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Why is CANADA the Most Admired Country on Earth? - VisualPolitik EN

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Canada has reached its 150th anniversary as one of the richest countries in the world, with a top-notch quality of life, as well as being one of the most admired countries on Earth. Not bad, right? So now you might be wondering… What is the cause of all of this? What are the main achievements that Canada is celebrating after 150 years? And importantly, Is there any dark side to Canada? Well, we are going to answer all of these questions in this video, but first let’s get some perspective... And don't forget to visit our friend’s podcast, Reconsider Media: http://www.reconsidermedia.com/
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Priyo Yoyo (1 hour ago)
Holy Spirit I felt leading a marriage life here is extremely hard ! But I love love love the churches...
Asoka Mano (6 hours ago)
Born Canadian - Vancouver , BC
Natasha is Awesome (13 hours ago)
Hey well guess what Amarica had black slavery longer then Canada
Natasha is Awesome (13 hours ago)
Man Canada is Awesome
Avneet Jhangria (18 hours ago)
Ehh!! 🇨🇦
Kenny Taylor (19 hours ago)
If Canada is such a great country, then why is Alberta and Quebec threatening to pull out and go it alone?
Universal Steele (1 day ago)
I am a Canadian, and Justin Trudeau does NOT speak for me.
Jeremy Sivertsen (1 day ago)
Canada's joke, they dont even own their own land lmao
Awesome26 (1 day ago)
Im a Canadian
Yvon Legault (1 day ago)
Trudeau is a condescending puts!
ikechukwu opoku (1 day ago)
Canada here I come. Lolzz...
Lar (2 days ago)
Last place on earth I would ever want to live, but I do like it's national anthem. Had a Canadian girlfriend once.
Anthony Morris (2 days ago)
And now for a reality check. Canada strives for mediocrity. This country should be the wealthiest in the world. We have everything! Base metals, precious metals, energy metals. We have 10 million hectares of wheat. We have farming, agriculture, forestry. We have a huge manufacturing base. We have the 3rd largest oil reserves on the planet and we are around the 6th largest oil producer. The world's largest supply of fresh water. A envious tourism industry. We have the wealthiest and most powerful nation right on our doorstep. We have more wealth and more advantages than any single country on earth. This wealth is also shared with only 35 million people. Where is all the money. We are unable to build pipelines, fix the Gardiner expressway, or build a subway anywhere. We can't afford housing for our growing homelessness. We can't get our oil to market and we sell it for around $23.00 U.S. a barrel instead of the $70.00 global price. We have the highest taxes in the G7. We have unacceptable emergency hospital waiting times. Sometimes 6 months to see a specialist. Roads that are jammed and full of pot holes. We can't afford to replace aging F15's, and can't patrol our own arctic. We don't have any high speed trains which have been around since the 1970s. The list goes on. There are numerous populations in the world that are far wealthier and these countries don't have even half of the advantages that we have. Canada strives for mediocrity, our streets should be paved with gold.
Sheila Dodds (2 days ago)
Canada has Legal cannabis as of yesterday Oct. 17, 2018 The second country in the world to legalize POT...My city Kamloops BC CA was the first government store in my province...I love my country...
Itay Yahel (2 days ago)
Let's face it, people don't know or worse than that they don't care about any politic issue and they voted for one that with all the respect should not lead this country regardless who we are, from left or right wing, the problem is that we don't like to see what's going on, our tax money going into very bad places. How could we vote for a guy that he's giving our money to bad and don't want to give to veterans? Very sad
Eric Handley (3 days ago)
Canada....you have the greatest leader in the world...Justin Trudeau. I admire him.
SJB (3 days ago)
Really? I can’t wait to get out of this shithole our lives are gunna go to shit within the next 20 years bein white and Christian I don’t want my kids to be beat the way I was by Muslims in my city. Especially now that Canada is trying to take in 300,000 refugees/muslims a year.
erzan (3 days ago)
Canada is what Britain dreams it is. ♥️ from 🇬🇧
Davis B (4 days ago)
Trudeau is terrible and counter productive just harming the economy, he is useless
The Provincial Gentry (4 days ago)
Trudeau is utterly despised in Western Canada
John Simon (4 days ago)
Why is Canada the best? Why is water wet... why is the sky blue? We just are baby! !
