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When A Man Plunged Into A Hole In The Ground, He Captured Footage Of A Secret Underwater Cave

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source : Image: YouTube/Back to Basics source :facebook/ Back 2 Basics-Adventures Australia’s vast Great Barrier Reef is a hotspot for divers and those with a thirst for adventure. And two divers proved that it still contains some undiscovered wonders. The video of their plunge into an underwater world takes us on a journey of discovery that would probably surprise even the most experienced of explorers. The footage was taken in October 2017, which falls within the peak season for excursions around the Great Barrier Reef. During this period, the crowds of visitors are pretty much guaranteed comfortable weather and, most importantly, clear water – vital for glimpsing all the exotic wildlife that lives there. The video was filmed by Back to Basics, an online community that shares photos and videos of outdoor adventures. Their Facebook tagline goes like this, “Spearing, fishing and making the most of this unreal environment around us!” With over 28,000 likes on their page, the group’s videos inspire viewers with incredible landscapes and epic nature discoveries. ►For more articles visit: http://scribol.com ►For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ********************** ►Support our channel PATREON: https://goo.gl/HJbzyf Thanks To Our Patreons Salami L. David Kaufman ********************** Our Social Media: ►LIVE CHAT 24/7 : https://goo.gl/iezQKY ►Website : http://www.nollygrio.com/ ►Facebook : https://goo.gl/6tZAV8 ►Twitter : https://goo.gl/iEnbXy ►Instagram : https://goo.gl/gDuPqy ********************** Video Credits: ►For more articles visit: http://scribol.com ►Video Edited By Praise : https://goo.gl/nLmpao ►Channel Producer Corriscloset ►Post Production Steve Kamer ►https://soundcloud.com/day7official ►https://www.facebook.com/Day7Chill/ ►https://twitter.com/Day7Chill #nollygrio
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Treasure Love (2 days ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this, you should make a living taping footage as this..
christine evans (14 days ago)
Nop it hasn't worked for mr all that's left is the spray you'v just sprayed on sorry this is wrong it's a scam
Liam Howard (15 days ago)
You tube is invented. Man does video of pictures. Doh
Titancrash165 (4 months ago)
Why can’t we just ever see the actual video
Stephen Grant (5 months ago)
Why kill the fish?
LatinMatrixCrew (6 months ago)
Im not first or last, just inbetween..
Annette Kingsley (6 months ago)
When you have someone narrate your video make sure he can read .
Kimberly D Kulcsar (6 months ago)
Why did you guys air this. Now it won't ever be the same again.
Peter Palmer (6 months ago)
Big deal. You jumped into a hole. No live footage. 😩
TATTOO VAMPIRE1966 (6 months ago)
I think I gained 5lbs. looking at those Lobsters... Yummy! =)
TiaCuppe (6 months ago)
Your description of the video is great but it would have been amazing if you showed the video yourself.
Jarren Lumpkin (6 months ago)
Mzaahir H (6 months ago)
Mzaahir H (6 months ago)
Mzaahir H (6 months ago)
Mzaahir H (6 months ago)
Mzaahir H (6 months ago)
Mzaahir H (6 months ago)
Mzaahir H (6 months ago)
20th comment
Yeah, I would be amazed by the footage too If I have seen it instead of being told what´s on it.
Calvin Edwards (24 days ago)
Theophilus200 (5 months ago)
Hear! Hear!
tali koyu (5 months ago)
Stargirl123 (6 months ago)
Miningston (6 months ago)
Khamden Smith (6 months ago)
How new is this video
PTGKChrisHD (6 months ago)
Ivana Killu 101 about a century
PitogoYT 123 (6 months ago)
3:37 look at his eyes
Lesa Wright (6 months ago)
That's messed up.
Judy Namaina (6 months ago)
Loved this video Thanks
Obscured Enigma (6 months ago)
Judy Namaina 😂😂😂😂
Purple Dragon 9 (6 months ago)
Purple Dragon 9 (6 months ago)
Riverdale Demon (6 months ago)
Ok ROBLOX (6 months ago)
hampstergirldog ROBLOX you play ROBLOX?
Lucille Shepherd (6 months ago)
Lucille Shepherd (6 months ago)
Hi I’m first
That unicorn Life (6 months ago)
Jordan Skene exactly
Jordan Skene (6 months ago)
+That unicorn Life yeah i checked too put on newest first he wasn't at the bottom
That unicorn Life (6 months ago)
Lucille Shepherd no you weren’t the person that said thanks was there first. I was second and you weren’t in the comments
That unicorn Life (6 months ago)
JMations (6 months ago)
Hi good video keep up the work!
ElmerFuddGun (6 months ago)
Video? There is no video here!

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