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Morning Showers

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Jasmine Scott (4 years ago)
loving the Seahawk gear!
marcialj83 (4 years ago)
During the winter I leave my bathroom door open when I shower so that when I step out it won't such a shock compared to having the door closed and then opening it.
Ariel Campbell (4 years ago)
lol, the "in denial" comic at the end is one of my favorites. Reminds me of OCD people.
Alana H (4 years ago)
Kev you have lost your mind!  LOL!
Guyanese Gyal (3 years ago)
Morning showers are brutal in the winter in NYC
Meshon0307 (4 years ago)
Forgive my slowness lol but can someone please explain the cartoon at the end..? Please and thank you!
jane doe (4 years ago)
For a woman you can add a extra 5 min of sitting on the toilet even after I'm done before getting into the shower
The Light Psyde (4 years ago)
In the morning, I love wrapping my covers around myself, like a nice, warm morning burrito... I'll stop.
MissLamabean (4 years ago)
Man ....hopping out of the shower in the winter is brutal. Have you making sound like you've been delivert brrrrrbugabuga.
DrPoetry1 (6 months ago)
onyxspirals Been doing that since childhood
I laughed so hard at your comment!! #INeededThat
MissLamabean (4 years ago)
It's still cold if you dry off in the shower. Pores still be wide open and vulnerable.
onyxspirals (4 years ago)
Naw, see, I've come up with a solution for that.  Dry yourself off BEFORE you open the shower door/pull the curtain back.  That way, you don't get slapped with that cold arctic breeze, and while you're drying off, the heat is still in the shower, so, you're still warm and goosebump free!
Its.Sat (4 years ago)
Yes sir! Not a morning person so imagine me hahaha! Early mornings should be banned! Gotta do it, but it should be banned lol.
Amma Appiah (4 years ago)
I"I don't be funky but I be sweating." Lol me too
Sav Telly (4 years ago)
Yeah Im over mornings. We need a change in business hours! Im voting for whoever can make that happen. 
Jacoda So Sundry (4 years ago)
The waking-up stage is the only time period where I sometimes think of quitting my job and everyone else for the day *sigh*
RiddyOnline (4 years ago)
I feel the same way to a lesser degree, but i normally do my waking up on the toilet while u know, making my donation to the building fund.  I ain gonna lie, I've caught one or two epic naps while sitting on the throne "waking up" before a shower..lol.  Those extra 5 or 10 minutes of sleep make the difference.
LivingWithOsa TV (4 years ago)
too funny... i been there like "why, why me???" thank you for sharing.
Janeen . (4 years ago)
#TeamFirstComment turn up!! Love your videos Kev, never stop
information213 (4 years ago)
Kev, what's that dried up spit line on the side of your mouth lollllll?
Adidas Love (4 years ago)
+MissLamabean bwahahahahahaha! You nailed funny!
MissLamabean (4 years ago)
+BKhowardgurl lol noooo... I try to be both funny and kind. I won't point out the ashy knees or crust on lips... Because I too struggle with grey toned skin at times.
BKhowardgurl (4 years ago)
I knew yall was gonna get him for that!! Lol! I thought it was gonna be +RiddyOnline or +MissLamabean 
Latosha C (4 years ago)
I didn't notice that, but for the last couple of vlogs, it looks like that Seattle canvas like photo in the background, is kind of lopsided.
Jacoda So Sundry (4 years ago)
I thought I was the one wondering LOL! 
Glamour Puss Beauty (4 years ago)
The struggle is real! It happens to all of us Kev lol! I remember one time I almost fell in the shower because I was so tired. 😂😂😂

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