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NEW ACCOUNT Episode 8: Best Purchase Yet!

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This was a crazy session.. Glad we ended up with the goods as always! Enjoy
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GeTReKtBymE ??? (1 month ago)
hahah lol my name is Ronin it is so funny if you say my name lolololol
richnel sandoval (1 month ago)
Can i have one account JT?pls pls pls plz!( TДT)(╥_╥)
Reyn Guillermo (2 months ago)
i got so lucky i got dove keeper for the free hero hire. if you want proof search up BEASTY123
Ivan Struzia (2 months ago)
A lavanica is only 20 bucks now
Diego 080808 (2 months ago)
I have playing cc for so long and have never gotten above a 3 sacred light this vid really hurt
Rodary Windsor Cleveland (2 months ago)
It's not a sale if you didn't intend on buying it!.
Romania CLAN [CoC] (4 months ago)
More gameplay not talk!!!
SB LunarVoid (7 months ago)
RIP Im too Jelly
ツMaster Kelbyn Nebu (7 months ago)
I got VB too
Verwunschene Prinzessin (7 months ago)
I celebrate your videos!
Deedee Smith (7 months ago)
ONE TIME JT!! Love this YouTuber, hes the best
Fer huseynov (7 months ago)
Best video bro
Will54Rj (7 months ago)
I'm soo sad seen this video ☹️
kalle roseworld (7 months ago)
remember how hard it was back in the day to level up the heroes skill and now u pay 5 bucks and can make them 10/10 was way more fun at the start of the game
Im Cofi (7 months ago)
Please watch my video https://youtu.be/i83nUIoE8wI
Philip Kirsanov (7 months ago)
Yo JT, i've got 2 LvL5 Survivals in my Warehouse. Who should i put it on ? Missing heroes are : Dragons,Cammodora,Professor Ribbit, Storm, Sasquatch, Walla, Ronin and Rose (btw im F2P). Would appriciate your help ONETIMEE. Keep up the good work ! Thanks from Germany
khalid mahmud (7 months ago)
madarchodra igg ar dam baraya laise.khankir pola jt
Lukas Zotter (7 months ago)
U definetly need walla on this acc
Martijn Kreukniet (7 months ago)
Just rolled a 5/9 bulwark on my f2p account where should I put it?
Nolan (7 months ago)
Walla walla
Deymien Oman (7 months ago)
You just throw the wg on the wrong anubis✌
Lezhi's ROAD Obradović (7 months ago)
Guys can someone give me jt's id on line please?
Jt or anyone that could help me, I'm from the Spanish server and today is pirates booty and there are lavanica's bags 1 and I wanted to know if I should spend 22000 gems on it or I should wait to pirates booty with lavanica's bags 2. Help me please
Philippe Cristian (7 months ago)
YO THIS ACCOUNT IS INSANELY LUCKY!!!!!! With talents and heroes ! You got lucky JT!
Samtz Hkips (7 months ago)
Cc is death.its no longer a strategy game but a money game.
Robinator (7 months ago)
The new Project is the best ever 😍
Hakon Boss (7 months ago)
jt you're uploading so much I can't keep up. Keep it going!
No More Stupid (7 months ago)
what the hack bro ı playing from 1509 day ago to this game but ı have only noob cards please give me a gift card XXXDDDDDD
Nick Smit (7 months ago)
It pains me to see you back out everytime you roll for something, but whatever works for you I guess.
Brian Blanchette (7 months ago)
Coming strong JT you know my new account lol!
Zrm (7 months ago)
Why weren’t you trying to get unholy pact instead of wg for anubis?
jendri amos (7 months ago)
eady max out with money
2020 Meme (7 months ago)
Time to stop play castle clash hehe
Le Smitty (7 months ago)
Just rolled a 5/9 empower and not sure who to put it on, im thinking PD but i also have Anubis whom i could put it on, any suggestions?
Oppai Jacket (7 months ago)
David Kiss (7 months ago)
Vital boon is good for anubis?
Doomcloud (7 months ago)
i had 10 of the special roll and got 3 anubis XD
caleb vosburgh (7 months ago)
show dungeons
Master Freeto (7 months ago)
(Android) NewFrontier is recruiting p2w players over 200k might. [email protected]:00 [email protected]:00 Always 1st in guildwars. If you're lower than 200k and still interested in joining msg me on discord: Manboytiddies #6639 As of now, we have 3 lavanica players set for fortress
moenir al sarbini (7 months ago)
top up my akun pliss jt
Ben Thompson (7 months ago)
Loving the series Jt! Keep em up
Gxpd CC (7 months ago)
Looks like I’m waiting for the vid of you buying demo today since he’s only $10 in the bazaar along with lvl8 brute force insignia
Titus (7 months ago)
The packs keep getting better because they are trying to milk money from their 10000 people max player base.
