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8 New Games out in March 2018 For PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

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Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5 and some rather cool remasters are just some of the things coming your way in March 2018. Ellen and Mike look at some of the games heading onto our PCs and consoles with a March release date. --- Outside Xtra is a companion channel to Outside Xbox, covering the wider world of gaming with weekly lists, Let's Plays and shows with your hosts Ellen and Luke. Look for regular appearances by OG Outside Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike, and generally more of the videos you love, about more of the platforms you enjoy, from a team now two people larger overall. Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at http://www.outsidextra.com Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/outsidextra Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/outsidextra Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/outsidextra Put a t-shirt on your body http://www.outsidexbox.com/tshirts
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Outside Xtra (11 months ago)
Ellen and Mike serve up eight games with a March release date to keep an eye on! What are you looking forward to, and are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments and enjoy!
Respectable AF (11 months ago)
I never kill digital animals in games, there are so many digital humans I can get my agressions out on.
Rupert Oldcorn (11 months ago)
I'm torn, should I continue my AC: Rogue 360 BC playthrough or buy the remastered version? I assume I wouldn't be able to import progress from one to the other.
Jenn J (11 months ago)
Really looking forward to Ni No Kuni 2, absolutely loved the first one. It's a very charming, beautiful, fun, sad, and at times heart wrenching game....... plus you get to fly around on a dragon!! So what's not to love
Mystery (11 months ago)
Hollow Knight is getting released for Switch!
Slew One (11 months ago)
Mike, don't change. Kill More Cows!!!!!! I need my burger.
Derravart (9 months ago)
mike was worried about the story for sea of thieves, if he only knew...
Aidawan Flennson (10 months ago)
What about Vermintide 2?
CJ00014 (10 months ago)
Ellen hips look THICC as hell...
Noah Van Dijk (10 months ago)
I really try to find a new good game but Rakion is just too addictive haha
A L I E N S (10 months ago)
sea of thieves, a "new" game?
Toa Kovika (11 months ago)
Ellen only didn’t play Rouge to cement her loyalty to the Brotherhood!
Mark Visco (11 months ago)
If only it were that easy in real life. I'd be throwing soooo many hearts at Ellen in that case. 😍😍😍😍
It works It just works (11 months ago)
I love Ellen’s face when he is talking about the gun in Turok lol
Christian James (11 months ago)
The Darwin Project
thompse412 (11 months ago)
Rogue was pretty good; it kinda sucked that a lot of the game was reskinned maps from Black Flag. As for Liberation.... It felt like there were chunks missing from it.
Thomas Craye (11 months ago)
So Jane set fire to a pig, Mike dropped a bomb on a cow... Is Andy going to flamethrower a chicken next?
daniel dirtbag (11 months ago)
Ellen’s shirt is garbage.
Alan Jhonson (11 months ago)
Rouge is great, I enjoyed it almost as much as black flag. I was very pleased to be able to play a Templar finally because let’s face it, assassins have got the skills but the Templars have got all the style and swag
Vismund Cygnus (11 months ago)
Not a vegan.
khamjaninja (11 months ago)
I played Rogue and I liked it. Essentially, if you liked Black Flag, Rogue is more of the same. It is set in the same locales as AC3, and I feel that was a bit of a problem (I really didn't like AC3), but they removed a substantial amount of the endless tree-to-tree Tarzan parkour and made it feel less like traipsing through boring wilderness. There were also some interesting ideas and twists on game mechanics to reflect the fact that your character has gone rogue from the Assassins (spoilers, but c'mon, you had to have guessed). Some of the twists were more successful than others, but I liked that the game allowed for that experimentation and tinkering of the A.C. formula. None of that experimentation went anywhere, of course, because Rogue was never intended to be anything more than a side-project. But it was interesting - and more interesting because it's the first game in the series to really question the Assassins' purpose. I don't mean it in a simplistic "In my opinion, the Jedi are evil" way, but that it really asks the question what is the purpose of the Assassins. The Assassins Brotherhood of Rogue strive to be sort of secret guardians of humanity - unknown and hidden guides and protectors of civilization. But the protagonist in Rogue starts to question whether they really should take on that responsibility - which leads him away from them.
