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My Sony A7III Setup! Picture Profile, Shortcuts and more!

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Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy today's video about my Sony A7III set up - I have lots of custom shortcuts to share with you all and we also get into what picture profile I use as well as my preferred Sony AF settings to use. -- FIND ME ON // Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliatrotti Lightroom Presets: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com Blog: https://blog.juliatrotti.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/juliatrotti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliatrottiphotography Dan @ I Make Films Website // https://www.imakefilms.com.au Instagram // https://www.instagram.com/danpodbierezki -- VLOG CAMERA SETUP // Sony a7s mkii + Sigma 24mm f1.4 PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA SETUP // Canon 5dmkiii Sigma 24mm f1.4 Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 50mm f1.2 Canon 85mm f1.2 Canon 135mm f2 -- Thank you so much for watching! xx
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Text Comments (115)
Laura Chaparro (10 days ago)
If you could only keep one camera body.. Which one would it be? I'm debating which one to buy!!!! Canon 5 d iii or Sony a 7 iii Please help! Thanks in advanced ☺️👍
Laura Chaparro (10 days ago)
@Julia Trotti thanks!!! 😍 It is such a hard choice. Is it because of the better video quality? Or why would you prefer Sony over your Canon?
Julia Trotti (10 days ago)
If lenses and accessories I already have aren't a consideration I would probably go for the Sony :)
jan film (10 days ago)
Laura Chaparro canon for photos for video only Sony a7iii is amazing camera !
Roxanne Taylor Media (12 days ago)
Thanks so much, love this!! Are you Australian too btw? I do vlogging and commercial work too and about to buy this camera so have saved this video to set up your shortcuts because they make so much sense!
Karthigan S (3 hours ago)
Yes, she is. I instantly subscribed to her cause her videos are just so soothing to listen to. She has this very peaceful voice!
Rb Batac (1 month ago)
Hi Julia, Im interested with your presets, but just want to check if its made for a7iii or canon? Thanks!
Shibin Prasad (1 month ago)
Subscribed.! :)
Jen Castro (1 month ago)
What is your go to lens when you are using your aiii?
FUCK ME ARSE (2 months ago)
Hi Julia! I’m getting back into photography and I have been wondering what camera do you think I should get for Car photography? I’m debating between the Sony A7ii or the Canon 6D! My price range isn’t high enough for a7iii or 5d mark Iv. Hope you can get back too me! Cheers :)
Picture Profile - OFF. Nice )) LOL
PhilWittmerFilms (2 months ago)
Shooting video in standard is actually best. Then if you get a tricky high dynamic range shot. I switch quickly to HLG2 (rec709 colours) take that shot then make sure i DONT FORGET to switch back to standard (no profile)
GLR (2 months ago)
Her voice is angelic
tess Mcmurray (2 months ago)
Heya Julia, do you tend to photograph in raw compressed or uncompressed?
TJ G (2 months ago)
She says compressed in the video. Hope that helps
JG Picture (2 months ago)
i really enjoy this video and really helpful.
JG Picture (2 months ago)
@Julia Trotti you're welcome.. Actually I am planning to buy this cam & I have plan to work with this gear like you..! So it's really nice video to make confidence myself. I have seen your all videos you vloging very well.. It's very helpful in future too.. Please Visit my documentaries on birds and other videos of India's first heritage city, some of timelapses I made with taking pictures a6000 in 4K & give feedback ma'am..it will be really helpful🙏
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Yaslynn Lopez (2 months ago)
Could you make a video we’re you essentially tell us about an affordable camera to get for beginners and what is needed like the types of lenses etc..
Rashid Rizvi (2 months ago)
Thanks , I learn many thing , I just bought Sony7riii with 1.4Gmaster , still learning .
D. (2 months ago)
Just subscribed... I don't even own a camera.😭
grumpygroman (2 months ago)
Sea Sokhom (2 months ago)
Hi Julia i want to Know skins tone for Sony a7iii where setting ?
Midnight (2 months ago)
Which metering mode do you use in your portraits?
Mandeep Kalsi (2 months ago)
Excellent lens choice. I currently use a Canon FD 28mm on my A7 III with an adapter and was considering the upgrade to the Sony FE counterpart.
Austin Brooks (2 months ago)
I was really surprised you didn't have a shortcut set up for eye-autofocus! I keep it set to my C3 button.
Jan Folke Rørvik (2 months ago)
Do you have to be a computer programer to use that shit?
runinyuh (2 months ago)
How did you select the zoom for steady shoot when using manual zoom lens? Did you use the number for furthest zoom or the closest?
Nathan Bryant (2 months ago)
I meant to ask if you notice any color difference when adapting a Canon lens vs a native Sony lens.
The button shortcuts are helpful! One that I use is switching between Full Frame (Super 35mm) and APS-C cropped as I have Sony E lens from my Nex-7 (old Sony mirrorless camera). If you have a full frame lens with your full frame body and you switch to APS-C crop then you get a magnification which is helpful if you don’t have a zoom lens. I have that shortcut set to the down button the rotation wheel. Great video as always!
