?
Wuty Wuty (1 month ago)
it is sad to see this when when I'm from New Zealand
HQZen YT (1 month ago)
god bless to everyone who died im that flight
Hugo 2017 (1 month ago)
Still waiting for an Air Crash Investigation episode into this one
Lisa Lentile (1 month ago)
God bless all the ppl who perished RIP
David Houghton (1 month ago)
Sightseeing in a DC10 over Antarctica what could go wrong?
STHFGDBY (1 month ago)
A disaster caused by incompetent so called professionals. Air New Zealand's cover up was a disgraceful act of betrayal against the Crew and passengers that died . It was your fault and you tried to falsely accuse innocent Pilots of the disaster, shame on you all that were involved with this cover up, all of you should have been jailed in a court of law for your stupid incompetence.
John Pendleton (1 month ago)
I just stumbled onto your site a few days ago, and I can tell you that since then I've watched almost all of them! You cover all of the information and details and present them as they should be presented. The accuracy and resolution of your graphics is simply amazing! Thank you for sharing these wonderful videos!
TheDucks YT (1 month ago)
Air New Zealand is one of the best airlines
MarinePilot572 (1 month ago)
Thank God we have Synthetic Vision and GPS now
- jcfowl170030 (1 month ago)
one of the more disturbing facts of this crash is there was a roll of of film from one of the passengers that survived that showed shots out the window showing a clear and blue sky, as well as a picture supposedly seconds before impact with fluid streaking across the window
Mrfairchap (1 month ago)
Sorry, but this crash was ultimately the fault of the captain. Even if he was unaware of the change to the computer programme, it was the height of folly to descend to 1500 feet in whiteout/cloudy conditions, especially when he was unsure of the terrain below (neither pilot had ever flown to Antarctica before). As every pilot knows, when it comes to matters of safety the captain of an aircraft always makes the final decision about his/her flight profile.
Allen Tac (1 day ago)
Reading all the comments, the whiteout mentioned in the video is not the traditional whiteout caused by snow., but by the sun in the Arctic regions. Comments indicate the conditions were clear.
cellgrrl (1 month ago)
I am no expert on these matters, but I just want to make an observation. As someone who has traveled to Antarctica, I felt it was foolish to send an inexperienced (of Antarctica) crew for this flight. As experienced as the crew was, Antarctica is not a place to go without prior knowledge of its ways, even in the air. I was on a huge cruise ship that had to make a very sudden 180 on a dime due to rapidly changing wind conditions. Later talking to the ship Captain, I learned we were in an extremely dangerous situation. This can happen at any time due to a multitude of reasons when down in Antarctica as things change so rapidly. I think the sinking of a huge cruise ship with 3.000 passengers in the Antarctic Peninsula would have been a bigger story. Thank goodness it didn't happen.
Andres slime creator (1 month ago)
I almost cried 😢
Andres slime creator (1 month ago)
I fell so sorry for the people in that plane
Ant Laud (1 month ago)
12:43 ...just don't tell the flat earthers. They'll have a field day.
whiteclifffl (1 month ago)
They hit the dome!
sms042 (9 days ago)
40 miles visibility below cloud deck of 2000 ft agl.
Eric Mills (1 month ago)
no they didnt they hit the cia
Sergio (1 month ago)
Tell me you are joking please
ijorge (1 month ago)
I don't know where you did your research. The aircrew on that ill-fated flight was as follows; Capt Collins, Co-Pilot Cassin, and a third Pilot F/O Graham Lucus and two flight Engineers Gordon Brooke and Nick Moloney.
SueDunMc - 5019 (1 month ago)
If we have to read it then I would prefer no sound ( oops! No commercials? Better change that I'm watching one right now!) all the background noise is very distracting. I know I used to watch these a while ago but there used to be a running commentary, which was quite interesting but now it's changed, maybe so you can afford to run it with no ads, but we've found that's incorrect. If I have to read it instead I would rather it be a different print this one is too large it makes all the words run into each other making it hard to see. However, I am going to unsubscribe, this is too much hassle. I notice that some people have really praised them but they have come on a bit too strong making me think maybe you are all related? Or at least good friends. Some soap opera videos have taken to not only printing the words but having a robot voice read it as well. Awful, its amazing what some people do to save a buck...lol. So please don't go that route. 🙏🏻
Michelle Evans (1 month ago)
Maybe it is discussed elsewhere in the comments, but I didn't find it offhand and am very curious about the US Navy at McMurdo in all this. According to your video, they told the DC-10 flight crew that they would use McMurdo radar to vector them safely over an un-obscured area for the sightseers. How did the Navy not see on their radar that the DC-10 was on track to hit Mt. Erebus?
Michelle Evans (1 month ago)
I understand that the video can only do so much in a short time. I appreciate you raking the time to help clear this up.
cchris874 (1 month ago)
+Michelle Evans I'm not sure exactly but maybe, but I can look that up again in Gordon Vette's book. This video leaves out so much.
