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Chandler's Worst Fail Yet And The Best Guests Ever | Below Deck After Show Season 6 Episode 8

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Text Comments (216)
GABY DE ORO (3 days ago)
""Chandler walking with one sneaker acting like life is normal "" -kate Lmfao!!!!!!
yoboi01 (3 days ago)
Definition of "douche" = chandler !! Lol
Vee Solis (6 days ago)
In Chandlers defense he did put her down on the sand SHE stepped up on the deck and slipped. It wasn't his fault. It's clear as day
Tamie Cervantes (7 days ago)
i realized kates resting bitchface is really her old age showing through. the captain said chandler didnt drop the guest.
adam toso (8 days ago)
Poor guy he become a meme 😂
nathan k (9 days ago)
anybody else notice that chandler DID NOT DROP that woman he set her down on the beach and she fell on her own
Michelle Byczynski (10 days ago)
I love Kate but things seem different with her face, like it changed the way she talks? Maybe it's just me.
Jennifer Shearouse (10 days ago)
Chandler needs to grow up. He needs to realize respect is earned not demanded.
Jennifer Shearouse (10 days ago)
I like kate, but she does come off as a bully.
Robin Rocha (10 days ago)
Captain Lee know Kate's worth. She is priceless!
TrickXStar (11 days ago)
If someone grabbed my kids face the way Caroline grabbed Master P’s I would have LOST it on her. That was not ok.
Marsha Montgomery (11 days ago)
Kate loves starting shit
Cr8tive (11 days ago)
Kate and Josiah have great chemistry. Love their dynamic they make a great team
45searay (12 days ago)
The deck crew should of sanded up the walkway to take the slip out.....
Shelly Tarbet (12 days ago)
Chandler doesnt even know shoes come in a pair and he would have had to radio for some sand even tho he was on a beach
Rinoa Menna (12 days ago)
Ross is so cutee <3
teenie beenie (13 days ago)
teenie beenie (13 days ago)
ross is such a goodie 2 shoes, gag...
don shaddox (13 days ago)
JEANENE Meyer Lewis (13 days ago)
❤❤❤✌🖒🖒love this show with Kate! Everyone on this crew,chef he has the most easiest answer of how to become, and get along, as well as keeping your hot body rock solid and meditating yoga now that's a little bit of what a whole lot of this world needs😉💪✌❤☝️😇
JR van Ryneveld (13 days ago)
So mean spirited - Kate and Josiah
Vicky Skye (13 days ago)
Maybe they need a better way to get the guest there besides carrying them? I dunno what the solution could be but.. such a liability if some1 slips. He should have apologized and rendered aid but might be hard carrying adult full sized women thru water I must assume.
Daws 001 (13 days ago)
Kate and Josiah commenting on everything is all that I need to sustain me.
Heather Feather (14 days ago)
Love Kate and Josiah! The show has peaked w them together. I would donate a sacrificable organ to be their clique 😂
Alonzo Malauulu (14 days ago)
Kate is super funny
forever a patriot (14 days ago)
Yes Chandler was lazy but that lady falling was not his fault.
Shelly Tarbet (12 days ago)
It was the mamaosa fault
Karen Roberts (14 days ago)
These 2 are soooo funny!! Plase bring them both back together next season!!
Jingle Jangle (15 days ago)
This is a big sign that chandler gets fired. lol.
musiquefrique (15 days ago)
This cast is remarkably bitchy lol
John Brady (15 days ago)
Why don't they have a medic on board or make sure one of the crew is cross trained for medical situations?
Missleigh (16 days ago)
I want Josiah back every season to teach the other stewards how to do their jobs.
David W (16 days ago)
David W (16 days ago)
Tracey Cook (16 days ago)
Kate and Josiah are mean girls period ... they fuel off each other the typical gay guy with bi girl who happens to be boss which is one big up for him ... if Kate had not been boss but third stew Josiah would not have given her the time of day .. surely Kate knows this
cindyasters (16 days ago)
I don't think Chandler is a control freak. Control freaks usually tell you exactly what they want you to do. He never wanted to communicate anything, no leadership skills because he was too busy trying to CYA. And Caroline has problems, even the guests saw it.
Rebecca Carraway (14 days ago)
cindyasters he seems classic passive agressive
Ryan Smith (16 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks chandler is really cute 🥰
DONNA (16 days ago)
I think Chandler wants to sleep with Rhylee and he also knows that she's better than him in EVERYTHING. I love Rhylee and I hope she comes back.
