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Sony QX1 Interchangeable Lens-Style Camera

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http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/compact-cameras/t/cyber-shot-digital-cameras?bestfor=smartphone-companion The new Cyber-shot DSC-QX1 Smartphone attachable interchangeable-lens-style camera. Push your creativity to its limits.
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GiveLove777 (4 years ago)
Using this with google glass would be amazing.
riskinhos (4 years ago)
where's the flash hotshoe?
therulo69 (4 years ago)
That's kind of ridiculous, If I want pictures with professional quality then I'd buy a camera not that, If i want that for the smartphone, where is the portability and simplicity ???? many things for a smartphone...
therulo69 (4 years ago)
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
no one is forcing you to buy this product if you do not like it. i have already bought a couple of pre-owned e-mount lenses because i was going to get the a5000 but i noticed this one and now i kind of want the QX1 instead of the a5000.
Lan Pierre (4 years ago)
can it connect with others lens?such as nikon or canon?
Thøger Clausen (4 years ago)
+riskinhos Ok, I did not know that 😃
riskinhos (4 years ago)
+Thøger Clausen wrong. it can connect to FE lenses too.
Thøger Clausen (4 years ago)
You welcome 😉
Lan Pierre (4 years ago)
thanks for the info guys..
Xhanoir (4 years ago)
Is emount, so if the camera allows you to use any "manual" lens, yes u can!. (that is something i love for emount)
Jake Brand (4 years ago)
 https://www.facebook.com/photoforjustice justice for us amatuers out there :D
MyKeyReviews (4 years ago)
Sony, this looks amazing!
Raoul Simon (4 years ago)
Maybe its me but I found it funny when the flash popped out of that thing. Sticking with my Ricoh GR
bearman820814 (4 years ago)
Awais Baba (4 years ago)
RIP point and shoot, I would definitely buy it if the wifi connection is smooth unlike QX10 or 100
Awais Baba (4 years ago)
+Dudeius Mannigast Thanks for the info DUDEius :-)
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
tried updating the firmware on the tested QX10/100 camera? i updated my QX10 to firmware version 3.0 on sonys homepage and it works so much better now compared to how it worked when it was new out of the box.... but keep in mind the QX10 and 100 was the first "gen" cameras like this from sony so they keep working on fixing bugs and making things work smoother so i guess this 2nd gen wave of cameras will work better. if you're lucky you maybe can find a store or something that allowes you to try them out before you make up your mind :)
Awais Baba (4 years ago)
Yes Val i know but it still sucks
Valère (4 years ago)
If you have an Android device then you can use NFC instead of wifi, it will be considerably smoother !
Achwaq Khalid (4 years ago)
Should have been #WaterProof !
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
maybe they can make a waterproof camera case to it :)
ONEWAYLEEWAY (4 years ago)
Do QX10 users get the new play memorys app update aswell?
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
don't know if our QX10 cam support the new functions in playmemories but it could be possible since sony have been releasing firmware updates on their homepage to the QX10 and QX100 camera :)
Khaleeq Aftab (4 years ago)
whats the difference with qx1 and qx30 ?
Achwaq Khalid (4 years ago)
A big difference: http://presscentre.sony.eu/pressreleases/sony-expands-lens-style-camera-line-up-and-introduces-new-interchangeable-lens-concept-1049064

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