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Diamond Rolex DayDate 116334 by TraxNYC

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http://www.traxnyc.com/Mens-Diamond-Watches-Rolex-Watch-328.html Rolex Diamond watch, blinged out! Over the years Rolex has delivered new and innovative ways to keep this watch appealing to consumers. TraxNYC created this spectacular DayDate Rolex and it's nothing short of phenomenal. It was created for everyone who has a fascination with luxury watches. This is the perfect watch for you. The Diamond Rolex DayDate is the epitome of high-roller status. It is the larger style of watches in the Rolex collection. Every Possible square inch is covered in diamonds from the bezel to the band; there was not an inch of stainless steel that we left uncovered. If you have exquisite taste (which you probably do if you're viewing this), this is the perfect watch for you. Please free to contact us with any questions you might have. This particular model was customized for one of our customers. Will yours be next?
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Text Comments (24)
W S (1 month ago)
day date on an oyster bracelet??? wtf???
I want to buy this watch. Where can I buy?
Eduard Lenktis (1 year ago)
the rolex store
demo (2 years ago)
O-M-F-G I Cum all over the place.
maninscratch (2 years ago)
can't find this watch to buy.. does it exist?
Eduard Lenktis (1 year ago)
the rolex store
withataman01 (5 years ago)
That's about Hmm, $120,000 watch. I am gonna get couple of them but I need mine in Platinum. I need one in yellow sapphire with 18Kt. Treat me right, I will treat you right.
shoulderollHD (5 years ago)
Ive got this watch but it's plain. Do you guys do the exact same styl but with lab diamonds. If so i'm interested in getting that work done
TheHills OfSkyline (5 years ago)
Now that's a watch you're willing to chop somebody's arm for.
Matthew and belicia (5 years ago)
I will be buying one of these watch soon I will contact you...thanks
osakakokujin (5 years ago)
It looks great! I'll be in touch soon.
SirBricksAlot (5 years ago)
SheglovProducing (6 years ago)
How Much?
Xantho (6 years ago)
I want that shit
Josh Brooks (6 years ago)
Beautiful watch what a time piece the only problem is that you would get your hand cut of for that
KushManTV313 (6 years ago)
Traxnyc dnt sell fake shit
kaka manna (6 years ago)
Is the fake or real one?
Matthew and belicia (6 years ago)
I will be getting me one soon
Ben B (6 years ago)
How much for this exact watch? Are the strikes black or blue?
Andrew Flood (6 years ago)
@parkermaureece Contact us for more details 1-212-391-3832
FTAHindependent (6 years ago)
Very nice :)
Kajemyster (6 years ago)
its nice to see a diamond watch that doesnt have a dinner plate sized bezel or a wrist band sized strap!!! Great Job!!!

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