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10 Best Pirate Games That Let You Captain a Ship

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Filled with tales of battle and glory, the world of pirates has inspired many motion pictures, novels and video games. The exotic islands of the Caribbean, the emerald sea and the golden treasures are some of the main elements that come to mind when thinking about a life of piracy, but besides these beauties, there is also war, blood and plunder. If you find this combination suiting, then you might also like our list with 10 of the best pirate games that let you feel like the most daring ship captain that ever lived! Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com
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Text Comments (442)
VromCrup (2 days ago)
lol the trailer are so diff than the game
shivraj singh (6 days ago)
goliath gaming (8 days ago)
what about pirate Caribbean hunt
Bruno López (14 days ago)
To include Age of Booty in this top but not The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is criminal...
Outlaw (21 days ago)
imagine a proper online open world pirate game that has todays graphics, huge cities where players can dock their ships and chill in bars, a game that lets you be free. Be able to conquer islands and seas, be able to recruit players onto your ship and be able to become the pirate of the seas.
Dead Relaxed (21 days ago)
Have you heard of skull and bones
M Lau (23 days ago)
How many of these games can you play as the navy?
System Bot (27 days ago)
homie !!!! where is far cry 3 ?
Akshay Narayanan (1 month ago)
Where is assasins creed rogue
jargon 2130 (1 month ago)
how is the pirate: caribbean hunt not there?
Cool man but if u can post a video of 3rd person historical games
farns76 (1 month ago)
Honesty is the best policy
Ο Ινδιάνος (1 month ago)
Black flag is the best game if you wanna play with ships in a huge open world map. I wish more companies make games even better than black flag
A Ackroyd (1 month ago)
'The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt', 'The Pirate: Plague of the Dead' (both of which are free to play) and 'Tempest: Pirate Action'. 'Empire: Total War' and 'Napoleon: Total War' also have a decent Napoleonic sea battle simulator, as does 'Imperial Glory'.
Kristaps Jankovskis (1 month ago)
Pirates of the caribbean and Sid meiers pirates! Are amy fav pirate games. You should tray them out.
Edvin Kuci (1 month ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War => http://chng.it/q694djTJKw Support this game pls !!!
Zefiras Kaunas (2 months ago)
y'all missed the entire 'sea dogs' franchise, yes its translated from Russian and some of the translation is less than perfect but the shear Content, lets you literally do anything trading pirating government work etc.. and an extreme range of ships and upgrades with customisation options that aren't even available on most of the games featured here, the sea dogs franchise was renamed as it was originally called 'age of pirates' the only game that even stands against it is black flag :D not the assassin part lol
moha glade (2 months ago)
mon'owar corsair should get a sequel they add great and great more features
alain gaudreault (2 months ago)
Uncharted waters online???????
Eric Loki (2 months ago)
age of pirates? Risen?
Gaming Slayer (2 months ago)
AC 4 Black Flag and Sea of Thieves are the best
Gaming Slayer (2 months ago)
+Silla Gamer Maltratada Por Turbo Plant Then what do you find best?
Gaming Slayer (2 months ago)
+Silla Gamer Maltratada Por Turbo Plant It's my opinion...not yours
Nat Knutson (2 months ago)
it's too bad black flag was weighed down by the rest of assassin creed nonsense
Nat Knutson (2 months ago)
you only showed the wii version of pirates
Atomic General (2 months ago)
Just came here to see Sea of Thieves
1:sea of thieves
Radical (2 months ago)
Pula pula pula
True Savage (2 months ago)
Treasure planet
Nate Manning (2 months ago)
Did someone say Nathaniel?
Eric Renquist (2 months ago)
So what you're saying is there are none
Rhsims (2 months ago)
That Pirates Of the Caribbean game belongs at the top of the list. With the New Horizons mod it is easily the best pirate simulation in existence.
Circled Dot (2 months ago)
cant forget about "High Sea Saga"
Assassins creed 3 and Rogue I like Assassins Creed 3 because of the Wilhelm Scream oh and you can sail the Aquila for Assassins Creed Rogue you can sail the Morrigan there may be more Assassins Creed Sailing games.
