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Why is CANADA the Most Admired Country on Earth? - VisualPolitik EN

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Canada has reached its 150th anniversary as one of the richest countries in the world, with a top-notch quality of life, as well as being one of the most admired countries on Earth. Not bad, right? So now you might be wondering… What is the cause of all of this? What are the main achievements that Canada is celebrating after 150 years? And importantly, Is there any dark side to Canada? Well, we are going to answer all of these questions in this video, but first let’s get some perspective... And don't forget to visit our friend’s podcast, Reconsider Media: http://www.reconsidermedia.com/
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Rick Feng (20 hours ago)
8:18 until the wardrobe malfunction D: I still like him though
Deni Defaux (20 hours ago)
In the past Canada was neutral country member of nato but still not like USA and was respecting human rights however that's all in the past today ppl who are out side Canada still think Canada is the promise land but the reality is different 60% of Canadians don't have savings and are in survival mode its to expensive to live in Canada rent is to high and don't even think about owning a house but for the 30% middle class and the 10% rich is still great most immigrants are disappointed but have no choice they came from far worse places so can't really complain
Carol Weideman (21 hours ago)
As a Canadian, I use to be proud of being Canadian but since Trudeau and gang got elected I am not anymore.
Samuel Cope (1 day ago)
The only problem this great nation has is that Mr Trudeau is a complete asshole who is also rather thick
Play me (1 day ago)
2,500 americans disliked this video
Condor1970 (1 day ago)
I hate to say this, but the incompetence of Ottawa is getting a bit ridiculous to the point it is becoming a regional security problem. United States is facing serious future global strategic issues. We simply cannot allow Russia or China to get a foothold in the arctic. The United States will inevitably need to annex everything west of Ontario to the north passage. Our global strategic needs are far too great. The fact that Canada has been living under the United States defense umbrella for over 70 years with very little contribution needs to come to an end. Eastern Canada has been living under the US defense umbrella long enough, and they have been sucking off the teat of Alberta's oil revenue transfer payments to feed their aging socialist population. Frankly, everyone's getting a bit fed up with it. Canada has the worlds largest shoreline, and only 7,000 sailors to defend it. Canada also has the 2nd largest land mass with some of the most important natural resources in the world, yet only 75,000 soldiers to defend it. I'm sorry, but a nation that cannot defend itself is not sovereign. In reality, Canada really hasn't been truly sovereign for over 70 years. It only exists because of the United States as an over-seeing protectorate. You all may need to get used to the idea of statehood.
Paola Garcia (1 day ago)
damn i tell all my friends i’m moving to canada , it’s fucking amazing i don’t really like the united states ahh
marshallmarthes (1 day ago)
is Canada racist? Is it better than Australia? coz Australia is really really racist
mark christofferson (1 day ago)
No not really, well except for the immigrants,they're very racist.
Jfrey vision (1 day ago)
if YOU live in CANADA Like i do leave a like
Manan Sethi (1 day ago)
loved trudeau saying " wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh " shows the love and beauty of canada and Justin himself hats off man . RESPECT D:)
Manyakus (2 days ago)
FYI: -It clearly is all about appearances with Trudeau and the concern of being politically correct. -Refugee immigration was a political stunt move. -Trudeau is the PM who signed the least amount of trades with countries. -He increased taxes on corporations and SMB which, mind you, consist of more than 50% of the Canadian economy. -He wanted to have absolute gender equality in his cabinet no matter the cost. Ministers should not be selected based on their gender. Duh. -He inherited a surplus budget from Harper and managed to create deficit until 2045, which will add 450 billion dollars to the national debt. -He does not appear to be respected by major countries. -There's also the Carbon tax mess, which he assured us would not be a tax. -Provinces are turning against him. -Statistic Canada secretly collecting banking info. -Aga Khan gifts (yea right). -India trip. What a shame. -Tons of settlement money for alleged terrorists, nothing for the veterans. -He supported motion-103 that attacks freedom of speech in Canada. -He allowed known ISIS fighters to return to Canada. -His no 1 minion defense minister lied about playing a leading role in Afghanistan. -His no 2 minion finance minister passed new legislation that profited his company Morneau Sheppel. -He insisted that applicants for the Canada Summer Jobs program must attest that their "core mandate" be pro-choice. -Let's not forget about the "people kind" moment. -The list goes on. I am a proud Canadian ashamed of its Prime Minister.