Midnight Al (7 months ago)
Does anyone know who would be the best hero to put a 5/8 slunder on.....like what kind of hero's? Maybe name a couple?
Aquib Ansary (7 months ago)
13:51. That moment when you level up the skill of a tenacity anubis but end up putting war god on a duplicate anubis with skill level 1 😂😂😂😂😂
MrZz Reak (7 months ago)
What will happen if Asura born with 5 vital boom
Zohier castle (7 months ago)
Nice vid bro 😍💪
Zohier castle (7 months ago)
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Zack Edgar (7 months ago)
Can you make a video for your top picks for all game modes and the explanations
Young Zayy (7 months ago)
I hope i win this when you give it away .. im about to get a iphone for christmas so i will have to start over 😢
Saijan (7 months ago)
Damn these packs are insane!!! In germany you have to pay four times more for those packs 😂
CODE (7 months ago)
JT the best investment so far waaaaat! Get em champ
Jrevanik (7 months ago)
Hey if my clan is in here I'm jsjs 2
SHOTSFIRED (7 months ago)
IOS definitely has a better bazar and fountain fortuna. All i get from fortuna are ordinary items like 10 shards in shardpack. 100k might
connor johnson (7 months ago)
I got 5/9 survival and put it on my dove keeper is that good?
Hasib husic (7 months ago)
I'm at 200k might and this account is already better...
Super CC (7 months ago)
JT bro , y do you make them so small , all day waiting for it to upload then only 15 min it's written 15 min but when I watch feel like it's 2 min WE WANT LONGER VIDEOS JT
Super CC (7 months ago)
@jtisallbusiness maybe not videos but the new p2p account yes. Definitely more than 15 min
Super CC (7 months ago)
@Ogger ،yea I know bro JT is so entertaining that y I want longer videos
Deedee Smith (7 months ago)
@Witch Mitch Nahhhh thats allot of hard work already, can you imagine posting this many videos for us and making them longer, I would rather have a FRESH JT, hes the BEST just like it is....
Witch Mitch (7 months ago)
Dude, do you see how much he posts every day? He can make every episode 25 minutes long
Ogger (7 months ago)
Super It really feels like that. Why is jt so entertaining.
Andrea Maniscalco (7 months ago)
More videos!! Pleasee!!
ElectRich (7 months ago)
Cool how fast u can build a good account
Iwab Btd Battles (7 months ago)
*Rolls mahatma and barely gives a crap*
Jake Nazal (7 months ago)
JT, normal people dont purchase on this game every other day. Please slow it down? You know, for realism.
Davy Playz (7 months ago)
Jt: I can't believe how easy it is to 10/10 heros these days Me(f2p): has 1 10/10 at 165K Might after playing for nearly 4 years the rest are 8/10 and 2 9/10s
Davy Playz (7 months ago)
@Law Trafalgar i farm AC, 5-10 and lava 3 so I don't see how your out farming me, it really must be lava cause I always skip out on lava, takes to long to pair with randoms that won't play unless they get thier spot.
Law Trafalgar (7 months ago)
@Davy Playz lol ofc i have a lot of back up heroes , and also i am not saying that i am lucky i miss really important heroes like gs and walla , and i am using shards and talents boxes to get the good talents and devo my heroes, i famr insane 5-10 and lava 3 and hbm AA1 to get the shards i dont waste my shards for heroes that i dont use
Davy Playz (7 months ago)
@Law Trafalgar and do you have a life outside of Castle clash? Do you even have back up heros, anything else than those Devos. My entire altar is filled with usuable heros rather than rushing the op heros( not that I have them ), theres no one that can do lava 4 with me and all the lava 3 randoms are usually trash so I am really limited on my shard intake. I could have lots more 10/10S but I've been super unlucky and had to use nearly 200k shards on just devoing dove, GS, and Anubis.
