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Those Relaxing Sounds of Waves, Ocean Sounds - HD Video 1080p

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This relaxing HD video (1080p) with real ocean sounds recorded on location is a part of the official Caribbean Lounge 3½ hour long 1080p series with wave sounds. Filmed entirely in Dominican republic. Full HD 1080p quality "Beach Lounge" video is available only on ☯☯☯ http://www.loungev.com/beach-lounge-film/ ☯☯☯ Copyright © 2011-2018 Contact us for licensing questions: http://www.loungev.com/contact/
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Missar Ali (6 months ago)
LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds
Missar Ali (6 months ago)
LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds ब
Kathy Allen (7 months ago)
Lara Tascı christian
Kathy Allen (7 months ago)
LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds best a~a6
Laura N (9 months ago)
Fita Risthy .
Kasilyas Maho (25 days ago)
I miss my home, wanna go back home and wake up in this kind of sorounding where there's no noise of an airplane, cars, loud musics. I miss my province it just sad that we need to work in city to earn money.
Suthin Rodkaew (1 month ago)
What is beep beep beep?
if your watching this my LOVE to and yours and hope your weekend goes by well PEACE
B3RK4N Y1LD1Z (2 months ago)
Buralarda yaşayacaksın aga çek kenara bi karavan veya müstakil ev esin dostun veya tek kafa dinlersin
Ryan Ashmore (3 months ago)
This relaxing it. be mor if I had anger issues but I don’t
Beautiful nature! It has given birth to the sacredness of our hearts! We are grateful to it, protect it! Start from everyone!
beiby murrey (3 months ago)
el paraíso 👼
Begabtsein (3 months ago)
be envious !!!!!!! :-(
Gaza1knockist (3 months ago)
This video is wonderful but it has 3,700 dislikes you people now a days get more & more retarded as the years go by.. hating a video of a beautiful beach..key board trolls ,morons ,imbisil ,jackasses ,shit bags..just some of the word to describe you all.
Спасибо большущее!! Великолепное видео! Потрясающей красы пейзажи!
Mary Cutie (3 months ago)
Beauriful VIEW & Sound Listen My Heart's 💖 Content Soothing To the Soul of My Heart
Relaxing Mind Music (3 months ago)
i need to go to the caribbean and drink coconut water in front of the beach for my sanity
Christy Flowers (4 months ago)
I want to be there right now. I love the ocean.🏝️🏖️
Aujz VLOG (4 months ago)
Keep me sleeping very long 😴
Rui Saraiva (5 months ago)
There are literally thousands of other “relaxation” videos on YouTube ad free. Disappointing.
Maeve Pagan (5 months ago)
Are there actually people out here disliking this video... It's honestly... Just the sound of waves...
Beauty of Nature (6 months ago)
Awesome 💜💙💛❤️
lacretia leigh (6 months ago)
I have financial freedom right now into my universe and i have great wealth. Thank u universe.
Юрий Диндюк (6 months ago)
Psalm 18 “1 To the head of the choir. Psalm of David. 2 Heaven preaches the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims the works of His hands. 3 Day to day transmits speech, and the night of night opens knowledge. 4 There is no language, and there is no adverb where their voice would not be heard. 5 Their sound passes through all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world. He set up a dwelling for them in the sun, 6 and it comes out like a bridegroom from his marriage chamber, rejoices, as a giant, to run a race: 7 His exodus from the edge of heaven, and his procession to the edge of it, and nothing is hidden from its warmth. 8 The law of the Lord is perfect, it strengthens the soul; the revelation of the Lord is right, making wise the simple. 9 The commandments of the Lord are righteous, they make the heart glad; the commandment of the Lord is light, the eyes are enlightened. 10 The fear of the Lord is clean; it endures forever. The judgments of the Lord are true, all are righteous; 11 They are more desirable than gold, and even a multitude of pure gold, sweeter than honey and drops of honeycomb; 12 And your servant is guarded by them, in observance of their great reward. 13 Who can see his errors? Cleanse me from my secrets, 14 and from Thy intentional restrain thy servant, lest they prevail over me. Then I will be blameless and pure from great corruption. 15 Let the words of my mouth and the mind of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength, and my Redeemer! ”
mahbouba zaoui (7 months ago)
小島信一 (7 months ago)
The sound of waves is the hall-marked play . The sound of waves is superior to secular things . So It purifies our small mind .