Maxwell's demon (2 days ago)
As an American, I love our hat, I mean Canada!
kenneth thompson (2 days ago)
You can do humor.
chris p (3 days ago)
85% of Canadians hate Trudeau and multiculturalism will never work never
I keep my Taiwanese citizenship so I can tell people I'm Taiwanese and not be affiliated with Trudeau
Vegas Skating (3 days ago)
How do they calculate the human freedom index? The USA literally gives its own citizens complete freedom of speech and in Europe your fined or jailed for controversial ideas about the holocaust
Phantom Warrior (3 days ago)
well canada is always looking to cripple its citizens financially. The traffic fines are insanely high as are dental services, ambulances, rent, car insurance, etc. and the open borders makes employers more likely to hire foreigners over local specially youths post graduation.
alex jervis (3 days ago)
All the Good Immigration happened before THE WELFARE STATE made you limit YOUR family, .......to PAY for IT!
Paul Metcalfe (4 days ago)
I recall the Toronto mayor recently complaining that they can't take in any more migrants I don't see that in your video
Paul Metcalfe (4 days ago)
I wonder how many Canadians reading this think like you, immigration is no problem in Canada?
Paul Metcalfe (4 days ago)
Are you an idiot? Immigration in Canada "No problem at all!" what are you on? You are obviously not a Canadian citizen and I would even guess with that remark you've never even traveled there.
EhdrianEh (4 days ago)
8:29 wasn't even true in 2017 LOL! This video makes me depressed... I wonder if Trudeau gave this guy a $250,000 vacation to make this video. Oh, yes, that brings up am interesting fact .... JT is the only PM in Canada's history to be found guilty by the federal ethics commission. I don't give a shit what the rest of the world thinks of JT - he needs to go.
Sudipto (4 days ago)
Canada = All good things about America
John Roesch (4 days ago)
Multiculturalism is a front for moral relativism by which the Liberal Party promotes evil such as abortion, euthanasia, homosexual marriage, drug promotion and is use, rampant pornography, sexual exploitation, and venereal diseases. The immoral apostates of the Quebec quite revolution such as Justin Trudeau systematically destroyed our British, French and European cultural and Christian moral basis of Canada. You speak of Canadian values, what exactly are Canadian values and what makes them particularly Canadian? Justin Trudeau is a radical leftist and I hate his guts for what he and the Liberal Party of Canada has done to my country.
John Roesch (4 days ago)
The Liberal Party of Canada is evil and has laid the ground work for the fall of Canada. It has systematically destroyed our national identity and British cultural heritage.
Jeremy Chapman (4 days ago)
Thank you for this video. My Fiance are planning to immigrate from Texas, the information in this video is very helpful.
Owen Plourde (4 days ago)
Canada has actually been a thing since the 17th century
Owen Plourde (4 days ago)
But united into a Single government in 1867
Bruce23125145 (4 days ago)
Trudeau junior is destroying Canada as we speak culturally, demographically and economically (although the foundation was laid by Trudeau senior) along with that crazy woman that is minister of foreign affairs called Chrystia Freeland.
This Is Florida (4 days ago)
note to self... If I go to Canada, I won't be crossing legally and you won't even know until I come back... suckers.
Rafaela Vlachou (5 days ago)
Mi Canadian 😀😀😀😀😍😍😍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦😍😍😍😀😀😀😀
KOH Joo Hua (5 days ago)
Tcw 77 (5 days ago)
bullshit, there laughed at, There weak and there trying to destroy there country, In 30 years from now, people will look at canada and say WTF happened to canada, It is shit hole
Dwayne McSorley (6 days ago)
Of the Liberal Members of Parliament elected 21% are women. Trudeau picked his cabinet in 2015 , making the Liberal Cabinet over 50% women . Trudeau , a self described feminist , has made it clear to All Canadian citizens that his political correctness run a muck....... has professed all Business / Corporations and Government should designate People for Promotions .....Not based on Merit or Qualifications but based on How They Pee ! This is a Devaluation and Delegitimization of promotion of Any and All Women !