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
In video mode that's shortcut I have set up as well, it's soo handy!
ofsanli (2 months ago)
black Death (2 months ago)
Ive set my camera to the same exact modes. Oh my so accurate. Guess we could date for our same taste
INFINI ADVENTURE (2 months ago)
Welcome in Poland ! :) <3
Sizzlemann (2 months ago)
It's always interesting to see what other Sony photographers save as their custom buttons. In video mode, I use C1 for crop mode, but my C2 button is for Clear Image zoom. That way I can get more distance from a single prime lens. Also, I have my User 1 mode for 1080p at 120 fps. Ready to go when I need it. It's been really helpful for video. Thanks for sharing!
jelisaveta (2 months ago)
hi! I just bought my a7iii + 28mm. Its great for video, but I don't like it when it comes to photos. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it even though I allready watched over 100 videos in the past 8 months before I bought the camera. I hope this video will help me! :/ <3
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
I prefer this lens for video as well, but it can take some really nice photos too! A few videos back from this one, I have the Sony A7iii Travel Photography in Thailand video where I use the 28mm for 95% of photos in case you’re interested in watching that 😄 I also have a review of this lens with some raw photos + videos on my channel too!
Nikki Batts (2 months ago)
just got an a7m2 - this helped greatly. if I'm using the 28-70kit does that apsc menu item need to be turned on?
Nikki Batts (2 months ago)
Julia Trotti thank you
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
You only need to turn that on if you’re using a crop lens - you will know because there will be some very obvious vignetting in your photos!
Max Ven Films (2 months ago)
The favorite one is to change ISO just rotating the wheel. I use ISO dial quite a lot for video and this will help a lot!
Hch.Fotography Kel (2 months ago)
yay!!! finally another videos!!!! started photography half a year ago,,learning all the skills from ur video julia!!! thx so much!!! gimme some comments or feedback on my portraits when u have time if can🥰 ig - kelvin_hch.foto
Dev Saha (2 months ago)
does ur A7iii kinda 'rattle' when u shake it with power off?
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
I’m pretty sure mine does too, but it’s normal! Most of my Canon lenses do the same thing haha
mixxinmel (2 months ago)
A7iii has in body stabilization. That is what your hearing. Dont Shake it though. Nothing is wrong with your camera.
Andrew Pham (2 months ago)
You're so beautiful Julia
Comrade Stalin (2 months ago)
I've got my front and back dial set up the exact opposite to you 😂
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Dan likes it this way as well haha so whenever he uses my camera I have to change it back 😅
Yeung T (2 months ago)
you should try continues eye af for models like Kristina :P I always use single focus but I think I need to step it up and try the eye af that sony has to offer to get the shot and not miss them.
Mr. JAM (2 months ago)
You have the button customization and workflow who switched from DSLR(at least co-working with DSLR). I've been using MFT before, so I'm not awkward about Sony's mirrorless features. So everybody have their own I guess.
Daniel Trotti (2 months ago)
Hey everyone! I miss you hijita 😢😊 Keep up the good work.
jeremy david (2 months ago)
Addictiv Studio (2 months ago)
Julia, this is awesome, I got my A7iii like 5 days ago ... blown away. Thank you for these advices, this will help a LOT!  Enjoy Poland!
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Thank you! Glad to hear I could help 😄
a7 iii 👎
Hailey Grace (2 months ago)
Don't even have a Sony but I still loved the video!
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Thank you!!
CJ MADRID TV (2 months ago)
guess you want 5dmkiii rather than that right?
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
I use both this and the 5d4!
Robert & Racquel Malcolm (2 months ago)
Just wanted to ask have you updated the firmware for the a7iii yet?
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Not yet because I’ve been travelling! But I will as soon as I get a moment 😄
Bella Ford (2 months ago)
I just recently found out that you are the photographer behind my psychology textbook!!
Midnight (2 months ago)
Why compressed and not uncompressed raw? Can someone explain please
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Yep - I choose compressed for exactly that reason 😊
mixxinmel (2 months ago)
Uncompressed is bigger file sizes. But not that much noticable difference in quality. I keep mine in compressed mode.
Steve Moon (2 months ago)
The compressed files take up less room than the uncompressed files. According to Mike Smith there is not much difference between the two unless you really underexpose the image. A badly underexposed compressed raw file can cause problems with the image. Here is his video explaining it. https://youtu.be/euVGDd3S9U8
Piotr Jasienicki (2 months ago)
Hi Julia, do you guys plan to be in Warsaw? I would love to invite you guys for a coffee in the city center and express my appreciation for your work! And practice (my favourite) Australian articulation too ;)
tudelak (2 months ago)
You should do settings on your canon! Will you do a challenge shooting on a crop sensor? 😬
Heather L (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video! I am a beginner, and teaching my kids as I learn. We only use Sony because if the quality to price ratio, they have the best for my money. I would love more videos like this for beginners.
morad mamdouh (2 months ago)
Noealz Photo (2 months ago)
I watch these videos just for your charisma and charm <3
vivalila123 (2 months ago)
So very helpful, thank you for this!
