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The Wild Pixies slot machine by Everi is a clone of Midnight Matinee! If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-TBP Wild Pixies has the potential for some truly great Big Wins or Jackpots! Wild Pixies offers 3 different features: The Magic Forest Bonus, Free Spin Bonus With Wild Sticky Stacks, and the Wild Pixies Bonus! The Pixies Bonus is triggered when a symbol of the same name lands in the 5th reel and upon doing so, it transforms wild all other premium pixie symbols on that spin! There's zero downside here and if it lands when you have a bunch of scattered Pixie symbols, you will have a HUGE win! The Magic Forest Bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols in reels 1, 3, and 5 to award a "Pick" bonus where you start with 5 picks, and can then find additional picks, multipliers, and credit awards for up to 17 picks and a 5x multiplier! The Free Spin Bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 3, 4, and 5 for 6 free spins although you first must choose a Pixie. During this bonus, if your Pixie lands, those reel positions become sticky wilds for the remainder of your bonus. While retriggers are not possible, if you choose well, there's serious Jackpot potential! For a $2.50 bet, filling the screen with any combination of the same Pixie symbol and wild symbol will award you 1000x or $2500, Enjoy! #TheBigPaybackSlots #SlotMachines Learn more about Wild Pixies at TheBigPayback.com: https://thebigpayback.com/video/wild-pixies-nice-session/ SUBSCRIBE for More Videos- and Good Luck! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-TBP
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Text Comments (63)
Subbed! This is my absolute favorite game! Right now I am doing Michigan Scratchoffs check it out if you'd like. I can't seem to find wild pixies anywhere near Michigan ;(
It's one of my new classics! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snW1KZMfnyQ
No but I will certainly find it! I will have to check out Midnight Matinee too! I played on a cruise and was hooked but so far haven't found them anywhere in Michigan to play again. +TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos
Thank you and Subbed back, good luck with your channel! Wild Pixies is a clone of Midnight Matinee and I enjoy them both: the latter I believe can be found in Toledo, if that's near you! BTW, did you see my insane Jackpot on Midnight Matinee?!
Molly Stevens (7 months ago)
Has anyone ever, EVER gotten a Pixie "flush" 5 across?
Hmmm, good question, although I came close on the clone Midnight Matinee, when it counted! :)
Dustin Dunkin (9 months ago)
I just joined like your channel
Thanks so much for subbing, welcome! I appreciate you watching!
Angela Yeary (9 months ago)
Very nice run! Another oldie but goodie Continued good luck to
Thanks so much, one of my favorites!
LadyDeath Slot Videos (9 months ago)
I played this tonight at my Hollywood. :) I put $5 in and did 50¢ bets. Put a 2nd $5 in and did 50¢ again, got free spins and cashed out $16. Did pretty good.
:) It's such a fun game, when it cooperates!
D. Marie (10 months ago)
I have played and played and played this game spending so much money. I never received the Free Spins. 😐 Glad I was finally able to see it, the regular bonus doesn't pay off too well for a $2.50 bet for me anyway. I am happy you won and I will give Wild Pixies one more try. As always, enjoy your videos and your kindness to the players around you. 😊
Oh no! While it's tough to land the Free Spins, it's not crazy-tough, so it sounds like you had a bit of a bad run, sadly! And thanks so much for the kind words!
Awoopa_Paul Minne (10 months ago)
Very cool 🍭
Carlos Martinez (10 months ago)
How long do you typically take a break before you return to the same machine?
It can all depend, it varies greatly. Thanks and thanks for watching!
PandaJock Slots (10 months ago)
Thanx for showing the bonuses on this! This is on my list of slots to play now. :) Nice wins!
Sure thing, glad you liked them! Midnight Matinee is a clone of this one, if you weren't aware.
You did have quite a little run there! It looks like there is A LOT of potential for Really Big Wins! Fun Video!
There is indeed and thank you! This is a clone of Midnight Matinee, where I won over 1000x on!
