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Courage The Cowardly Dog | Bride of Swamp Monster | Cartoon Network

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Muriel buys a necklace, and puts her picture inside, but she loses the pendant in a local swamp. The Swamp Monster finds it and believes Muriel is his long-lost bride. Courage must locate the real bride of the Swamp Monster, and reconcile the long-lost lovers in order to get Muriel back. ► Subscribe to the Official Courage the Cowardly Dog YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2xE7iTU Courage is a timid pink dog with paranoia problems. He and his owners live on a farm in the middle of Nowhere... literally. Despite being far away from everything and everyone, that doesn't stop a whole bunch of bizarre adversaries turning up like living nightmares. Courage must overcome his fear and help save his owners, Eustace and Muriel, from ghosts and paranormal spirits living on the farm. Although Muriel loves Courage, Eustace loves to tease him and scare him.
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g morel (6 days ago)
Anybody knowss the name of the track at 0:28?
*O O G A* *B O O G A* *B O O G A*
It used to be in Netflix and now it’s gone ,°-°,
Rouba Naghi (26 days ago)
Florence Caillon & Xavier Demerliac
Rouba Naghi (26 days ago)
Xavier Edmunds & Zoltan Biscotti
Rouba Naghi (29 days ago)
Will Schaefer [PRS] & David Stephen Timmy [PRS]
Rouba Naghi (29 days ago)
Frankie Hepburn [PRS], Austin William Ince [PRS]
Rouba Naghi (1 month ago)
English Italiano German Korean French Spanish Dutch Françis Türkçe Russian Português Latinoamérica Japanese Polish Hebrew Polski & Top Wing Rescues The Academy
Miguel L Franco (1 month ago)
A-man1998 (2 months ago)
Anyone notice the Cartoon Network logo next to the dudes desk?
Kamrul Islam Emran (3 months ago)
I love this show 💗💗💗💗💗👍👍👍💙💙💙💘
Chevon Excl. (3 months ago)
Brandon Klug (3 months ago)
Ooga Booga Booga!
perry stockman (3 months ago)
love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😘😍😘❤💋💖💕🌹👌👍👍😍😘❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tanuj Girdhar (3 months ago)
Don't you gets Copyright strikes?
MAHMOOD ASHFAQ (3 months ago)
MA nay sab ka comment ko like karta ho lakin koi mera comment ko like nahi karta
Swamp Woman Xd

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