MrDodo (3 months ago)
Assassins creed style ship gameplay is the best none of these fucking games have it playing as the ship itself in 3rd person with no character is boring playing as an actual character in first person steering and controlling the ship is cool but when you have a crew made up of real people/players it just doesn't fucking work People IRL playing a game do not know how to operate a 17th century wooden military vessel Each cannon needs like 3 people on it and then you need a dozen more people working the deck and stuff and they all need to communicate and do what they are told and thats not going to fucking happen
Rhsims (2 months ago)
The first game mentioned ( Pirates Of the Caribbean) is better than the Ass Creed game . It has everything you just mentioned. You can control the ship from 3rd person OR first person. With the New Horizons Mod, you can even sail from island to island IN REAL TIME. No world map. It's also very realistic, in that you have to account for which way the wind is blowing and wind speed and good luck trying to navigate the map without a sextant. You can also do whatever you want (similar to Sid Meier's Pirates). You can play as a pirate, smuggler, trader, naval officer for one of the 5 nations (6 with the New Horizons mod), adventurer. You can sink or board ships. You can assault forts (and with the New Horizons mod, you can capture them and control the colony). With the New Horizons mod you even have different starting dates you can choose! with period authentic ships and colonies. For example, starting in the mid 1500s pretty much means that the Spanish/Portuguese will control the entity of the Caribbean. But starting in the 1800s means that you'll get an even amount of the other nations which include England, Spain, Portugal, France, The Dutch and the newly formed United States. Along with all the ships of that era, including steam-powered vessels with don't rely on wind entirely. It's really cool, like seriously. Ass Creed wins in the graphics department, but it pales in comparison to the gameplay of POTC with the New Horizons mod.
Bengo (3 months ago)
Sea Of Thieves best out all of them.
Euhhh noooo noooo black flag and rogue are the Best pirates of game
Makse Palad (26 days ago)
Most childish of them all
Gaming Slayer (2 months ago)
+VDGAMER Shut up
Atomic General (2 months ago)
Sure is
That is true
carmagadon11 (3 months ago)
The old potc for the pc might be the only somewhat realistic game when it comes to the slow pace of battles, Assassins creed BF could EASILY have replicated this on their own engine. But no..The jackdaw and all other ships go 40 mph...Way too manoeuvrable, no wind mechanics. Graphically awsome though.
Nathan Anglesea (3 months ago)
Did you seriously say "gameplay resolves around..." ??
can i pirate it?
Avoozl (3 months ago)
Age of Pirates 2 City of Abandoned Ships is the best. It's total blasphemy that it wasn't mentioned.
basil brush (3 months ago)
irritating narrator
Young _Raptor07 (3 months ago)
eVdaimon Games (4 months ago)
For a browser game, try our game https://www.piratesglory.com/
Max Rebhorn (4 months ago)
Blackwake is best
Zala Baljitsinh (4 months ago)
#Skull and Bone
SSJ_ GOD (4 months ago)
Man o war corsair
SuperEman500 (4 months ago)
Pirates: Legend of Black Kat
kecske invázió (4 months ago)
blackwake, assasin's creed 4 and sea of thieves are the best
Land (4 months ago)
For just 1 second I thought I was playing The Stanley Parable...
Mattia Pandolfi (4 months ago)
The best game of pirate is SEA OF THIEVES!
I like the mechanics of black flag since cannons reload quick and wind doesn't fuck with you like it does in more realistic games. But I hate the lack of ship types (a gunboat, schooner, brig, frigate and a man o war) and the fact you're stuck with shitty brig. I know Jackdaw is powerful and all but now imagine taking a man o war and putting like 4-6 mortars on it instead of 2, a bigger golden ram, a fuckton of golden cannons to the front, sides and back, and giving it metal plate armor... now we're talking. A man o war (I'd prefer el impoluto because its very fast) with Jackdaw upgrade blueprints would sink that fishingboat. That's why I like many other realistic pirate games over black flag in sense that I can use and upgrade whatever ship I want. I can even have a fleet of 1st rates or man o wars if I want to.
What about ac rouge
DerushaCruza (5 months ago)
who is hyped for Atlas!
G00s3 (5 months ago)
Where’s sot nigga
Taco Funny (5 months ago)
Can anyone help me here? I'm looking for a pirate game that I remember 10 years or so ago. That allowed you to be a pirate but could only control the ship. There was dancing and breaking out of prison or attacking towns with 6 groups of pirates. There was also a story line to it where the guys daughter gets captured and you need to do the quest line looking for map pieces.