Michelle Evans (1 month ago)
Thank you for explaining that. It would have been nice to have noted that in the video. Still surprised that McMurdo radar didn't issue some sort of warning, to tell them that they were off the radar because of being blocked by the mountain. Might have made the flight crew consider that they may not have been where they thought they were.
cchris874 (1 month ago)
Because the mountain blocked their reception of the plane.
Weesky (1 month ago)
cchris874 (1 month ago)
It was a mixture of things. This video leaves a lot to be desired.
fred a (1 month ago)
I’ve come to the conclusion that DC-10’s and MD-11’s SUCKED!!!!
Richard Louis Newman (1 month ago)
I suppose the next big sight-seeing venture will be a cruise ship taking a load of passengers into the eye of a hurricane. What could go wrong???
Aisy Annu'man (1 month ago)
presumably some New Zealanders on the plane here, but if there were Europeans or North Americans aboard, they were mostly rich people wanting to visit these remote regions, simply for vanity. A classic case of this was a story in a magazine I read, about a wealthy NAMBLA pedophile, and his grown up victim wanting to 'do it' on every continent- last booty call, Antarctica - as for others like them, they had been to every country in the world while their slaves toiled in the factory back home at minimum wage......they certainly got a BANG for their buck here >EDIT: looks like I'm getting more love letters from dedicated stalker account cchris874, and her various guises........the poor honey seems butthurt over mention of wealthy pedos, even with all the lurid media stories of Spacey, M.J etc....
louis Lauzet (1 month ago)
How fast can this kind of plane climb on emergency power? Couldn't they have at least tried to pull up real hard sacrificing some speed? In the video it seems they hardly pull up at all, was the mountain very steep?
cchris874 (1 month ago)
It takes a few seconds for the plane to start to climb, and they only had I think, about 5 seconds. Keep in mind also that this accident is far complex than portrayed in this video. The captain probably did not believe the was a real alarm or he would have gunned it. Up until the last few seconds the crew were convinced they had 40 miles of unobstructed sky ahead of them.
louis Lauzet (1 month ago)
Why don't civilian planes have radars?
Dark Cloud (1 month ago)
Get used to the number of screw ups that will cost many lives as we move forward to a time when a certain generation that don't even know how to sew buttons on a shirt, how to cook or even do MINOR home repairs start getting into positions they should not be in. It will be the millenials in top positions soon and that will spell nothing but disaster for everybody.
cchris874 (1 month ago)
Doubtful. Airlines know they cannot afford more accidents. It will kill business. We'll see what happens, but almost every prediction turns out to be wrong.
AD (2 months ago)
I just wanna die in my sleep. If I'm ever in a plane that's crashing, I'll just try to fall asleep. The other day when my plane was hovering around Mumbai airport for almost an hour prior to landing, god knows why, or that time when I was caught in a turbulence above the Andamans, I was thinking about this channel.
gatorgityergranny (2 months ago)
whom ever wrote the on screen text needs to go back to ESL.
Savi Itwaru (2 months ago)
I am terrified of flying and yet I am watching these videos
cchris874 (2 months ago)
Flying is much safer than in 1979, especially if you don't go to Antarctica.
Neil Macleod (2 months ago)
Navy ATC never noticed anything wrong with the planes flight path ??? Strange
William Wallace (3 days ago)
1,500 feet was below the radar's coverage sweep.
Siddharth Mohanty (2 months ago)
This tells us even a small mistake can t take a cause of a such a wrst disaster... Thanks the flight change fr awairing us.... love you all
AsSeenOnTV (2 months ago)
Natural Selection. No sympathy for rich fucks that die doing something so stupid
Henry Xi Heng Lee (2 months ago)
Does anyone know what is the title of the last piece of music in this video?
MaTtRoSiTy (2 months ago)
It was a great idea in theory to do flyover trips to Antarctica, it would be quite a unique experience. It is a shame that this great idea ended in tragedy as I would have loved to have done this (the flyover, not the crashing!) but of course this disaster ended the whole idea.
MaTtRoSiTy (2 months ago)
+cchris874 lol cool
cchris874 (2 months ago)
+MaTtRoSiTy And live Jazz on board.
MaTtRoSiTy (2 months ago)
+cchris874 Just had to Google that and yeah, so you can. Quite expensive but would be pretty cool
cchris874 (2 months ago)
You still can. The next departure is Qantas out of Melbourne on Dec. 31
Eddie Harrison (2 months ago)
Lost my Uncle on this Flight !
Billie Bob Norton III (1 month ago)
Sorry, may he and the souls who departed rest in peace.