SaraDerps (11 months ago)
Athi Bi (11 months ago)
6:23 Oh look! They eve have a state alchemist in this game!
SpikeWall (11 months ago)
Wait that blondy fox eared kid is a boy ? Wtf
Joshua Linder (11 months ago)
you guys should read The Vegan Myth. its not that healthy of a life style in fact. just saying
TheMegaOnyx (11 months ago)
Yeah... The only one that im looking for is FC5...
Gehenna27 (11 months ago)
If Luke was here for this episode we would've had the English language release of Detective Pikachu on March 23rd. Instead of 3 remasters/upscaled re-releases. Just saying.
Gehenna27 (11 months ago)
That being said I'm glad that people *looks pointedly at the betrayer Ellen* will get to appreciate the looked over AC Rogue
Respectable AF (11 months ago)
Looking forward to "A way out." Finally a couch co-op! This generation of consoles seem to think gamers don't have an real frinds to play with but must do everything online.
Joey Wild (11 months ago)
My birthday is on the 15th of March!
Mr Jones (11 months ago)
Same old same old then.
Brian Ford (11 months ago)
I'm disappointed in you Ellen, go play Rogue! Go make your own luck!
Jeremy Ryan (11 months ago)
I'm expecting a new Far Cryatholon
ashleyldavid (11 months ago)
stop slouching you look wired hunched over. How many hosts do you know that are hunched over. Sit up straight.
Ever Nightly (11 months ago)
Quinn Drakon (11 months ago)
Kirby is the only reason I ever wanted a Switch. He's my favorite Nintendo character of all time.
Simply Garbage (11 months ago)
Super cool Hamilton shirt. Are you saying that for these new games, we are going to have to wait for it, wait for it?
Shannon Olivas (11 months ago)
If all you had to do to make friends was throw hearts at people imagine how many friends the Aztec Empire could have made!
Faolin Siannodel (11 months ago)
Well, remember if you can't find a gun to shoot the lock off of the cage you can always turn into a cat and pick the lock with your claws.
MuffinHunterX (11 months ago)
Ni no Kuni's the only game I'm interested in here. Though it'll have to wait. I fell into the Monster Hunter rabbit hole _and_ I just picked up Horizon Zero Dawn _and_ still have the DLCs for Fallout 4 to get through. ...and a lot more than that actually. (I have impulse issues when buying games digitally on sale.)
Jacob cummins (11 months ago)
Rogue was good. Shocked how little known it was. Far superior to Unity. Think Unity should have been delayed a year to give Rogue some air and to fix the bugs in Unity. They have nice cross over though.
James Yarborough (11 months ago)
You know i just noticed something when Ellen does a voice over for the game footage it is very calming and grabs my attention it really makes me want to listen. Wait does this mean ellen has mind control.
Mystic Coco (11 months ago)
Omg you forgot about FFXV on PC this year 😆😆😆
Ben Burton (11 months ago)
Ellen quite frankly I'm disappointed in you Rogue is an amazing game
Spoon Of Doom (11 months ago)
Goldeneye was amazing, but the true king of N64 shooters is Perfect Dark. It took Goldeneye and made it *even better*.
Jonathan Ewing (11 months ago)
We've come this FAR don't make us CRY!
Simon Danyel Graves (11 months ago)
Great episode, but not sure I like Luke’s new haircut...
mentalmatt123 (11 months ago)
There are a lot of games coming in march. Looking forward to a way out, life is strange before the storm final part, QUBE2, rogue remastered
mhJazz93 (11 months ago)
So if the Ox team do a gameplay series of Sea of Thieves, would this be the untold stories on board the Damnation (I think that's the name of the ship from the D&D series)? Ellen, you missed AC Rogue? It was much better than I expected it to be, it shows the Templars in a different perspective. The Assassins and Templars really are as bad as each other.
Fenrir009 (11 months ago)
oh my god, Ellen is so giggly this episode, her laugh is so cute!