DONNA (16 days ago)
Way to go Kate. Chandler is always sleeping or eating. I would ground him down!!! Work him hard!!! I'm glad Kate's doing it now because Chandler blames everyone else for him not being a good Bosun and he throws his crew under the boat.
Sara Decapua (16 days ago)
Master Pierson? Lady Whatever? Those will be two useless brats in the future.
Lusa Silva (16 days ago)
Is Kate's lipstick smeared, or did she have an allergic reaction to something? Lol She is still a boss though!
Camilla Hedberg (6 days ago)
No it's the lighting on the set. If you look at the interview with Captain Lee, he has several red spots in his face too.
Lily Light (15 days ago)
Lusa Silva I know, I can't stop looking.
Deme Serb (17 days ago)
Luv it .ur right He's gotta go!!
Robert Werner (17 days ago)
Chandler did not drop her. She had both feet on the ground. She slipped when she put her foot on the walkway.
DFashionista (17 days ago)
Josiah & Kate ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Reese (17 days ago)
I just love this show and have since it started I look forward to this show every year!!!!
Therese Nydahl (17 days ago)
Chandler has coke eyes, something's not right with him. And I bet hos father is not proud of his efforts as a bosun😕 And that stupid Kiwi Ross is suddenly not so pro Chandler - they're both plonkers. Never mess with Kate!✌😂😂😂Or Captain Lee. Rhylee looks so good, she's beautiful.
JoyDivision1976 (12 days ago)
Therese Nydahl. Rylee is a tactless mutt. Zero social, or team skills in a charter yachting environment Sharkbait material.
247addiction (14 days ago)
Therese Nydahl ew rylees ugly personality and big lizard mouth. Not beautiful.
Sonny Deimund (17 days ago)
The people on this show make me angry. They like to create controversy. First Chandler set that guest on the SAND. She decides to take a giant step towards the concrete and slips. That is completely her fault. And she also blames him. Second the two deckhands should know when they drop off the guests that the bags that were on the boat with them go too or why else would they be there. Then they get back and want to agree with the rest of the crew that was Chandlers fault. Chandler was on the main boat. Then the Captain thinks oh its Chandlers fault when he tries to explain he can not control what they do when they are out of his sight. Any moron would have given the guests their bags when they unloaded. But the Captain just bitched him out when all of the deck crew left the boat earlier. Well Captain Obvious do you want Chandler to stay on the main boat or go with the deckhands so they dont mess up. Then the deckhand says we had no one there to tell us to unload the bags at the beach cause he didnt want to be blamed. And then Kate complaining about the crew leaving her. That was the Captains doing. He ordered them to get the boats back immediately. They would send a taxi for the guests and crew on the beach. The deck crew should have then went back with the taxi to get the supplies off the beach. But by then Kate and her crew had loaded it. And the stew did radio the Captain about the broken glass. He did not respond and he is the one bitching about the rest of them not listening to their radios. He could have confirmed where the glass was and had the guests go a different way. If I was Chandler I would quit on the spot and get away from Captain Obvious and his dumbass deckhands and Kate who is just too bitchy to everyone. But I do love this show.
Gbenro Oduyela (17 days ago)
She finally removed those bags under her eyes
steph dcc (17 days ago)
I kinda feel bad for Chandler because everyone is hating on him but at the same time he kinda deserved it.....
Sara Decapua (16 days ago)
Chandler's problem is that he is lazy and as Bosun is accountable for everything his crew does. He took no responsibility for ANYTHING.
Alexa Pink (18 days ago)
There is no employer in this industry who will give chandler a job after below deck
exmark5248 (18 days ago)
Kate, Josia, and Captain Lee are awesome. Chef rocks. Chandler is an incompetent fool.
Google User (16 days ago)
Agreed! Not sure how the hell did Chandler and Caroline got their jobs? They're both stupid and crazy af! Just get rid of them both capt. Lee! smh!
Laura N. (18 days ago)
Isn't Chandler from Chicago..? I'm from Chicago....and TRUST me there are NO YACHTING like this on Lake Michigan!
S WR (14 days ago)
I believe he's from Michigan and claims to have grown up living on Lake Michigan.
Craig Schuetze (18 days ago)
Rhylee's is a B**ch that can't follow orders without crying about it. Every episode she says "I was a boat captain, I was a boat captain", so what you are not a boat captain now. Rhylee just shut up and do your job. Oh, yea the next time you go out put a bra on.
