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HANDWRITING ANALYSIS - The Slants In Your Handwritng Indicate Your Emotional Quotient

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visit my website: https://www.innerworldrevealed.com my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/InnerWorldRevealed/ My name is Aditi Ghosh and I am no guru/teacher. I consider myself to be just a student of life and like to share my personal learning experiences as I go. In the world through which I travel, I believe in constantly re-creating myself; because possibilities are limitless. Handwriting is an instinctive gesture; as instinctive as the way we walk, talk or use our hands. No matter how a child is taught to write, he would make many unconscious changes in his handwriting as he begins to mature. Just like each one of us is unique, each one of us is capable of producing a unique kind of handwriting of his own. The study of formations of handwriting is known as Graphology. Graphology is a vast subject. In this log you would be learning about the slants in a person's handwriting. Watch the log to know more upon this subject.
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Bender Bending Rodriguez (2 months ago)
how about somebody who write with black letters?
black or block?
Siddarth Sharma (6 months ago)
How business man signature different from job seeker person ?
You have truck loads of queries it seems. I would surely try to cover them as I find time. Thanks for watching :)

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