Nicoletta Maccarini (10 months ago)
Very good game!!
Nicoletta Maccarini (10 months ago)
I think so! :)
Topic Bee (10 months ago)
Carmen Fonseca (10 months ago)
My sister's favorite..nice win 👍
I always love hearing everyone's favorites! And thank you!
Jon Humbarger (10 months ago)
You seem to like these games or at least they are featured in your videos quite often. Do you feel like these games pay out more? Or is it purely coincidental that you seem to win quite often on them?
I try and post a variety of games and truth be told I really enjoy Everi games: I think they have a certain style that's unique! And after this hit, what's not to like! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snW1KZMfnyQ
Brian Swift (10 months ago)
The free spin bonus is usually crap for how tough it is to get. I always pick the wrong pixie.
Brian Swift (10 months ago)
Yes! I've watched that one! Amazing Jackpot! A bonus like that is why I keep playing!
Well, but that's the lure, in exchange for picking correctly like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snW1KZMfnyQ
shrtct C (10 months ago)
Thanks TheBigPayBack for another GREAT! Video.
Thanks so much and thanks for watching!
Billy Wilson (10 months ago)
nice session
AttnJack (10 months ago)
Who doesn't like sticky pixies?
tiffanyblue 39 (10 months ago)
I love playing this game. I enjoy watching your videos because of how enthusiastic you are and how nice you are to those around you. It always makes me laugh when you say "no!"... like what the machine gave you is completely unacceptable. :-)
Funny you should mention! Later today "Bonus Carnage 13" will launch, so I'll appreciate you watching the full video in advance and Liking and Commenting on it. We'll see how others receive it!
lol well less than a Jackpot IS unacceptable, hah! ;) Thanks for all of the kind words, I appreciate them and you watching!
Shoe Shine (10 months ago)
I guess I'm playing this at my local casino 😀👍 Thanks for the video. 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️
I really like this one and its clone, Midnight Matinee: huge potential!
love to (10 months ago)
I was beginning to worry u might not come out on top there towards the end... but the last bonus saved the day!! Yay! 😄 congrats!! 😊
Thanks so much and thanks for watching!
Rosaisela Martinez (10 months ago)
I see this game at my local casino (Kickapoo) now I’m going to play it LOVE your videos ❤️
Good luck if you do and thanks so much for watching and being a fan! :)
Sunshine Girl (10 months ago)
This game actually looked like fun.  Nice profit.  Hope you have lots more good luck :)
Thanks so much, it's a great one and a clone of Midnight Matinee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snW1KZMfnyQ
Deanna Star (10 months ago)
You do so well on these Everi games. It gives the rest of us hope. Thanks for sharing!
I really enjoy them! Thanks and good luck out there!
This game was one of my favorites, they took it out after around a year where I play, the 1st time I played it, I hit a $4200 jackpot on a $1 bet, lock the 1st 4 rows on the first spin and locked the last row for the last 3 spins, the last 3 spins paid $1000 each, it was crazy
Promoted comment, that's awesome! And yeah, it has such huge potential! I did well here of course(it's a clone) but the absolute dream would be to do what you did! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snW1KZMfnyQ
Slot Traveler (10 months ago)
I'm pretty sure yellow pixie kept saying "pick me"! ve that Blue. Nice session!
lol they should give a "best pick" option, hah! And thanks!
Connie Frausto (10 months ago)
Very fun game indeed... lol I was hoping you would keep the yellow pixie... LMAO seemed more colorful
lol yeah, that's the potential heartbreak with this one! Can you imagine if I picked wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snW1KZMfnyQ
Jamal Sampson (10 months ago)
Great win!!!
ElvisCorvette Slots (10 months ago)
So what I am learning from you is patience. I need to be more patient and stick with the game a bit longer. Great video and wins. Continued good luck my friend.
Well, like anything I'm not sure if there are hard and fast rules although if you play a game long enough, you will almost certainly get the bonus. But at what cost? That's the rub! Thanks so much and you too!

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