ALA ALAROY (2 months ago)
At least they died quickly with little time to dwell on things.
cchris874 (1 month ago)
+Billie Bob Norton III Sources: "Impact Erebus" by Gordon Vette The Royal Commission report Passenger photos, which show the plane flying in clear air up to the very last second. This video is unfortunately not very well done. It doesn't describe whiteout correctly. It incorrectly shows snow falling. It incorrectly states the plane was flying in cloud. The Royal Commission report is the primary source for most of the facts I mention. Yes, there may be room for some disagreement, but it's pretty well established, I think.
ALA ALAROY (1 month ago)
A fairly basic report on the circumstances is covered in Air New Zealand Flight 901, Wikipedia. It covers these items.
Billie Bob Norton III (1 month ago)
cchris and you know these "facts"(?) how????
cchris874 (2 months ago)
+ALA ALAROY Absolutely. Any professional pilot would never dare ignore a warning even if he thought it was a false alarm. Had he really thought it was real, or had seen the mountain ahead of him, he would have gunned it, and the FDR shows that he did not. This video is very defective. It shows snow , but there was never any snow anywhere in or around the plane. It was in clear air throughout, and the crew were fooled by a visual illusion no where mentioned in this video. It was only in the last few seconds they were having trouble maintaining this illusion, as the false horizon line ahead of them began to disappear as they entered complete whiteout. This form of white out happens in clear air.
ALA ALAROY (2 months ago)
The captain tried to take evasive action and was recorded saying"Go-around power please."
wjatube (2 months ago)
The pilot is ultimately responsible for flying his or her aircraft regardless of a flight plan handed-down by corporate.
VLouie12 1234 (11 days ago)
+Aidankiwi To be exact 2.1 miles off courses
Aidankiwi (1 month ago)
The pilot was flying the approved flight plan into what he believed was a safe environment. It was not his fault the INS had been recalibrated (without his knowledge) leading to the aircraft being several miles off course.
Samir plays roblox (2 months ago)
20 flight crew members?
Pavel Drumev (2 months ago)
I really hoped that there will be little information about aftermath of the crash. As it is Mt.Elbrus in Antarctica all rescue operations were extremly complicated. The wreckage alone had been discovered 24 hours after crash so even if anyone survived they would freeze to death. First rescue party that had arrived spent 1 week on crash site recovering all bodies stucked under the wreckaged sometimes few meters under the snow. While recovering all bodies skua gulls birds started to eat corpses so they had to bury them again under the snow.....
Karen Sellers (2 months ago)
I remember when airplane crashes seemed to happen so frequently in the 60s, 70s & 80s. Several in Dallas & Chicago, New York, LA, Florida. Now it's so rare. I was in a 747 flying from Dallas to Hawaii in the 70s when we lost a engine out over the ocean (very scary noise, lots of water, no land in sight). They kept reassuring us they could fly on 3 or even 2 engines as we diverted to LA. Complimentary cocktails in coach & 1st class of which I took advantage.
cchris874 (2 months ago)
+Karen Sellers My uncle flew constantly for his job, but since he retired he refuses to fly for the same reasons you mention. He has;t been on a plane in 10 years. cheers
Karen Sellers (2 months ago)
cchris874 I'm not afraid to fly but it used to be a pleasure & people were civilized. You dressed up, got dinner & a movie & it was a big deal. Now they treat you like a terrorist, physically manhandle you, no food, pushy rude passengers, it's awful. So I drive anywhere I want to go in this country. You miss so much when you fly over everything. But if you want to go abroad, you gotta deal with it.
cchris874 (2 months ago)
Yes, the changes happen so slowly, and since safety sells fewer papers than crashes, no one notices, and then when one happens, like a single fatality on Southwest, everyone gets nervous. For 1st tier airlines, we are fast approaching the 1/100 million fatality risk per flight, which would have been considered a pipe dream in the 70s.
priya darshani (2 months ago)
Extremely sad😭😭😭😭😭
KOEN BEARD (2 months ago)
Chris Saindon (2 months ago)
I would find the morons that reprogrammed the flight path and execute them.
cchris874 (2 months ago)
But thy weren't the primary cause of the crash.
Mike Bernard (2 months ago)
This happened IN ORDER to cancel any further commercial flights over Antarctica.
cchris874 (2 months ago)
Doubtful. This was rumored to be the last flight as they were marginally economic. Since then however, the flights returned about 10 years ago. Qantas has one scheduled for this New Year's eve.from Melbourne.
Marie BCFHS (2 months ago)
DC-10 is a pretty fucked up plane
cchris874 (2 months ago)
But not here.
Serj (2 months ago)
is it available on mobile?
Headline Hamster (2 months ago)
Everyone in NZ had some connection. My family's connection was a women in our suburb was on the plane and her family held a garage sale and my father bought her lawn mower.
Billie Bob Norton III (1 month ago)
Wow, thanks for that piece of trivia.
Richard Head (2 months ago)
this is the captain speaking, we are going down....
Raamprasaad Adpaikar (2 months ago)
good video but so many f***king advts in the middle
Md Yusuf Mallick (2 months ago)
TheFlightChannel I'm addicted to your videos

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