Mallory Kennedy (18 days ago)
Chandler’s father must be so proud-I want my ice cream! Wahhhhhhh-Loserrrrrrr
Google User (16 days ago)
LMAO! Chandler is a useless infant at best! Smh!
D A (18 days ago)
Ross’ pants unbuttoned
Brittany Andria (18 days ago)
Captain Lee, Kate, Joshua and the Chef are the best group on the show ever! I would bring back Ashton for drunk humor and another hot head. Chandler and Caroline were a fail on every episode.
Google User (16 days ago)
omg! That Caroline is a wacko and a half! lol smh! I feel bad for anybody who has to work with her or Chandler! Yuck! I bet Caroline will be the one that Capt. Lee fires! Good ridden...
lauragarcia415 (18 days ago)
Chandler constantly looks like a deer in the headlights. Has no idea what he’s doing.
Knc Delivery (18 days ago)
He gives orders when in the mood depending on who he likes in the moment he gives no directions ha is not a leader at all
Knc Delivery (18 days ago)
Chandler and right decision lol 😂 he runs things by who he likes
ZMariaJZ (18 days ago)
I really enjoy this show!!!
Quiet Please (18 days ago)
I would fire Chandler in a New York minute.
Google User (16 days ago)
YES! Totally agree! And fire that bat shit loonie tune weirdo Caroline too! Smh!
HarrLable (18 days ago)
Kate and Josiah are the perfect duo!
Claire Dawson (18 days ago)
Kate cracks me up...so funny..xxx
NDA DeAvila (18 days ago)
NDA DeAvila (18 days ago)
Kate is soooo funnyy. Her and Jossiah make the perfect Leaders and trainers for this field.
Mitchell Lane (18 days ago)
Chandler is not a leader, he does not lead by a good example, doesn't take responsibility for his mistakes, is lazy, doesn't work as a team player when needed, and has no idea how to empower his crew. He needs to be demoted to a deckhand or get off the yacht! Rylee lol, as a captain she should understand that you dont argue and behave that way with the higher levels in the chain of command, plus you're not a captain on the yacht, you're a deckhand! So you cant behave like you're still a captain and talk the way you do to your superiors. Makes you wonder why she's no longer a captain on her own boat lol. It's unfortunate that people are so insecure that they feel they have to raise their voice to feel like their taken seriously lol If only I could be a deck hand on the show, only thing is I am 7 ft 3 inches tall :) but I am scuba certified and a licensed massage therapist :)
Rebecca Carraway (14 days ago)
🤤 ***wink*** ...call me...
Russ NTS (15 days ago)
Mitchell Lane damn you’re 7 foot 3 inches?
jamroscan (18 days ago)
On multiple veiws I've come to the conclusion that Chandler didn't drop the guest. He maliciously pushed the poor lady down!
Ange (18 days ago)
I think Rhylee has great ability & can take control of a situation with good sense. In her bottom position, she was getting instruction from all three guys & often conflicting directions. No wonder she felt the need to defend her ability & attempt to establish some kind of task consistency.
P La (7 days ago)
+OnBr0kenW1ngs I agree 100 % she's combative and has a problem with authority... this is not the job for her
OnBr0kenW1ngs (10 days ago)
i dont know what show your watching...Rhylee is aweful....she started screaming below the guests and when chandler was like hey their guests up there lets move over here and you can keep yelling but not here. and she freaks out again...you cant tell me what to do and throws a second tantrum right under the guests. She fights with everyone, shes violent and classless. if i hear Rhylee bring up that she captained a fishing boat one more time im gonna scream! it doesnt matter your bottom position here. she winges about respect but doesnt give any to anyone. she started screaming at chandler then ross got promoted so she started screaming at him... at what point is it her fault? never cause shes female? or is it cause she captained a fishing boat one time?
ζαρα Ιωάννα (18 days ago)
In Chandlers defence he categorically did not drop the female guest. You can clearly see he places her onto the sand and it's her first step of her own accord where she puts one foot onto the concrete path then as she transferred her weight to that foot for her other foot to follow where she goes down. When she approached him back on board she sounded pretty petty but as Chandlers the professional being paid for a service he should of said nothing other than apologising profusely. The broken glass was just the nail in the coffin Caroline is beyond incompetent she gets flustered before she even knows what the request is and that's why she continually makes catastrophic mistakes. Chandlers dislike for Riley was apparent from the get go and it's really uncomfortable to watch, he hasn't come across well socially or professionally. Ashton's coming across very professional and level headed as is Ross either would be suitable to lead the crew. Josiah is such a class act if you could have a crew that consists of 7 or 8 Josiah's it would be plain sailing.
