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10 Children who look like BOSS BABY and other famous cartoon characters. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some people are so lucky, they don’t really need to dress up to look like their favorite cartoon characters. In fact, some of them are even used as an inspiration! Do you know that Ariel’s looks were actually based on Alyssa Milano, and the now almost 100-year-old Marge Champion modeled for Snow White? Join us as we look at 10 cartoon characters based on real children! Marge Champion was just 14 when she modeled as the iconic Disney Princess Snow White. No wonder Snow White is so beautiful! Marge Champion is almost 100 years old now, but she’s still receiving fan mail from people all around the world, thanking her for her role in “Snow White”: We also managed to find a pretty impressive Peter Griffin lookalike that could easily pass as the real deal! The kid is posing in front of TV, showing “Family Guy”’s favorite character, and he really does look like everyone’s favorite cartoon dad. We can definitely see the resemblance - can you? And you’d never think someone could look like Humpty Dumpty, right? Well, get ready for a surprise. This little cutie definitely shares some similar features to Humpty Dumpty and he’s absolutely adorable! Find out which other cartoon lookalikes made it to our list from Alyssa Milano as Ariel and Marge Champion as Snow White to Peter Griffin, Humpty Dumpty, and more. Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” really do exist in real life! Don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (845)
My favorite is naruto
Maddy Diamond (1 month ago)
I kind a look like Ariel
My 2 Siblings (1 month ago)
You need surgery to be pretty or a doll or a character
Nicholas Park (1 month ago)
Books uvdood
Nasreen Khan (1 month ago)
I love boss baby =_=
Oksana Slyvchuk (2 months ago)
Cool) Our kids and movie stars: https://youtu.be/XPqZySU1HEo
Chide Akogwu (3 months ago)
Elsa in Frozen
Courtney Baker (3 months ago)
Care Boos baby
Audrey Crager (3 months ago)
That second baby boss look alike is a meme. He looks like the rules of the bedtime don’t apply to him! I never get likes can I at least get 3?!👶
Sooraj Sm (4 months ago)
1:39 That's a k-k-k-k-kid ? Gosh ! What's happened to my eyes ? Usually they are way better than my whole class. [ Guess I have more cells in my eyes ].
Shiloh Girmay (5 months ago)
Kristīne Aišpure (5 months ago)
mal,wonder woman
Gabriella Playz (6 months ago)
145690396 (6 months ago)
Yiye & gaby (7 months ago)
Grapey Shakes (7 months ago)
Hmm my favorite Disney character is...I don't have a favourite I just like owls and unicorns
instrumental Beatz (7 months ago)
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Random Kid (7 months ago)
Arianna Gauntlett (8 months ago)
Crystal Colvin (8 months ago)
Bell is my favorite
Cupcakez 4 Life Brianna (8 months ago)
I know cole librant hes my fav yt
sincere Smith (8 months ago)
I don't like King of the Hill so I can't answer this question
Ceziban Bahtiri (9 months ago)
Kat's channle (9 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Johana P (9 months ago)
I took a picture with the girls at Universal Studios Hollywood!
Johana P (9 months ago)
Today i’m dressing up like Anais from the amazing world of gumball
BlackOut (9 months ago)
I like nick 🐶
Leila Chodan (9 months ago)
My cousin looks like Boss baby
Tarini Kumari (9 months ago)
Bhavna Patel (9 months ago)
Wait...then Who do I look like?huh
Mo the Monster masher (9 months ago)
Sorry to frozen fans
Mo the Monster masher (9 months ago)
I hate frozen
Nightmare Jack-O-Bonnie (9 months ago)
My favorite Zootopia character is MR.big
Vanessa Rabitoy (10 months ago)
Boo is crepey to me lol
MASEN A (10 months ago)
<. .
alice mitrofanova (10 months ago)
Hi we subscribed
Rlyeh Cat (10 months ago)
Michelle Blais (10 months ago)
Offer hops
Michelle Blais (10 months ago)
Boo is my favourite
Liviu Japonia (10 months ago)
my fave zootopia is flash and the fox
my favorite character from zootopia is Judy Hopps
Devon De Michele (10 months ago)
My Favroit3 Carton Car3c3t3r is PIKACHU
Tammie Powers (10 months ago)
I love boo
its Kimberly (10 months ago)
my sister used to look like agnes when she was younger and my baby cousin looks like boo so cute
Raychel Rainbows (10 months ago)
I can't believe those kids look exactly like the animated ones!!!!
Z3R0 K1LL3D (10 months ago)
Does boo scare anybody else?????
Jadyn Jadyn (10 months ago)
I dont realy like monster inc I am a 10 year old
M Gill (10 months ago)
WHATS WITH ALL THE """CUTES"""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salty Fish89 (10 months ago)
Mine is the Chinese man from King Of The Hill
Taylor Byrne (10 months ago)
I know
Nyan Cat (10 months ago)
Marcella Lejeune (10 months ago)
Viola Paslaptis (11 months ago)
The fox
Perla Dela Rosa (11 months ago)
Who is my favorite friends
Toy chanel To chalel (11 months ago)
What about Harry Potter
Slrpy0137 Richert (11 months ago)
Keely Lewis (11 months ago)
tiffany Lovings (11 months ago)
i love the boss baby one ITS SUPER CUTE
happy cry (11 months ago)
The fox
Patrick Campbell (11 months ago)
Kaidenbeast 2k18 (11 months ago)
Simpson over lowd
PixarMan2001 (11 months ago)
They never said humpty dumpty was an egg.
Alan Ramirez (11 months ago)
she could be descible me 1 2 3 family
HWhunter4life Hotwheels (11 months ago)
Agnus is cute. The "real Agnus" looks nothing like her. 👎
Cooking Cats (11 months ago)
The fox Judy friend
Francis A (11 months ago)
Alyssa Harsch (11 months ago)
My name is "ALYSSA" also
Summer Mclaren (11 months ago)
I hate boo
Night Swing92495 (11 months ago)
Dancing mincraft Lovers (11 months ago)
I wish I look belle from Beatty and the beast
Mitchelle Akinyi (11 months ago)
thiago vieira (11 months ago)
thiago vieira (11 months ago)
thiago vieira (11 months ago)
thiago vieira (11 months ago)
thiago vieira (11 months ago)
hi do you play fortnite
CsgoFeelsGoodMan (11 months ago)
Thumbnail was mini me
Sana Ajmi (11 months ago)
Goreth Phina Joaquim (11 months ago)
boo cute
Melon Pop (1 year ago)
John DeJong (1 year ago)
Jaylen ??????
Michela Marcellino (1 year ago)
My favorite animal from Zootopia is the main character the bunny
Elizabeth Cancino (1 year ago)
Tania Saucedo (1 year ago)
The girl looks like flash
Tania Saucedo (1 year ago)
What about Pokémon it has 20 seasons
Miranda Coleman (1 year ago)
Boo is so cute
Harold Bashaw (1 year ago)
I like your shows
my fav character from zootopia is the fox
Rachel Gouldin-Lenore (1 year ago)
Omgoodness boo is so cute
fortnitegirl 95 (1 year ago)
nakirra duncan (1 year ago)
I like the fox
peter Wigginton (1 year ago)
Nams Diaz (1 year ago)
Joe Christo (1 year ago)
Also Elsa and Anna that is really cool
Joe Christo (1 year ago)
John Elder (1 year ago)
nick wild
Julian Asbury (1 year ago)
i love these
yas aiden💗👄👄👄👄👄👄
MSP action (1 year ago)

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