Purpl3 Grape (6 days ago)
3:30 When was that photo taken?
alton gifford (6 days ago)
When is Canada going to annex the United States?
Nanof Urbiznis (7 days ago)
I love Canada and hope to get a chance to at least live there for some time in the future, but I'm forced to say that Trudaeu is horrible for Canada...
lawrence hunter (7 days ago)
Not trying to be parochial but Canada and Australia are free democracy and I like to mentioned the Westminster systems ..great middle powers..a great place to live..
Andrew Dennis (7 days ago)
Is Canada the most adored country? They kind of seem like the laughing stock of the planet at the moment, mostly thanks to their current prime minister.
Kevin (8 days ago)
Cucknadians don't have nuclear bombs they have Justin Bieber and they declared war on the USA when they dropped him on us. It's imperative that the United States of America strikes back with full force.
didier de haerne (8 days ago)
Quebec is over 400 years old So no im not canadian JE SUIS QUEBECOIS! Canada has a shitty school systeme terrible gorvernement services and one of the worst medical system in the world Canadians are culturless and are american wannabees, some Natives reserve are like 3rd world countries.The rest of canada hates quebecers because we are againts a pipepline and the facts that we speak french Vancouver is nice but completely unaffordable everyone looks depressed. Canada has countless of single mothers because the state encourage them with parental allocation . Prescriptions pills is given to childrend like smarties and most people thinks its normal .Justice system is so pathetic A man killed his wife in a Honnor crime and he was released after two years on a Jordan law ....insane. Pedophiles here get almost no time in jail for the worst crime possible (max 5 years) and get more benefits than a child victim would.When some one turns crazy-murderous they dont use guns they use cars .Winter last 6 months no joke.
Chase Morissette (9 days ago)
What none of you non Canadians know is that the Canadian Government has been taken over by ultra conservative rich people with a middle class to worry about. Let's be realistic if there is poverty in Canada it is because the government wants poverty to exist to justify a slew of government services that give all the middle class wives easy and secure jobs. Trudeau is a poster boy and with the conservatives as they are what will he accomplish that they won't reverse as soon as he loses power? Canada is filled with wise ass snobs that got to thinking and have all the pathways to success locked down so as to increase land values and to create a work force, we are basically a nation of well kept blind slaves, and I am disabled they wont even let me work, when you get to Canada you will find a lot of great things on the surface but once you're in deep you'll see what I mean. Not to mention to be a Canadian is to have to walk around and face the native people who's land we stole from them, Seriously though if you think about it, so just remember this is a country of thieves and scoundrels and if you come here that's what you'll end up being, lol.
Zohra R. (10 days ago)
I have been in Montreal lately I am American living in California I was really shocked it is cold but very organized people speak French and English easily I stayed there for 10 days and I barely seen any police cars or policemen opposite in California sometimes for a homeless man there is a three or for police cars harassing who the homeless , black parole are very comfortable well dress I did not notice any kind of tension around black people I live in Orange County Ca for over 20 yrs the city basically is white with Asians and Mexicans but black people are rare in Orange County it is considered a white town, bring I did not notice any beggars or homeless people in contrary in the wealthiest country in earth in the most wealthiest city in Orange County Newport Beach and Costa Mesa homeless are everywhere sleeping in the streets and nobody cares. So I think we are being a third world country.
Lucas Pereira (10 days ago)
Canadians, you guys should be aware of the invasion of Russian trolls and bots around social media. You may doubt it, but their arms are ready to manipulate every country and every election. Always question everything, but be careful with hate speech and fake news. Do not let your country sink like America, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, Hungary and so many others.
Jeremy (7 days ago)
Yes. Disagreeing with Trudeau makes you a Russian troll. You sound like a Nazi talking about Jews interfering in elections.
Daniel Clequin (10 days ago)
your vids are the most bullshit of all vids the crap that you say is unreall ask canadians cause you know fuckall about us fuck you fuck trudeau
Love the solidarity! Well done, Canada! <3
3 kings (10 days ago)
Canada is NOT the best country in the world. I live there and from my experience it is a joke of a country that can't do shit for its people, provinces or cities while making itself "USA-lite" or a liberal version of America. All it does is make lies and false propaganda about itself just to make people come here and screw their lives over, while hiding the bad parts of it.