Chris Smithson (4 days ago)
It sure isn't because of Trudeau the worst PM ever elected, this sounds a lot like a Liberal lover post.
Kevinvansea (4 days ago)
Trudeau is a filthy Jesuit trained freemason and should go hunting with the likes of Dick Cheney in the USA. However Cheney should be using a little heavier grain of shot for this filthy son of a bitch. He panders to the muslims, lgbt community and will be cast in hell when he meets his final destination. Rotten bastard to the core.
Rob Yury (4 days ago)
We aren't. Our leader is a world wide laughing stock JOKE.
Fahyan Ehmar (5 days ago)
Both Canada and USA are now fully dominated by Chinese
Pothead Steve (5 days ago)
LOL Like look at the comments. Full of blind patriotism for nothing. Not being American isn't something to be proud of. Fucking makes me sick.
Robert Tucker (5 days ago)
I hope I can stop puking after watching this propaganda !
Alex Brine (5 days ago)
Fuck that rat fuck Trudeau
Colonel Crossfire (5 days ago)
The only reason canada can get away with being a nation of polite pushovers is because of the US. Like it or not, canada is very dependent on US economically and militarily. Being "nice" doesn't get you far on the world stage.
Fatemah Zarif (5 days ago)
ii Superman (5 days ago)
*Canada’s reality is very depressing. Ppl move and then they run like hell out of there. Canadians have been Doing a wonderful job lying to the world. Move to Canada for the lies, run away for its reality. Example all these bull shit comments below.* 36 million ppl huh? Yah that explains it.
Cody Kapcsos (5 days ago)
Free healthcare!!
Doctor Ali (6 days ago)
long live canada
Temp Worker (6 days ago)
Perfect. Trudeau looks so cute he makes me puke. BBLLLLEEEECCKKKKK- AAACCKKKK
George Ryerson (6 days ago)
canadians are great trudon't is an embarrassment. i was in india when justeen was dancing like a puppet! what an idiot!
R and R (7 days ago)
What???? This is the most racist white nation on the planet. F U. I am Canadian.
R and R (6 days ago)
From E to W coast, you fuck head. Small white are the scum racists, stupid and dumb.
INDIANS DID 7-ELEVEN (6 days ago)
"white nation". LOL what part of Canada do you live in? Where I live whites are a small minority.
Marcie Warren (7 days ago)
As a Canadian living abroad for part of the time I can vouch that Canada is a strong and reliable country that puts its money in its population. The government provides the bedrock that we live on, strong, stable, fair and secure, while giving its citizens the right and support needed to live long, productive lives. We can count on our banks, we can count on our health care, and we can count on our education. And I know what strengths we can gain from each other’s diverse backgrounds—-I was especially privy to that as a teacher. I am a traveller and often find myself comparing the culture I am living in with the culture of Canada. The bottom line is that where it counts, Canada always comes out on top. Yes, we have our own historical nightmares, especially around the Indigenous culture. That can be credited to a time when our roots (French and English) were our only guide. As Canada became a country in its own right, however, we started to create the country we all wanted it to be, just, fair and responsible. I applaud the politicians who brought that vision forth with their policies and the laws to enforce them. That includes Justin Trudeau and his father, Pierre. I am always proud to say that I AM CANADIAN!!
RectifiedNinja (7 days ago)
Liam Failure (7 days ago)
Canada's military expansion is literally massive, on literally EVERY hallway in my school is at least one recruitment poster for the Canadian Armed Forces, half of the ads I see online are for guess what the Canadian Armed Forces. Edit: My Edit was just fixing some grammer.
William Schlotterer (7 days ago)
My wife and I are USer's. We met Mr. and Mrs. Trudeau at Toronto Pride when he was still running for office. They immediately impessed us both as sincere, committed people, committed to Liberal Western Democratic values.Canada is not perfect, but it is head and shoulders ahead of the United States, especially now that an irresponsible demagogue inhabits the White House.
cale stern (7 days ago)
trudeau is an idiot lol
asac5050 asac5050 (8 days ago)
God I love Canada.
Chelsey Robb (8 days ago)
Love it! Canadian & proud. I have full faith in PM Trudeau, I think he's great. He supports our PEOPLE, where they are, without judgement. We strive for better in everything we do and support diversity. It makes me proud that we welcome people from around the world to come live on the wonderful land that makes up Canada. Strong. Free. Brave people. & we like helping each other, even if it means high taxes, because we know that a Canada where everyone succeeds, is a good place to be.