Kaden Pontz (5 months ago)
What about assassins creed rouge
Captain Sabre (5 months ago)
Wait.... you mentioned POTC (2003 game) but not age of pirates 2? Are you mad?!
Michael Townley (5 months ago)
Am studying ship management and travel and tourism to become a captain of the allure of the seas.
pricture (5 months ago)
AwesomeDesertTrains (5 months ago)
1. Should be pirates online
HERO BRINE (6 months ago)
Snuggly Pandaa (6 months ago)
When you forget to add Pirates online made by disney. which was a success back in 2007-2010 but recent years has come back under a fully 100% free to play known as the legend of pirates online.
Michel de Jesùs (6 months ago)
Assassins creed Creed Rogue is Great too
W y (6 months ago)
Naval Action
Ethan Kaiser (6 months ago)
I still play ac 4 sometimes.....
Sir Boomsalot (6 months ago)
Another great pirate game for mobile users is The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
Turtle Trading (6 months ago)
Shame that there is no Age of pirates 2 . It's the best pirate game the industry gave us so far.
Bloody Macbeth (6 months ago)
I dare any of you to play Sea Dogs: To each his own. Double dog dare!
Bennett Gerken (7 months ago)
Pixel Piracy
Franz Arvel Caole (7 months ago)
Pirate plague of the dead
Provoganda (7 months ago)
Just one long ad for different games. Weird.
first last (7 months ago)
we need a new pirate mmorpg
Sitranine (7 months ago)
I'm still in my feelings about Disney nixing POTCO in 2014.
FBI AGENT (7 months ago)
it's 2018 now and a new pirate game is coming known as Skull and bones the trailer is awesome, right now i'm enjoying Assassin's creed IV black flag it's my favorite will Skull and bones be my new favorite game.
Stalinbs (7 months ago)
Mount and blade copy 2:08
Mirveys Tajik (8 months ago)
It would be nice if there was a link to each game .
Giant Dad (8 months ago)
A quick note about number 10: It was originally known as Sea Dogs 2, however mid development they struck a deal with Disney and added the black pearl and that shit.
Matthew Gocha (8 months ago)
How can you make a list of pirate games and totally miss Age of pirates 1 and 2 which Disney ripped off to make pirates of the Caribbean???? ur number 10 pick is a ripped off pick!! Look up Sea dogs 1/2/ entire series and then look up age of pirates 1 and 2 totally destroy everything else on this list
Kermit (8 months ago)
None of these better than TLOPO (POTCO) smh
Vukša YT (8 months ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Sea Dogs 2) is the best!
Pat Okmi (8 months ago)
Ashmodai (2 months ago)
... Is an MMO and therefore sucks...
Pede Meyer (9 months ago)
The narrator is from India?
WojtekSoldierBear (9 months ago)
Pirate legend here
Enes Erdoğan (9 months ago)
Appley Animator (9 months ago)
*Alestorm intensifies*
Robin Gamer (9 months ago)
SEA of thieves is not PC or no?
GAY GAY (9 months ago)
ThrottleFox (7 months ago)
Skull and Bones, its not out yet, but keep an eye on it
Eduard Klement (10 months ago)
Ist a shame you missed the best pirates game ever "Pirates of the Burning Sea" is still the best MMO game all time
Jorun Holm (10 months ago)
Blood and gold Caribien i love it
How about One piece games?
HawkTheRagingHeavy (10 months ago)
That first one on the list was amazing for the original Xbox
Nazo- kage (10 months ago)
Suikoden IV and skies of Arcadia Are rpgs with ship fighting and crews and are a lot of fun too
Ninja Boy (10 months ago)
Can you play them on phone?
CJW 145 (10 months ago)
ac4 is the best among all agree ?
Old Sport (11 months ago)
There is no honour among theives
AkagamiNo Shanks (11 months ago)
Where to download Assasin's creed black flag?
Juan España (11 months ago)
Pfffftttt... Age of Booty... HAH!
Gullysquad (11 months ago)
wish the warband mod was good
Robin_earth2 (11 months ago)
age of pirates city of abandoned ships is also really good, especially with mods
Bacon Flakes (11 months ago)
what games is the best pirate game that i can download from ocean of games?
KESHAV. MAHISHI. (11 months ago)
captian claw???
Susie Torema (1 year ago)
pirate Caribbean hunt

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