3 kings (3 days ago)
+didier de haerne Quebec as a country is better than forcing the French language on all of Canada or having people from Quebec or bilinguals run this country. I won't hate on Quebec that much if it were its own country and not part of Canada; we don't need Quebec in the first place.
didier de haerne (7 days ago)
+Jeremy 49 to 51 is not so clear and liberals probably cheated like always
Jeremy (7 days ago)
+didier de haerne There was a referendum. The sovereignty side lost. Clearly Quebec didn't want to be a country.
didier de haerne (8 days ago)
let make a country of Quebec fuck canada
Pat Davo (10 days ago)
Bought and paid for PR piece probably funded by the Liberal party AKA Canadian taxpayers designed to blind the stupid and naive.
greg (10 days ago)
Trudeau is an idiot who only got in to office because of his Father, if anyone else with so little experience they would have been laughed away. Also people these days don't value democracy, a person I know says she only supports Trudeau because of "his ass". Such a joke
Bulletproof Samurai (10 days ago)
Admired for being cucks
Samus 123 (11 days ago)
I love my country
Scott Bentley (12 days ago)
Our heath care isnt perfect but kill trump kill the piece of shit
Ross Kellyn Moore (12 days ago)
Hahahahahahahahahaha! Lol! ROFL!
Jane Doe (12 days ago)
Canada is declining thanks to Trudeau.
Charlex Alexandre (12 days ago)
Yeah Justin Trudeau is welcoming syrian refuges...while dropping bombs in Syria
Nathan Remix (13 days ago)
Trust me canadian if you vote for right wing you regret it like most american does .
Nathan Remix (7 days ago)
+Jeremy great . You see what that 'great gonna do'
Jeremy (7 days ago)
No. We have a right wing government for 9 years. It was great. We regret getting rid of it.
arcemedies macdonald (13 days ago)
1 bedroom with full use of the house for rent in Canada, fully furnished with dual channel wi-fi, chillax and relax.
Daily railfanning (13 days ago)
I love Canada, and being Canadian! I will never leave the vast mountains, cold, blue, clean waters, and chilly winters. If you agree, like the video! :) 🇨🇦 👍❤️
Mr A Team 604 (14 days ago)
Nothing worst then loud intros
Not Your Average Pyro (14 days ago)
From everything I've seen and heard about it, Canada sounds like a great country. But I'd prefer to stay in my own if given the choice...
Jarod Farrant (14 days ago)
“Happy birthday Canada” thanks Simon I’m proud to be Canadian!
Taiwo Olaleye (14 days ago)
well low population allows this to happen
dave aird (14 days ago)
With Trudeau in power our country is slowly being eroded away right from underneath us. He is destroying our country, please come back again once we have formed a new gov't and the dust has settled a little bit.
terry hollands (15 days ago)
Displaying RCMP images to represent Canada, is to misrepresent the nation.
Kevin Duggan (15 days ago)
Cocaine is legal in parts of South America- Guns are legal well because of the cocaine part in the south. Why-even then Clinton’s are known to dabble in the powder trade. So Canada’s favorite residents Honey and Berry Sherman well there just privileged. Yes Canada is privileged because America buffers them from the real North America. It’s perfectly fine to Flood Alaska with drugs because California and Portland encourages it. No borders my ass. See the difference between no borders now there geniuses. If your country borders Mexico cartels you better have your own guns cuz they sure as hell have them.
LRN_News (15 days ago)
Hahahaha the whole video is absolute garbage. What a stupid fucking video.
3 kings (10 days ago)
The USA is ten times better, people forget that Canada is more than 80% empty and 1/10th the USA's population. Yes America has a lot of bad and ugly things, but even Canada has a lot of shitty places and bad things its just that no one is bringing it up. American culture is way better while Canada has no culture and copies from the USA, and America has created many innovations, great things and inventions throughout its existence. Think about it, American states and cities have unique industries and cultures like NYC, California, Detroit, Texas, New Orleans, etc. while Canadian provinces and cities don't have anything unique to offer other than take cultures from elsewhere.
psycho pineapples (15 days ago)
im from Canada
djkevlarr (15 days ago)
Never been happier to be 🇨🇦🇨🇦🙏🏻 Merci Mr Trudeau
MOHD Nizamuddin (16 days ago)
justin is better than other politicians in the world.