Ear2theWall (8 days ago)
Justin is the shame of Canada, what a huge pile of propaganda CRAP!!
O loves Makeup (9 days ago)
Proud to be Canadian but not at all proud of The PM Trudeau!
bill howes (9 days ago)
trudeau is the biggest piece of shit canadas ever sen
Joul Jaker (9 days ago)
I'm half American half german and my dream is it to live in Canada.
Justin Trudeau will be gone next year
David Schiemann (10 days ago)
Canadian but fuck Trudeau
B C (10 days ago)
The only thing Canada's PM is able to do is take a selfie. So far he has been an unmitigated failure.
Ethan Emson (11 days ago)
0:14 Trudeau fucking "forgot" to say Alberta but remembered PEI?
JARED METHUSELAH (11 days ago)
Canada is indeed a great country. It's people are beautiful inside and out. I love Canada. I love British Columbia! I love Vancouver! GOD bless Canada.....
Canada is great. My city is actually known for having 0% homeless population. I’ve driven around down town at 4 am and I’ve never seen a homeless person. We also are soon to be known as the city with the biggest pot plant in the world. #oct17
Yet the old conservatives still find every little thing to complain about and talk about how shit our country is now😒
kloos 070 (11 days ago)
Duh - it's Canada. What is not to like?
CEG Recovery (11 days ago)
Because we don't have trump.
Jeff Leblanc (12 days ago)
Oh ya we believe in climate change something trump would get rid of also don’t take kids from mothers not racists not sexist I like Americans but trump got to go and can never be as good as Canada we don’t build walls let the people in that is living in a place we’re ther is no good or your life is at risk or you just want a better life he should have held out longer on the Camus other words nafta usmca I like Camus but trump would cry
Jeff Leblanc (12 days ago)
Cause we don’t have assholes ass bad as trump running Canada also we got healthcare and we all don’t fight with each other we don’t put rapehound judges in the Supreme Court oh so many good things in Canada something that pisses me off the americans come up to the north to get rich from are gold and they can’t even fly a Canadian flag they have they’re flag I think if they want to get rich from are gold at least run a Canadian flag u are not at home
BEN NILSSON (12 days ago)
Before I came here, my opinion by Canada was clear: It's a godless country with almost no believers in JESUS CHRIST and therefore also with no blessings at all. This sounds are warning signals to seek God and believe in His Son Jesus Christ! Because of you zombies in the world, doesn't get close to hear Him, God send this unexplainable things, around the world to show JESUS is in the power! Not your rotten gods! Turn to God, you too. I'm almost "scared" how the swedes and canadian making their own god; themselves. But remember, you will always be on the loosing side without Jesus! MARANATAH! /Ben, Sweden
Joe Pierre (12 days ago)
We As Americans dunmire Canada we hate you bitches what the hell you sending out all this propaganda for you not admired your fools you laughed at your faggots you're useless damn Game Boy stoners we don't want you on our continent and I told you before as you bringing all of these foreigners I hope they rape and impregnate all of your women with their little brown babies because you never helped us you've never done anything you have the ability you have the opportunity but you refuse to do anything when we ever needed help we were always left alone which was fine when you needed help we jump to Mile High but no more Bush Obama the clintons and all those other stupid dumb asses they're gone it's now Donald J Trump and he ain't going to take your stupid shit and your theft and all your other crimes you're over with Canada rest in peace and I think we need to start using you as our new nuclear test site I think Montreal and Quebec would be two of the best ones in the beginning Toronto what's that * largest nuclear weapons on your city so we can get scientific evidence of what happens and please don't evacuate your people we don't want you a you're useless come you parasites your drug dealers
clonK (12 days ago)
Trudeau should be jailed
shut up aMeRiCaN
Andrew Gamelin (12 days ago)
Justin trudeau is a snowflake and so many hate him, i do as well. And idk where the 80% like immagration i dont think thats true alot people hate immagration in canada. Strange
Jedgar (12 days ago)
Are you out of your mind? If you want a great country, return Canada to what it was 50 years ago. Immigration is turning it into a crap heap. There is a marked difference between the immigrants who built this country and the ones Junior is letting in now.
fatjoecanadian81 (12 days ago)
Think about what u said 1 in 5 Canadians are born in Canada meaning the imagrents run Canada not the ppl of Canada I like it here in Canada but the government and courts are backwards
Taitco (13 days ago)
Canada has become a garbage dumpster
Jorus C'baoth (13 days ago)
Isn't it funny that all the top rated Human Rights countries are all small populations were people can be attended to easily and all are of like minded individuals.
meir fischer (13 days ago)
I’m a pro Canadian
Galaxymica tv (13 days ago)
Américains : *SCREECHING * UH NO- ACTUALLY- WE ARE THE BEST- Canadians: haha bitch WHERE ?