Brittney B. Williams (18 days ago)
Love this!! ❤️ Kate & Josiah were a breath of fresh air. I loved the duo! They need to do every show together
Marino Playle (17 days ago)
yesss love Kate and Josiah the dynamic duo Caroline has a frazzled personality she has a chaotic work ethic shes like a 12 year old in a woman's body !!
tea with tete (18 days ago)
Brittney B. Williams , Yessss this two definitely including the chef... The other young lady had too personal issues on her plate to deal with. OMG and the other young lady (deck hand crew) she wanted to be in charge so bad that she could not take directions from anyone.
Nicholas Costa (19 days ago)
Chandler is the worst leader I’ve seen in televised history. How he managed to become bosun baffles me. He is incompetent and worthless. The dude from New Zealand is clearly better fit for that job.
Tevizzle (4 days ago)
Right?! I don’t understand how he became bosun either. I can’t help but think he was selected as bosun just for the show.
tea with tete (18 days ago)
Nicholas Costa , yessss Chandler, worked my last nerve this season.
Rob Cog (19 days ago)
Hey ...Chandler put her down on the SAND! Watch where her feet were and then SHE stepped over to the ramp. Clearly he screwed up sometimes, but not this time!
simon beazley (19 days ago)
Ross you need to button your jeans up
simon beazley (19 days ago)
And Ashton is so much more intelligent than Ross (control freak)
sabrina santiago (19 days ago)
What happens to the deck hand who falls off the boat? Have they shown that episode yet?
tea with tete (18 days ago)
sabrina santiago , no not yet. I can’t wait for that seen. I think it’s going to be the Muscle cutie who goes overboard
Lisa Melroy (19 days ago)
Not yet, but it looks like it's Ashton....
Justine Lindsey (19 days ago)
Chandler and the drunk blond stew... even better Chandler and Kelly
sophia oakes (18 days ago)
Best season ever
Jeremy L Bradley (19 days ago)
Love this show!!!
Ange (19 days ago)
Dear Chandler should ONLY lead himself with a ‘guide dog’ far ahead . . . .
Ange (19 days ago)
Chandler is missing many things and one of those is ‘social graces’ & ‘accountability’ pre a choc ice cream ‘snacky poo’ ! 🕶 😎 🥴
tea with tete (18 days ago)
Ange , absolutely
Steven Anderson (19 days ago)
Chandler did nothing to that lady, she chose to step on the concrete. He clearly put her down in the sand. I don’t think he is fit for bosun but it must be hard to have someone like Ross working under you who clearly wants you to fail and is constantly undermining you to the other deckhands, especially to Riley who needs no more encouragement to dislike chandler. It’s also hard to work under Captain Lee period. I have been in the yachting business and he has one of the worse reputations in the business, including among other captains. He really needs this show or he wouldn’t have a career.
Elle Bee (18 days ago)
+Robin Rocha Look at the video. He did put her on the sand and then she stepped on the concrete on her own.
Robin Rocha (18 days ago)
No! Chandler could have place on the sand, which is not slippery. He Knew the walkway was slippery. He is cringe worthy.
Lisa Melroy (18 days ago)
+tea with tete I think Ross and Ashton have done a good job too.
tea with tete (18 days ago)
I like Captain LEE, his a no nonsense person. He has a lot to carry on his shoulders. On the yacht people are paying a lot of money for good service. The crew is a reflection of Captain Lee, no time for mistakes. This season was an absolute mess with Chandler, in charge of the Deck crew. The chef , Kate & Joshia saved the ship this season.
Steven Anderson (19 days ago)
Lisa Melroy Yes he should’ve
danielle crepin (19 days ago)
I love Kate soo much this is her best season yet especially with Josiah. Best show on bravo
danielle crepin (16 days ago)
also the casting this season is the best so far in any show on bravo in my opinion again, works so well for controversy and drama but also frienship and respect. love it
Alexa Pink (17 days ago)
She delivered the best quote, the sarcastic "youre a BIG BOY and youre gonna HAVE YOUR ICE CREAM!"
tea with tete (18 days ago)
danielle crepin , I agree with you 100%! Kate and Joshia, need to have a show on training.
elHEARTBREAKER (19 days ago)
Chandler didn't drop her, per se, but he failed to secure her and avoid a slip.
Sami Jay (19 days ago)
I just love Kate. Love her to bits. She understands people only criticise her when they can’t work at her level. She is so genuine.
bkf72 (19 days ago)
I love this show way too much!!! Kate is so quick with her sarcasm and wit, she has always been my favorite.