Law Trafalgar (7 months ago)
Then your doing something wrong i am f2p 168k might and i have 23 devo heroes , all my gw heroes are 11/11 the rest of heroes 9/10 and 10/10
Davy Playz (7 months ago)
@Falah Qaapi considering 20$ gives you a year of grind for F2p, it's kinda bullshit
Davy Playz (7 months ago)
Your insane for calling expert dungeons insane...
Pat Neth (7 months ago)
Really enjoying this series!  will you do a free play  one in the future?
Daddy Darius (7 months ago)
This account is already better than mine in terms of resources and heroes
Triple B (7 months ago)
JT please change that thumbnail picture. It isn't very flattering 😂
Vincent Wilkes (7 months ago)
He's used that one a few times haha
Uzumaki Boruto (7 months ago)
poor me im just got wargod on dove, and already spent resources on her to 8/9 WG
Uzumaki Boruto (7 months ago)
nice jt
Slash (7 months ago)
On the one for one pack to you get double gems too?
Free fire Diego tmj tmj (7 months ago)
Fake Lill Nike
victor flores (7 months ago)
in loving these vids
xZantique (7 months ago)
Thanks for supporting the stream from CC Friends
Simone Porcu (7 months ago)
U just put wg5 on the 1/10 anubis intead of the 10/10 one bro what a mistake
Dratchiii ! (7 months ago)
jett1230 (7 months ago)
Great video jt. Its already getting better than my account XD. Keep up the series
lil Flamy (7 months ago)
Yo commadora is good when you get her on an brand new account for a f2p
Riley Spencer (7 months ago)
Wow you are lucky as hell😂
Lo Skörsemo (7 months ago)
U Said u would make a hbm base, but i don’t see none of that
SoloCary (7 months ago)
Did anyone else see that JT put war god on 1/10 anubis :DDDDD That mistake tough
سخرية /mockery (7 months ago)
i love this p2p acc
Sintix (7 months ago)
hey JT dont forget to 10/10 Anubis :)
I Dk (7 months ago)
Is bulwark good on dove?
Lentwolf (7 months ago)
I hope you realize that was expert not insane just wanted to tell you
Sya Ace (7 months ago)
hai jt pls give me 1 acc pls huhuhhu iwant sileca and lavanica huhuhh
HiicoSx (7 months ago)
You put the wargod on lv1skill anubis haha
animelover 69lel (7 months ago)
My asura have a 5/9 scatter is it good?
GANGSTA5779 (7 months ago)
Nope bulwark, sacred light, Vital boon are much better scatter is trash
GamePlay TJ (7 months ago)
@Sharky Is calling us noobs needed? I can understand you might be mad but all you have to say is "You're actually wrong, The best talent is ..." No, instead you called us noobs and can't provide an any better answer then us
GamePlay TJ (7 months ago)
angel payan (7 months ago)
Zodiac CC (7 months ago)
btw jt, the reason the gems are so high in the Earn Gems section is because it now counts bonus gems towards them aswell
Jacob Morgan (7 months ago)
Love the video jt always nice to see different accounts
Samuel Lopes (7 months ago)
Miracle (7 months ago)
I love your new account, pls make more videos
Ștefan's Vlog (7 months ago)
I really love the new series man ❤
Aiden Le (7 months ago)
black sparkle (7 months ago)
I am really enjoying this
Robin1611 (7 months ago)
Do like that you buy a $100 pack every 10 episodes xd
Door & neruxo (7 months ago)
You putted wargod on the 1/10 anubis and not the 10/10 anubis😂
Rodary Windsor Cleveland (2 months ago)
@jtisallbusiness Lol all you need is a stone skin set on that tenacity Anubis and an unholy pact on the wargod Anubis!. Awesome!.
Jocurile lui David (7 months ago)
Door & neruxo *put
Door & neruxo (7 months ago)
Marco Sebastião oops
Mark CC (7 months ago)
@SHOTSFIRED they were both 1/10 tho lmao
Mark CC (7 months ago)
Theres no 10/10 anubis in the video. Stop tripping
LucCy7 (7 months ago)
Jt still forgets he can have 2 talents, I wonder if he ever reads this or finds out himself.
jtisallbusiness (7 months ago)
Only if you have the skinz
Achraf Ait (7 months ago)
nice vids
hugh sl (7 months ago)
you get fame in pretty much every pack, theres no point in saving it. just level up all the good talents
jtisallbusiness (7 months ago)
Good point.
MENINO BLACK (7 months ago)
13 comentc you brizilian like you canal. My 13 yers
someone nobody (7 months ago)
ghostie (7 months ago)

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