Dan Cooke (13 days ago)
Canada is incredibly cool. If I had it to do over I would try to move there from the U.S, right after college. Compare Trudeau to the imbecile currently in the White House. Compare their healthcare to the U.S. Compare Canada"s human rights oriented foreign policy and immigration policy to the U.S, It's embarrassing and sad.
Derek Marnoch (13 days ago)
... never met anyone who doesn't want trudeau out of office, I guess certain areas are pro trudeau but I've never met anyone who's pro trudeau except all thge students at the time who were tricked into voting liberal because they're gullible and they all regret voting for him. one thing sums him up "reintegrate terrorists into our society" or how about donate millions of dollars unrelated to your own people then tell your veterans you just donbt have the money to properly help them. pretty big joke if you ask me.
Mark Anthony (13 days ago)
We don't have an integration model...we have a takeover by invasive species model.
Danish Dude (13 days ago)
Isn't Canada getting a tad too feministic? A little like Sweden?
pat haines (14 days ago)
I love being a Canadian but I don't like the last ontario election. We were dumb enough to elect a trump wannabe in ford. Where was our brains.
Eliza (14 days ago)
This is really a lot of propaganda.It's not all that rosy in this supposed wonderland.
Wolfgang Shrenk (14 days ago)
White Genocide The Worlds biggest per capita deficit No jobs No freedom of speech Run by The Khazarian Mafia not Jihadi Justin Highest combined taxation in the World It's a Hell Hole.
Judith Campbell (14 days ago)
I love Justin Trudeau he’s my prime minister
Andrew Derksen (14 days ago)
Trudeau is an international embarrassment! And a horrible leader ! And currently does not represent the majority ... especially now !
blattimus (14 days ago)
Most admired country? It's pretty funny that your cover picture prominently features that embarrassing idiot Trudeau, who has lately made Canadians, and himself in particular, the laughing stock of the rest of the world with his difficulty doing his job properly, complete lack of understanding of the interests and values of common Canadians who don't happen to be rich entitled fanatic dilettantes, and his obsession with awkward inappropriate virtue-signalling for special interests who have also come to dislike and disrespect him for his utterly useless absurdity. Also there's the thing about letting massive numbers of single military-aged men straight from the battlefields of Syria into our country -- some of whom are certainly terrorists or mercenaries who worked (or still do) with Obama / Trump's terrorist armies -- despite his assurances that he would not do this, and failing to have the police watch those of them who have records of criminal offences, despite his assurances that he WOULD do this, and his complete lack of a response when some of them started raping and murdering Canadians and setting off bombs. Who could have predicted that one, if they weren't paying any attention whatsoever to Europe's huge problems caused by mass immigration?
Ken Smith (14 days ago)
If the greatest thief is on all the money then canada is Demonic , I'm just wondering when the Royals will manufacture another war to eliminate the poor again? Royals like paying for both sides of wars, they get off on it, canadians are just interest slaves beyond bankruptcy and don't even know it, no kids for canada club.dont fall into the trap, you've been warned.
B Brewer (14 days ago)
Lived in both countries, life in the US is far superior in every way. Canada is touted to have one of the best health care systems in the world, the reality is the health care system is now overrun with immigrants taking advantage of it. Immigrants sharing one relative's Healthcare ID is now common place and hospital staff are forbidden from questioning anyone for fear of being called racist. When people need surgery the most often get sent to the US for care. Vancouver has become the best place in the world to launder money through real estate and casinos. Thanks to the influx of Asian organized crime money Vancouver is now a city that cannot be lived in by the very people born there. Vancouver has a skid row drug infested bad side that the local city council has allowed to flourish by handcuffing proactive policing efforts, liberal courts, and political correctness. Trudeau has literally destroyed Canada and will be a one term PM because of how much he is dispised by Canadians. For all its political issues the US is by far a better place to live, ask any honest Canadian if they would rather live in the US and if they are honest they will say yes.