Jane Bezerra (7 months ago)
小島信一 (7 months ago)
This sound is so comfortable that it seems to fall into an eternal sleep . Sandman comes into the depth deeply of the soul . It's about time I lost consciousness . I'm not sure if it's a dream or a reality . Good night . See you tomorrow . Greeting from Japan
Igor Urtaev (7 months ago)
Классный релакс! )))
chilly dog (7 months ago)
commercials really!!!!!!!
همسة أمل (7 months ago)
سبحان الله سبحان الخالق يالله حلمي روح ع هيك مكان 😓😭😭
Alissa Whiting (7 months ago)
Swamp sounds
Abbie Hinrichs (7 months ago)
I was really needing this, thank you!
Изумительно, изготовлено с душой !!! ++++++++++
Im Mar10 (9 months ago)
Lovely, I can close my eyes and have all the wonderfulness without the sand. ;-) Also, thank you and also for posting where this was filmed.
Rola El-issa (9 months ago)
لا اله الا الله والله اكبر سبحان من خلق فأبدع فاذهل العيون 😔
• RiKKeL FeeD • (9 months ago)
Приятное,естественно, видео. Но очутиться там было бы ещё приятнее :)
Maria Boonen (9 months ago)
More Natural Than the Rest. Nice. WHAOOO.
harry potter (9 months ago)
i want make reality show where i bury a treasure on the beach and let competitors look for it :)
Fe Ochong (9 months ago)
We need quiet time for our creator it is for us to relax to our heavy loads Jesus said come to me all ye are heavily laden and I will give you rest ,for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Caleb Douglas (9 months ago)
Damn cricket
poor little creature
Caroli Brad (10 months ago)
Awesomely Beautiful.
Олег Назаров (10 months ago)
Где проходят съемки,кто знает?
Lapis Lazuli (10 months ago)
You know what the best part of these videos are? Well, at least for me, is looking through all the comments, seeing what people have to say.
Lapis Lazuli (10 months ago)
Why is this for a couple in LOVE? I'm not in love. Probably never, too. I just came here to listen to the ocean.
Lapis Lazuli (10 months ago)
Hmm... I wonder if anybody will respond to this comment, saying how old this video is.
Vladimir Safin (10 months ago)
Великий наш Бог Создатель будто всё сделал отлично Слава Ему во вежды! благодарю огромное людям за видио.
je suis Føů (10 months ago)
Zain Ali (10 months ago)
I love this place i have a dreem that one day i see😘😘😘😍😍😍😊😊
I......I.....I-ooooooh good-night
ewavera ewa (11 months ago)
Cudowny raj!
Elizaveta Chalina (11 months ago)
TC Nurdan Yıldız (11 months ago)
Shahjada Fahim (11 months ago)
Wow nature so beautiful 😍
Kaija Suontausta (11 months ago)
wonderful, refresing
Nikole Spry (11 months ago)
One day I'm going to save enough money to go to one of this Beautiful tropical island. This is what I call a real vacation.🌸🌸🌸🌸🍾🍾🍾🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️
小島信一 (7 months ago)
Great ! pretty ! beautiful ! incomparable ! masterpiece ! Greeting from mysterious Japan .
jd box (11 months ago)
Ricardo Kevin (11 months ago)
People listen to this?
Elizaveta Chalina (11 months ago)
Это Вы?
ryan3472 ryan3472 (11 months ago)
Really calming super cool dude
FeLkan (1 year ago)
Bo Kim (1 year ago)
Can you please tell me what kind of camera and microphone you did use for recording this clip? so clear scene and sound.
" Натюрморт " Твой сладостный Поцелуй Словил И стало Жарко! Клубничная Мелодия И шоколад! По тучам Сирень Как лозы Винограда. Раскинувшись, Ты на подушках Ждёшь меня! Сок на губках, Верни его Обратно! Испей ещё Из губ моих Любовь! Отдайся этак, Как вовек Не отдавалась. Жизнь. Ветер. Море. Солнце И песок! Я слушаю Твой глас И дыхание. Ты весьма Близко. Чистое Признание. Рисую кистью Губы И моё разум Летает В поднебесье. Расстояние. Стирается. Мои Воспоминания. Я днем О для тебя! Сейчас Пишу Послание. Слова, Слова И вздохи Поцелуями! То сладкими, То жгучими И смачными! Пленяя Душу, Сердце Бьётся Радостно! Спокойной ночи. Добрых снов, Красавица!
Peter Campbell (1 year ago)
Lots of long periods without any waves - cicadas and people murmuring in the background. Avoid if you're just after white noise wave sounds
Elizaveta Chalina (11 months ago)
Музыка тоже?