Jordan Evans (14 days ago)
Yes, and I’ve noticed that the only people who have a problem with Kate are the slackers bc she calls them out and no one can tell her anything bc she’s always on point lol.
bkf72 (18 days ago)
Marino Playle me too!!!
Marino Playle (18 days ago)
Agreed I would rather work for Kate than Hannah!!
Minx Minx (18 days ago)
+tea with tete This is my favorite season, as well! I am, loving this Season!
tea with tete (18 days ago)
Kate and Joshia, both were so professional, organized as a team. By far my favorite below deck season ever👏🏽
Melissa Williams (19 days ago)
kick Chandler off the boat
Melissa Williams (19 days ago)
+JAY KRISSY he thinks he should be captain
JAY KRISSY (19 days ago)
Let him walk that plank..😂😂😂
Blaise Potvien (19 days ago)
Kate you look Beautiful! And I love the different shades of blonde! 😂
simon beazley (19 days ago)
Chandlers dad must be soooo proud hehe, Chandler likes to mirror his dads work style which doesn't reflect good on his dad as a captain. And he managed to score Jamee from season 5 OMG well shes gotta lot of work ahead of her chandler is just high matinance!!!!
Marino Playle (18 days ago)
Jaymee would have thrown herself at Chandler cos Chandlers got NO game.
Republic Galaxy (19 days ago)
What has chandler not done that kelly has to piss off Captain Lee... like how is he still on this boat !!?
Google User (16 days ago)
IKR! wtf Capt. Lee??!!! Kelly was way better at Bosun than this useless turd! Plus, Kelly is way easier on the eye than this useless turd, Chandler! lol smh!
simon beazley (19 days ago)
Ross, chandler is a control freak!!
simon beazley (16 days ago)
+Tara Hays lol click click I just got it
Tara Hays (16 days ago)
Insert mildly funny Joey comment here___
Google User (16 days ago)
+tea with tete Totally agree! Can't stand chandler! I think Ross would be a good or at least a fair bosun...
tea with tete (18 days ago)
simon beazley , Chandler, is a control freak with no control. He had the lack of leadership, compassion to his crew.
John Hammer (19 days ago)
The old lady fell on her own. Chandler put her down on the sand.
Julie W. (14 days ago)
John Hammer: 2:24 - 1) She's NOT an old lady. 2) He pushed her TOWARD the slab, knowing that it was slippery, FROM the sand. 3) He didn't warn her about the slippery slab (and pushed her toward that). 4) The safety of your charges are ALWAYS your responsibility, and ANY professional would apologize. Even when he did his half assed apology, he added a "but" - he might has well have said, "I'm sorry, but not really, because it's not my fault." (And someone should tell the other two - the cook + the blond guy - that you don't have to maliciously hurt someone in order to be responsible.) 5) The cook made the excuse that Chandler was rushing, because things weren't set-up on time . . . and WHO'S job is that??????? CHANDLER's!!!!!!
tea with tete (18 days ago)
I agree Chandler should’ve told her watch your step it’s very slippery
777Tralfaz777 (19 days ago)
While that is true, he knew it was slippery on the concrete, and didn't guide her, like a competent crew member would.
Minx Minx (19 days ago)
This is the best "Below Deck" season, ever.. I love Captain Lee, Kate, Joshua and the Chef..
Minx Minx (18 days ago)
+g dc Exactly! Caroline, has a degree in Psychology and is batsyhte crazy. Rylee, is an alleged Fishing Boat Captain and has zero social skills. Chandler, was raised by a Yacht Captain but doesn't know what he is doing..
g dc (18 days ago)
+Minx Minx I agree. And with her constantly reiterating that she has been a captain of a fishing boat, she acts as though she should not be corrected. Generally I've found that every crew member that has expressed that they should have had a higher rank based upon their past experience has always been a problem for their chain of command.
tea with tete (18 days ago)
Minx Minx , I agree ☝️ 💯
Lisa Melroy (19 days ago)
+Minx Minx Yes - that sums it up perfectly!
Minx Minx (19 days ago)
+Lisa Melroy Exactly!! Rylee just doesn't have the correct temperment, or the social skills to work in the Yacht world.. She doesn't "Play Well with Others".. LOL!😉
ASingL (19 days ago)
Irene Clarke (5 days ago)
kokolatte825 that’s his role, he’s her sidekick!
kokolatte825 (7 days ago)
No thanks. I think Josiah is too much up Kate booty.