Chewy 666 (2 months ago)
Thank you for all the information as I’m about to purchase an a7iii 👍🏽
Jack Lee (2 months ago)
Kazuya MASUDA (2 months ago)
filmserendipity (2 months ago)
This is actually really helpful thanks for the video!! Also I loved the lighting 😉 Greetings from Argentina 💜
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Thank you so much :D
Kaushik Mondal (2 months ago)
Mam fujifilm xt3 vs a7iii which cameras Colour is best?
I DO Art Stuff (2 months ago)
It doesn’t matter if you shoot in raw
Kaushik Mondal (2 months ago)
And colour profile
Kaushik Mondal (2 months ago)
So fuji vs sony ? Fuji win
naveed wani (2 months ago)
Fuji, of course
Ya Suo (2 months ago)
OK, but it's been alonggggggggggggg timeeeeeeeeee
mocha mocha (2 months ago)
I have my C3 set to turn live-view setting on and off. I do this because thee are times when I want to shoot backlit or in the dark and having live-view settings off ensures my autofocus works. It basically becomes more like a DSLR. C3 is also out of the way so I won't accidentally hit it. The thing to look out for is accidentally not switching it back on again and ruining your shoot.
mocha mocha (2 months ago)
The fact that the camera uses the sensor to focus, if you under expose making it hard to see your subject, then the sensor will also find it hard to see the subject. Sometimes switching live-view setting off will make sure you track focus more quickly and accurately if you are in af-c mode.
Nikki Batts (2 months ago)
mocha mocha so there's an issue with live view on & autofocus struggle?
Marco Bologna (2 months ago)
What about the metering mode you use on your camera?
İbrahim Akkaya (2 months ago)
why did you change your nikon camera? Can you make video about this?
DxGon (2 months ago)
Welcome to Poland
Deyan Georgiev (2 months ago)
Im trying to decide between sony and canon atm, would you give me any advice from what you experienced so far with both systems?
Deyan Georgiev (2 months ago)
​@Aaron Irvine does help yes, thank you. How do you feel about skintones with sony vs canon? I think a lot of people will be interested in video in which you explain all this.
Hayley Rose Winters (2 months ago)
Hello Julia! Are there certain aspect ratios we should crop our photos to? If we cropped them arbitrarily, would that seem bad to the viewer's eye? Thanks :))
Hayley Rose Winters (2 months ago)
@Avi AHi! I believe most great photographers crop. This is one of the ways they polish their work. I am aware of the loss of resolution. I was just wandering if cropping to a non-standard ratio is discouraged. (One that does not exist in Photoshop.)
Hayley Rose Winters (2 months ago)
@Johannes Brandt González Thank you. I like this point of view!
Avi A (2 months ago)
Hayley Rose Winters the rule of thumb is Don’t Crop ever. The reason is that if you wanna grow as a photographer you should be confident with every click that everything you want is in frame and everything you don’t want is not. That said, cropping is inevitable when you’re starting out or if your artistic style demands it. So crop conservatively and try to keep to the 3:2 aspect ratio as much as possible. Remember you lose a lot of megapixels when cropping so fill your frame every time
Depends on what the foto is for. If its for instagram crop 4:5 since that matches the size of the pic. Otherwise crop it the way it fits your style
Petru B. (2 months ago)
Alis these settings r so 2015. Take advantage of the new update features
Outspoken Times (2 months ago)
If you’re talking about the obvious things like: interval shooting, I use it. Real-time eye AF, I use it. 4K video, I use it. Picture profiles, done. Crop mode, only when necessary. The list goes on. All I’m saying is if someone wants to buy a camera, let them use it how they want. For example, I’m gonna buy the black magic pocket cinema camera 4K. If I’m not shooting it with all the bells and whistles to people’s liking, why does that call for people’s concern?
Petru B. (2 months ago)
@Outspoken Times so you pay for the camera, you update the firmware and not using the features? why?
Outspoken Times (2 months ago)
Petru B. To each their own, chap.
Petru B. (2 months ago)
Why did you choose that stupid backlight lol?
Petru B. (2 months ago)
@Prithwiraj Gain i do not have to like her style
Prithwiraj Gain (2 months ago)
It's up to her. And it's her style also. So don't talk like rubbish.
Javier Gamez (2 months ago)
Love your videos!! Would you do a video shooting with an entry-level camera, for example, the Sony a6000?
Javier Gamez (2 months ago)
@Mikey Estrada yeah, right. Thanks for your appreciation.
Mikey Estrada (2 months ago)
Javier Gamez just get the a7 since it’s only 90$ bucks
vamsi (2 months ago)
Excellent video. This is really helpful as I’m a beginner. Helps me understand better. Thank you 🙏
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
I'm so happy to hear that!!
Langit Merah (2 months ago)
Colab with Brandon Woelfel and Jesicca kobessi,pliese💎💎💎💎
verenhimoinen (2 months ago)
@Outspoken Times what?
Outspoken Times (2 months ago)
verenhimoinen stop being a Debbie downer.
verenhimoinen (2 months ago)
@Eva PM no, she is not better. Her Stil of photography is really different.
Eva PM (2 months ago)
verenhimoinen seriously? No offense to Jessica, but Julia is better
Langit Merah (2 months ago)
@verenhimoinen 😅

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