Jonathan Lowe (11 months ago)
Burnout Takedown was great, but I loved Revenge not in a small part because of the soundtrack.
Mr.wraith (11 months ago)
Pulled into harbor good one
Maybe Thisway (11 months ago)
Mike + Ellen = 🍉
Nick Jeffery (11 months ago)
Ellen - surely EVERYBODY wants to be your friend anyway?
Josh Lusby (11 months ago)
Genesis23OPB (11 months ago)
i really liked the soundtrack of Burnout Paradise and so did my cousin. whenever "Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne" was played, there was no challenge he couldnt handle, it was his ultimate motivation song in that game :D
Genesis23OPB (11 months ago)
where is Luke?
HelkernVuur (11 months ago)
I'm going to get the Far Cry 3: Classic Edition this summer first. And buy the Far Cry 5: Complete Edition next year.
HelkernVuur (11 months ago)
Looking forward to plat Rogue again.
Valer Koliqi (11 months ago)
Nothing for me in march, but I will be playing "Into the Breach" from Sunset Games, the creators of FTL.
VMC BUX (11 months ago)
good job
DrHammer1000 (11 months ago)
Totally agree about Burnout 3, it needs to happen
Melanie (11 months ago)
I'm really hoping they took a look at the gameplay for the AC: Rogue remake. Both had a good story, but Black Flag really had no competition from it on gameplay. It was just... missing a few things that I did see in games before it. Also, Rogue's story pacing felt so... off. I just couldn't bring myself to care about Shay for some reason. Good character design, forgettable personality. And where's the reason for him to not just turn civilian instead of Templar? I mean, they saved his life, but he still doesn't owe them squat. The Assassins think he's dead by that point anyway. He could've thanked them for their help, ask them to drop him off at the nearest port, and start a new life there. There's definitely something to say for making me sort of agree with the Templars for ONE instance, that's what the story did well. It gives the player REASON to doubt the Assassins in that game. But the pacing of the whole thing just made me not give a damn about the rest of the game. It was too convoluted when it picked up, and the less action-packed parts of the story just felt empty instead of a breathing point. They just felt like filler content. I couldn't be arsed to fully clear it, to be perfectly honest. That game needs some serious TLC in the remake if it wants to be the Templar version of Black Flag that it was intended to be.
Charles Spence (11 months ago)
And ellan sorry if I spelled that wrong but the real assassin's creed fans played them all either way no excuses I found time for rouge but huge fan
AJ Zebadua (11 months ago)
Why did the Avril Lavigne rockout segment only last ~5 seconds? I fully expected Rockband/Guitar Hero level karaoke rocking out from the two. To quote Avril “what the hell” Oxtra, it’s not that complicated you sk8er bois.
Kris P (11 months ago)
Aquam8te (11 months ago)
I wouldn't recommend you to play Ni No Kuni II, Ellen, you're going to dir of cuteness attack.
T L (11 months ago)
Burnout 3 was best
Olorin Elior (11 months ago)
Rouge had basically the same game-mechanics as Black Flag, but it felt... better, to play this, than AC4. Dunno why, really. Personal preference? But the story didn't really make sense, though. It kinda felt they only wanted Shay to become a Templar, no matter the reason.
Zama Dhlamini (11 months ago)
I swear there needs to be a compilation of Ellen laughing!!!
Karl Kleve (11 months ago)
“Don’t pretend you’re better than this” 😂😂😂
Shawn McLeod (11 months ago)
Generally speaking there are a couple of dark, insidious facts connected to the subscription gaming model (from your info on Sea of Thieves) : 1) you never own your games 2) you stop payin' you stop playin' Love the channel!
christopher houlihan (11 months ago)
I think ps4 r foolish not to get sea of thieves released on their console they are really going to miss out on a really good game assassins creed is the game close enough thats anything like it that ps4 has
Emma Lee (11 months ago)
No Detective Pikachu? I was so excited to hear it is coming out in March after hearing Luke talk about it
Sharp Thorne Films (11 months ago)
I really wish that Ni No Kuni 2 was on Xbox😢😢😢.