David W (16 days ago)
Talie Holgate (19 days ago)
Nice one chef, amazing food in such a small space !
tea with tete (18 days ago)
Talie Holgate , I 💯 agree with you. This season of Blow Deck is amazing 😉 from the Chef 👨‍🍳 Captain 👨‍✈️ Lee, 👩‍🦳Kate & 👨Joshia!!! Chandler worked my last nerve this season along with the second hand female captain/ fisher lady 🤦🏾‍♀️ and the interior female Lord she had to much going on. She couldn’t pull it together 🤷🏽‍♀️. Captain Lee,and Kate, really had a dream team with the chef and Joshia! Thank God 🙏🏾 they were on the boat on the boat ....
Talie Holgate (19 days ago)
I like her management style
artmart88 (19 days ago)
Give us more of these after shows!! This was great
H H (19 days ago)
Below Deck is hands down my fav Bravo show now
leviny (19 days ago)
Kate, Captain Lee & Josiah are my faves. I think this is the best season of Below Deck yet. The location, the drama, not too much of a focus on boat romances... etc.
kokolatte825 (7 days ago)
+Minx Minx I wish they would switch Kate and Hannah. Hannah is SO LAZY and Captain Sandy doesn't deserve a first stew with a poor work ethic and bad attitude. I would like to see how Sandy's boat could operate with a real first stew.
tea with tete (18 days ago)
leviny ! I love this season with Captain Lee, Kate & Joish, please come back again with these three 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Minx Minx (19 days ago)
I agree! Best season ever! I love the Franchise with Captain Lee & Kate. (I don't like Captain Sandy or her crew members..)
Deuce Davis (19 days ago)
Love Kate and Josiah but the broken glass was Caroline’s fault not Chandler’s. Caroline should have gotten the glass up or had one of the deckhands on board (Chandler or Rhylee) get the glass up instead of continuing to pour champagne that never got served to the guest because Caroline was retching from the sight of blood. It’s not Chandler’s fault that Caroline is incompetent at her job just like he is.
Karla Hartson (14 days ago)
She was assuming Captain Lee heard her, but she never heard a "copy that" from him. She should have stayed with the glass and found out where the guests were from the deck crew and then let them know there was broken glass and where, at that point she could have left to get what was needed for clean up.
Lisa Melroy (15 days ago)
+Missleigh Yes she did.
Missleigh (16 days ago)
I understand that she dropped the glass but she did radio Captain Lee and say there was broken glass. But, I don’t think he heard it in time. So, she made an effort at least to warn them.
Deuce Davis (17 days ago)
Lisa Melroy 😁
Lisa Melroy (17 days ago)
+Deuce Davis Thanks - I feel the same way! It's nice to have a civilized conversation with someone - I wish everyone here could be so respectful all the time. Have a great evening - perhaps we shall meet again after next week's episode! (-:
Full_O_Wits (19 days ago)
Kate and Josiah need a podcast
kokolatte825 (5 days ago)
+Melissa Williams right. Josiah would just echo everything Kate said the whole time.
Melissa Williams (18 days ago)
+Katie Indicrow IndiCrow Energetics wat? where?
kate has one!
Melissa Williams (19 days ago)
Kate does. Not Josiah
JAY KRISSY (19 days ago)
JOSIA is the best 2nd Steward ever!!!!!! I love his and Kate's dynamics.
tea with tete (18 days ago)
JAY KRISSY , Yes Josia, was a breath of fresh air 🥰🥰🥰
JAY KRISSY (19 days ago)
Kate is the real OG....I was glad she took over. Chandler was a sexist worthless leader and took out his insecurities in his leadership abilities on Rhylee. All he did was eat..sleep..chill, bark at Rhylee and be in his phone.
Irene Clarke (5 days ago)
JAY KRISSY sorry, there are some jobs that women can’t do. This is one of those
kokolatte825 (7 days ago)
+Elizabeth C Rhylee is crazy. My bf hit the nail on the head. She just doesn't want anyone telling her what to do. That doesn't excuse Chandler's laziness, lack of leadership, or constantly singling Rhylee out. He's a loser!
Elizabeth C (12 days ago)
Well rhylee is a bit off to me. It was two people with temperament issue who couldn’t compromise (an opinion.)
Minx Minx (18 days ago)
Chandler is an arrogant, worthless disaster!
tea with tete (18 days ago)
JAY KRISSY , OMG! Chandler, got on my last nerve 🙄

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