Richard Mercer (17 days ago)
So tired of empty-headed people saying they hate Americans. People are people everywhere. Think about how Americans helped save us all in WW2 when they entered into the war effort. America is a Nation of entrepreneurs. America faught for their freedom. And this word, "multi-culteralism". Now there's a made-up bullsh*t word. All of North America is made up of immigrants and different ethnicities and it always has been. Liberals think they invented this -but it's nothing new. Trudeau is a complete disaster... watch him destroy Canada both economically and culturally. This migration pact is a globalist ploy. If you want to help refugees... help them get their country back - you don't see the UN doing that.. Do you notice how nobody ever talks about that. The corporations and central bankers don't want this. "Embrace technology and A.I." What ever happened to interacting with human beings. Self-checkouts at MacDonalds and Walmart - that's right...raise minimum wage since you will be replaced by machines anyway. Globalist are the enemy of the people. They manipulate our currencies and money supply and cause endless wars and conflict... all the while making out as if they are improving our world. You are being lied to folks - time to wake up!
voici je (17 days ago)
i live here i stay here...because i was born here...why people have a need to leave family friends???...build your own country...like my ancestors did..,.
Sterling Price (17 days ago)
Canada is not the most admired nation on earth. Their political leaders are NWO Globalists who push an Anti-White agenda. I have nothing negative to say about the majority of natural born Canadians, just to be clear. I admire their heritage and culture (Which their political leaders seek to destroy), and I hope and pray will continue to exist as it has existed since colonial times.
Akash Sharma (17 days ago)
Canada was great. Then Trudeau came. Nuff said.
Eric s (2 days ago)
His dad did a lot of destruction . You should have seen it in the 60s way better.
Gary Gagnon (18 days ago)
O Canada
Alphonse Duponey (18 days ago)
Congrats to you if you are Canadians... ...and have to support that liberal propaganda shit on a regular basis.
L’indo American (18 days ago)
Why ? It’s simple 1) It’s an American country 2) Forested land 3) Free and happy 4) Everyone do what he want 5) Our 3 city are American style so they are beautiful :D
Richard Cadotte (19 days ago)
In Canada, it's Not being shot by police or have more guns then people or dishonest greedy business . Yes American who wave flag, wear our emblem just to get better services when traveling and yet medical ...you know we are the best and no need to flag it ....Anerican da
Pierre Muller (20 days ago)
et le québec dans tout cela????
Big Irish Potatoe Boi (20 days ago)
Canada is full off *peoplekind*
Joshua Rice (20 days ago)
God I hate our PM
Robert Howland (20 days ago)
Because they have a KICK ASS LEADER! Justin Trudeau is not a NARCISSISTIC, STUPID COWARD like Mr. Trump.
Jeremy (7 days ago)
Except he is. He's Donald Trump with better manners.
Jesse O'Reilly (21 days ago)
Yeah, Justin is a real hit with everyone except the country he's actually in charge of! LOL. What a slimy, virtue signalling fraud that guy is. I don't know where you're getting your approval ratings numbers from the pre-polling for next years election are telling a very different story.
rich unggoy (21 days ago)
Yeah Canada loves “free trade” ..... of except those 400% tariffs on US diary products. Just wait and see how all the “Diversity” destroys Canada in a few years, with all the muslims you are letting in your country.
Kevin L (21 days ago)
I like Canada only in summer
Yo TENGO (21 days ago)
Lol I just had a ad THATS was like this.. Man:your so AMERICAN (person) Other person: you are too.. Man:THAN WHY DO I LOVE POUTINE AND HOCKEY.
Mickey Oberman (22 days ago)
Obviously a paid Liberal prevarication. Trudeau's popularity has plunged and is plunging rapidly. Trudeau's stupidity has turned Canada into one of the most laughed at countries in the world. His unending lies have set new records. His fiscal policies are disastrous. His open door policy for tens of thousands of very dangerous immigrants deeply concerns all Canadians as does his Muslim faith which he refuses to deny. His 6 vacations during his first term in office is some kind of unholy record. And so it goes on and on but his ruinous, infamous and dishonest term is sure to end very soon. Who is that excited twerp that is acting out this charade?