Ironic Dutch Moonshade (11 months ago)
I don't play Switch on the toilet I don't own a Switch :'(
Luke T Simmons (11 months ago)
I do love everything Studio Giblets do.. Gibberish, Gibbon, Gibbous? Please help me out here Mike?
beadlehands (11 months ago)
Completely disagree with the use of Boomer or any dog support character in games. They might get hurt! After re-loading a save several times in Fallout 3 cos Dogmeat kept getting nailed by a Deathclaw, I eventually told the l'il bugger to go home, and never let him face danger again. Good doggie! A videogame dog is for life, not just for release day.
Purist (11 months ago)
Am I the only one not that hyped for Far Cry 5? I don't know why though...
Abysmal Wilson (11 months ago)
Hakageryuu (11 months ago)
That is one vile abomination in the thumbnail.
Jack Slaughter (11 months ago)
No mention of Isle of Man TT: Ride On The Edge? Shame on you, Mike, thought that would definitely get a mention when I saw you on the purple sofa.
Daniel Berntsson (11 months ago)
There's something threatening about the way Mike says ding a ling..
Björn reijnders (11 months ago)
ah turok, that was the shit back in the day, gonna pick them up for sure
Kit Fletcher (11 months ago)
As soon as they said Burnout Paradise, I shouted out “Burnout 3!!!”. Maybe EA are porting this to the Switch instead.... Hint. Please EA, port Takedown to the Switch!
Diabetic Dickhead (11 months ago)
I don't know why but I absolutely love Ellen ❤
Nexus Tenebrare (11 months ago)
You guys should do a Nino Kuni livestream. The first one. It's such an amazing game.
Brayden White (11 months ago)
Oh my god I love Ellens shirt. #HamiltonForLife
Joe Nesvick (11 months ago)
I’m not seeing Assassin’s Creed Rogue available for preorder from Amazon, Best Buy or anyone. Twenty days away, am I missing something? At least you’ll be able to do Black Flag, Rogue, Unity, Syndicate & Origins back to back. If they remastered Assassin’s Creed 3 (with Liberation), you can go from the Ezio Collection (which fixes the AC2’s missing dialogue from Sequences 12 & 13) all the way to Origins. I personally wouldn’t mind the original too
Epsilon YT (11 months ago)
its odd, ac: rouge is the only ac game ive played
Adithya Rajendra Kumar (11 months ago)
I simply cannot believe you guys missed Detective Pikachu.
Adam Hodgson (11 months ago)
7:27 the moment Ellen realises just who she was sitting next to.
Danny Khoi (11 months ago)
luke seems odd....
Austin R (11 months ago)
As a native Montanan I am excited to get Far Cry 5 and judge it harshly! But it seems to give you the ability to sick Grizlies on your enemies so so far it seems pretty indicative normal Montana life so far.
00blaat00 (11 months ago)
Oh Ellen, how many hearts I've thrown at you...
LuvTheSnapper (11 months ago)
Mike, I said the same thing. should have been takedown.
Sh4d0w0verdr1ve (11 months ago)
who else wants an A.C. brotherhood remaster?
Themadhatter721 (11 months ago)
where did you guys hear that Nino Kuni was good
Gaz Jones (11 months ago)
I think the idea of the Cerebral Bore has traumatised Ellen for life!
2E the first (11 months ago)
7:28 that is a face of true fear
Tisser Monihen (11 months ago)
Super pumped for Sea of Thieves! Far Cry 5 looks good, but I have my reservations.
ardillitaman (11 months ago)
Please do another far cryathalon I love them
Kyle Beals (11 months ago)
Ellen wears leggings under shorts alot....it confuses me lol
RazorO2Productions (10 months ago)
Kyle Beals Is it wrong that I kinda like that fashion? 😶
recino2 (11 months ago)
Looking forward to FFXV Royal Edition. Enjoyed it the first time around, can't wait to see what it looks like a year later!
Argishti Stepanian (11 months ago)
What about the Max DLC from Life Is Strange:BTS
ChessIsVIP (11 months ago)
My Name is Caesar... I dread the ides of March every year 😅

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