Big Jay (15 days ago)
Our country is called CANADA not CANADER. Damn Brits :)
Emma Anne (15 days ago)
tip6415 (15 days ago)
Justin Trudeau? A Prime Minister that paid a known terrorist $10.8 million of taxpayers dollars? He's an idiot!
TimDyck (15 days ago)
Proud to be Canadian but not proud to have an idiot like Trudeau as our Prime Minister. The guy is more obsessed with his socks than trying to run the country.And VisualPolitik EN really has no clue of Canada other than Toronto and Vancouver. You guys really need to come and visit the rest of Canada.
gprentice (16 days ago)
because *i* live in it.
5Cdarkwing (16 days ago)
2.3k Americans
CA motocross Connor (16 days ago)
Justin Trudeau is not liked as much as they say
Canadian Player (3 days ago)
hes a fucking idiot
This video was great until the Trudeau part.....
Shannon Mac (16 days ago)
Well Justin is well on his way to making Canada a mega cramp hole. I would actually come to Canada and see how it's going in the crapper just like the uk, Sweden etc.
turtlefuck6969 (17 days ago)
Canadian here. Do not trust such a rosy picture of Canadian style multiculturalism. We are feeling the backlash right now. And Trudeau is a national shame.
IronInfidel (17 days ago)
Wow...just wow...please come to Canada and ask us before pushing this crap.
ll Kasper ll (17 days ago)
Dayum, Simon. You were doin' OK until you started over-stressing the importance of a politician. In foreign affairs, Trudeau is reasonably strong, but the reality is that Canada has the 2nd least qualified head of state on Earth right now. Given the last place guy, 2nd-worst is about as bad as you can rank. I love it here, and although I like to travel and explore, I can't imagine myself ever living elsewhere. Many people feel the same way here, but none of that sentiment is based on political conditions. It's about simpler things than that; the view from your backyard, the warmth of your neighbors, the quality of your local poutine joint, etc.
L.O.L professional (17 days ago)
1:15 You pronounced Trudeau wrongly
Pamela JL Alexander (17 days ago)
Not really sure about the categorization of 80's and 90's as such a bad time that we were an honorary 3rd world country. As someone who was a young adult in the 90's yeah it was harder to get a job but in no way were the majority of Canadians experiencing anything like the developing world. That characterization sounded a bit click bait-ey to me. I love being Canadian and living in Canada, for many reasons. At the same time, it's not as cheery as some folks think. We have a pretty dark history of colonialism and so many indigenous folks here are still suffering from the effects of that.
Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ (17 days ago)
Canada is not the most admired country in the world. It's a joke. Trudeau is a wussy.
Marlene Rmacdonald (17 days ago)
Oh my god like really? This is our Canada and its well loved by us. Not once has government ever asked us how we feel about these refugees changing our Canada. Example..why do our kids have to pray in school when their not Muslims. Wat is wrong with drinking milk in school with lunch. Make their own schools for these ppl and leave our kids alone. And teachers teach our kids they don't babysit them
Laker Madness (18 days ago)
With Trudooh as "leader" I am getting laughed at. Diversity is our weakness. Unity is our strength ! Merkel West?? Heaven help us...
CD Smith (17 days ago)
Getting laughed at by non-Canadians (mostly Americans), is intrinsic to what it means to be a Canadian. It's actually a badge of honor. And presently, when you compare the two leaders, Trump and Trudeau, our LEADER is a good ten times the statesman than theirs is. Trudeau is intelligent, tactful, diplomatic, polished, multi-lingual. Trump is.... Trump. You should quit being embarrassed and instead own the ridicule. You are, after all, a Canadian. Those laughing, aren't.
Kevin Strade (18 days ago)
yes and no. yes to its raw beauty and nature and its women. no to its socialism. and no...healthcare isn't free...you pay for it the minute you start working in high taxes wether you need it or not. just because you weren't home when a robber strikes, doesn't mean you didn't get robbed.
ut ck (18 days ago)
I live in Canada, I hate the government., they are turning us into a third world country.
johane hebert (18 days ago)
Our greatest achievement. Beeing able to live so close to the USA without them destroying us.

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