Jean Cook (1 year ago)
Very cool,thanks!!
Magdolna Tatay (1 year ago)
Imádom a hullámok zúgását hallgatni.
Шум то сё и бля рекламы напихал сам слушай 😷👎💩💯💩💩💩
Elizaveta Chalina (11 months ago)
Хреновый контент?
Writer BlackCattaleya (1 year ago)
Море...неохватное, живое. Тебе не сохранить его в памяти. Каждую вашу встречу оно другое. Тебе не увезти его с собой, не упрятать в потайном кармашке чемодана, не повесить в объёмной рамке на стенку. Всё, что для тебя остаётся - глядеть. Впиваться в него своим скупым взором, покамест не почувствуешь союз. Пока не придёт осознание, что меж вами не существует различий, покамест не поверишь, что ты - море... - BlackCattaleya "Человек из бутылки"
I Love Youtube (1 year ago)
Margo McFaul (1 year ago)
Spectacular. Magnificent. Gorgeous. Thank you.
Mary Cutie (1 year ago)
When l hear the sounds of the Ocean makes me feel good .relax & Dreaming away .🙎 👰
Elizaveta Chalina (11 months ago)
Вы уверенны?
أيوب أيوب (1 year ago)
it's very nice where is that ?
Elizaveta Chalina (11 months ago)
Вам тоже любопытно?
أيوب أيوب (1 year ago)
than u so mach
hasnaoui mohamed (1 year ago)
the best time
Light Time Production (1 year ago)
Красота.... благодарю! Я тоже не так давно сделала канал и делюсь атмосферными роликами из кадров, снятых по всему миру. Буду признательна, если зацените старания и подпишитесь ;-) (не мусор, а приглашение в гости ;-)
sheikh shohel (1 year ago)
Love it
sheikh shohel (1 year ago)
Love it
sheikh shohel (1 year ago)
Love it
Dawn Ford (1 year ago)
باسم الحبيب (1 year ago)
جننننننة روععععععة قريبا شفعل مثلها واحسن
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
ребяческий сад
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
DreamWorld (1 year ago)
I want to visit this gorgeous place.
прекрасные виды!умиротворение.покой.гул моря.пение птиц...что еще необходимо для счастья?
Alinur Alamut (1 year ago)
Спасибо вам создатель
Buddhafollower (1 year ago)
my god! there is so much energy in Nature! the movement of the water, the Sun's strength and everything... all this energy must come from The One Source, the Aether. The Cosmic Aether, the eternal ocean of power from which everything appears and returns...
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
Jonathon Starwalt (1 year ago)
love it
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
Good!It helped me)You are best
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
и по лучше кушать
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
не прет
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
Brigro Jazz (1 year ago)
Jaslaran Singh (1 year ago)
Odilon Faria (1 year ago)
Os proprietários dessas mansões e apartamentos não valem a comida que comem... thieves
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
не прет
Ocean Pictures (1 year ago)
Great video! I like how relaxing and cinematic your footage is, especially with the waves at the beginning. What camera did you use to film this?
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
kerajinan unik (1 year ago)
Sub back
Robin Houthuys (1 year ago)
thank you it was amazing...
Absolutely beautiful shots!
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
SILVIA MERCEDES (1 year ago)
Excelente!! Además del sonido maravillosos paisajes, gracias por compartir!! Lluvia de bendiciones eternas para ti!😊😍🌹🙏🏻💒❤️🇦🇷
Valya Kiri (1 year ago)
Ahmad Ali Ahmad (1 year ago)
GOOD EVENING FROM LEBANON LOVE IT .. GREAT WORK Beautiful .. wondering video's viewings........ Greetings. Ahmad Ali Ahmad Many thanks "LoungVfilm" Tuesday night 13.02.2018 8:04pm
Killer Fok (1 year ago)
I'm sick today and this is helping me feel better
mavenrichards (1 year ago)
Chumme75 (1 year ago)
I hate msp Jk
ana maria caso (1 year ago)
ana maria caso (1 year ago)
Bellissimo il mare è natura
ςнιммγ ςнιм (1 year ago)
this helps me so much to relax thank you so much for posting this video ! btw love your videos !😘
Spanner & Clyde (1 year ago)
See you then, I can dig elvis *sobs*
Doffy Smile (1 year ago)
Omprakash Thakur (1 year ago)
Wanna be here all day all night long....With Nature loving maniacs like me...

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