Gunner Life (22 days ago)
Come be a slave. Work work work
PhillipDemonic (23 days ago)
It`s not.
wilhelm huf (23 days ago)
why Canadians think its the best country in the world I think this people never left Canada go and travel see other country you maybe you get a other opinion
James Cook (23 days ago)
This must be older video. Trudeau is the most anti Canadian PM ever. He's an embarrassment
Randy Pearce (23 days ago)
Definitely one of the best countries to live in!
Douglas Andrie (24 days ago)
Neither Bo Derek, nor Keanu Reeves are from Canada.... terrible vid.
skull trooper (24 days ago)
Im canadian and the reason its admired is because it has the best education on the planet and the most fresh water on the planet
Gacha Mia2111 (25 days ago)
I'm Canadian , and I'm born I Canada , its the best , and I know everything about ita
Dean Anderson (26 days ago)
We need to control spending again or we will lose all we gained.
Lyra (27 days ago)
Canada is great but we have the worst leader in the entire world
Khalid Raja (27 days ago)
In my wishlist 😍
Darth Bane (28 days ago)
Hold your tits.. you have lots of mixed information here. We never chose multiculturalism it is forced upon us. We do not like Trudeau he lied to us all, and is guilty of treason against canada and Canadian people. We don't want this socialist government in power any longer. We are taxed to death, the economy is falling to shit, all your statics on Trudeau are a lie, his cabinet is a joke. They keep fucking us over every chance they get. All are guilty of treason.
Adem Meral (28 days ago)
30k refugess and so much praise. We host 4 millions of them and you cannot find a single youtube video praising Turkey.
David Rule (28 days ago)
this is a joke.
Adelchi Di Palma (28 days ago)
Most admired because we are a bunch of moron because we allow the criminal government to rob us in plain sight. There are two certainties; criminal government and criminal bankers The two enemies of the people are Criminals and Government, so let us tie the Second down with chains of the Constitution so the Second will not become the legalized version of the First, Thomas Jefferson. ALL FORMS OF TAXES are not allocated to pay infrastructure,  taxes are interest charges paid to criminal bankers for not lending any amount. The so-called government obtains all the money from public expenses as a fraudulent loan, WHICH is NOT LOANS. You must become knowledgeable of the criminal banking system then you will find out that banks have never been in the lending business and have extorted the interest paid for your mortgage, credit cards and other loans. I have investigated this issue for 30 years and I have calculated that the so-called government owes each household about $1,000,000 from 1974 to 2018 and its about $30,000 per year fraud on all Canadians. Taxes are not allocated to pay infrastructure,  taxes are interest charges paid to criminal bankers for not lending any amount. The so-called government obtains all the money from public expenses as a fraudulent loan. You must become knowledgeable of the criminal banking system then you will find out that banks have never been in the lending business and have extorted the interest paid for your mortgage, credit cards and other loans. I have investigated this issue for 30 years and I have calculated that the so-called government owes each household about $1,000,000 from 1974 to 2018 and its about $30,000 per year fraud on all Canadians. The Canadian Bank of Canada has the right and obligation to finance government expenses interest- free and taxes would be a fraction of existing rates. In fact, because the so-called government has unconstitutionally borrowed from private banks at interest paying income taxes is actually harmful to the economy.  beat them at their own game look up taxusave Taxes would be a lawful condition that all eval of government would borrow from the Bank of Canada at interest- tree as per Section 91 SS 1A,14, 15, 18, 20, 29 of the British North America Act of 187 and section 52 (1) of the Charter of Rights and Freedom,  and the taxes are allocated to reduce the debt. and no taxation for wars of aggression, and the public employees cannot be more than 7% of the population, and no interest charges on all private and business loans. Banks have never been in the lending business.. Banks have never been in the lending business. TAXES UNDER THE PRESENT FORM ARE CONFISCATORY, AND WAR CRIMES.  Because of the interest charges the fraudulent debts grow exponentially and can only be paid by the bankers foreclose on all assets and enslave everyone, we are more than halfway to this situation. Trudeau and all MP's Senate, Governor Generals, Members of the Provincial Legislation and Mayors and councilors must be charged with High Treason and Sedition.

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